Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-12

Kiran and Gautam Chatterjee were a couple who could not help but cheat on each other. While Gautam slept with her sister Rashmi, Kiran found pleasure in an old man on wheels. Kiran’s affair with Mr. Khan continued while Gautam suspected her of sleeping with the son Junaid, a widower. All was going well for Kiran, she was getting her satisfaction from Mr. Khan while Gautam was busy (learning self-control and totally ignoring her) until Junaid walked right into the middle of it.

Seema was a runaway girl who did not have money for her college fees. She had applied for a scholarship that had been rejected.


“Junaid, I can explain…” began Kiran through trembling lips but she was clueless. What could she possibly say to a man who walks in and finds his elderly father being sucked by his caretaker? There was dead silence, it was just the three of them in the room, Mr. Khan sitting on his bed, Junaid standing by the door with a scowl and Kiran, beside Mr. Khan, clutching her saree to cover herself but it failed to hide the sides of her large, round breasts. Mr. Khan just sat there, blinking at his son.

“I gave you a job to look after my father,” growled Junaid, “I gave more than a modest salary and here I come to find you FUCKING with him!”

Kiran flinched when he shouted that one word loud and her breasts bounced and shook. Junaid was distracted by it for a second and he tried to inwardly, control his erection.

“Why? Doesn’t your husband satisfy you?” said Junaid. “You risked my father’s health for your fun. You will not get away with this. First, we call your husband here then we’ll decide what to do next.”

“Please don’t call my husband,” begged Kiran and she walked closer. Junaid watched with bated breath as her round tits bounced and swayed with each step. His boner was obvious now, making him uncomfortable but Kiran’s attention was not drawn to it.

“This has to be settled now Kiran,” said Junaid. “You must be dealt with for betraying my trust and abusing my father.”

“Please, he wanted it, it wasn’t an abuse. My husband and I’ve been through a lot in recent times,” said Kiran, “I don’t want to add to it. Word will get out and I will not be able to show my face to anyone. I will do anything, I will accept any punishment just don’t involve him. Just settle this here in this room. I can even return the salary if you want.”

Now Junaid’s mind was racing. She was literally begging him, he was in control now. He could ask her anything, anything in exchange for the embarrassment and humiliation that would follow if others find out that she had been fucking an old man who she was supposed to look after. A sudden nervousness took hold of him as he tried to muster the courage to lay his request.

“Fine, an eye for an eye is what will happen here,” said Junaid. “You fucked my father so now I’m gonna fuck you.”

“What? No! This isn’t a solution,” cried Kiran.

“Oh yes it isn’t,” replied Junaid. “It’s a punishment. It’s either this or your dirty secret out in the open.”

Kiran hung her head in shame and distress as she thought about it. Junaid was in some way right, she had misused the money he gave by sleeping with the old man instead of taking care of him. She deserved what was coming. Her eyes fell on his crotch and she noticed the bulge. Junaid was attracted to her; he definitely wanted to fuck her more than he wanted to punish her. Maybe this was her chance to wriggle out of the tough spot.

“Ok…,” said Kiran feebly, not meeting his eyes. She looked back at the old man, dropped her saree and then grabbed Junaid’s arm. She started walking out of the room, naked, towards another when she felt a tug.

“Where are you going without my father?” asked Junaid. “Bring him along, he’s gonna see what happens to people when they fuck with him. Maybe that’d refrain him from crossing the lines in future.”

Kiran’s saree lay strewn on the floor. There was no need for it anymore since Mr. Khan had seen her naked countless times and Junaid was about to sleep with her. She calmly went behind Mr. Khan’s wheelchair feeling her breasts move with each step and together they followed Junaid to his room. She positioned Mr. Khan in a corner and approached Junaid who was watching her with a smile.

Kiran stood close to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes and tiptoed to kiss the tall man. Junaid’s lips met hers and she felt a bitter taste as his saliva flowed into hers. It was some sort of tobacco and she hated it but she had no choice. She kissed him hard and with passion, taking the upper and lower lip one by one in her mouth and sucking them. She was about to insert her tongue into his mouth when he stopped her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked Junaid. “This is your punishment, not lovemaking. Turn around and bend over.”


“You heard me. Show me that ass.”

Kiran gave Junaid a nervous look and turned around. She bent down with her hands resting on her knees so that her ass was on display right in front of him. Junaid’s eyes widened when her ass cheeks pointed at him and swayed left and right. The size of that ass could compel anyone to forget the rest of her body and fuck it alone. He was already imagining himself grabbing them and fucking her ass like mad. However, that had to wait.

Junaid raised his hand and with one great swipe, spanked Kiran’s ass cheek.

“You wanted to meet me sir?” asked Seema.

She was standing outside the accounts department of her college as she had been summoned there right in the middle of a lecture. She had a fair inkling of what this might be about but she asked anyway.

“Miss Seema…” said the accountant as he wore his glasses and flipped through some files. Then he used his computer to display a result. “You haven’t paid the semester fees yet. I believe you were given a period of time on sentimental or sympathetic grounds but unfortunately, the time has run out. We can offer you just one more week of extension, will you pay by then?”

“Yes sir,” lied Seema.

“In the absence of a parent or a guardian,” said the accountant. “The management considers you a liability. If we do not receive the payment, your admission will be canceled. You may leave.”

Seema thanked and walked away feeling miserable. Her scholarship had been rejected; she had no money of her own, save for some that she earned from the restaurant, which used to get all spent on daily expenses. She did not go back to class; instead, she went to the grounds and wept bitterly under a tree.

In Sex Apartment, the ground floor was filled with Kiran’s sharp yelps as Junaid spanked her again leaving red marks on the skin of her ass cheeks where his hand had struck. Her ass was quivering with pain and her face was screwed up as she waited for it to subside. Junaid stood closer and caressed her ass, feeling the goosebumps all over the skin.

“You deserve that don’t you Kiran?” asked Junaid. “You deserve this spanking.”

“Yes I do,” replied Kiran.

“And why is that?” asked Junaid as he slowly raised his hand again.

“For having sex with your father,” said Kiran and she closed her eyes bracing for an impact.

“That’s right,” said Junaid. “For FUCKING my father.”

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH…… ahhh….ow….. oooooh,” moaned Kiran.

His hand spanked her large ass cheeks exactly when he shouted the word “fucking” which made Kiran scream and clutch her ass with her hands. Her fingers slowly caressed the part where he had spanked her but Junaid prised her fingers off her, touched, and squeezed the heart-shaped ass himself.

“Do you want me to stop?” asked Junaid running his fingers all over her ass.

“Yes,” replied Kiran.

Junaid bent and brought his lips closer to her ass cheeks where he had struck. Kiran shuddered as she felt his breath on it after which he kissed her there. His cold lips sent shivers all over her body. She closed her eyes and bit her lips as he kissed her again. Despite all, she was enjoying this. The sudden switch from the rough sex to gentle loving was something she had never experienced.

“Ow…oh…,” moaned Kiran as Junaid licked her ass cheeks. His cold and wet tongue ran all over her stinging skin sending a soothing effect across. He licked and kissed all over her left ass cheek while he squeezed her right ass simultaneously and then switched sides. Junaid kept his face in front of her ass and squeezed each cheek with his hands. He gazed her ass crack where her pussy and asshole were on display. The skin around that area was slightly darker and emitted some sort of arousing scent. He leaned closer and took a sniff, which filled his lungs with her aroma. Then he unexpectedly bit her. Kiran gasped out and clutched her breasts.

Mr. Khan watched wide-eyed as Junaid’s tongue reached her asshole. Kiran was bending right in front of him and her breasts were hanging like fruits on a tree. Despite all that was happening, he was feeling aroused and his dick was semi-erect. Junaid was busy licking her asshole so he quietly slipped his hand under his lungi and started stroking his penis.

“Lie down on the bed,” commanded Junaid and Kiran obeyed. She dug her knees into the bed and then fell on it. Junaid grabbed her side and turned her around so that she was facing the ceiling. Her breasts bounced a couple of times before resting sideways. He grabbed each breast with a hand and squeezed them together. Kiran took a sharp intake of breath as he sucked her nipples hard.

“Enjoying are we?” asked Junaid. “I like to tease before inflicting pain.”

Before those words could register in Kiran’s mind, he took her brown nipples in his mouth and bit her hard. Kiran’s chest rose and she cried out. When Junaid let go of her nipple, she felt them turn hard and erect. He smiled at her and then took the other nipple in his mouth. As he bit her and pulled the erect nipple between his teeth, he looked directly into her eyes with a smile and Kiran could not help but feel excited.

She was enjoying this.

“Looks like someone likes the punishment,” said Junaid as he gave few more gentle bites all over and moved down to her pussy. Kiran wanted to stop him but before she could, he used his fingers to let out as much of the clitoris as possible and held it between his teeth.

“Ahhhhh….uhhhh… uhhhhh,” moaned Kiran. Junaid was being gentle but still, pain mixed with pleasure was generating all over her body from her clitoris. He continued keeping her clit between his teeth as saliva flowed down his lips over it and he started fingering her. The feeling was like nothing she had experienced before. Junaid’s finger was working in and out furiously while he bit her clitoris and Kiran was shaking with pain and pleasure.

“Ohhh….ahh….. ummmm,” moaned Kiran grabbing the pillow under her and placing it over her face. She could not bear it, she wanted him to stop and continue at the same time. This was new to her. She felt like a virgin again.

Junaid did the fingering and biting for a long time and by the time, he was tired, his entire fist was covered with her vaginal fluids. Kiran was gulping and gasping for air. She had just experienced the best fingering of her life. Junaid held her arms and made her sit up. Then he lay on the bed and asked her to give him a blowjob.

“Maybe he just wants to enjoy now, doesn’t care about the punishment,” hoped Kiran. She could not have been more wrong.

Kiran bent over his penis while her ass was high behind her, shaped like a heart. She tied her hair in a bun, held the base of his penis and started sucking it. Her luscious lips moved up and down his circumcised shaft in a rhythm, making wet sounds each time she pulled back. Junaid silently enjoyed the lovely blowjob and waited for his penis to be completely erect.

“Take it deeper honey,” said Junaid. Kiran tried to but his penis was unusually thick so she was comfortable taking it only halfway in. Junaid lost his cool and locked her head and neck between his thighs. With his legs locked around and no way for her to escape, he forced his penis completely into her mouth and felt it touch the back of her throat. Kiran gagged and tried to take it out but he did not care.

All of a sudden, he turned around on the bed so that now she was lying on the bed under him. He grabbed the poles of his bed and started fucking her mouth. Kiran was helpless underneath him as she felt his penis move in and out of her mouth at an amazing pace. Her eyes and area around her lips were completely wet due to the intensity with which he was fucking her mouth.

Mr. Khan was stroking his penis furiously now, not caring to hide it from them. This was too much for him, way too arousing. Kiran took little time to get adjusted to this and as he pulled, his penis out she took a deep breath, sucking in large amounts of air to fill her sore lungs. Before she could calm down, he plunged his penis back into her mouth and started fucking it again.

“What’s wrong?” asked Junaid. “You were enjoying sucking my father. Is my dick too hot to handle.”

Kiran was starting to enjoy it. As his balls hit her chin during the oral-fuck, she felt her hands move down and reach her clitoris. With a sharp gasp, she started pleasuring herself while Junaid continued ramming his organ into her mouth. He pulled it out soon and then stuffed her mouth with his balls. To his astonishment, Kiran licked and sucked them hard while looking straight into his eyes with a lusty expression.

“You’re one tough woman you know that right?” said Junaid as she played with his balls inside her mouth. He laughed as she sucked one ball hard into her soft mouth and then pulled it out too.

“Turn around,” he said. Mr. Khan was stroking his penis at great speed as he watched the curvy body of Kiran turn around on the bed. She was kneeling again on all fours and her breasts hung under her as she swayed her ass at Junaid. Junaid spat on his fingers and applied the saliva on her ass crack. Kiran found that odd and before she could process his intention, Junaid grabbed her ass cheeks and shoved his penis right into her ass hole.

“Ooooooowwwww…… aaaaaaaahhhhhh,” cried out Kiran as she felt his thick penis tear apart her anus.

“That’s right bitch! Scream for me!” yelled Junaid.

Kiran could not help screaming as he shoved his dick in and out of her anus mercilessly. He undid her knot and held her hair as he fucked her ass as hard as he could. Kiran was moaning aloud, clutching her breasts as he rode her with so much intensity that the bed under them was creaking dangerously.

“AAAhhhhhhhhh,” cried out Kiran as Junaid spanked her ass. It was so round, soft and shiny that he could not help but spank her as many times as he could. Junaid’s penis moved in and out at a constant speed and the flesh on her ass was showing the ripple effect each time his groin collided with it. He grabbed each ass cheek with a hand and squeezed them hard. He parted them and slowly pulled his penis out.

The asshole was a gaping hole now, the skin around was red and he was sure the ride had not been a pleasure this time for Kiran. With a smile, he turned her around in a rough manner and she fell on the bed, tired. Junaid was stroking his penis over her face and his face was screwed up.

It took no time for his speed to go so high that his hand was nothing more than a blur. Kiran’s eyes opened just when thick shots of semen fell on her mouth and face. She could not help swallowing the drops that fell in her mouth but was planning to clean the ones on her face when Junaid stopped her.

“Lick it all,” said Junaid.

Junaid held his penis and wiped the semen from her face, then held it over her mouth. Kiran licked his wet penis and swallowed the remaining semen. He did this until her face was clean and then got off the bed. Mr. Khan was stroking himself furiously and as Junaid walked into the bathroom and Kiran chose the moment to lick the last remaining thread of semen, he shot all his semen out and fell asleep in exhaustion.

Seema was heading home when she received a call from her restaurant owner Mr. Singh.

“Hello Seema, are you free this evening?” asked Mr. Singh.

“Yes sir, I’m heading for the restaurant in an hour.”

“Um…don’t do that,” said Mr. Singh. “Meet me in the coffee shop around the corner. There is something I must discuss with you.”

“Sure sir.”

Seema walked into her house and began undressing for the meet in the coffee shop, without the slightest notion that the meeting would change the course of her life.

To be continued.


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