Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-11


Since we have finished ten episodes of season two, here is a quick recap to help you keep up.

The new season of Sex Apartment began with the introduction of new characters and an update on the existing ones. The owner of Sex Apartment, Mrs. Nair lived alone in her penthouse having successfully controlled herself from having affairs after the fiasco some time back. Gautam and Kiran Chatterjee were the only other returning characters. They are a married couple who had decided to mend their marriage after cheating on each other.

However, both of them went back to the old ways, while Gautam slept with Kiran’s sister Rashmi, Kiran found love in an old man called Mr. Khan. The Khan family who lived in Sex Apartment consisted of four members. The elderly Mr. Khan who was apparently feeble and needed a caretaker all the time. His son was Junaid Khan, a widower in forties who had two sons Aamir and Irfan.

Kiran was asked to take care of Mr. Khan by Junaid, a job she accepted gladly but instead of doing her duty, Kiran ended up having sex with the old man. Her husband Gautam suspected her of sleeping with Junaid and kept having vile thoughts about the two, which unwillingly aroused him. To control his thoughts, he sought the help of Baba Sadachari.

Rashmi (who began the season with a bang with her jiju Gautam) did poorly at her work and was nearly cast out. However, her boss Mr. Dutt turned on by her slutty attire, persuaded her to start a sexual relationship with him in exchange for letting her keep the job. Rashmi accepted his proposal and they ended up fucking in various places like the conference room and in the car. Now he was taking her along on a business trip to convince a client to invest in their business.

Seema was an eighteen-year-old runaway girl from a village. She had escaped from her village before her father could marry her off to an elderly sarpanch. Life in the city was difficult but with the help of Mrs. Nair, she shared a roof with Rashmi and worked in a restaurant to manage her daily expenses. She had applied for a scholarship to pay her college fees but it had been rejected.

Seema was a virgin until she met Junaid’s eldest son Irfan. The two of them made out in a cheap hotel during college hours to lose their virginities and even made out in her restaurant once when the owner Mr. Singh left her in charge.The act, however, got recorded and seen by the owner later.

Irfan’s younger brother Aamir too wanted to lose his virginity and for that, he was pursuing his teacher and Mrs. Nair’s sister in law Induja Nair. Induja’s husband worked in the gulf, therefore, she was craving for sex but before Aamir could do anything she was wooed by her colleague Professor Jayant. Heartbroken upon witnessing the two, Aamir was consoled by none other than the best MILF in town: Mrs. Nair.

Fate brought the two together and despite having restrained herself for so long, Mrs. Nair couldn’t help but give in to the advances of the barely adult boy. The MILF and the boy made out in her room and then in a theatre. Although, their relationship wasn’t a secret to Induja Nair who had seen the two at it.

The season began with the introduction of Baba Sadachari who had come to help the residents of Sex Apartment overcome their bodily desires. However, in reality, he himself was a sexual predator who had made an unsuspecting woman sleep with him with the promise of making her pregnant.

Until now, all the ten residents of Prem Paradise were living a peaceful and simple life of lust. Soon, their lives would tangle together into a complex dilemma that would only leave them asking a question. Was it all worth it?


The jet in which Rashmi and her boss Mr. Dutt were traveling with their client Mr. Patel was in mid-air and had just leveled up so everyone was unstrapping the seat belts. Patel had gone to discuss something with the pilot while the old man in the plane was getting cozy with one of the two whores. They looked sexy in their skimpy one-piece outfit; one of them was skinny, with small and round tits but a healthy ass. She was probably as old as Rashmi’s roommate Seema, and the other one was more or less a MILF with her huge body and tits.

“Sir,” said Rashmi and Mr. Dutt turned enquiringly. “I don’t understand. What are we doing here?”

“Ah, Patel likes the luxury money offers,” began Mr. Dutt. “His taste is in women particularly so he wanted to keep a personal brothel but that wasn’t legal or possible without risk. Therefore, he created this. A personal jet where his hired prostitutes would entertain him. You see, the police can’t raid a flying vehicle can they?”

“Coming back to your question,” said Mr. Dutt, “we’re here, as I mentioned earlier, to convince my friend Patel to invest in our company. Not a problem for me but sometimes an offering has to be made to convince people. A gift to be precise, and today.. you’re that gift.”

“But-but,” said Rashmi.

“Don’t worry, just give our client a good time by joining his orgy and the deal is done,” assured Mr. Dutt. “Don’t you want that pay rise you were requesting?”

“Yes,” admitted Rashmi.

“Then do your best,” said Mr. Dutt.

Without warning, Mr. Dutt grabbed her face and started kissing her tender pink lips. His rough dark lips gently smooched her inner lips as he pushed them deep making her mouth spread open. He slowly placed his hands on her thigh and ran it all the way down towards Rashmi’s pussy while kissing.

“Starting without me, Dutt?” asked Patel who had come back.

“Getting the girl ready, that’s all,” said Mr. Dutt. “You see, she’s new to this. Innocent and reserved kind of girl. Just the way you like it.”

“Ah you tempt me, my friend,” said Patel but Dutt wasn’t listening he turned back to Rashmi.

Patel watched Dutt eat Rashmi’s mouth and couldn’t control himself. He looked over at the old man who was busy squeezing the MILF’s boobs while the skinny teen was unzipping his pant. The whores were already naked, kneeling in front of his seat. He asked them to kiss and obediently the two kissed each other passionately grabbing their tits and playing with them simultaneously.

They were frantically licking, snogging each other’s lips and Patel, aroused by the lesbians, undressed and was approached them only wearing his socks. The MILF unbuckled and pulled the old man’s pants along with his boxers and his cock sprang out. She grabbed the wrinkly cock and started to place kisses all around it.

“Give me that ass,” said Patel as he grabbed the skinny teen’s ass and pulled her towards himself. She knelt on the seats with her ass facing him and her face towards the old man and the MILF who were busy licking each other. He spanked her ass and then applied some saliva over her asshole. He slowly forced his dick against her anal ring and gradually pushed it inch by inch into her ass.

“Ahh..,” gasped the teen as his penis went straight in and deep into her ass. Her eyes were closed and she was taking sharp intakes of breath to control the pain she was feeling. Without warning, Patel pulled it out and shoved it back in with greater force making her moan again. Her yelps were getting louder as Patel started literally ramming that young ass of hers, so the MILF grabbed her face and stuffed the old man’s cock into her mouth.

“MPHF..MPHF..” moaned the teen with her voice muffled due to the cock inside her mouth.

Patel was enjoying himself as his penis moved in and out of the teen’s ass smoothly. He looked over at Dutt and Rashmi who had undressed too. His eyes popped at seeing her naked. She was so beautiful, so young and perfectly shaped. Her milky round boobs being sucked by Dutt made him envious. He wanted that shy innocent girl now.

“Ready yet?” asked Patel grabbing the teen’s hair.

“Maybe,” replied Dutt. “But you should wait. I’m having fun over here.”

Patel grunted and gave slow but powerful thrusts into the teen’s ass while pulling her hair, which made the girl scream even as she gave the old man a blowjob. Patel watched covetously as Dutt stood up and offered his dick to Rashmi. Rashmi looked up at him lustfully and licked a small part of his penis. She smiled at him and licked again around the penis head. Then her eyes met Patel’s after which she gave a huge lick from bottom to the top of Dutt’s penis.

“Alright that’s enough,” said Patel. He pulled his dick out of the teen’s ass and walked over to Rashmi. “Dutt, my friend, you go over to those two. I need Rashmi now.”

Dutt bowed dramatically and walked away to the MILF and the old man while Patel held his penis in front of Rashmi’s face. She looked at it uncertainly, feeling disgusted by the smell but she had to impress Patel so she held her breath and opened her mouth. Patel grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick into her mouth. Rashmi started to give him a slow blowjob, with each passing minute the intensity increased and soon she took his dick deep into her throat and gagged a lot of saliva.

“You too,” said Patel looking at the teen.

The teen knelt next to Rashmi and waited. When she pulled the dick out of her mouth, the teen grabbed it and sucked. Patel grunted and smiled as she used her best techniques to please him. She used a lot of tongue to stimulate his penis head, sending jolts of excitement up Patel’s body. Rashmi realized she had to do something before the whore could steal her thunder.

“That’s right, fight for my cock,” said Patel as Rashmi grabbed the penis out of the teen’s mouth and started sucking it. Then the two literally started fighting over the cock, which made Patel intervene.

“Now-now, cool down,” said Patel. “You can lick my dick together.”

Rashmi and the teen started licking each side of his penis. Rashmi was on the left while the teen on the right. The licked all the way from the base to the tip of his penis together so that their lips were touching with his penis between them. Whenever they reached the tip, their tongues touched.

This excited Rashmi who had never done anything with women before. They continued licking and touching each other’s tongue at the end of it. Soon enough, they were eyeing each other lustfully then, without warning, started passionately kissing each other.

“Whoa! That’s a surprise,” exclaimed Patel.

Rashmi and the teen were wildly licking and sucking each other’s mouth. Their tongues were wagging and playing with each other’s agitatedly. In the meantime, the old man and Dutt were sucking each boob of the MILF. She was sitting on a seat between them and touching their head as if they were kids as they sucked her tits dry. Then they made her kneel and Dutt entered her pussy from behind while the old man entered her mouth from in front.

“She’s a delight isn’t she,” said the old man speaking for the first time to Dutt.

“Indeed,” replied Dutt as the two began a rhythmic motion of fucking the front and back holes of the MILF. When Dutt slammed his penis it, the old man retracted back pulling his dick out of her mouth and vice versa. This continued until Dutt felt his balls raging. He slowed down, he didn’t want to cum in a whore. He wanted his Rashmi.

The three men sat on adjacent seats while the three women knelt in front of them. Rashmi was sucking Patel’s balls while the teen was sucking Dutt’s penis and the MILF was giving a titjob to the old man. Patel was particularly enjoying Rashmi’s blowjob due to the way she maintained eye contact. The whores hated giving blowjob and even when they did, they did it with disgust.

Rashmi was different, she sucked it like she enjoyed it. The smile on her innocent and lovely face, her tender young lips and cheeks adding to the lusty look she gave while sucking his balls made him crazy. She licked all around his sack first then wrapped her lips around it. Then she sucked his balls hard and pulled it after which she took it all in her mouth and played with it inside.

Next to her, the teen was trying her best to do a deep throat. She was tiny and Dutt wasn’t exactly having a small penis so it filled her mouth completely. She was doing it slowly, taking it part by part as she gave a quick blowjob. When she finally took it completely in, she choked and pulled it out but Dutt didn’t like it. He grabbed her head and started mouth fucking her.

“Easy my friend,” said Patel as he continued to receive awesome sucking from Rashmi. “They’re expensive, wouldn’t want them to get a bad impression.”

“Well she isn’t,” said Dutt pointing at Rashmi. “How’s it going?”

“Ah she’s a wonder-woman,” confessed Patel looking at Rashmi fondly.

“She’s never even done a threesome before,” said Dutt.

“Is that so?” said Patel. “In that case, join me, Dutt, let’s give our sweet Rashmi a good time.”

Mr. Dutt dismissed the teen and lifted Rashmi in his arms. She locked her legs around his waist as Patel stood up and positioned himself behind her. He struggled but somehow managed to insert in penis inside her pussy while Patel bent under her ass slightly and inserted her dick in her ass. Rashmi closed her eyes and slowly moaned and gasped as she felt both their penises stretch her pussy and anal walls together.

“Slowly sir, it hurts,” said Rashmi.

“Well I’m sorry Rashmi,” said Patel. “This is gonna hurt more.” Without warning, the two of them started fucking her wildly in the air. Dutt was holding her by her thighs and ramming his dick upwards into her pussy while Patel drilled her ass from behind. Patel’s hands slithered across her body and found her tits. He squeezed them hard and pinched her nipples making her moan louder than ever.

Rashmi could feel both the penises grind her insides, separated only by a thin layer of skin between the anus and her pussy. Fortunately, for her, while one penis went it, the other was out so the fucking wasn’t as painful as it could’ve been. Instead, she felt on top of the world with her body responding excellently to the pleasure being generated.

Patel and Dutt were busy drilling Rashmi’s holes so the whores turned their attention to the old man. One of them grabbed his balls and started sucking it while the other consumed his penis. He leaned back and grunted in pleasure as the whore licked and sucked his groin hard and then switched from the balls to the penis, licking off the extra saliva off each other’s mouth in between.

The intensity with which their fucks continued, Rashmi felt a tension in the air. Then suddenly, the jet vibrated with turbulence. Those few moments were the scariest of her life. She had heard of it and even seen it in movies but never experienced real turbulence in her life. The world around her shook and as fright took hold of her, her pleasure nerves became even more sensitive. She wrapped her arms around Dutt and screamed aloud.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH,” screamed Rashmi through shudders, feeling her first orgasm. Dutt was getting tired and by the intensity with which Patel was fucking her ass, Rashmi deduced he was close too.

The old man could not take it any longer. He conveyed it to the whores who dutifully knelt before him as he stroked his penis at full speed. The skinny whore bent and licked his balls urging them to eject sooner while the MILF rose and licked the base of his penis. The old man shot few drop of semen with a grunt, which fell on the teen’s face.

“Give that to me,” said the MILF.

The teen presented her face to the MILF who opened her mouth and licked her face passionately. When the cum was licked clean, she swapped all of it with the teen, they started to exchange cum from each other’s mouth for a couple of times which made the old man crazier and finally swallowed them.

Rashmi was all lying on the jet’s floor as the men over her furiously stroked their penises. Dutt and Patel came in unison. Their young balls produced huge amounts of semen that rained down all over her face and breasts.

The whores came down to her and licked every drop of her breasts and Rashmi wiped it off her face with her finger. This time the MILF sucked and licked her lips while the teen did the same with her breasts. When the MILF was done, she let a thread of semen drool from her lips into Rashmi’s.

Reminding herself that she had to impress Patel, she looked directly into his eyes as she licked the last drop off her finger and swallowed it. Patel picked her up and kissed her hard making Rashmi blush. Then he ordered the whores to get some drink. They enjoyed another session and then landed safely back in Rashmi’s city.

In Sex Apartment, Junaid Khan was rushing back to his house to get his forgotten car keys. He opened the house door using his spare key and walked in. He got his keys and was about to leave when he realized that the house was awfully quiet. Where was Kiran? He turned to look at his father’s door, which was ajar. Slowly he approached it, caring not to make much noise and then peeked inside.

There she was kneeling on the bedroom floor near the bed, naked and sucking Mr. Khan’s cock. She was sucking it passionately with her eyes closed and taking the penis in and out completely. Mr. Khan, lost in the ecstasy, was leaning backward resting on one hand while the other was pinching and playing with Kiran’s boobs. Junaid’s insides raged and he slammed the door open making the two inside jump in alarm.

To be continued..


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