Luck by Chance

This story involved me and my friend Salman’s wife. Her name was Rizwana aged about 26 years. They were newly married around 8 months back. It happened when all of a sudden me and Salman bumped each other at a mall.

We were happy at seeing each other after long. I had talked to him back in school days after which he had gone to the Gulf to join his father in business. He said he recently came back and married a girl from his city. I congratulated him. He expressed sorry for not inviting me as it was planned very fast.

I told him it’s OK. That’s when he told me to join for dinner someday as a token of friendship. I casually denied in beginning. But he insisted that I should join him because we lived very close by. I agreed finally with hesitation. He told me he’d call me and tell me the date and time.

So that night I got a call from him and told me to come on Sunday for dinner as that’s the only day he’s free. So I drove to the address he gave. It was a well-built house in a quite posh location. I entered the portico. He and his wife came to welcome me. That’s when I saw Rizwana for the first time.

She was beautiful, that’s all I could say in the first look. I was led inside to the hall. While we sat discussing various issues, Rizwana went inside to arrange dinner. It was still only 8 o clock. I told it’s OK as I eat late and we continued with our talk.

Salman told me that he had hired a staff to work in a hotel as a catering business and it was running well. I also told him about my job. We were chatting all the while and Rizwana was busy preparing dinner I think. It was almost 9 pm when Salman told, “Let’s sit for dinner.”

I nodded and Rizwana began arranging food at the table. That’s when I had a closer look at her. She had worn a cream color Anarkali suit and a dupatta applied light makeup and had her head covered with the shawl. She was slim in stature. A bit shorter than average girls and wore anklets making a sound while she moved around.

We were almost sitting when Salman got a call and he asked excused for a while. After 2 minutes he came back with a sad face. He told there was some urgent immediate issue and he had to rush. It was like a VIP guest was joining as a surprise at the hotel and he needed the manager.

So I offered to come some other day. But he told me Rizwana had prepared many dishes and it shouldn’t go waste. He told me to have dinner and wait as he would try hard to join as early as possible. I was reluctant but Rizwana persuaded me to have food.

I sat as Salman again said sorry as he left in his Bentley. Now I was alone with Rizwana and she was reluctant to start a solid convo with me. I told her to sit with me for food. For the first time now my mind began having dirty thoughts about her despite controlling myself.

I started with normal topics about life, routine, etc and not anything more. During food, I appreciated her cooking (indeed it was awesome). She gave a blush and giggle every time I complimented. My heart was racing thinking how to proceed with this shy lady.

We finished dinner and sat again in the hall, talking. She told me she’ll get ice cream and went. She came back with a sorry look and told Salman had called her now. He told her that he will not be able to make until atleast midnight. I called him again to confirm. He told me he was kind of stuck.

I told it’s OK. Now I out of courtesy asked her if I can leave, if she had any problem. She told, “No, no it’s OK.” We continued chatting. Now I slowly began touching upon her marriage and sex life very discreetly. She seemed OK with the topic but a little shy.

She asked me about my relationships. I told very clearly about them. She was a bit surprised to hear. It was still 10:30. I offered to help take the dishes back to the kitchen. I was close to her and observing her body inhaling her body aroma. My dick was getting erect.

I stood close to her in the kitchen now so that my shoulder was touching hers. She knew it but she neither responded nor moved away so I continued. We were talking casually as though nothing was happening. But I could feel the warmth generating from our bodies.

With careful hearing, I felt her breathing was getting a bit heavy. Soon it was interrupted by another call to her by Salman. She told that he wouldn’t be able to make it before tomorrow morning. As soon as she said that there was complete silence in the room.

She had stopped working now and probably waiting for my next move. I knew this was the time to act. I moved very close now and my hot breath was hitting her neck, she closed her eyes unable to understand what to do. I took the opportunity and hugged her from the back.

The first touch of my hands made her body jerk a bit and a slight, “Uhhh.” She wasn’t speaking anything and this gave me further courage. I slowly began bringing my lips close to her earlobes. I gave a kiss there moved towards her neck to plant another series of kisses.

She now began enjoying it. She closed eyes as her boobs moved up and down. I turned her around and still with her eyes closed I moved to plant a peck on her closed lips. What a feeling it was I can’t describe. She was expecting and responded by lifting her neck a bit more to match my height.

Soon we were wrestling with our tongues. Her saliva was sweet just like her. She wasn’t doing anything with her hands. She had kept it down while my hands were playing her back and neck. I now took one of her hands and put in on my erect dick over the pants.

Suddenly she realized what was happening. She broke the kiss as if being snatched away by something.

To be continued

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