Luck by Chance Part – 2

But as soon as her hand touched my dick, she snapped it away. She was looking at me in shock but didn’t say a word. It seemed that she suddenly remembered about cheating her husband despite having a great sex life.

But lust takes over. I immediately took myself a step back. “Rizwana, I am sorry for crossing the limit. I apologize if I hurt your feelings. But I am going to tell you the truth. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you this evening.”

“Your innocent eyes, your shy nature, your delicate movements, and your beautiful body. I hadn’t even in my dreams thought I’d be doing this with my friend’s wife, but my emotions today got out of control.”

She was listening as if being hypnotized without saying a word. I continued from a distance. “Rizwana, listen. I’m not assaulting your character. But the way you enjoyed our bodies close without moving also says you want this.”

Sudden guilt overtook her. She spoke with a heavy voice, “No, Sarfaraz, I can never think of betraying Salman even in his absence. I think it’s better to control my feelings rather than regret later.”

I looked directly into her eyes and said, “Its your decision, Rizwana. I’m not forcing you. But you may also regret later about missing this rare opportunity to enjoy yourself. See, I’m never going to reveal it to anyone nor blackmail you. I’ve fucked many women before this. I treat sex only as a means to release tension. It’s up to you, think again and tell me.”

I left for the hall and sat on the sofa, waiting for her decision. Clearly, she was in a dilemma. After some 5 minutes, she was in the hall and came and sat beside me.

“Sarfaraz, I know I am making a big mistake by this. But I think its no harm in giving it a try. After all, one must dare to enjoy something. What happens later will be seen later.”

I was surprised by her words. She came and sat beside me on the sofa. Once again, our bodies began getting warmer. I held her by her shoulder and made me sit on my lap, facing me. I just looked at how beautiful she was and began taking her lips between mine and started chewing them.

They were so soft like a soft gum. She was still nervous, as it was her first time with a different man. I could see her breathing getting tense and her chest rising and falling while kissing. I made my first manly touch on her soft bosom, which felt would crush in my palm. She again jerked with my press.

I continued playing with her boobs and kissing her warm sweet mouth exchanging saliva. Though she had opened the mouth, she wasn’t active in the kiss. I caught her tongue with mine while our lips sealed like a vacuum cover making all heat trapped between our mouths.

Now I lifted her in my arms to take my love to her own bedroom. I laid her gently on the white bedspread. She looked like a beautiful rose on a white plant. I made her lie down on her back while I got my pants loose. I climbed on top of her carefully, not to put on my whole weight on her.

My legs touched hers, thighs to thighs, belly to belly and chest to her lush breasts. Again our mouths sealed to each other like a seal as I swallowed lots of her saliva. I began undressing her now. Carefully took off her upper garment and went on to peel her light green bra, like peeling a fruit.

Her mangoes came in sight. She couldn’t look at me in shyness. I began by taking one of her melons in my mouth and giving it a nice suck. With nipples, I was hard and twisted and bit them inside my mouth. I could feel her chocolate-colored nipples hardening inside my warm mouth.

She had thrown her head back and eyes closed tightly in extreme passion. I alternated between her melons sucking and pressing the soft things making red marks wherever there was a force. Now I began going down, stopping at her navel and upper pubic area.

Her navel made a dimple on her belly as I sucked on it, inserting my tongue as deep as it could reach. She was anticipating my further course as I kissed over her pussy from the salwar. It felt so warm from above only. Now with my teeth, I loosened her salwar nada, making her smile beautifully by my action.

Now similarly, I slid down her panty with my teeth. She was still with closed eyes enjoying every bit of my work on her chiseled body. Now her beautiful, pink pussy was in front of me. I separated her moist lips to reach her hidden treasure and made my first flick of the tongue right on her clit.

For the first time, I heard a sound from her. Looking at her, it seemed her face was telling me to do more. I separated her white legs apart and reached her sweet honey pot with my tongue, tasting every bit of her juices.

She continued to moan and held my head tightly sealed with her pussy wanting as deep as my tongue could reach. Soon her body went to shivers and lifting her pelvis multiple times. She released a tail of her juices trickling down my lips and her inner thighs. The fragrance was ecstatic, and so was the taste.

Her pussy was now completely ready to take me inside. I loosened up my inners and again looked at her nervous face. I assured her with my eyes that it’ll be good. I got into position, lifting her legs a bit. I rubbed my pink circumcised dick above her clit to mix it with her juices.

Now I sealed her mouth with mine and gave a gentle push inside her pussy. Her body jerked up again as of reaching orgasm. I again pulled out a bit and gave another push inside her pussy. I could feel my dick floating inside her juicy pussy getting pleasure from all her walls and inner of her pussy.

I let it absorb some pleasure and began moving in and out of her. When she felt the pain she would bite my tongue and lips between her teeth. I continued pounding her with her legs resting on my shoulder, her anklets making a chiming sound. Her body was getting sweaty with the sex.

I could smell her strong womanly odor. After a while, she began getting out of control and began thrusting her hips into the air with each stroke. Our thrusts matched each other as I got a full taste of her body. I could feel her pussy getting moister with my strokes and my circumcised dick getting ultimate pleasure.

Now she wrapped her legs around me, probably reaching another orgasm. She pulled me deeper with her hands around my buttocks. I could feel my own orgasm getting close. I began pounding with maximum speed as I felt my cock getting squeezed between her walls.

I moaned and collapsed on her as I felt my dick pulsating with every spurt of semen inside her. We hugged and kissed again and laid for a while. She told me it was the best sex she ever had. I told her she was the most lovely woman I fucked ever.

We lay in each other’s arms naked, and after that, I left her with a goodbye kiss.

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