Losing Virginity

As I never use to pay attention in the class, I used to take tuition for my subjects during exams from the same teacher who had taught me in the 12th standard. Her name was Sushmita, a 45-year old, a very average looking mother whose daughter was 1 year younger to me.

Being a Bengali, she was very progressive and thus very understanding. I used to discuss almost everything with her, including my personal life. I used to go to her house in the morning before going to the office. I used to get really aroused by her and used to fantasize about her.

One morning when I reached her home, none of her family was there. Sushmita’s husband had gone to the office and her daughter had gone to college. I thought this might be my lucky morning. Since this would have been my first time, my nervousness was overpowered by the lust.

My tuition teacher opened the door, with a towel tied on her head. It seemed she had just come out after bathing. I sat down on the table as she joined me with her cup of tea.

We started studying. After about an hour, we took a brief break. I started a conversation about relationships and girlfriends.

The teacher told me that hers was a love marriage, to which I replied, “I don’t know if I will also have a love marriage”. She asked me, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”. I said, “No..”, she annoyingly interrupted, “What? Why? How can a tall dark and understanding boy can be single?”.

I said to her, “This is partly because of luck and partly because I have a fetish for mature women”. My Bengali tuition teacher very understandingly asked, “What age group are you into?”. I said, “35-45”.

Sushmita then blushingly said, “Well, I am well under 45, so do you have a ‘Fetish’ for me as well?”. I didn’t anything as my red face and hard dick had already answered her question.

After a moment of silence, I said, “But that is obviously not possible”. My tuition teacher replied, “Why not?”. It seemed as if she also was waiting for this moment.

We were looking in each other’s eyes and we started kissing lightly. I could feel her lips lightly sucking on my lower lip. I could easily make out how experienced she was.

Sushmita then very slowly started inserting her tongue. I was sucking on her soft and warm tongue. We went on for like ten to twelve minutes, with the intensity increasing every minute. I then went on to kiss her neck, then ears and then slowly her upper chest.

As I was busy kissing and exploring her body, my tuition teacher had her hands on my hard-on. To reach her boobs, I pulled her t-shirt. She stopped me and pulled me in her bedroom.

The teacher took my coat off, unbuttoned my shirt. Meanwhile, I undressed her and had her in her bra. My married teacher then kissed my neck and went on to suck on my nipples, through my chest.

Sushmita was so horny that she was actually biting and sucking my nipples, which made them red. My pain resistance had gone significantly up and I too was enjoying it. I was moaning like anything.

Now it was my turn to return the favour. I first took my tuition teacher’s boobs in my hand. Though they were small, I really enjoyed playing with them.

Then I went on to suck on them. I had her black nipples in my mouth like a baby, sucking like I have been thirsty for so long. On sucking a little harder, Sushmita gave a soft moan, and I actually felt some milk come into my mouth! I smooched her again.

I then went on to take her jeans off. My tuition teacher had flab on her belly and had thick thighs, just like any other Indian aunty. I smooched and licked her belly, making my way to her holy temple. It was hairy like it had not been shaved for long.

As I kissed her pussy lips, with my hands on her butt, Sushmita said, “Somebody’s a gentleman!”. I pushed her on the bed, and she was lying on her back, with her boobs going sideways. I, with full momentum, went in for the kill. I took my teacher’s legs and placed them on my back. Along with my hard tongue, I inserted two fingers in her wet, warm pussy.

As I did so, she gave a loud moan and started to pull my hair and push my head deeper. I got really excited and wiggled my tongue even faster. In no time, I inserted my third finger as well. I softly bit her clit and she screamed and raised her lower as she orgasmed and let out warm holy water out of the pussy, making my whole face wet.

Now, it was my turn to unleash the beast. I removed my pants and my undies, and my dark dick popped out. Seeing that my foreskin was not cut, she asked me if I was a virgin. I replied, “Yes, but I will be losing it to you today”.

My tuition teacher said, “Certainly and I am all yours. A virgin guy turns me on even more. But looking at your performance, it seems uncannily paradoxical”. I did not let her complete her sentence and went on to smooch her and slowly inserted my junk inside her.

As I did so, Sushmita slid her hand into my butt crack supporting and caressing my balls. We were in the missionary position with her fat legs around me. I started stroking back and forth like anything, gradually increasing the pace. Our lips were constantly together.

Since this was my first time, I was really nervous and excited at the same time. And before knowing it, I came really hard inside my teacher. I apologized immediately, to which she replied, “Awww, so cute! No problem, I understand. Don’t worry. Come here”.

She went on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She had a unique way of blowing, she inserted her tongue in my foreskin as far as she could, stroked my dick consistently and made me cum again.

In the end, I smooched her and said, “Thank you, ma’am, for such a lovely..”, but she interrupted me, “Shh..”

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