Interest Payment

I and my husband Daniel were living happily after our arranged marriage. His business was running well. But due to Covid-19 lockdown, everything got stuck and his business went shut.

My husband had taken loans from 4 people for his business. They were now behind him since March 2020 for their interest and principal payment. He dragged them till the start of May 2020, but couldn’t push it further.

So, one day all four barged into our house and locked all points. We have a sofa in our living room, so all sat there with my husband there.

They started arguing with my husband, my husband tried to convince them but failed. I heard the noise and came to check what was happening. When I entered, all became silent. My husband asked me to go inside. I saw their faces and could see a shine in their eyes. (you all know why!)

I went inside. After that, all stopped yelling and arguing. They made my husband sit next to them. Their names were Vikram (37), Mahesh (34), Shekar (29) and Ismail (30). All were look-wise not very decent and not very charming.

The evilest among them all was Ismail. He had a history of womanizing, but since he had enormous inherited wealth, no one could stop him. The other 3 were his friends and were known to party together and enjoy high-end escorts.

Ismail said to my husband, “Daniel, you will have to pay the interest at any cost today to us, which amounts to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Else, we have to take severe action, which would not be good for you and your wife.”

My husband said to Ismail, “You know, because of the lockdown, all businesses are impacted. Give me 3 months’ time, I will arrange and pay you guys Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Right now, I don’t have any money to pay.”

To this, all four got together, had some discussion and came back with a wicked smile. They gave my husband a proposal that, if I were to entertain them this weekend at their farmhouse at their whims and fancies, they would forget the interest component! My husband got furious and completely disagreed with their offer.

Ismail got furious and made some calls and told my husband, “You know I can call some rogues and make this worse, then we can use your wife as we like. But we wouldn’t forego the interest amount and also will fuck your wife to our satisfaction.”

My husband knew Ismail’s connections. He said, “Ismail, I have paid everything on time until lockdown. Please don’t do this. Please give me some time. Please.”

Ismail disagreed and said, “This is the best we can offer. If you agree, then it’s good, else, I am calling my people.”

Vikram then interrupted their talks and said, “Daniel, I can give you one alternative, if you agree, else we would leave it to Ismail. Your wife is pretty hot. All of us want to fuck her. What we can do us, play a game. If you win, we would leave and forego the Interest amount. Else, we enjoy your wife.”

Daniel asked, “What game are you talking about?”

Vikram said, “First tell us what is your wife wearing in detail?”

Daniel said, “You guys saw her. She is wearing a t-shirt and jeans.”

Vikram said, “I meant is she wearing, t-shirt, jeans, bra and pantie, i.e., four pieces of clothes on her, right?”

Daniel said, “Yes. But why does it matter? I don’t understand.”

Vikram said, “Here is the deal. We will play a game of cards. Your wife has 4 pieces of cloth on her body. You don’t have to pay anything to play the game. We would give you 50,000 for each cloth on her body. Each time you lose the 50,000, your wife loses a cloth on her body.”

He continued, “After your wife is naked, we would give you one last 50,000 to you for play. That makes it 2,50,000, you are going to pay us. If you lose that, we fuck your wife right here and would stay at your place and enjoy her for the night. If you win the complete 2,50,000, we would forego the interest you need to pay us.”

Daniel said, “You want me to stake my wife for you guys to have a game. I don’t agree to this.”

Vikram said, “Don’t interrupt me in between. During the game, your wife has to serve us drinks and snacks, and we will touch and feel her, whenever she serves anyone of us. If you don’t agree to this, then I handover the situation to Ismail and let him do what he wants. Here you can at least try your luck and save your wife.”

Then I came to the scene and declared in front of them, “I am ready for the game.”

Daniel was in shock when I said that. He knew these 4 were master players of cards and would win and humiliate his wife in front of him. But I thought at least let us try our luck and save ourselves.

Ismail said, “Selena, are you sure? Because if he loses, you are going to serve us 4 for the weekend as per our wishes. Think again and answer wisely.”

I said, “I am in it, let us start playing the game. Let’s see what happens.”

Daniel said, “Selena, you don’t know these filthy guys. They are trapping us. You don’t need to do this.”

I said, “Don’t worry, Daniel. If luck were to fuck us, no one can save us. At least let us give a try. I am okay with either outcome.”

So our dining table was set at our house as the play area. All of them, including Daniel, sat there for starting the game. As decided, I was to arrange drinks and snacks for all of them.

The hard part was that all 4 of them could touch and feel me while I was serving drinks and snacks to them in front of my husband. It was totally a different kind of feeling. I was never touched this way by anyone other than my husband.

So for the first round, Ismail said, “Here you go, Daniel, the first 50,000 for the game,” and gave it to my husband. Then he looked at me and said, “Selena, take off your T-Shirt.” I was shocked and said, “What?” I was totally blank. Ismail again said, “I said, remove your top and start serving us drinks, babe.”

I came back to my senses and realized he has paid Daniel the first 50,000. So, as per the deal, I had to strip one cloth from my body. And as he asked, I had to remove my top. I was feeling very ashamed to be in a bra in front of these 4 horny bastards.

I didn’t have any other options. So I gradually removed my top and was standing in front of them in my plush red bra and jeans. All 4 of them had their eyes glued on my breasts and were hungrily ripping them off.

So I went to the kitchen and got the drinks and snacks ready to serve. I first went and served Daniel. After that, I was between Mahesh and Shekhar, serving them drinks and snacks. Mahesh naughtily held my hip, and Shekhar held my bra. I felt a sudden shock, but couldn’t help. So I served them fast and got back.

Then I was between Ismail and Vikram, serving them. Initially, they didn’t do anything, but as I was getting back, Vikram tripped me, and I fell in Ismail’s lap. He felt my whole body. And they both shared a laugh. I got up and went and stood behind Daniel.

The game began, and I was standing nervously, thinking about the ordeal if Daniel loses. I would be used by all 4 of them together as per their whims and fancies. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. The problem was Daniel had to win against all 4, else he would lose.

After the initial 5 rounds, Daniel didn’t lose much. He was still left with 45000. In the 6th game, the stakes went a bit high. Before the show, they somehow made Daniel stake all 45000 on that round. It was time to show the cards.

Daniel showed his cards and thought he had won that round and got 90000 of the 250000 to be won. But then Shekhar showed his cards, and to our shock, he had won the round. Daniel lost the 50000.

Ismail then said, “Hell yeah, take this next 50000. You, babe, get some drinks and snacks for us and bring them topless” I was shocked, I was expecting them to make me strip my jeans, but they wanted me topless. As I thought Ismail and Mahesh stood up.

Ismail came and stood behind me, and Mahesh stood in front of me. Just as I regained my senses, Ismail had removed my bra clips. Mahesh from the front pulled my bra. I stood in front of these hungry wolves topless. My 34 breasts were in full view of them.

Ismail put his hands from behind and squeezed them. I pushed him back, and then Mahesh hugged me and crushed his chest with mine. I somehow pushed him and went to the kitchen to bring drinks and snacks. I stood in the kitchen motionless. I just thought what the hell has just happened.

Some filthy men have just made me topless and enjoyed my boobs in front of my husband, and he couldn’t stop them. Daniel was sitting motionless in his place. He was feeling ashamed as he could not help his beautiful hot wife from these filthy men’s clutches.

So I refilled the drinks and snacks and went back to the hall to serve them. This time all 4 of them freely played with my boobs and nipples. They even kissed my boobs. When they did that, I was feeling very ticklish. So after serving them, I again went and stood behind Daniel, trying to hide my boobs.

Now the next round of the card game began. In the initial stage, Daniel lost the 50000 in just 15 minutes. But this time after 30 minutes of play, he had somehow survived and had 60000 with him. I was starting to feel that maybe only myself and Daniel would be having sex tonight.

By then, Daniel had won one higher stake round, and he now had 75000 with him. Daniel said to Ismail, “You can take this 50000 and give my wife’s bra back.” Ismail said, “No, Daniel. Once she lost it, she won’t get that back. We are going to keep the clothes we won as a souvenir.”

Both I and Daniel were shocked by Ismail’s lewd behavior. But we had to continue. As the game continued, the stakes were on a higher side again. And in this one particular round, Daniel lost 55000. The next round, he placed all the balance 20000. All of them except Ismail showed their cards.

Daniel was winning, we thought. But to our shock, Ismail had the winning hand. He then looked at me and said, “Daniel take this third 50000. Selena strip your jeans and go to your room and wear a sexy high heel and come and serve us drinks and snacks.”

So I started moving to my room. Vikram came and stopped me and said, “Slut, you will have to remove your jeans right here.” Saying this, he squeezed my boobs.

To be continued

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