Spa Day

I decided that I needed to take some time for myself.

After a lot of hard working and keeping up my social connections I needed a well-earned spa day. I took a day off, checked in in a luxurious spa hotel and would just think about me. For me a spa day isn’t complete without getting a great massage, so I booked myself a nice full body relaxation massage for 90 minutes.

After enjoying the spa facilities for a while, I headed to the room for my massage. My brown hair were wet from the hammam and my skin rosy. When I came in there was a gorgeous man awaiting me. He had wavy brown hair that reached his shoulders and beautiful dark brown eyes. My eyes slowly moved down to his strong torso. He had a lightly toned six pack and even his chest hair seemed to be exactly where it’s supposed to be. He was wearing harem pants and didn’t wear any shoes. He looked like he himself was totally relaxed and like he was a yoga teacher.

‘Good afternoon, miss Lancaster.’

I reached out my hand to him. Oh my God, he is so sexy. I feel my knees getting weaker.

‘Please, call me Stella.’ I replied.

I noticed that my cheeks started to feel warmer. He grabbed my hand lightly and hold it for a while. It was so nice and warm.

‘Hello Stella, my name is Thomas.’

He stared deeply into my eyes when he said this and hold my hand for longer that socially accepted.

Please don’t let go.

I wish he would hold it for hours. He broke the spell he put on me by slowly taking his hand back and he walked around me. I felt his strong, soft hands on my shoulders, softly grabbing my bathrobe.

‘Let me help you out of that, Stella.’

He slowly slid the bathrobe down my shoulders while I opened it. Once he had my bathrobe removed, I was standing there fully naked and I tried to cover myself up with my arms over my breasts.

He then put his hands on my shoulders. I felt instantly relaxed under his touch. I felt his breath blowing softly on my neck as he slowly took my hand and guided me to his massage table. I laid down on my stomach while Thomas was getting a towel and folded it so that it would cover up my behind. I felt the butterflies in my belly while I was laying there.

I waited while I was listening to his movements and then I felt how he dripped warm oil over my back. It sent a nice tingle down my spine instantly. Then he laid his warm hands on my back and started massaging me. I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but fantasize a little about Thomas.

How he would flip me over on the table right here, right now and kiss me heavily. I felt a soft tingle between my legs and noticed how I slowly got wet while fantasising about him. Should I feel bad? What if he noticed that I was getting turned on?

His hands were massaging my lower back and while I was enjoying his massage and fantasizing about what I wanted to do with him, I noticed how his hands went lower and lower until they reached the towel. I noticed I gasped for air when he folded the towel again to make it smaller.

‘Is that okay for you, Stella?’

I barely could speak and just let out a consenting ‘hmhm!’ while shaking my head up and down for as far as I was able. His hands started to slowly massage my hips and my butt cheeks. He must have noticed that I started to breathe faster. He bent over so he was close to my ear

‘Just breathe, Stella.’

His soft breath on my ear turned me on even more. I couldn’t do anything but obey him instantly and started to take deeper breaths. He kept on massaging my butt, slowly moving to my thighs. Then he folded the towel back and moved to my legs. I couldn’t help but feel terribly disappointed. He started at my feet and massaged his way up over my legs. The further he went up, the more excited I became again. When he reached my upper legs I felt like I was about to explode.

He grabbed the towel and asked me if it was okay if he removed it entirely. My heart was making a jump.

‘Yes please!’ my mind screamed. ‘You may.’

I answered decently. He started to massage my inner thighs and I felt how is fingers came closer and closer to my vulva. I softly let out a moan when his fingers touched my labia.

‘Are you enjoying it?’ He asked in his sexy, deep voice.

‘Yes, please continue.’ I said softly.

He moved closer and closer to my vulva and I caught myself starting to moan. Then suddenly, he stopped.

‘Turn around.’ He ordered me.

I gladly did as he asked from me. He didn’t even bother anymore to cover me with the towel. He took some oil and let it drip all over my naked body before starting to massage me, starting at my legs. That gave me a moment to catch my breath after all the excitement. He worked his way up again to my inner thighs and slowly touched my dripping wet labia. Then he mover upwards to my breasts.

My eyes were closed, and I felt his lips in my neck. His hair tickled me a little while he kissed upwards to my lips. I opened my eyes and stared deeply into his before he started kissing me, his hands still massaging my breasts. My hands started to caress his upper body and I slowly let them slide down to his pants.

First, I rubbed the fabric softly and then I slowly started to pull them down. He took them of completely and carefully climbed on top of the massage table. I moved my legs apart slightly. He started to kiss down from my lips. First my neck, then to my breasts where he sucked on my nipples for a bit and then over my stomach and hips down to my clitoris.

He kissed my labia and spread them apart slightly before starting to lick me. I let out a moan as I threw my head back. I felt his tongue move over my clit, up and down and left to right. Making slow circles over it and then flicking it with his tongue. He didn’t need long to bring me to my first orgasm. After I came, he caressed my labia for a bit before he slid his hard penis inside of me.

I moaned while he softly started to move. I couldn’t believe that everything I fantasized about was happening. Our eyes locked again while he was slowly moving in and out of me, starting shallow before he pushed his penis deep inside of me. We started kissing heavily while I slowly started to rub my clit. He made love to me so passionately, kissing my neck and holding my hand, our fingers intertwined. He started moving faster as I started rubbing my clit faster and we orgasmed hard at the same time.

We laid there on top of each other, catching our breath. He kissed me heavily one more time before he got off of me.


I feel a soft hand on my shoulder and slowly open my eyes.

‘I’m afraid our 90 minutes are over. I hope you enjoyed it and was able to relax.’

Still a bit sleepy I nod.

‘I’ll just give you a minute to collect yourself.’ Thomas says as he walks out the room.

I couldn’t believe it was just a dream.

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