Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-9

Induja Nair, Mrs. Nair’s young sister-in-law had begun an affair with her colleague Professor Jayant while her husband was busy making money in Gulf. Rashmi, Kiran Chatterjee’s sister and Gautam’s Chatterjee’s illicit sex partner, had traded her body for retaining her job. Her boss Mr. Dutt fucked her whenever he wanted in his office.


It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and Prof Jayant was still in the classroom finishing some correction work. Most of the students of the college had gone home and only the staff remained. Asst. Professor Induja was also still sticking around but she had no work. Induja entered the classroom and was pleased to find him there.

“Prof Jayant! Not going home anytime soon?” asked Induja as she strode in after closing the door behind her. Prof Jayant watched her in awe. She was wearing a yellow saree and green blouse, her cleavage hardly covered so that it looked like her boobs were popping out of her blouse. Her hair was loose and wavy as she walked; the sight of her swaying waist excited the professor.

“Finishing up some work Indu. What about you?” said Prof Jayant.

“I didn’t feel like going home so soon…,” said Induja and she rested her hands on the desk, bent a little and her pallu dropped down accidentally.


The fallen pallu revealed her large melons that looked round and bigger due to the way she was standing. Her beautiful cleavage had the caliber of turning on any man and Prof Jayant was no exception. He could not get his eyes off her tits.

“Okay…I see where this is going…huh!” said Prof Jayant feeling a sudden tightness in his crotch.

“Do you? You don’t seem interested though,” teased Induja by shaking her upper body so that her boobs bounced around. The sight of a college professor that too someone as strict as Induja, doing such sexy acts was too much for him. He could not control himself and decided to take things forward.

Prof Jayant grabbed Induja’s shoulders, pulled her from across the table and crashed into her lips. Induja was taken aback by the swiftness of kiss and blinked for several seconds in shock as he kissed her real wild. Whilst kissing, he dragged her around the table and made her sit on his lap facing him. Induja felt Prof Jayant’s bulge and started to hump dry on him while kissing. Her ass rubbed hard against his crotch as she did a circular motion of grinding over it.

Prof Jayant was hard already and his cock almost felt like it was gonna rip through his pants as he kept looking into Induja’s lust-filled eyes. His tongue slowly reached inside her mouth and tasted her hungrily.

Prof Jayant, with one great swipe of his hand, cleared the papers off the bench. As exam papers flew off, he pulled Induja on to the bench. There she lay in her yellow saree and green blouse and looked so damn sexy and arousing that Prof Jayant would not have cared even if the principal himself would come to stop them.

“You shouldn’t have come, Indu. I’ve got dozens of papers to evaluate,” said Prof Jayant.

“I can come back tomorrow if you want, Sir,” joked Induja.

“No way! I’d rather be fired than miss this opportunity,” said Prof Jayant.

Induja looked at Prof Jayant and smiled, beckoning him to do what he wanted. Jayant bent over and took hold of her melons. He squeezed them hard and playfully bit them over the blouse. Induja gently slapped his cheek and caressed his head as he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up to reveal her big boobs. The round, tender and young pair of tits bounced out and mesmerized him so he started sucking them earnestly.

Prof Jayant started to work Induja’s left boob with his right hand, and as time progressed, he started to squeeze her tits harder. Induja started to moan faintly “ah…”. He buried his face between her juicy tits and Induja guided him to her nipple. He sucked on those milky tits and occasionally bit her pointy nipples as well.

“With you around, my junior is never at rest Induja,” said Prof Jayant. Induja rose slightly and unbuttoned his shirt. She parted the shirt, kissed his chest area, and licked his nipples too.

Prof Jayant smirked as he unzipped his pants and let his hard cock out. He stroked his shaft gently while Induja was sucking and biting his nipples. She was so good at it that he was gasping in pleasure in no time. After about a couple of minutes, Induja slowly slid down by kissing his stomach, groin, his hip and finally reached his dick, and kissed the tip of the dick by looking into Prof Jayant’s eyes. Prof Jayant unbuckled his belt and got rid of his pants along with his boxers quickly off the way to make her job easy.

Now Prof Jayant was standing only in his unbuttoned shirt while Induja was on the bench with her blouse open and the bra pulled up to her neck. Induja kissed his dick starting from his lower shaft and all the way back to his dickhead while both her hands were stroking his dick. Prof Jayant let out a moan.

“Yes dear that’s right…you’re doing it just fine,” said Prof Jayant with his eyes closed. Induja knew how to control him, Prof Jayant was almost at her mercy. While she sucked him, he took her blouse and bra off and threw it away to some corner.

Then they heard footsteps approaching the classroom.

Rashmi was working. By working, it meant she was doing exactly what she was hired as a personal secretary for. Mr. Dutt and Rashmi were in his car heading towards the airport and she was bent over his crotch, sucking his dick with urgency. A few minutes ago, her boss had informed her that he was going on a business trip urgently and she was supposed to accompany him.

“But sir, I need to pack, inform family..”, began Rashmi.

“You can inform them on the way,” said Mr. Dutt, “as for packing, I’m sure you won’t need clothes for this trip.”

“Beg your pardon,” said Rashmi.

“I mean, there’s plenty of clothes stashed in the room where we’re planning to stay,” said Mr. Dutt.

As they got into the car and Mr. Dutt unzipped his pant, Rashmi had given an odd look towards the driver but that didn’t stop Mr. Dutt. He said that the driver sees a new girl every now and then doing the same. He was paid to ignore such things. But when Rashmi was reluctant, he just pulled her and forced his dick into her mouth. Soon enough she became comfortable and started sucking his dick.

“Use that skillful tongue of yours Rashmi,” requested Mr. Dutt during the drive.

The driver heard that and his eyes quickly went to the rear view mirror that he’d adjusted so that he could see the blowjob. A bulge formed in his pants as he witnessed Rashmi’s blowjob.

Rashmi paused and took a deep breath. She poked her tongue at the dick head and motioned it round and round on the tip of the dick as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. Mr. Dutt’s hand automatically reached for her head and he squirmed a bit in his seat with his eyes closed which gave the driver the opportunity to take another look.

The driver could not only see the awesome blowjob this new, young and beautiful woman was giving but also her cleavage as she was bent over and her shirt failed to hide much of the boobs as the top three buttons were open. Quickly, his hand went down and he adjusted his pant, rubbed his own dick with his thumb as he watched her rosy wet lips and tongue devour Mr. Dutt’s penis.

After about a minute, Rashmi lubricated his penis with a lot of saliva and jerked him harder and harder, the sound of her bangles clinking while jerking turned him on even more. Rashmi sucked his dick like no one else did, her enthusiasm was unmatched. Other girls were always reluctant, they hated blowing him but this girl was an exception.

“Now take it in darling, completely,” instructed Mr. Dutt.

After a bit of handjob, Rashmi gently took his cock completely into her mouth and started to give a deep blowjob. The blowjob got sloppy due to the overflowing saliva from her mouth and his dick went so deep that his penis touched her tonsil every stroke, which made more saliva drip off her lower lips. Mr. Dutt held her chin and made her look up during the act and felt his balls rage at that sight.

“Get ready, I’m close, I don’t want my car seats messed up so swallow every drop,” said Mr. Dutt and he relaxed a bit.

The driver’s eyes widened in shock. Most girls whom he had seen with Mr. Dutt were all full of tantrums and he was sure no one ever had swallowed his semen. Would this girl do it? He constantly kept looking into the mirror to check that. Meanwhile, Rashmi was busy perfecting the art of blowjob. She was taking deep throat and at the same time, playing with his balls all the while looking up at her boss. Mr. Dutt started to breathe heavily which made it look like he was about to come so Rashmi pumped it up.

The car was stopped in the traffic and the driver, who had been secretly masturbating, started jerking off at great speed as his penis was rock hard and had been oozing pre-cum. Mr. Dutt chose that moment to hold either side of Rashmi’s head with his hands and orally fucked her mouth with great force. The driver’s hand moved faster than a jet as he masturbated and burst out all his semen after watching his boss unload all the semen in her mouth.

“Huh….huh….. uhuh….” grunted Mr. Dutt as he relaxed and let Rashmi suck his semen off. The driver watched as she swallowed it completely, a thread of semen flowed down his dick from her mouth but she used her tongue to lick it up. When she was done, the driver offered her his handkerchief as he did every time his boss made a girl give BJ. Rashmi accepted it gratefully and wiped herself clean. The rest of the journey was uneventful.

In the college classroom, Prof Jayant hurriedly pulled up his pant and buttoned the top two buttons when Aamir (son of Junaid and Irfan’s brother) walked in. He looked at the professor with uncertainty as Jayant buckled his belt.

“What is it?” he asked irritably.

“I was looking for Induja ma’am, someone said they saw her come here,” said Aamir.

Prof Jayant’s eyes went to his desk under which semi-naked Induja was hiding with her hand on her lips and one hand frantically gesturing at him to make the boy leave. Aamir too followed his gaze and looked at the desk but he couldn’t see Induja from where he was standing instead he saw all the papers on the floor and the cleared up desk.

“Let me help you clean up,” said Aamir

“It’s alright. I will do it,” said Jayant and he bent down to pick up the papers.

“I insist,” said Aamir and he bent down too. Jayant was feeling the heat as he picked up the papers behind the desk first so that Aamir wouldn’t come there and discover Induja naked. Aamir, on the other hand, had the tiniest doubt that Induja was in the vicinity and his eyes kept scanning. His pulse quickened as he saw a blouse and bra lying in a corner. It meant she was close, possibly topless. He came closer to the end of the desk and saw it.

Right opposite to the back of desk was a metal wardrobe, usually used by class teachers to stash class related documents and projects. It was smooth and reflective in nature. Although the reflection wasn’t clear, he could clearly see some topless woman hiding under the desk; her boobs were covered with her hands. Induja could see his reflection too and her heart skipped a beat as she saw him pause, looking directly at the reflection. She took deep breaths and hoped he would not do anything more and fortunately he did not. Aamir just picked up the papers and left.

“Phew! That was close,” said Prof Jayant wiping the sweat off his brow.

“Sir…maybe we should do this some other day, “ suggested Induja but Prof Jayant wasn’t listening. He lifted Induja off her feet and put her on the bench. He pushed her saree all the way up to the waist and pulled out her panties.

“Your pussy smells good,” said Prof Jayant continuing from where they had left off as if nothing had happened.

Induja was wet already. Prof Jayant bent over, slowly caressed her clit, played with it with his fingers. He twiddled with her clit with his thumbs, which made her giggle and writhe in pleasure. Prof Jayant started to lick her pussy and simultaneously fingered her, he was literally tongue fucking her and gradually added one finger after another into it.

“Ahhh…..sir….keep it going…..ahhhhh,” moaned Induja.

Induja had real delicious pink/purple pussy lips. Prof Jayant couldn’t stop licking them while Induja was moaning loudly. As he ventured deeper and deeper her moans grew louder. The tip of his tongue felt a rough patch on the roof inside her pussy and he poked and licked it curiously. The effect was instantaneous, Induja’s upper body rose and fell and she gasped, clutching her boobs. He had just hit the g-spot!

“You like that Induja?”

“Yes sir….don’t stop please,” begged Induja.

After sometime, Prof Jayant climbed up the bench and got above her. Their positions were awkward due to the small amount of space the desk offered. Prof Jayant leaned closer, kissed her and this time the kisses got very wet. Soon they started to exchange saliva, depositing saliva in each other’s mouths. Jayant raised himself and just admired her beauty. He caressed her breasts, played with them, and made them bounce.

“Do it, Sir. Put it inside me,” said Induja.

“Put what inside?” asked Prof Jayant teasingly.

“That,” said Induja pointing at his penis.

“Say it,” said Prof Jayant. “I won’t do it if you don’t ask properly.”

Jayant smiled mischievously. Even though they had fucked each other, she was still shy of uttering sexually explicit words. He wanted her to come out of that.

“I want you to put your dick inside me and fuck me, Sir,” said Induja and she burst out laughing. Prof Jayant laughed too; hearing such requests from a strict teacher was something he had never imagined. Then he bent over kissed her smiling lips several times and did what she asked. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and slid his dick in.

“Ohhhhhh……..” gasped Induja and her laughter stopped.

Prof Jayant pumped in and out of her slowly and gradually found the rhythm. Initially, he fucked her vagina with a controlled pace, watching her boobs bounce up and down with each stroke. Meanwhile, Induja gasped and bit her lips every time his dick head went deep and grazed her g-spot. Then the strokes got faster and deeper.

“Fuck me sir…harder…yeahh…ahhhahh,” moaned Induja while looking at him, biting her lips and pinching her nipples “Fuck me all day …don’t ever stop.”

Each time Induja moaned he increased the power of his thrust by pulling her closer. He couldn’t get his hands off her milky boobs all the time and Induja kept moaning his name. The pace gradually reduced, Prof Jayant had almost cum and he took a sigh of relief. Last time they had fucked, she didn’t have an orgasm. He couldn’t let that happen again so he stopped and relaxed.

“What happened?” asked Induja.

“Turn over….” Said Prof Jayant through labored breathing. “I’m gonna fuck that ass of yours.”

Prof Jayant didn’t wait for her to respond. He flipped her around and made her lie on her stomach. His balls had calmed down by then so he placed his dick at the lip of her anus. Induja was protesting against anal sex but it fell on deaf ears. Prof Jayant spat on his fingers and inserted it inside her anus. He lubricated it well enough and started fingering her ass.

Induja began moaning again as his finger did the trick. Some more lubrication gushed out of her pussy and he used that to wet his fingers and insert it inside the anus to apply it there. Then without warning, he shoved his dick in, grinding her anus walls with slow but powerful thrusts. Induja nearly screamed but he clamped his hand on her mouth and fucked her mercilessly. Soon enough he wasn’t able to control so he started fucking her madly.

“Ahhhhh……… sir-slow-slow-down… ohhhhhhh,” moaned Induja.

Induja’s body rose and he chose the moment to grab the boobs from under. Prof Jayant did not stop for a couple of minutes and when he felt his balls raging again he put his penis back into her sensitive pussy and started to thrust hard. By that time, Induja’s muscles tightened, her face screwed up and she bit her lips before screaming out loud.

“YEAH AAAAAAHHHHHHH….. ohhhh….. (heavy breathing)….,” moaned Induja and she squirted all over the bench. Jayant too chose the moment to unload his semen right into her pussy.

It took time for both of them to come to their senses, as they were lost in the bliss of the orgasm. Then they wiped each other clean and kissed each other goodbye. As Induja walked out of the classroom and Jayant resumed the paper correction, Aamir sneaked away from the window from where he had witnessed everything.

Soon Rashmi and Mr. Dutt reached the airport on time. She asked him which airlines they were traveling in.

“It’s a private jet darling, owned by the businessmen who we must convince to invest in our company,” said Mr. Dutt, “Or rather, you must dear….you must convince them.”


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