Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-10

Rashmi’s Boss Mr. Dutt was taking her on a business trip to convince few businessmen to invest in their company. Mrs. Nair, the owner of Prem Paradise, a forty-year-old MILF, had lost all the self-control she had built over time and slept with an eighteen-year-old neighbour Aamir.


Aamir knocked at the penthouse door several times before he heard some movement on the other side. He smiled in anticipation as he hoped it would be Induja ma’am. Only a couple of hours ago he had seen her semi-naked, hiding under the desk and then witnessed her fuck session with Professor Jayant. He could not stop himself anymore; he wanted a piece of the cake too. Yes, he wanted to fuck his mallu college teacher.

“Hi, Aamir!” squealed an excited Mrs. Nair.

“Wow,” said Aamir.

It was Mrs. Nair, dressed up in navy blue saree and black blouse. The saree was translucent so that he could clearly see the skin underneath, and made out the deep U-shaped neck blouse, which barely hid her overlarge cleavage. Aamir’s heart sank, he was really hoping to confront Induja but it was Mrs. Nair. He tried to peek into the house.

“Don’t worry Induja isn’t here, she has gone somewhere,” said Mrs. Nair. That paved way for another opportunity to have sex with Mrs. Nair and Aamir’s mood lifted.

“Can we-? Um…do you want to…..” struggled Aamir. Even after losing his virginity to this MILF and fucking her like his own, he hadn’t developed the courage to ask her for another fuck. Mrs. Nair was watching him with a grin. Her lips glinted due to the red lipstick. Aamir realized she was dressed up to go out somewhere.

“Oh, are you going somewhere?” he asked.

“Yes, my favorite star Sahir Khan’s movie has released,” said Mrs. Nair.

“But that movie tanked at the box office,” said Aamir.

“I’m his fan Aamir, I don’t care how it is,” replied Mrs. Nair, “Join me, it’ll be fun.” Aamir did join her but with no intention of watching the movie.

Rashmi and her boss Mr. Dutt had just landed in another city. As they got out of the private jet, she noticed few men standing close by, waiting for them. One of them was casually dressed, with sunglasses and he was completely bald. Behind them stood men in black suits so she assumed they were bodyguards. As soon as Mr. Dutt came close, they greeted each other like old friends and hugged.

“Long time Dutt, thought you had forgotten me,” said the bald man.

“Impossible Patel, my friend. By the way, this is Rashmi, my newest secretary,” introduced Mr. Dutt. The way the bald man looked and smiled at Rashmi made it clear that he knew what kind of secretaries Mr. Dutt kept.

“My men will escort you,” said Patel. “Refresh yourself; we have a long journey ahead.”

The lights dimmed in the nearly empty theatre, as it was almost time for the movie to begin. Since it was a romantic movie, there were very few couples in corners. It was a single screen and empty so they could sit on any seat, therefore, Aamir dragged her all the way to one of the last few rows to a corner so that she was sitting on the last seat of the row.

Mrs. Nair was really interested in the movie and giggled like a girl when the hero Sahir Khan made entry. Aamir rolled his eyes in disbelief and held her arm, with his thumb he started to rub her palm. Mrs. Nair looked at that from the corner of her eye and smiled. The movie turned out to be slow and unbearably boring. Therefore, her attention shifted to Aamir who had been trying hard to get cozy with her.

His hand was over her shoulder, caressing it over the blouse and Mrs. Nair placed her hand over his thighs and started to rub too. Mrs. Nair leaned sideways and rested her head over his shoulder. She looked up into his eyes and he looked down at her lovely face.

“I’m bored Aamir…” whispered Mrs. Nair.

“I can make things interesting if you permit,” suggested Aamir and she smiled at him.

Mrs. Nair and Aamir’s lips were inches away from each other. He took a deep breath and his lungs filled with her sweet aroma. He lowered his head and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

“You smell and taste awesome Mrs. Nair,” complimented Aamir as he pulled back, making Mrs. Nair blush. He smiled back, lowered his head closer to hers, and kissed her long and hard this time. Mrs. Nair stayed in the same position with her head resting on his shoulder while he passionately kissed her. After about a couple of minutes of intense sucking of lips, Mrs. Nair said:

“You are a very good kisser, Aamir… let’s use our tongues.” And immediately the tongues came into play and they exchanged their saliva. Aamir dug his tongue deep into her mouth and their tongues literally fought in there. Saliva drooled off the corners of Mrs. Nair’s lips, which he promptly licked up with his tongue. She held his chin and gave him a loud and passionate kiss.

“Aamir, do what you want but don’t draw attention,” advised Mrs. Nair. She sat straight, slid her hand under the pallu and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she pulled her bra up to let her breasts go free from underneath. Now her boobs were free but hidden from view to others behind the pallu. Mrs. Nair undid her hair, let them fall over her shoulders, and rested her head back on his shoulder and winked at him.

Aamir excitedly slid his hand under her saree and started to feel her melons. Mrs. Nair guided his hands to her big boobs and made him squeeze them a couple of times. Even though he had done it before, he could not resist squeezing them as hard as he could, feeling the softness, the size of those exquisite tits. His fingers found her large areola and circled them before he pinched them hard making her squeal. She looked up from his shoulder and her lusty expression, her silent gasps at his touch made her look too hot. Aamir couldn’t wait to release his cock out of his pants. He quickly unzipped his pant.

“Aunty, my zip is open,” whispered Aamir. Mrs. Nair understood what he wanted and slowly slid her hand into his pant through the open zip. As soon as her hand touched his cock over the thin underwear, Aamir winced in excitement and so did his penis. She struggled to move her hand there but slowly managed to pull his underwear down inside his pant thereby freeing his cock, which sprang out.

“Your dick feels thicker than before. Did it grow?” asked Mrs. Nair innocently.

“No aunty it’s just tight in the pant,” said Aamir modestly.

Mrs. Nair gripped his cock with her right hand and there was a little bit of precum on the tip of his penis, which she bent down and licked off. Aamir fidgeted in his seat as he felt her wet tongue on his penis. She let a thick thread of saliva flow down his penis and came back to rest her head on his shoulder while she stroked his dick with her soft hands. Aamir resumed squeezing her breasts under the pallu.

“You don’t take too long to get completely hard, do you?” Mrs. Nair asked as she felt his cock go hard in no time.

“It’s your soft hands and that saliva aunty, works magic,” joked Aamir.

Aamir had enough of boobs squeezing so he tried to pull her saree upwards from her legs. Mrs. Nair rose momentarily to let him pull the saree all the way to her waist and felt cold seat against her exposed ass cheeks. He used his fingers to lower her panty and caressed her inner thighs.

Mrs. Nair guided his hands to her pussy and made him play with it. She held two of his fingers with her own and slid them inside her wet and warm vagina. She pulled her saree slightly down to her thighs to cover his hands.

“Ahhhh…,” moaned Mrs. Nair as he rapidly rubbed her vaginal walls with his fingers. Aamir was now rubbing Mrs. Nair’s clit from under her saree while Mrs. Nair was simultaneously playing with his bulge. As Aamir dealt with her pussy he was also playing with Mrs. Nair’s pubic hair. Rolling and gently pulling it with his thumb and index finger while the other fingers kept sliding in and out of her vagina.

“Aunty, I can’t control anymore, please suck my dick,” requested Aamir bluntly.

Mrs. Nair obliged and bent sideways towards his crotch over the armrest. Aamir rested his hand on her back and kept watch to make sure no one was watching. The heads of the couple, few rows ahead, had vanished. He wondered where they had gone.

Mrs. Nair was uncomfortable but she did her best to please him. She sucked his penis head as hard and as silently as she could. Aamir’s breathing turned heavy when she took it deep into her mouth and rolled her tongue all around his penis inside her mouth. She bobbed her head on his dick for several minutes with saliva smeared all over his crotch. Occasionally she took his balls into her mouth too and played with them inside making him writhe in ecstasy.

“Aahhh aunty fuck! That feels good,” whispered Aamir and his held the back of her head and pushed it down. He could hear her muffled protests as he made her do deep throat and let go only when she pinched him.

“Next time you do that, I’ll bite your dick off,” warned Mrs. Nair but then she burst into laughter and Aamir couldn’t help but grab her face and suck her wide lips.

“Sit on my lap,” suggested Aamir.

“No way! Someone will see us,” protested Mrs. Nair but he wasn’t listening. He held her arms and pulled her. Mrs. Nair got up from her seat, excited despite her fears and sat on Aamir’s lap. She put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly.

Mr. Dutt and Rashmi were sharing the same room in the hotel they were staying in. She was flat on the bed, naked while he was kneeling at the end of the bed with her legs around his neck and his face buried deep into her mound.

His tongue worked like a machine, going in and out rapidly and in between taking hard swipes at her clitoris. Rashmi was pinching her nipple with one hand while the other was on Dutt’s head, pushing his head deeper between her legs.

“Aaaahhhhhh sir…your tongue is making me crazy,” said Rashmi.

“That’s nothing compared to what you do to me darling,” replied Mr. Dutt looking up at her from between her legs. His face was smeared with her vaginal discharge. “I honestly feel you’re underpaid for your services.”

Saying that he used his thumbs to pull the skin around her vagina and made her clitoris pop further out. When it was out as far as it could come, he bent over and gently bit it. Rashmi’s body rose and fell as he did that which excited him and he did it a couple of times more. Rashmi gripped the bed sheets and literally screamed in pleasure as he sucked and licked her clitoris even more.

Finally, she squirted the extra lubrication out of her pussy after a wild orgasm and her body fell motionless on the bed. Mr. Dutt stood up and lay next to her. He had lied to her; he didn’t suck her out of the goodness of his heart. Instead, his penis had failed to gain erection so he pretended to please her. He had this problem before he met Rashmi but ever since the day he’d seen her in office, his dick twitched in excitement every time.

Mr. Dutt had tried several girls in the past, they helped him only for a few days, and then his penis stopped responding to them. However, Rashmi was different, he had been fucking her for longer than that and he started to feel that she was his hope against his erectile dysfunction; he would use her to cure himself. Now he cursed himself, as he did not feel erection even with her.

Rashmi turned to face him and smiled. Mr. Dutt smiled back and accepted the wet kiss she gave him. That made him calm down and feel better. As the kisses turned wild, he felt movement down under.

In the theatre, Mrs. Nair was dry humping Aamir’s bulge for a bit while kissing him. She unbuttoned his shirt while sitting on his lap and started to kiss his neck, hairy chest, and his nipples while his hands were running all over her back exploring her bare skin under the thick mass of hair. Aamir enjoyed the grinding of her ass on his crotch for some time and then decided to finish it off.

It was dark and he wasn’t used to sex yet so he was not able to enter into her pussy easily. Mrs. Nair came to the rescue and held the base of his penis. She raised herself a bit and rubbed his penis head on her clit for some time before letting it slowly dig into her vagina. Her vaginal walls expanded to accommodate his modestly thick penis.

“Ohhh…,” moaned Mrs. Nair. Then she raised her body and lowered it, making his dick rub the insides of her pussy. She started as slowly as she could and soon enough she was riding him at full speed gripping his shoulders for support. Aamir tried to slow it down, as he was worried about being discovered since Mrs. Nair was moaning louder with each passing minute. However, Mrs. Nair was too damn horny. The idea of have sex in public turned her on more than ever.

“Fuck me harder Aamir, tear my pussy apart,” cried Mrs. Nair and those words had a positive effect on the boy. Shedding his fears aside, he grabbed her by her waist and started lifting and dropping her. He fucked her like that as hard as he could while Mrs. Nair arched backward, lost in ecstasy.

Aamir grabbed Mrs. Nair’s huge tits, buried his face into them and got lost in them. He took turns to kiss, suck and bite each breast to heart’s content and shook his head in between her breasts making them bounce around his cheeks. He licked her boobs then circled her areola and bit her nipples. Mrs. Nair grabbed his head and pressed it deep into her boobs.

Aamir wasn’t feeling too comfortable inside her pussy, as she had discharged enough lubrication for his penis. He pulled his dick out of her pussy, made Mrs. Nair spit on it, and again entered her slowly until he was all his way in and his balls were up against her pussy lips. The fucking resumed with his balls slamming against her pussy. He let go off her breasts and used his fingers to rub her clit instead.

“Ow…Aamir don’t stop! Do it faster,” moaned Mrs Nair as he rubbed the clit as fast as he could. His hands were blur in motion while she moved her hips back and forth while his dick was still inside her hitting her pussy walls.

“Aaahhh fuck yeahhh…,”moaned Mrs. Nair.

“Calm down aunty they will hear us,” said Aamir over his own gasps and moans.

Mrs. Nair didn’t care and moaned a little bit louder as Aamir fucked her harder than ever. Aamir thought that she was in pain and asked her “Should I stop aunty?”

Mrs. Nair eyes flew open and told him “I am horny as hell don’t you dare stop.”

The sound of the movie during the action sequence helped Mrs. Nair moan her throat out. Aamir laughed and continued rubbing her pussy and pounding her. After fingering her clit for some time, he pulled it back and sucked Mrs. Nair’s pussy juice off his fingers.

“Yummy aunty,” he said making her laugh.

“Do you want to do something more?” asked Mrs. Nair.


In answer, Mrs. Nair got off his lap and turned around facing the screen. Then she knelt on the floor, bent forward so that her head was close to the ground and her ass pointing upwards at Aamir. The boy couldn’t contain his excitement as he slid his pants off and pulled her ass closer. And then instead of inserting his dick into her pussy, he slid it into her asshole.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,” cried out Mrs. Nair but Aamir didn’t stop. He grabbed her hair and rode her like he was riding a horse. As the action scene continued, her screams mingled with the noise and no one noticed him buttfucking her.

“Fuck you are the best Mrs. Nair… I love you,” said Aamir but Mrs. Nair just grunted in reply.

He rode her hard for few minutes, feeling the rough insides of her anus. His balls were banging against her ass each time he slammed his groin in. Soon enough the pain subsided for Mrs. Nair and was replaced by just pleasure. Then finally, he felt that he could not contain his semen any longer. Aamir was about to cum so he informed Mrs. Nair who promptly took his dick out of her ass and turned around. She wet his penis again with her saliva and stroked him.

Mrs. Nair stroked his dick with her right hand as fast as she could and with her other hand fingered his butthole. She was full of surprises and he didn’t know what more was in store. He enjoyed both the handjob and the thing she was doing with her finger.

“Aahh aunty any second now…” said Aamir. Hearing that she took his dickhead in her mouth and Aamir exploded inside. Mrs Nair played with the cum in her mouth and finally swallowed it.

“You swallowed it?” asked Aamir.

She stuck her tongue out showed him that she had swallowed all the cum. There was a little bit of cum clinging onto the corner of her lips, she stuck her tongue out and licked it off too.

“Wow” said Aamir.

It looked like the lights were about to turn on, it was close to the interval. Mrs. Nair got back on her seat and both of them adjusted their clothes and made it look like nothing had happened. Unknown to them the other few couples were doing the same.

Aamir dropped her home after the movie and thanked her for the evening by kissing her hard at her doorstep. He met Induja ma’am on the way back. Induja froze on the spot; she dreaded facing him after he had seen her semi-naked reflection in the classroom.

“Hello ma’am,” said Aamir.

“Hi Aamir,” replied Induja without meeting his eyes.

“I actually came here to meet you,” said Aamir. Induja braced herself for what was coming and stood with shaking fists. “I wanted to ask you about that tuition I mentioned that I wanted.”

“Oh…oh,” said Induja relieved that it wasn’t about the other day. “You can come from tomorrow, six-o-clock sharp.”

After a day full of fucking in the hotel Rashmi and Mr. Dutt walked into the private jet. Mr. Dutt was elated after his penis started working due to her loving kisses. Maybe that was what sets her apart from the other girls he had fucked. She enjoyed fucking with him unlike them.

As they sat down on their seats, Rashmi was surprised to find it was filled with three girls who had occupied the corner seats and another man who was sitting next to one of the girls. Patel, the bald man who was to be convinced to invest in their company came to greet them and after few words with Mr. Dutt turned to her.

“Well Rashmi, you’ve been inside this jet before,” said Patel, “but let me formally welcome you aboard my flying brothel.”

Rashmi gulped as she realized that the women sitting in the corners were prostitutes. There was only one thing so many men and women could do in a brothel.

To be continued..


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