Steamy Sex

Everyone was working at their own pace. My team was all men. It was a bit depressing that there was no sweet voices and giggles to sweeten the atmosphere. But an all-boys group is no sad either. We got along really well and eventually started going out for a couple of beers.

The HR was a lady in mid-thirties but with the look of a 25-year-old model. Every time she walks out of a cabin, ogling eyes would befall her. She kind of liked the attention though. The HR spends most of her time in the manager’s cabin. The manager was also around the same age as the HR.

Everyone in the office knew about the discreet relationship of the HR and the manager, but no one really talked about it.

Both the HR and the manager were married, but that didn’t stop them from following their promiscuous passion. It was evident that a lot of men in the office wanted to fuck her even without her volition but she never batted her eye on anyone. I am not that desperate, but for a virgin like me, hearing her voice was enough to make me cum.

One fine afternoon, she peeped out of her cabin and called for me, “Roshan, could you please come to my cabin?”

I was sure that I was getting a memo for something that I didn’t do right. She wasn’t looking me when I entered her cabin. She was wearing a hot pink shirt and blue pants. Her dress wasn’t too tight to make evident her curves but it was enough to give any man a boner. The first two buttons of the shirt remained unbuttoned and I could see her cleavage and bulging boobs struggling to fit in her braziers.

It wouldn’t be right to call her a lean. She had fat, but all in the right regions making her a curvy enchantress. Maybe that was the reason the manager hired her.

I sat before her. She was still buried in the computer. The fan brushed her hair away from her cleavage giving me a wonderful sight. Her wheatish complexion and wide eyes just summated to her eye-catching looks.

She looked at me and leaned in. Her boobs brushed each other and contracted. There wasn’t any dashing makeup on her, although I suspect pink lipstick and eyeshadows. Her eyes dug into mine and then I couldn’t look anywhere other than her eyes. She said that a new trainee would join the company the next day and I was to instruct her on the do’s and dont’s of the company.

“You can leave,” she said when I was too reluctant to leave her cabin and stared at her for 3 long seconds. It was a bit sad to leave her out of my sight but what I had seen made my day.

The next day, as instructed by the HR, I received the trainee and gave her a tour of the office. Her name was Renu. Renu was lean and her chest was almost flat. She was fair and cute. She wore a blue chudidhar.

I explained her of who is who and how to get things done. I also slipped a clue about the manager and HR.

“The HR and the manager are pretty close in private”, was my exact speech.
“What do you mean by pretty close?”, she asked.
“Well, they are just close,” I cut the topic.

That evening, the HR called for me.

As I entered her cabin, “I heard you were talking about me,” she said.

“What? No, I didn’t”
“Renu told me that you don’t like”.

“No, I love you. I mean.. I like you a lot. You are good at your job and you are friendly”.

She let me go. But I wasn’t sure of what she was thinking.

Later on, I found that Renu was our HR’s distant relative. Renu never brought up the issue again. Renu was a funny girl and wanted to keep everyone happy. She would blurt jokes without a hindsight on whether people loved it. She was gorgeous in her own way. And before I knew, I was falling for her.

It was after a month when we were working alone overnight, I said, “You know, you have changed a lot from when you came to this office”.

“I have been the same since I was born”.
“Not even a little smaller?”

She snorted and shook her head to her sides. It was like saying, ‘Don’t you have better jokes?’

“But, I love your change. It is good.”
“Hmm. So, how have I changed?”
“From shy, reserved, complainer to outgoing, easy-to-read, charming.”
“Well, you told the HR what I told you about them. I just wanted you to be safe.”
“What? Hold on a second. I never said anything to my aunt. I already knew about her affair. In fact, I live with her”.

That came as a shock. All I knew was they were relatives, not anything about living together.

“But she mentioned that you told her,” I said.
“I never did. Maybe she likes you”.

I snorted.

“She is in an open relationship. You can score with her if you try”.
“But, I love you”, I leaned in and planted a kiss on her lip.

She was taken aback. But again, she leaned in to kiss me back. It took me a few minutes and a few exchanges of kisses to realize that everything was being recorded in the camera.

“I am leaving”, she said with a smile. “And.. You are invited”.

She went through the front door, while I climbed the pipes to enter her room. I was a bit nervous but hornier. She was wearing the same blue chudidhar she once wore and I was noticing that just then. She was on the bed.

I crawled up on the floor trying to imitate a monster for which she cackled and then I got on the bed. I kissed her lips and then sucked it.

My tongue got some taste fiddling with her lips. It was at that time at tasted holy nectar which aroused me until I no longer could control my actions. My kisses were hard and were missing the sync. I even nibbled her lips for she let out a deep moan. It brought me back to my senses as I don’t want the HR to come upstairs.

I kissed her cheek and nibbled her ears. She was beyond her senses. I moved down and kissed her neck. She extended her neck backward wanting me to kiss her neck more. With every kiss, she shuddered and shivered. I slowly moved down and kissed her small breasts. Then I held it in my arms massaging and moved up kiss her again.

I removed her shirt and slowly removed her tops and pants. She wore a black slip and a black pantie. I locked her lips again when my hands explored her body. I kissed her small boobs and circled around her nipples. Her hands locked mine and the tension told me of her pleasure. I slowly moved down kissing her cleavage and to the belly button. She shivered again when I kissed her navel.

I slipped my right hand into her slip and gently caressed her breasts. I circled around her nipple eventually holding it with my thumb and forefinger. Then I lifted her slip up to her neck and started suckling her tits. I slowly moved up kissing all the way to her neck again and then to her lips while my hand continued to play with her tits.

She got up and removed her slip and I slowly pulled her pantie down. She undressed and flipped me to take the lead. My hands were still on her boobs, too reluctant to let go. The seemingly small lump of her chest had grown as she took the lead and was on me.

Her tongues did magic in my mouth and she was oozing lust. She bit my lips until it bled and pinched my nipples until let out a slight scream. She slapped me hard and kissed me on the lip again. Then she moved down and took my dick in her mouth. She kissed my dick without leaving a spot and retracted my foreskin. And then, every touch was a bliss. It was I who shuddered and it was I who convulsed. I have never know that my penis was this sensitive.

Then she rubbed my penis against her vagina and slowly inserted me into her. She shrunk her face in pain for maybe four strokes, but then, she was fully into it. She was riding my cock so hard. And her pleasure cries were getting loud and uncontrollable. She was riding so hard. And I was experiencing electricity all over my body.

I flipped and took the dominant role. I thrust my penis and was at the maximum of my pace. She convulsed and let out a huge moan.

“Faster! Faster!”, she cried.

I flipped her and pulled her to fuck in doggie style. I leaned in and held her tiny, little breasts in both my hands and continued to fuck her like a maniac. Renu let out a huge moan and moved back away from me. She had an orgasm. She hugged me hard and kissed my neck as I kissed her. Her sweaty body turned me on again and I wasn’t done.

I slowly extricated myself from her arms and reached her vagina kissing all the way down. I put my tongue and licked aggressively. Renu shuddered again. She tried pushing my head back but I was too strong. She started to enjoy as I proceeded. I sucked and explored her vagina with my tongue. With every twist and turn, she let a soft moan. She grazed my hair and pushed my mouth into her vagina unable to control her impulses.

Right after she was done, she came down to my dick and took it in her mouth again. She gave me a memorable blowjob.

When we were done with all the intimacy and were just kissing and cuddling. We heard a knock on the door. I got dressed and climbed out the window and to the pipe when Renu opened the door. I didn’t see who that was as I was in a rush. Then I climbed down the pipe and waited. I wanted to spend all the night with her. So I waited till the lights were out. Then I climbed back.

I peeped through the window as silent as prowling feline. She was covered with a blanket but there was a perpetual to and fro below her belly. She was moaning and shuddering and shivering. It was quite a shock to me but I waited until the bulge slowly crawled up in the blanket and kissed her passionately. It was the HR. I was witnessing the queen’s body.

The blanket eventually moved away in their heat of the activity. The HR’s boobs were bulgy and appeared to be carved from the moon and molded with nectar. When she moved up, her boobs literally fell on Renu’s mouth. I watched her suck HR’s nipples. And the scenery was viewed with just the moonlight kindling the passion. Her skin was wheatish but it was glowing and radiating.

I couldn’t resist myself from going to her. I stepped in like a ninja and undressed. Then I moved towards HR. I grabbed her boobs from behind and kissed her back.

She didn’t scream. She said, “I expected you”.

I inserted my super horny dick into her vagina and she was content. It was evident from her face and smile. Renu was smiling too.

The HR was on Renu kissing and I was fucking the HR in doggie style. Grabbing her milk soft boobs was an orgasm for the hands. It was fluffy as all the clouds condensed to form just what was on the right side. I cummed inside her.

Renu slipped from under the HR and kissed my lips. It was slow, passionate and flawless. The HR then turned over and pushed me on the bed. The last kiss with Renu was broken by her push. She took my dick in her hand and gently stroked it.

Meanwhile, Renu came back to kissing me. God! Her lips are addictive. From a corner of my eye, I could see my HR boobs wiggling with every stroke, and in no time, my dick was harder than a gun and was ready to fire at any time.

She sucked dick and took it deep. But I knew I had only one bullet left. So I took my penis out of her mouth and made both of them bend and fucked them inside out. It took a really long time for me to cum. The HR drank all the cum; Renu didn’t come near it. She just watched the HR. We slept in the bed cuddling and kissing for some time.

I bade them goodbye for which the HR said, “We will have some fun soon.”

The next day at the office, it was all the normal. We never met each other’s eyes, but inside we were all dying for the sun to set.

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