Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-8

Eighteen-year-old run-away village girl, Seema and her twenty-year-old boyfriend Irfan (son of Junaid and brother of Aamir) took a bold decision and lost their virginities in a hotel room during college hours. Meanwhile, Gautam Chatterjee was struggling to cope with his imaginative thoughts about Kiran making out with her employer Junaid (while in reality, she fucked his father Mr. Khan!), so he sought Baba Sadachari’s help.


Seema was late for work and had already heard an earful from the restaurant owner Mr. Singh. She worked part-time in his restaurant to earn her daily bread. Ever since she had run away from her home in the village where she was being forced to marry a fifty-year-old man, Seema had little money, which did not last long. She worked at several places before finding that restaurant where her job became permanent sort of and Mr. Singh introduced her to Mrs. Nair who was a regular customer.

With her daily expenses and shelter part sorted out, she was worried about her college fees. Working at the restaurant got her nowhere with it so she applied for a scholarship but only yesterday she received the notification that the scholarship had been rejected due to some issue with her documents. Now, Seema was under stress, making mistakes, forgetting things and had walked aimlessly on the streets, which made her late for work.

“Put on that apron and serve table number 7,” barked Mr. Singh.

Seema wore the apron and a plastic bag on her head. She went into the kitchen, accepted the dish made by the cook and served it to the men sitting on table 7. They eyed her maliciously as she served the food, making her lean over to do menial tasks like adding extra salt, sauce so that they could peek into her cleavage.

“What a lovely ass,” said one of the men in the language which was common in northern villages and she understood.They were thinking she could not and other men too complimented her ass. Seema decided to ignore and walk away but then one of them stretched out his hand and gave her ass a tight squeeze.

Seems whirled around and slapped him. Angry outbursts followed and everyone in the restaurant watched. Mr. Singh calmed them down and the men left. Then he took her back to the kitchen.

“What the fuck was that?”

“That man touched me inappropriately,” retorted Seema.

“You could have come and said that to me, I would have taken care of him,” said Mr. Singh flaring up with each word. “You used to do that before, what’s wrong with you now? Why did you have to create a scene? “

Seema didn’t reply. So Mr. Singh went on ranting and finally when he calmed down, he informed her that he was leaving early to attend a ceremony and put her in charge of the restaurant. When he left, Seema was left there with few customers and four staff members, which included the cook and three waiters. She needed to calm down and focus. Only one person could help her.

In Baba Sadachari’s Ashram, Gautam was seated opposite the baba who was lecturing him about self-control.Gautam swore to himself if it went on for few more minutes, he would change his mind and go away.

“Like a drug addict is relieved of his addiction by keeping him/her away from it for a prolonged time and then administering small amounts of doses each time he/she loses control, sexual tension too can be treated,” said Baba to Gautam. “My maid will help you in the process; you’ll occupy the empty upper floor room with her. Go!”

Gautam went to the room and waited for the maid. Soon enough he heard footsteps and the maid walked in. Gautam was awestruck. She was a thing of beauty, lean, tall, long and thick hair that was tied in a bun and assets that were barely hidden behind the white saree she wore. She was wearing no blouse or bra and Gautam could nearly see her nipples. She could’ve been a model if she hadn’t chosen this path.

“Hello Gautam,” she said with a perfect smile that quickened his heartbeat. “I’ll put you through self-control drills but for that, I need you to undress.”

Normally Gautam would’ve protested but he was so mesmerized that he quickly undressed and stood in front of her, naked. The maid was still smiling and had a quick glance at his semi-erect penis. She made him lie down on the mat and tied his hands and legs with rope.

Then she did the most incredible thing. She gave him a slutty look, let her hair loose which made her look sexier than ever and then removed a pin so that the upper part of her saree fell off revealing her breasts. Gautam could not contain his excitement at seeing her round and uniquely shaped tits, her dark nipples against the light skin begged to be bitten. He was completely erect.

“Now we wait until you lose that erection,” said the maid.


The maid did not respond, instead, she came close, stepped out of her saree so she was completely nude and lay right next to Gautam. Her breasts looked even bigger up close and Gautam wanted to grab and eat them, her mound on the pussy was calling him to fuck it and her lusty expressions said she wanted him to do it all but his hands and legs were tied. He could not do anything.

Later that night, In the restaurant Seema smiled as she saw Irfan walk in. She ran to him and kissed him full on the mouth. Irfan kissed her back and then she took him to the kitchen. There he asked her why she had called him and she explained everything that had happened, the failed scholarship, the molestation and the pile of work she was left with after Mr. Singh had left.

“I just wanted some company after all this,” said Seema

Irfan and Seema were in the kitchen beside the slab looking at each other holding hands, so close that her tits were in contact with Irfan’s body. The cook had left after filling a large bowl of curry that was to be served to the last few customers. The other waiters were either busy serving or chit chatting in the corner outside.

Irfan slowly leaned forward and started to kiss Seema on her lips looking into her beautiful eyes. Seema equally participated and wrapped her hands around his neck, reached his lips by standing on her toes and kissed him. A little while later, they introduced their tongues in the act. Irfan slowly slid his tongue and tasted Seema. She sucked his tongue with tenderness and the kisses turned wet with saliva dripping off Seema’s lips every time he moved from her upper lips to lower.

“I think you missed me too much after that day in the hotel room,” teased Irfan.

Saying that Irfan pushed Seema against the corner lifted her and put her on the kitchen slab so that her boobs were right in front of his face. Irfan looked back to see if there was anyone coming.

“Don’t worry honey; no one will come here,” assured Seema.

Irfan spread her legs and lifted the apron off her. Then he opened the first few buttons of her top and pulled her breasts out. Irfan sucked and kissed her boobs as if it was the first time he was doing it. He bit and sucked her nipples, as they were erect and completely hard. Seema moaned silently in ecstasy as he kissed her tits one by one, moving his tongue over it in circles. Irfan bit and pinched her nipples hard, Seema wailed out and bit her tongue, as she didn’t want anyone to hear her.

“Oh Irfan, I miss you playing with my breasts every night since what we did in the hotel room,” confessed Seema.

Irfan smiled and twisted Seema’s right nipple and took the left nipple in his mouth. He played with her tits so hard that he left red marks and love bites behind. He sucked her breasts for some more time and then pulled the top up from below revealing her navel. He kissed her navel gently and poked it with his tongue. Seema’s body shivered as he circled the navel and kissed it hard. Then he stood up and pushed her skirt back to reveal her black panty.

“Irfan, I think we shouldn’t do that now!”

“Should’ve thought about that before wearing this sexy panty and calling me here,” said Irfan.

Meanwhile, in the ashram, the maid watched as Gautam’s penis gradually lost its erection. He turned to her and she smiled, the penis started getting hard again. Gautam cursed himself. This went on for a couple of minutes until her smile couldn’t make him erect again so she did other tactics like playing with her boobs and fingering herself while she moaned. Then she showed him her wet finger and sucked it with such a lusty expression that it made him harder than ever.

“Are you helping or punishing me?” asked a miserable Gautam.

“Just making your desires numb,” replied the maid. “The more I do this, the less you’ll be aroused by such actions. Of course, the effects will wear off by tomorrow but that’s why we practice.”

Gautam lost his erection again and she tried to do everything with herself but it didn’t work. That meant she had to go to next stage. So she turned and came closer, her hand traveled over his body sending cold shivers across and her hot breath was on his face. The maid came closer than ever and her sexy lips planted a soft kiss on his lips. A bridge of her saliva formed between their lips as she pulled back and Gautam’s penis sprang to life.

“Oh C’mon! I’m not fully erect, kiss me some more,” pleaded Gautam as she went back to lie, stopping the kiss.

In the restaurant, Irfan pulled Seema’s panty off her leg while she sat on the kitchen slab. Then he knelt on the floor so that his face was right in front of hers. His face was between her legs so he kissed her inner thighs sending cold sensations all over her body. Seema was breathing heavily with her breasts still exposed. One hand was on her own breast, pinching the nipple while the other was on Irfan’s head.

“Don’t stop baby, it feels wonderful,” said Seema.

Irfan slowly kissed his way towards her pussy. When he reached it, he licked the outer lips and poked her clit. Seema gasped and pulled his hair, which meant she was enjoying his teasing. Then he started kissing her pussy lips and simultaneously his thumb played with her clit, rubbing it as hard as he could.

“Fuck!!! You are damn wet babe,” said Irfan as his face was smeared with all her lubrication. Then he inserted his finger into her tight wet pussy. Seema inhaled sharply as he started the in and out motion. The pace was initially slow but as time passed, it increased and Seema was literally crying in pleasure. He did his work for several minutes without any sign of fatigue.

“Ohh…baby, that’s it.. don’t slow down. Do it faster,” moaned Seema.

Motivated, Irfan dug his tongue real deep as the moaning got louder, he felt her g-spot swell and soon enough felt warm liquid gush her pussy right into his mouth. Her muscles tightened and her legs locked around his neck. She pulled his hair hard and moaned out so loud that Irfan had to get up and check if anyone got alarmed. Fortunately, no one did.

“How do you do that?” she asked,

“Do what?”

“Make me orgasm so hard,” she said with a smile and kissed his wet mouth.

“So return the favor and make me cum,” said Irfan and with that, he pulled her off the kitchen slab and made her stand with her back turned to him. He lifted her skirt and lowered his body a bit to guide his penis into her pussy. He struggled for few moments but eventually found her hole. His penis went into the pussy with a bit of a squeeze as her legs were together and ass cheeks close.

Irfan grabbed her large ass cheeks for support and started fucking her in doggy position while her upper body rested on the kitchen slab. Seema’s eyes were closed and face screwed up as she felt his rock hard penis go deep and excite all the right nerves in her pussy. His penis head was rigorously rubbing her g-spot so that with each stroke, she moaned aloud.

“Oooohhhh Irfan, slow down, I can’t take it.”

“No stopping me now babe,” said Irfan.

Irfan bent over her body, which was resting on the kitchen slab and started giving powerful thrusts. His hands went underneath her body and he grabbed the boobs. Using her breasts as support, his pace increased and he was ramming so hard that the utensils on the kitchen slab shook along with it. Seema’s moans were getting louder so he closed her mouth with his hand and fucked her as hard as he could. This went on for several minutes.

Irfan knew he wouldn’t last too long so he pulled his cock out of Seema’s pussy, made her kneel down and asked her to open her mouth wide. He started to masturbate while Seema played with his balls with one hand and her own breasts with the other. She knelt there with her mouth wide open, patiently waiting for the jizz.

“Don’t waste even a single drop babe!” Irfan said and he shot loads of cum in her mouth.

Irfan grunted and held the kitchen slab for support while his knees felt weak as he unloaded everything down her throat. Seema looked at Irfan’s eyes as she licked off all the cum off her lips and cleaned his penis by licking all the leftover semen. Irfan pulled Seema to her feet and helped her wear her panty. He helped her clean and dress up and then gave her one last kiss.

“We have to do this again some other time baby,” said Irfan after sucking her lips. Seema nodded her head and smiled “Of course” and he left the kitchen.

It had been over an hour already and Gautam had lost/regained erection several times. As he started to lose it again, the maid came closer to kiss him and this time Gautam was ready, he smooched her as hard as he could and sucked her smiling lips. She broke the kiss and looked at his penis. It was not erect. Time to move to the next stage.

“What now?” asked Gautam with a smile. “Kiss me for fifteen minutes I’ll be erect.”

“I have a quicker way,” said the maid and she moved away from his face and approached his penis. She looked straight into Gautam’s eyes and poked his penis with her tongue. His penis twitched a bit and Gautam could feel the blood rushing to fill and make it erect. She smiled and poked it several times and then circled his penis head with her tongue.

“Goodness! You’re the best,” cried out Gautam as his penis started gaining an erection. She didn’t break the eye contact as she licked his penis only with the tip of her tongue and nothing more. The penis rose right in front of her face like a snake and with one final stroke of her tongue she finished the job and lay back next to him.

“What will you do next if I don’t get aroused by licking?” asked Gautam.

“You’ll see”

As some more time passed, Gautam’s penis rose and fell several times. She didn’t lick him each time. Sometimes just touching it with her soft hands was enough whereas sometimes a kiss was enough. Finally, at the end of the second hour, even the licking was not working. Gautam smiled with anticipation. What would she do now? Give a blowjob? Fuck him?

“That ends our session for today,” said the maid as she stood up. She picked up her white saree and wrapped it around herself. She picked up Gautam’s clothes and threw it on his crotch to cover it. “Baba will come and untie you.”

“Wait!” yelled Gautam but she was gone. Few moments passed and the Baba walked in. He untied Gautam and started to walk out but Gautam stopped him.

“Why didn’t she untie me?” asked Gautam as he dressed up.

“Usually after going through these drills, when untied, men pounce on the maid and forcefully have sex with her,” explained Baba. “Didn’t want another such fiasco.”

“You’re damn right, I feel like doing it.”

“You’ll come again tomorrow,” said Baba. “You’ll go through same drills, maybe different if you show improvement. Nevertheless, remember, no sex until this is completed. Not even with your wife.”

“Great, now she’ll have a genuine reason to fuck Junaid,” fumed Gautam as he walked back home with blue balls.

Mr. Singh returned the next day to his restaurant and quickly started checking if anything was stolen in his absence.Then he moved on to his computer and started playing the CCTV footage. His eyes grew wide at what he saw on the screen.


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