Married to my Sister

My family consists of myself and my elder sister Radhika. We belong to one of a rich business family in india. She is 63 years old now, she is fair and looks like a normal Indian girl.

She is cute and soft-spoken and homely. She normally wears saree. She worked as a professor in a private college before we moved to the UK. I never had bad intentions towards my sister, neither she had.

My parents have created our business empire from rags to riches. But, their business started to decline due to some greedy partners, and they flew away. So, our parents tried to save at least a few assets from the business. They settled the workers with some compensation and shut down the business.

Our parents didn’t want to start a new business. Instead, they wanted to get renunciation and decided to share their property into 2, one for me and another for my sister. But, they wanted us to have some eligibility before writing the will.

They told us, we do not have any rights to the property until we get a job and settle in that job at least for a year. They wanted us to experience a normal job and a normal life. As per their wish, both of us settled in a job.

One year has passed. Our parents gave us our share and got a renunciation. After some months, my greedy mind advised me to grab my sister’s share. But, I don’t know if she will give her share to me if I ask or request her or should I grab the property in any other way.

That night, I was unable to sleep, I took the will of my parents and started to read it for the first time. There was a twist in the will, only after getting married, we will gain full control over the property. But we have only the right to enjoy the income from the assets.

I was thinking about how to get my sister’s share. Suddenly an idea strikes in my mind. Why shouldn’t I marry her and get control of the full property? Though I felt it is wrong, my mind asked me to do it to get the whole share of the property.

I married her by blackmailing her and took her shares in my name. Nearly 3 months had passed. She was weeping for these 3 months because of the incestuous marriage. One day, I had a thought. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world, why shouldn’t I fuck her, as she is my wife now.

Already, she was upset with the marriage, so I don’t know how to convince her for our first night. I made all arrangements for the first night. That evening, I informed her today is our first night and be ready. She was shocked hearing that and begged not to do this to her.

That night, I took her to the master bedroom, which was decorated for the first night. She was trying to escape, but she was unable to do so. I locked the door, took off my shirt, hugged her, pressed her boobs. She was shouting to leave her and was crying for help, but there is no one to help her.

I locked her lips with mine, licked her lips, pushed her on the bed, pulled her saree, and threw it down, tear opened her blouse, and pulled down her petticoat/paavadai. Now she was only in her white bra. She was begging to leave her.

I sat above her and removed my dhoti. I became full nude with my hard tool, waiting for a hole to enter. I took off her white bra and touched her pussy, which was covered with her dense hairs. Her body shivered, I tried to insert my finger into her pussy, she let out a moan.

I started to finger fuck her and was pressing her boobs. Slowly, she started to lose control. I licked her pussy juice and walls and sucked my fingers. I rubbed her pussy lips with my rock hard dick. Then pushed into her pussy after rubbing for 5 minutes, I broke her hymen.

Tears were rolling from her eyes, and she was bleeding from her pussy. After 5 minutes, I started to pump her pussy hard and fucked her for 30 minutes and ejaculated into her pussy. We slept nude.

The next day, morning, she was sitting near a corner and was crying for what happened last night. I tried to convince her, it is common for a husband and wife to have sex. But she was not ready to listen to me. I fucked her 3 to 4 times without her permission.

Finally, one day she accepted this is her life and started to love me and treat me as her husband. Now, she is ready to be my wife. She kissed me for the first time as a wife, we had a short and sweet lip lock. I was very happy.

She went towards the kitchen for cooking, I followed her and enquired about her change, she said.

Radhika: Life has to move on, Rahul. I know it is a sin, you made that sin, but it is ok, now I have adjusted to my new life.

I lip locked her, and she responded well. She took my hand and kept it on her hips, and said,

Radhika: I am all yours from now, brother.

Me: Thank you, sister.

Radhika: Do you still think of me as a sister, I am your wife, and we will become parents soon.

Me: Is it true? Are you pregnant?

Radhika: No, but I am sure my brother will make me pregnant soon.

She pulled me towards her and locked her lips with mine. I pushed her towards a wall, pressed myself toward her. She unbuttoned my shirt, and I carried her towards our room, but slipped and landed on the floor. I took off her green color saree pallu to see her blouse covered boobs.

I took off my shirt and dhoti and was fully nude, I pulled down her petticoat along with her saree. She unbuttoned her blouse, and I took off her blouse and black bra. I started to crush her boobs and suck her nipples, I was circling her nipples, and she was holding my cock.

My dick became even harder by her touch, she opened her legs and rubbed her pussy with my cock. I started to fuck her and ejaculated on her boobs after 30 minutes and sucked my cum and feed her my cum with a lip lock. After some time, I made her sit above me and asked her to fuck.

She fucked for about 30 minutes. We were exhausted and was lying on the floor facing the ceiling, I was rubbing her pussy, and my cock was on her hands. I asked.

Me: How was it, sister?

Radhika: It was a very good brother. I never felt this even during our first night, maybe due to my unwillingness, I missed this, but now it is great.

Now we have a son and a daughter

I hope you enjoyed the story where bother married sister.

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