Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-7

While Kiran was busy taking care of Mr. Khan, her husband Gautam suspected that she was hooking up with Junaid (Mr. Khan’s widower son). A certain Baba had arrived near Sex Apartment who served the natural forces and promised that he could help people purify themselves and learn self-control.


“Hey Kiran, wake up. Let’s fuck while this loser is asleep,” whispered Junaid.

It was past midnight, they were in the Chatterjee’s flat, inside Kiran’s bedroom. Gautam and Kiran were on the bed, sleeping after Kiran had refused to have sex with him and he could imagine why. He woke up with the sensation of paralysis; terror took hold of him as he failed to move even a single muscle of his body. That was when he heard Junaid.

“Wake up darling,” said Junaid.

Gautam had not opened his eyes completely, he was watching through his eyelashes, feigning sleep. Junaid was in the bed too. He was completely naked and sitting on top of Kiran. He looked at Gautam to make sure that he was asleep and removed her pallu. Gautam struggled inside, trying to move but he was frozen. Junaid squeezed her large boobs over the blouse before slowly unhooking it and revealing her large milky tits.

“Ah…the treasure!” said Junaid and he bent down to suck the breasts. He sucked and bit her nipples in full view of Gautam. He sucked the right breasts while squeezed it from the base to make it come out upwards. He made loud sounds while sucking them making Gautam furious.

“You don’t deserve to keep such a sexy wife to yourself. She deserves to be shared. She’s everyone’s not just yours,” said Junaid looking at Gautam as if he knew he was awake.

Kiran woke up and instead of being mad, she smiled at Junaid.

“Hi darling, I thought this was supposed to be a secret,” said Kiran and she pulled him down to smooch him. She sucked his lips on and on, not letting him answer. Gautam was screaming inside his mind but no sound came out. Kiran turned her head during the kiss to face Gautam. Her tongue was out and Junaid was sucking it passionately while his hands were still playing with her large tits. Kiran had a smirk on her face. She was making Gautam suffer.

“Fuck me Junaid! Fuck me like no one ever has,” said Kiran and both of them turned their head towards Gautam, smiling at him.

Gautam woke up with a start. Breathing hurt but he took large gulps of air to calm down. The dream had been too realistic and traumatic. It took a long time for him to calm down. He shoved the blanket aside and found his crotch was wet with semen.

Baba Sadachari, a man of the nature and not religion, was meditating at four-o-clock in the morning in his ashram, which was set up in a society next to Sex Apartment. The followers were pouring in for the early yoga sessions, which his protégé Kishorilal usually handled. He wasn’t expecting anyone from his side (those seeking spiritual peace) to come this early but that morning he was proved wrong.

“Namaste Baba!”

Baba Sadachari’s eyes opened slowly. He continued chanting some words voicelessly as his eyes adjusted to the light and slowly the figure of a young woman against ashram’s lights behind her materialized. She was dressed up in a green saree and a darker shade of blouse, which was struggling to contain the medium sized boobs. Her ass was the best part, the nicely shaped figure took a wild curve at the bottom, the ass was something you would call a “booty”.Baba was smiling inwardly, imagining all sorts of things he could make her do.

“Sit down child, and tell me to what do I owe this early visit?” asked Baba pleasantly.

The woman sat down on the mat close to him, which brought some scent across and made him take a deep breath. Now that she wasn’t standing against the lights, he could clearly see her facial features. She had a thin, long face, her cheekbones were high, and she had big round eyes. Luscious and lustful lips followed a thin nose. He struggled to keep his eyes off them as he asked her to speak.

“I’m Sameera. I was married off right after I finished my 12th to a man ten years older than me. It was against my wishes but I kept my parent’s will. We weren’t compatible but managed to live together without many problems for five years. Then his mother came to live with us and she said she wanted a grandchild. I was ready; in fact, we’ve been trying ourselves with no luck.”

“Months passed and things turned bad at home. My mother in law started yelling at me for small mistakes and kept taunting that I cannot even bear her a grandchild. My husband too became distant and he blames me as well. I was bearing all this until yesterday when I overheard his mother telling someone on the phone that he was considering a second marriage.”

With that, Sameera broke down. Baba immediately brought himself closer to her and consoled her. He wiped her tears with his orange robe and calmed her down. Baba took her deep into the ashram to his own room. There she noticed all sorts of medicines and herbs in jars on tall racks. She looked around in curiosity noticed a large banner in Sanskrit.

“What’s that Baba?”

“Oh that is a prophecy Sameera, regarding my son,” said Baba without turning. Although he was a good liar, he didn’t take the chance of looking into her eyes whilst lying.

“What does it say?”

“It says that my seed will grow up to be the most powerful man in the country,” began Baba. “This prophecy was uttered by my mentor when I was in the Himalayas. He said this after I saved seven of his disciples from death. Alas, the prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled yet. I haven’t yet met a woman willing to do that.”

“Here, take his Ayurvedic booty every night before sleep. It should do the trick in a week,” said Baba.

“Ayurvedic booty for that sexy booty,” chuckled Baba as he watched her sexy ass sway away. Sameera tried the medicine for one whole week. In the meantime, the doctor’s reports arrived which stated that the problem was with her husband and not with her. His problem was incurable. She didn’t show the report to anyone because her mother in law was a heart patient. Such news could be fatal.

“Welcome back child,” said Baba as Sameera walked in next week at the same time. It was still dark outside when she walked in and told him the whole thing.

“Now you’re my only hope Baba,” said Sameera.

“You admitted that your husband will never come here as he considers this an unholy place. Neither can you spike his food with medicine in his mother’s presence. Why did you come?”

“The prophecy Baba, can I be the woman who bears that child?” asked Sameera without meeting his eyes.

“Do you realize what you’re saying?”

“Yes Baba, I have no choice. I don’t want another woman’s life to be destroyed by my infertile husband, nor do I want to hurt my mother in law by breaking the news to her. This is the only way…”

Baba Sadachari couldn’t believe his ears. He had laid a simple trap using the prophecy and didn’t really think it would work but it apparently had. He was already undressing her and fucking her like mad in his mind but in reality, he knew he couldn’t rush.

“It is decided then. To help you would be a noble task and it is only fitting that the child of the prophecy would be the result of this merciful act. However, I need to prepare for this all day. You will come here tonight at midnight. The hour is essential so be on time, but before that, we need to take care of one thing.”

“What is it baba?” asked Sameera.

“I’m not someone who gives in to bodily desires. Therefore, I haven’t masturbated in a long time. The sperms inside would be old and be needing discharge so that they’re replaced by fresh ones for tonight. I need your help in getting it out Sameera. I’m too well trained to ejaculate by masturbation. I need something better.”

Sameera understood what he wanted and for a second felt regret for approaching the Baba. What if he was a fraud? But then, he just needed her for the night. After that, she wouldn’t meet him and be happy. It was better than having an affair with someone else.

“Ok Baba, can we go in where no one will see us?

Baba took her to his room. He lay flat on his mat and she sat next to his waist. Baba rested his head on his hands and with a smile asked her to begin. Sameera uncertainly parted his orange robes in the lower part to reveal a fat and dark penis covered in thick bushes of his pubic hair. She used her fingers to slide his foreskin down to reveal his pink penis head and held the base of his penis. She used her fingers again to brush aside his thick pubic hair.

Sameera let a thread of saliva drool down from her lips to the tip of his semi-erect penis, which twitched as it came in contact with the cold saliva. With her small and soft hands, she slowly spread it all over his penis, from the tip to the base, which made it shine. Once it was wet, she started stroking it. Her bangles jingled loudly as the speed of the hand-job increased.

“(heavy breathing)….hmm…good, it (heavy breathing) seems to be working,” said Baba.

It was working way better than he described it. Her hands were so wonderful at it that he was already feeling the pressure down under.

“Go on child, use your mouth. I will not release too easy,” said Baba.

Sameera nodded and tightened her grip at the base of his penis making the skin go tight and the hair remained out of the way. She used the other free hand to move her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Sameera bent down with her mouth wide open, and ever so slowly consumed his penis completely. Baba’s chest heaved as he felt her young, wet and warm mouth engulf his penis. Her wet insides stimulated every nerve in his organ and his body squirmed in response.

Sameera took it all it, the entire meat was inside her mouth. Her tongue circled and rubbed his penis with force inside her mouth and she felt his penis become rock hard. She wrapped her lips at the base of his penis, formed tiny vacuum pressure and sucked hard all the way to the top.

“Ah…ah… (heavy breathing)…,” moaned Baba.

Sameera sucked hard at the penis head and let it out. The penis popped out of her mouth and swayed back and forth, wet and fully erect. She stroked it again and bent over. This time she started the quick blowjob. Her head moved up and down at regular pace and the wetness inside made this “SLURP SLURP” sound every time she sucked upwards.

Baba was not able to control himself. His hands were on her head, pushing it to take his penis as deep as possible.Once he held the head and made her keep the penis deep in her mouth for one full minute (feeling the tongue struggle with his penis inside her mouth) before letting her head go. Sameera was out of breath but without complaining, she bent over again and licked his penis.

“Your tongue works best Sameera. (heavy breathing)….keep doing that, I won’t last long,” said Baba.

Sameera looked straight into his eyes as he was talking to her, with her tongue rapidly licking his penis head. She drew her entire tongue out and gave a large lick from his base to the penis head, she did the same on either side of the penis and then sucked it fast. Pulling it out with vacuum pressure made him squirm again and she used that moment to circle his penis head with her pointed tongue.

It had been truly long since Baba had a blowjob from someone like Sameera therefore, as he had anticipated, he felt hot semen slowly rise through his penis. Before he could warn her, it burst out like a fountain smearing her face in his thick white and possibly smelly, semen. Sameera had a look of shock on her face momentarily but she recovered and cleaned up.

Later that day, the Baba had a new visitor from Sex Apartment: Gautam. He looked nervous as he walked in and was directed to the Baba by one of the servants. When he came close, Baba asked him what his problem was and he replied:

“I’m having these wrong thoughts about my wife, Baba…we have a history of cheating on each other. Recently she started a job and I can’t help but think about her cheating on me again.”

“That’s natural son,” said Baba with a smile.

“It is, but that’s not what brought me here Baba,” confessed Gautam. “I came here because…I’m…I’m enjoying these thoughts. I feel excited when I think about my wife with someone else. I had a nightfall recently as I dreamt about it. It’s getting out of hand. I need your help to get rid of these thoughts.”

“Very well child,” said Baba, “I’ll put you through an exercise of self-control. One of my maids, who is trained for this, will help you with it. Come back here tomorrow in the evening!”

It was nearly midnight when Baba heard the knock on his door. He opened it to find Sameera standing there in black attire to avoid detection Along with the black saree; she wore a matching sleeveless blouse. He welcomed her inside and scanned the ashram to see if anyone was spying. Satisfied that no one noticed her come; he closed the door and held her arms.

“Thank you for coming,” said Baba, “this sexual ritual is important to me as much as it is for you. My child is destined for great things. I’m glad such a beautiful woman will be his mother.”

Sameera blushed at the compliment and Baba made her lie down on the mat on the floor. He removed his own orange robes and undressed completely. Sameera was disappointed to see that he had not shaved. His lean structure and wrinkly skin could make anyone bolt for the door before even thinking of having sex with him but she stayed calm.

Baba bent over and kneeled close to her. He brushed her pallu aside to reveal her heaving breasts under the black blouse. He grabbed each breast with his hands and bent lower to kiss her. However, Sameera looked away.

“Baba, can’t we just make you ejaculate inside me and go away without doing anything more?” asked Sameera, still looking away. His face was close to her cheek and his hot breath was arousing her.

“This child needs to be born out love my dear,” explained Baba. “If that wasn’t the case, I would have sent you my semen in a container to inject inside your vagina. We need to make love to make this child. Now be a good girl and look at me.”

Sameera reluctantly obeyed and turned slowly to look at him. Her lips were millimeters away from his. Baba smiled and lowered his head further and planted a wet and noisy kiss on her lips. His beard was all over her face as he kissed her hard, sucking her soft pink lips with his dried ones. Sameera’s lips were motionless, making him do all the sucking and licking.

“Muuahhh… mmmmm…”

Baba held her cheeks, which made her mouth open, and he poked his tongue inside. Sameera felt his tongue go inside and play with her tongue. The act was so passionate and arousing that before she knew it, she was kissing and sucking his back with passion. Her hands locked around his neck and her fingers laced in his hair. This went on for several minutes and Sameera felt lost in the bliss of obsessive smooching.

Baba raised himself off her after giving her few more pecks on lips, which made her smile. He smiled back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts sprang out in view since she wasn’t wearing a bra. Baba’s eyes gleamed and he squeezed them both hard. He laughed and bent over, kissing and sucking the boobs hungrily. Her nipples were erect which made him bite and suck them hard. Sameera moaned as all the pleasure nerves in her nipples got excited.

“Oh Sameera, your body is the epitome of perfection, even a man like me cannot resist the temptation,” said Baba as he kissed his way down to her navel. He poked his tongue and licked her navel, which made Sameera squirm and moan in pleasure. Baba lowered her saree simultaneously and undid her petticoat knots. She removed whatever cloth remained on her and lay there naked under him.

“You need to be lubricated and I need to be hard enough to finish out the act,” said Baba, “Lie over me dear, I hope you’re familiar with the 69 position.”

Sameera did as he asked. While he lay on the mat, she rested her body on top of him, her vagina right over his face and his penis right in front of hers. Baba parted the labia of her clean-shaven pussy and poked her clitoris with his tongue.

“Ow….” Moaned Sameera as she felt his tongue play with her clit.

Sameera’s vagina started lubricating instantly but that did not stop the Baba, he licked her clit for several minutes, occasionally inserting his fingers inside her vagina and rubbing her g-spot. Sameera too began her work. She held the base of his cock and plunged it deep inside her mouth. Her tongue rigorously played with his penis inside her mouth and she sucked it from bottom to top as hard as possible.

“Ah…baba…slow down baba…,” said Sameera, taking a break from sucking his dick when Baba sucked her clit hard.

Baba clamped his mouth on her vagina and dug his tongue deep into her pussy. Sameera closed her eyes and started moaning loudly. Her hands kept stroking his penis as he continued to suck her wildly. When he slowed down, Sameera looked down and started sucking his dick again. She did it as fast as she could, smearing it completely with her saliva. She licked and circled his penis head, kissed it several times and as a result, he became rock hard.

“It’s time dear, time to make out bodies one and make way for our child,” said Baba.

Sameera lay on the mat, her breasts spread on either side and her legs parted, beckoning him to come drill into.Baba lay on top of her and guided his penis to the entrance. He rubbed his penis head on her clit making her moan and wriggle in pleasure.

“Stop it, Baba, I can’t bear it anymore, please put it inside,” begged Sameera.

Baba obliged and with one shove, drove his penis right in. Sameera gasped out and Baba chose the moment to glue his mouth over hers. Her gasps and moans were muffled by his smooch as he mercilessly rammed his dick into her vagina. Baba kissed her while squeezing her boobs that was crushed between their bodies. Sameera was actively participating in the smooching; her hands were running all over his back and with each thrust, she scratched him with her long nails.

“Ohh….Babaji….. not so fast… oohhhhhh,” cried Sameera.

After long continuous fucking, Sameera paused. Her eyes flew open and so did her mouth. Her nails dug deep on his back and her legs locked tightly around his waist. She let out a loud moan and then her muscles relaxed and she fell motionless, gasping for air and looking dreamy. It had been her first orgasm in months. She had almost forgotten the feeling.

Baba fucked her motionless body for some time and felt his trained penis lose control. With a loud grunt, he ejected every last drop of his semen inside her vagina. Most flowed out of her pussy course but the work was done.

“Clean up and go home child,” said Baba. “Our task is completed.”

Sameera went home and was pleased by her decision to fuck Baba. As her husband ignored her and she lay awake, rubbing her vagina at night, she always dreamt of her night with the Baba. A week later at midnight, Baba was cleaning his room when he heard the knock at his door. He frowned, as he didn’t remember asking anyone to visit so late. He strode over, opened the door and his mouth gaped open in surprise.


It was her. Dressed in the same black saree and matching blouse. Baba had the oddest sense of déjà vu. He pulled her inside quickly and shut the door.

“What happened?”

“Nothing Baba. I just thought we should keep doing this for some time for best results,” said Sameera and with that, she dropped the pallu off her, revealing her deep-neck black blouse. Baba felt his penis poke the robes and before he could control himself, he pounced on her.

The silent night in the ashram echoed with Sameera’s moans..

To be continued.


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