Cousin Sister

A little bit about myself, I am 5’8” with regular body and 6” cock which is thick enough to satisfy horny girls. This incident happened when I was 21 years old. I was studying in college at that time. My cousin sister Nisha visited us from Bhopal for 10 days during her vacation. She was 20 years old at that time.

My cousin sister was a bit plump but her boobs and butts were to die for! She’s fair and tall. To confess, I always used to masturbate seeing her! I had sex with her in many positions but all in dreams till date. 😉

This time on her vacations, we went out a lot and also met her other friends who were staying in Delhi.

During our talks, we used to talk about our relationships. I liked one of her friends Shruti but Nisha told me that she is not my type as she already had many boyfriends. On one side it was a compliment and on the other side, I felt as if I lost a chance to have a girlfriend.

We kept exploring markets and enjoying our days. At night, we used to sleep in the same room in which my elder brother was also there. Due to extreme heat, we all slept in the same room with AC ON the whole night. My brother slept on the mattress and Nisha and myself slept on the bed.

We kept talking late in the night and our brother kept snoring as he had to go to work in the morning.

One night, my cousin sister and I were talking about our relationships and how many affairs we had and currently have. It was late in the night and we were under the AC blanket.

Slowly, the talks took a naughty turn and my cousin started to share her adventures with her boyfriends. She told me how she made love with her boyfriend at his house and inside a car.

Our talks were getting hot and so the temperature was rising under the blanket. All of a sudden, our breath touched and we felt warmth on each other’s face. Slowly, I moved forward and my lips touched her lips in the dark. My cousin sister responded hungrily as if she was waiting for it to happen. She was hot and kissing me wildly.

Nisha took my right hand and slipped it under her t-shirt. “Ohhhhhh” I was touching her naked body under a t-shirt for the first time! My cousin sister was not wearing a bra underneath and I groped her left boob with my hand. I was in heaven, kissing her and playing with her boobs. I started pinching her nipples which made her horny.

Slowly I took off her t-shirt and in no time, she pulled down her pajama. It was all happening so fast. My cousin sis helped me take off my clothes. Now she was in her panty. I put my hand in her panty and felt her pussy. She was clean shaved down there which made me go mad.

My fingers were playing with her clitoris and then I inserted two fingers in her pussy and voila, she squirmed. My fingers were wet with her juices and we were kissing each other hard.

Then I took out her hand and smelled her pussy juices and licked them clean. Nisha got the signal. She took my dick in her hand and started rubbing the sensitive area. My dick was wet with precum which she licked like a bitch. I was playing with her boobs now and my cousin sister started licking my dick like a hungry bitch.

I was losing my control and brought her under me and without waiting, I entered my hard dick into her wet pussy. She was rubbing her pussy with her hand and I was ramming her hard.

Nisha started moaning to which I sealed her mouth with my mine so that our brother won’t get up. I was pushing deep inside her hot pussy which was burning my dick beyond imagination. Without condom, it was a different feeling when flesh touched flesh!

Soon I was about to cum. I took out my dick. I loaded all my juices on her boobs which she happily licked clean.

After one round, we rested a bit. And then I felt her hand on my dick rubbing it slowly which made me hard again. I pushed her close to me and we kissed again. I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them. At that time, my cousin sister whispered, “Please go hard. Ohhh my my…”

She wanted me to go rough with her. I bit her nipples hard and she moaned with pain and then whispered. I wanted more pain. My dick was bursting with excitement. I shoved her mouth on my dick. She started eating it and kept moaning.

Meanwhile, I took my hand and inserted a finger in her butt hole. My cousin shivered as I pushed my finger deep in her ass. Now I pushed her down on her stomach and started pushing my wet dick in her ass. It was painful for both but it went inside.

I started moving slowly, she was moaning and I could feel that she was in pain. But she was enjoying it a lot. Anal was a new experience for me too. I came inside her quickly. This made her more horny and she started sucking my dick again and biting it with her teeth.

I pulled her hair but she kept biting my dick as if she wanted to get spanked more. I slapped on her face and pinched her nipples which had already been bitten a lot.

We lied naked almost all night and dressed up before morning. It was a night full of sex which happened all of a sudden. There are more incidents to come which I will share later.

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