Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-6

While Gautam cheated on his wife Kiran with her own sister Rashmi, Kiran too had found a new sex partner, the elderly Mr. Khan. Gautam suspected his wife of sleeping with Mr. Khan’s son Junaid. Rashmi had just saved her job by blowing her boss. However, little did she know that he had much more planned for her…


Mr. Khan was on his couch watching television when Kiran appeared behind his wheelchair and said “Mr. Khan, let’s take you for a walk in the park”

The park was few yards from Sex Apartment, used by people for morning walks and other outdoor activities. Kiran wheeled Mr. Khan to the place under dark clouds, hoping the park would not be crowded. She was wearing a blue transparent saree and her sexy black bra was clearly visible. Her beautiful tits were popping out from the top since it was one of the tighter bras that she had bought before pregnancy. Mr. Khan could not take his eyes off her cleavage and desperately wanted them.

As they entered the park, there was a stone floor under them so she had to put some effort to push his wheelchair. As she did that, she was leaning a little forward in order to push the wheelchair; her tits occasionally touched Mr.Khan at the back of his head. He was enjoying the soft juicy tits of Kiran whenever it came in contact with his head.

Mr. Khan kept turning around to look at her tits quite often, and her bangles kept jangling every step of the way. Mr. Khan asked her to stop and requested some water. Kiran leaned a little more towards him to reach the bottle from the back and helped him with some water, which made her tits completely press against Mr. Khan at the back of his head. He smiled mischievously. Kiran’s cologne was a strong one adding to the musk of her sweat, the sound of her bangles jangling, her tits occasionally getting in contact made Mr. Khan get a semi hard-on.

After their first sexual encounter in his room, Kiran had maintained distance, as she felt guilty of not only cheating on Gautam again but also of betraying Junaid’s trust who had entrusted her with this job for a good salary. Therefore, when Mr. Khan was aroused and Kiran could actually see the tent forming under his lungi she acted as if she was not interested or aware.

The park was nearly empty; it had been raining incessantly these days during the monsoon season so the floor was muddy. There were hardly a couple of people using the swings or sitting on benches. The park was huge so she wheeled him over the stone path to a far end for some fresh air. The area they reached was covered in trees.

Soon, it the air got heavier and it started to drizzle, Mr. Khan was secretly very happy about that drizzle as he wanted to watch Kiran get drenched. As it started to rain heavily, Kiran rushed to find some shelter, she found a small shed around the corner of the park where the garden tools were stored and took shelter under it.

By then, Kiran was completely drenched in rain and was soaking wet and so was Mr. Khan, as he was wet his hard-on was very clearly visible and even Kiran had noticed the huge boner that had developed under his lungi. Mr. Khan was gazing at Kiran’s cleavage and she smiled at him. He was following every droplet of water on Kiran’s neck which was flowing all the way down her gorgeous tits. Kiran’s nipples were visible too.

Kiran was feeling her defenses fall yet again. The rain had turned her body cold and her erect nipples were proof of how horny she felt. She wanted to do something and when she saw his boner, she couldn’t help but smile. After several minutes of waiting, Mr. Khan asked her for water, but he had finished it all already. Kiran showed him the empty bottle and told Mr. Khan that there is no water left.

Mr. Khan murmured “But I’m thirsty…”

Kiran was shivering in the cold and was feeling hornier than ever. She remembered how she had fed him with her mouth the other day and she realized she could do something similar for his thirsty throat. She smirked at the idea and wondered what would his reaction be.

“This would quench your thirst,” she said as she leaned forward and held her neck in front of him. The water droplets all over her neck beckoned him to lick and he did so. His warm tongue touched her cold and wet neck and sent shivers all over. Mr. Khan sucked and licked all the rainwater off her neck and moved down to her chest.

The transparent saree served no purpose and it hid little so she moved the pallu out of his way. Mr. Khan used his hands to pull her bra down and her breasts popped out. It was all wet and Mr. Khan’s face got buried in them in no time. Kiran was not able to control her loud gasps as the old man sucked her nipples hard. Her eyes scanned the surroundings, there was no one in sight but it was still dangerous. Any moment anyone could just walk in to seek shelter from the rain and would discover them in that state.

“(Heavy breathing)…slow down Mr. Khan…(heavy breathing),” said Kiran.

Kiran continued leaning with her hands on his armrests and her boobs hanging in front of him. Mr. Khan was playing with the large and supple tits while he licked off every last drop of rainwater. His tongue circled her nipples occasionally making them hard as ever and then he bit them to make her squeal.

“That’s enough Mr. Khan, you’ve sucked my boobs dry already,” said Kiran over her heavy breathing.

Mr. Khan could not control his boner and it didn’t look like it was gonna stop raining anytime soon, he asked Kiran for a blowjob. Kiran was a little reluctant but she took pity on him and knelt down. Kiran unraveled his lungi slowly and gradually pulled his underwear down.

Mr. Khan’s big healthy cock sprang out and Kiran, with a lusty look, kissed his penis head and every inch of his penis including his balls gently by looking into his hungry and horny eyes. It was too much for the old man and he let out feeble moans. Kiran then grabbed his shaft with her right hand while the left hand was playing with his balls.

“Not a word about this to anyone, remember? Asked Kiran.

Mr. Khan nodded, Kiran had told him after their first fuck session not to mention anything to anyone and he had obliged. She smiled at that and held Mr. Khan’s hand. She put his finger in her mouth and gently took it deep enough so that she could gag some saliva and lube his sausage. Initially, she lubricated his penis and stroked it for about a minute and it looked like there was some precum popping out of his opening.

Kiran, with the tip of her tongue, licked the precum off his penis slowly while maintaining eye contact with the old man who wondered why he had not ejaculated already after watching that sight. She engulfed the entire penis in her mouth and started giving him a blowjob Mr. Khan’s excitement grew with each stroke of her mouth and started moaning a little louder.

After about a couple of minutes he looked like he was about to explode, so Kiran stood up to let him relax for some time. He could not ejaculate so soon, not without letting her enjoy too. Therefore, she began waiting.

Like elder sister, the younger one too was busy licking someone off, few miles away. A conference was being held on recent sales in Rashmi’s office. The board of directors, the managers and investors were seated on round table, watching a woman’s presentation. Mr. Dutt was present too, sitting at a far end and leaning too low which was attracting attention. People around assumed he had not slept all night due to the pressure of the presentation.

However, in reality, Mr. Dutt was leaning low in his chair so that people would not notice that his pants were down along with the underwear and a sexy secretary was busy blowing him off under the table. Thanks to the table cover, nothing was visible to anyone else.

“The sales have gone down compared to the same quarter last year…” went on the girl who was conducting the presentation and Mr. Dutt was undressing her in his mind. She was a spectacled fresher with small yet attractive boobs, which he assumed would go completely in his mouth. All of a sudden, he felt Rashmi’s cold tongue lick the base of his balls and he gasped.

The people in the room turned to face him.

“Sorry, just worried about the dipping sales,” said Mr. Dutt and they turned back.

Under the table, Rashmi’s head was moving up and down at a regular pace over his crotch. His penis kept slipping in and out, going as far as the back of her throat. She had gotten used to the deep throat that he liked after several sessions of non-stop practice in his office.

With the promotion, her office had shifted right next to his with a communicating door between them so that no one would ever see her come and go. Her job early in the morning was a quick blowjob, then another before lunch and then another before leaving office. Her boss made her do only blowjobs and its seemed like he didn’t want anything else…for now.

“What’s that sound?” asked one of the managers next to Mr. Dutt as Rashmi’s blowjob created wet noises. Before the man could lift the table cover and peek under, Mr. Dutt stopped him.

“Sorry about that, had something foreign for dinner last night,” said Mr. Dutt with a weak smile and everyone looked away in disgust. He did not care, being judged for farting was much better than being caught with a girl sucking his dick off.

The conference ended and Mr. Dutt just sat there and watched them all leave before standing up and helping Rashmi out.

“That was close!” said Rashmi.

“Isn’t it exciting love?” Mr. Dutt asked.

“It is sir, the fear of getting caught just adds to the fun,” said Rashmi and she knew she was not lying.

“Fine then, get on the table,” said Mr. Dutt but he did not wait for her. Instead, he turned her around himself and made her lie on her stomach over the desk. She was wearing a short skirt and there was a white panty inside.Impatiently he slid his fingers in and pulled the panty off to her thighs.

“He’s going to fuck me,” realized Rashmi.

She was right. Mr. Dutt stepped out off his pants, placed one leg over a chair and inserted his dick into her pussy from the back. Rashmi’s head was pressed against the table but when he inserted his penis in, she felt a stab of pain that made her raise her head and moan aloud.

“Oooowwww….” gasped Rashmi.

Mr. Dutt smiled at that and started fucking her pussy as hard as he could. He felt a vindictive pleasure each time his brutality made her cry out. He was a bit disappointed when he realized that she wasn’t a virgin but her young pussy had not been stretched enough yet, which didn’t make much of a difference. He could feel his fat dick tearing and stretching her vaginal walls. It was clear that she never had a bigger one.

“Huh….huh….huh…,” he grunted with each stroke.

Mr. Dutt looked down. Her milky ass was too smooth and he could not help touching and squeezing them. He used both the thumbs to spread the ass cheeks and watched his dick going in and out of the hole. She had not shaved recently so her pussy hair stood out, the area around her pussy was dark against the milky ass cheeks. He felt his balls raging so he slowed down and slowly pulled his dick out.

Mr Dutt knelt and kissed her soft ass cheeks, then he moved all the way down from her sensitive thighs, legs and unbuckled her black heels. He started to suck on the big toe, Rashmi twitched a bit…no one had ever done that with her before. He was sucking her toes and rolling his fingers over her clitoris. After dealing with her feet for a while, Mr. Dutt started the kissing journey upwards, from her ankle to inner thighs. Rashmi gasped and moaned as he kissed all the sensitive areas before reaching her vagina.

“Aahhhhh….” moaned Rashmi.

Mr. Dutt rubbed his tongue gently against her clit, Rashmi’s hip flexed in response, and then he kissed her pussy, circled his tongue around her pink wet pussy lips and got as deep as he could with his tongue.

“You like that Rashmi? You enjoy being licked don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes sir…I love it,” replied Rashmi.

Mr. Dutt pulled her pubic hair a little with his lips to inflict some pain. Rashmi liked it and started to moan a bit louder as Mr. Dutt was circling his tongue so fast that Rashmi was losing control.

“Please don’t stop sir, aaah please” moaned Rashmi.

Mr. Dutt licked her clit and rubbed her g-spot with his fingers making her squirm in pleasure. Her body writhed and jerked on the table as he did it with great speed. His hands were a blur in motion and Rashmi’s ass kept moving uncontrollably. Mr. Dutt stood straight and turned her around. Then he pulled her up in sitting position on the table.Rashmi put her arms around his neck as he readied his dick to enter inside her.

“I am gonna fuck you so hard girl, it would be like there is no tomorrow,” said Mr. Dutt and slid his hard cock into Rashmi’s warm delicious pussy. Rashmi, who was sitting with her ass on the edge of the table cried out as his penis stretched her pussy walls for the second time. Rashmi grabbed the edge of the desk as he began to thrust and started to moan loudly

“Aaahh aaahhh yeah baby ahh,” she moaned and bit her tongue for calling Mr. Dutt her baby.

Mr Dutt held her sexy throat gently and started to kiss her while he was thrusting hard. He had Rashmi’s legs locked around his waist tightly and kept pulling her harder and harder with every thrust. After few minutes, Mr. Dutt could feel her g-spot inflating like a minuscule balloon and his penis felt too good rubbing against it. Rashmi’s eyes and mouth opened wide, goosebumps erupted all over her skin and she felt all her vaginal and thigh muscles go stiff. She literally screamed as she felt an orgasm.

“AAAAAAAhhhhhhh” screamed Rashmi.

Rashmi wrapped her hand around his neck and gave him a tight sloppy kiss. Mr. Dutt bit her lips and she whimpered. His pace increased and the table under them shook. Rashmi’s entire body was trembling, as she couldn’t handle so much pleasure post orgasm. Then all of a sudden, Mr. Dutt pushed her back, made her lie on her back and pulled his penis out.

“Show me that mouth,” commanded Mr. Dutt as he came and stood next to her head. Rashmi obediently opened her mouth and soon enough felt his warm and thick semen fall all over her face and mouth. He was watching her with anticipation and she understood what he wanted. Lustfully she wiped the cum off her face and held it over her lips. A thread flowed down right into her mouth and she swallowed.

“That’s my girl,” said Mr. Dutt and he left the room, leaving her dirty and partially naked on the conference table.

In the park, Mr. Khan was starting to lose his erection so Kiran brought her tits close to him and he started to suck it again. She started to moan when one of his hands started squeezing her left tit while the other kept rubbing her clit.When he let go of her breast she grabbed his chin and pulled for a kiss. His old and dark lips sucked and licked hungrily at her young, rosy and tasty ones. He poked his tongue into her mouth and Kiran dutifully sucked it.

“Muaaahhh….. muuaahhhh.. mmmmmm,” were the sounds coming from both their mouths

Kiran wanted his dick inside her now. So she sat on Mr. Khan with his legs going through the holes under the armrests of his wheelchair while her saree was pulled all the way up. She used her fingers to pull her panty slightly to uncover her pussy, held the base of his penis with the other hand, circled it against her pussy lips and gently slid it into her pussy.

“Ooooohhhh,” moaned Kiran with her eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed.

Mr. Khan felt his penis inside her warm pussy, feeling her inner walls. Kiran’s moaning made him hornier and he started to fuck her by lifting her as much as he could (few centimeters). In a couple of seconds, Kiran started to kiss him wildly while Mr. Khan rode her enthusiastically. The old man was once again displaying power she did not believe he had.

“(heavy breathing)….ahh…(heavy breathing)….aahhhh,” moaned Mr. Khan.

Mr. Khan was pleasantly surprised when Kiran improvised and moved her ass over his penis in circular motion. It was something no one had ever done with him. His hands grabbed her ass and squeezed them hard while she continued the circular motion fuck. Kiran continued it while wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him suck her boobs.

“Ahh…..I….it’s…. cummming,” said Mr. Khan feebly as he felt his balls trying to pump up the semen. Before Kiran could not get off (which would have taken time given the way she was sitting with her legs going through under the armrests) he exploded all his jizz inside pussy.

“Aaahhhhhh,” sighed Mr. Khan with a smile. Kiran got off slowly and wiped her vagina with her saree. Then she knelt once again kept stroking slowly until all his semen was out and cleaned off his penis by licking off all the cum left out on his penis. She playfully showed him how she slowly swallowed his semen with her mouth wide-open. Mr.Khan could not contain his excitement at that sight and felt another twitch in his penis.

As the rain receded, she wheeled him away with a little bit of cum leaking and drying off the corner of her mouth.

To be continued.


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