My Life Changed

I was feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as the water was pouring down from my head to toe. But the things just happened in the last few hours were running in my head like a movie. Whenever I was closing my eyes, I could see their faces, their dicks, the way they fucked, and everything. My juices were still flowing.

Suddenly I felt a set of hand tried to hold my boobs from behind. I thought, why the hell I forgot to lock the door. It was familiar. After all, he is my boyfriend. As I leaned my body on his chest, he hugged me and kissed my cheeks. Then I turned and hugged him as well. His erect dick was poking my navel.

I smiled at him and knelt. I took it in my mouth and sucked for a while. He brushed his fingers through my hair. Then he pulled me up and kissed my lips for a long time. My boobs were getting crushed in his hairy chest. His one hand was playing with my butt while the other one was playing with my hair.

His caresses and the cold water created an ecstatic moment. I am unable to explain. My whole body started shivering, and I had another orgasm. As he lifted my one leg, I held his dick and guided it in my pussy. He started giving me gentle thrusts and kept kissing my lips.

I pushed my tongue inside his mouth and kept sucking his tongue. Then he kissed my earlobe and chewed for a while. I was caressing his back. Then he bit me in the neck. I whispered in his ear, “Harder.” He sucked my neck for a while and made a love bite.

Then I turned my back on him, and he pushed his dick in my pussy from behind. He cupped my boobs and started giving thrust faster than before. As the water was flowing between our bodies, his thrusts were making a lot of sounds. I was sure everyone outside the door could clearly hear.

After a few minutes, I again turned to him to kiss him. While kissing, he kept pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. He lifted me by his arms until my boobs came near his face. Then he kissed my chest, cleavage, and made his way to my pointed nipples. He sucked and chewed both of them.

Then he put me down and lifted my right leg with his left hand and pushed his dick inside me with his right hand. He started fucking me hard and fast. His right palm was pressing my left boob. I tried to reach his lips, but I couldn’t. He leaned towards me and kissed me.

We fucked like this for a while. Then I felt his hot fluid came out and flooded my vaginal cavity. He didn’t stop and kept fucking me. With his entire thick cum inside my pussy, his thrusts were making very weird sounds. I started laughing, but he kept fucking.

Within 5 minutes, I felt another tidal wave of cum inside me. His speed was gradually decreasing. As soon as he pulled out, I got down and took it in my mouth and licked his cum off his dick. Then he pulled me up and pushed his 3 fingers inside my pussy.

As he fingered me, his cum mixed with my juices were flowing out. Then he pulled his fingers out and brought it near my face. I licked his fingers. Then we took a shower together, cleaned ourselves, and dried each other with a towel. Then Jay opened the door and went out of the bathroom naked.

Wasim and Jayanta were outside wearing undies only. They smiled at me and felt me with their eyes. I smiled back, wrapped the towel, and came out. I entered the room where we kept our bag. I saw Jay wore his shorts while others were only in their underwear.

I wasn’t so surprised when I saw Vikram and Akash sitting on the bed only in their birth-suit. I found my clothes and started wearing them. As soon as I put one leg into panty, Wasim pulled my towel, and it fell. With one hand, I tried to cover my boobs, and with the other hand, I tried to cover my pussy.

Vikram said, “Why are you even wearing something? We all saw and done. Stay naked.”

I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, what the hell.’ So I put my clothes in the bag again and kept the towel on the chair to let it dry. And suddenly, Wasim lifted me up and threw me in the bed among everyone. Amar and Bikash started tickling me. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Amar said, “Who wants to eat what? And which drinks to order?”

Wasim said, “Drinks on me.”

I got up and moved to a corner of the bed so that I could lean back on the wall. I was feeling cold. So I asked Vikram to give me a bed-sheet. I covered myself. But a few hands were trying to get under it and reach for the treasures they just looted a while ago.

I knew there will be a lot pounding at night and who knows how long it will continue. Vikram wrote down the list of foods and drinks. Then Jay and Akash put on clothes and went out with him.

I asked Bikash whether they have everything to make tea or coffee in their kitchen. As he nodded, I got down from the bed and went to the kitchen naked. I asked others whether they want some or not. Apart from Amar, everyone wanted a cup.

I started making tea, and he started poking me here and there. From behind, he held me, cupped my boobs, mauled them, pinched my nipples, rubbed his dick in my ass crack, and spanked a few times. I kept doing what I was doing while he stayed busy with my body.

I totally ignored all the temptations. But there were another pair of hands started touching me. As I turned, I found it was Jayanta.

I told him, “I am staying the whole night. Do you really need to do it now?”

Jayanta said, “You are irresistible. It isn’t my fault.”

I smiled at both of them and then turned to the oven. Jayanta put his 2 fingers inside me and started fingering. I was trying hard not to submit my body. It wasn’t my intention, but my legs were getting apart, giving him more access.

All of a sudden, he lifted my right leg and put it on a shelf. His fingers were replaced by his dick. His quick and fast thrusts made my whole body jerk. He held my shoulder and kept on fucking. But to my luck, he pulled out in 2 minutes and ran out of the kitchen. I stood there, full of shock. What the fuck!

Around 10.30 pm, they all came back. I served them tea as well as poured another for myself. Jay and I went to another room and lit up a cigarette. He asked me if I am tired or not. I smiled and said, “I was, but I’m fine now.”

After finishing our tea and cigarette, we entered into the room. We hopped on the bed. Others, too, got in the bed without clothes. Around 11.00 pm, we started drinking. Jay and I took bottles of Budweiser while they had blender’s pride.

While drinking, Wasim and Amar placed their head on my lap and sucked my boobs for a minute. Akash was sitting next to me, and he kept pressing my boobs. He also made me suck his cock a few times. Jayanta was sitting totally on the opposite of me and was not talking much. I guess he was embarrassed.

We had our dinner around 12.30 am. But everyone was still drinking. Akash and Bikash drank the most. Suddenly Akash made me lie on the bed and tried to shove his dick inside my pussy. But Vikram stopped him and told him to take me to another room.

Akash carried me into another room. Bikash came behind and locked the door. Akash threw me in the bed and then jumped on me. Without wasting any second, he put his dick inside and started fucking. As Bikash came near my head, I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking.

As they were too drunk, their dicks weren’t so hard. But Akash was fucking me with all his speed. I was also sucking Bikash’s dick like a hungry bitch. After 5 minutes, Akash turned me, put me in doggy and pushed his dick from behind, and kept fucking.

Bikash stood on the bed, held my head, and started mouth fucking me. Within 5 minutes, Akash was about to cum. He pulled out and sprayed his cum on my back. He opened the door and went out. Bikash told me to stay like this and brought a towel. I cleaned my back as much as I could.

Then he pushed his dick and started fucking. He held my butt firmly and kept making deep thrusts. He was increasing his speed, which made me realize that he was going to drop his bomb soon. And I was right. A few seconds later, his cum painted my pussy walls white.

He kept thrusting until there was nothing left in him. His dick was losing its size and got out of my pussy. His cum was dripping out. As soon as Bikash was done cleaning his dick, I entered the bathroom and cleaned myself too.

Then I went to the room where everyone was. It was almost 1.30 am. I saw Bikash and Akash were talking to Vikram. They were saying that they were feeling tired. Vikram told them to sleep in the other room. As they went inside the other room and slept, Vikram closed the door from outside and came in.

I was not satisfied with the fuck I just had. That just made me hornier. I was standing near the bed. I told Jay to pass me a beer. I drank almost half of it in one go, and the rest I finished within a few minutes.

Then Wasim pointed his dick at my face and told me to suck. I jumped on the bed and took his dick in mouth. Amar sat on my back and started rubbing his dick on my ass from behind. He was slapping my ass with his hard dick. Then he cupped my boobs from behind and was squeezing my nipples.

Vikram brought a towel and spread it over the bed. He told me to sit in doggy with my head placed on the bed. As I did, he then brought oil and poured on my pussy and butt. He pushed his one finger inside my butthole and started fingering, and pushed his dick in my pussy.

He was making long and deep thrust and kept fingering my ass. After a few minutes, he told Wasim to hold and stretch my ass from both sides. As he did, Vikram entered another finger inside after spilling more oil. He kept fucking and fingering me simultaneously.

A few minutes later, Vikram pulled out his dick and told me to lie on my back and spread my legs apart. As I did, Amar and Wasim pulled and stretched my legs wider. Vikram pushed his fingers in my ass and started fingering again. This time he was faster.

Then Wasim rode on top of me, held my both hands against the bed, and pushed his dick in my mouth. Amar held my legs firmly. Moments later, Vikram pulled out his fingers, and Jay placed his dick on my asshole. Vikram started to rub my clit, and Jay pushed further.

In no time, his dick entered my virgin ass gently, but I could feel the invasion. But I was glad that it was Jay who did it. He pulled his dick till the end and then pushed again. He did it a few more times. Vikram kept rubbing my clit so that I don’t feel much pain.

Although I was in no position to say anything as my mouth was busy in sucking Wasim’s dick. After a few minutes, the pain felt less as I started to feel the pleasure. My legs were shaking, and I started to enjoy the feeling. Jay’s speed was increasing along with Wasim’s thrusts.

He even choked me a few times. Vikram pushed his finger in my pussy. Amar was pinching my nipples. All those pleasures were unbearable for me, so I started to release my juices. Vikram seemed happy to drink all of it. By each minute, my ass became more slippery, and Jay was fucking me pretty fast.

But he pulled out and told me to sit in the doggy style. As I did, he entered his dick in my asshole gently after pouring more oil in my ass. Then he started to maul my ass while giving me rhythmic thrusts from behind. His speed was increasing. I could feel it.

Then again, Vikram whispered something to Jay, and he pulled out his dick. Vikram asked Amar to lie down and then told me to sit on top of Amar. I understood what they want. I was excited and scared at the same time. But I was driven by the hormones.

I rode on top and held Amar’s cock and guided it in my pussy. Amar held my both boobs and started to chew and bite my nipples from below. Then Jay pushed the tip of his dick in my ass. I arched back but was caught by him. He wrapped his arms around me, held my boobs, and then pushed his dick further.

Now there were two cocks made their spaces within my body. I was in cloud 9.

I came right at that moment again, and my whole body started shaking. I might have lost track of a few seconds. But when I got back my senses, I saw Wasim and Vikram standing right near my face with their dicks saluting me. I leaned towards them and took their dicks in my both hands and started stroking.

While Amar and Jay started fucking me and in each, their speed was increasing. They fucked me for a continuous 5 minutes. Then Jay started slapping my ass hard. In a moment, he held my ass cheeks firmly and released his cum inside my ass. The first time in my life, I got my ass fucked and loaded with cum.

He pulled out and went to the washroom. Amar kept fucking me. Then Wasim and Vikram got down from the bed. They took a coin and then tossed for why I didn’t know yet. But I realized soon as I saw Vikram won and he came near my ass. Wasim again hopped on the bed and started mouth fucking me.

Vikram poured more oil in my ass and pushed his dick inside. The toss was about who will fuck my ass first.

He spanked my ass and said, “How are you enjoying my bitch?”

I said, “Very much, never had it before.”

He said, “Do you like being my bitch?”

I said, “I guess I do.”

He said, “I will give you more, this is the beginning.”

I replied, “I will wait.”

Jay came back and wore a pant. Then Amar suddenly held my boob and pulled me closer. He kissed my lips and held it with his teeth, and gave slower thrusts as he shot his cum inside my pussy. He emptied his load in me and then released his hold. Vikram pulled out.

I got up from the bed and went to the washroom to clean their cums from both my holes. Amar came behind me and slapped my ass. I cleaned myself and came into the room. Wasim and Vikram were talking about something. Jay started to drink beer again.

I looked at Vikram, and he told me to wait in the dining. Then Amar came back and went to the room. Vikram and Wasim came out and asked me if I will take a shower after all this is done. I nodded. They locked the door from outside, took me in the bathroom, and opened the shower.

All 3 of us were drenching under the shower. Vikram held my face and kissed me while I felt Wasim’s hand touching my butt. Vikram said, “You ready to be treated like a bitch?” and slapped hard. I was shocked as I didn’t expect a slap but said yes.

He then held my hair and forced me to kneel. He shoved his dick in mouth and pushed till it hit my throat. I was completely choked. He slapped my cheeks while Wasim slapped my boobs and ass. Vikram pulled out and turned my head to Wasim. He pushed his dick in my mouth and held my head against his crotch.

A few seconds later, he released me, and Vikram pulled me up by the hair. He lifted my right leg and held it up. Wasim from my back placed his dick in my ass, and pushed it further. Then Vikram shoved his dick in my pussy. They both started fucking me. Both their dicks were in and out of my holes alternatively.

Within 5 minutes, I reached another orgasm. I started screaming and moaning. As my juices were oozing out of my pussy, it made sounds of rhythmic fuck. I felt two hammers were tearing my insides. As much as I felt the pain, I started screaming more and more, and it made them more excited.

They started slapping me everywhere; my cheeks, my boobs, my ass. My fair skin turned red along with their handprints. Then Vikram turned me to Wasim again. He lifted me and pushed his dick in my pussy and started fucking me while I was hanging.

After a minute or so, he stopped, and Vikram pushed his dick in my ass. For support, I held both their necks, and they started pumping me. I guess they got a little tired, so I started jumping on their dicks.

A few minutes later, they got me down. Wasim shoved his dick in my ass and pulled my hair from behind. He started fucking me mercilessly. Vikram started sucking my boobs. He bit my nipples and made it bloody red. Then suddenly, Wasim left my hair and held my butt firmly and kept fucking.

Within minutes he released his load in my ass. But he kept fucking until each drop of his cum got out of his system. He pulled out his dick from my ass, and his cum started dripping out. I moved ass under the shower and cleaned it. Then Wasim cleaned himself and went out.

Vikram winked at me and then slapped me again. He turned me and held my face against the wall. Then he pushed his dick in my ass. Then he pulled out totally and pushed it back again. He kept doing it for a few times. He pulled my arms and pressed it with one hand against my back and slapped my ass a few times.

He even bit my ass cheeks and left bite marks. I screamed while he bit me. Then he shoved his dick and started fucking. He was making long and deep thrusts. On the other hand, he kept slapping my boobs and sometimes pinching my nipples. He kept fucking me like that for more than 5 minutes.

Then suddenly pulled my hair and made my face towards the falling water. I guess I drank a little water then. Then he put his hands on my neck and started pressing my windpipe. He was choking me deliberately. After a few minutes, he pulled out and forced me to kneel on the ground.

He pushed his dick inside my mouth and started fucking. Within minutes he flooded my mouth with his cum. He pressed my nose, and to get more air, I opened my mouth and had to swallow his cum. He then slapped my cheeks again and told me to stand up.

He said, “From today I am your master, and you are my sex slave. I will tell you to come when you are free. Don’t worry, I will not ask you to come alone. You will come with Jay. But when and where, I will let you know. It’s not like I will disrespect you. But when you are with me, you are my whore, and you will do whatever I ask you. If you disobey, I will punish you. Is that clear, bitch?’

I replied, “Ok, master, whatever you say,” with a funny but mysterious smile.

Then Vikram cleaned himself and went out. I locked the door of the bathroom. I started enjoying the water falling on my body and kept thinking. Am I really a slut, or it’s just a part of me? After 10 minutes, I got out too and entered the room.

I saw Amar was sleeping, and Wasim was almost sleeping. Vikram and Jay were talking. Vikram had a glass of whiskey in his hand. I looked at the wall clock, and it was 4.15 am. I told them to give me a drink. Vikram made a drink and handed the glass to me.

I drank and hopped on the bed after wearing my bra and panty. We 3 started chatting, but I was tired and dozed off.

Jay woke me up and told me its 6.00 am. I was still feeling sleepy, but I got down. I saw Vikram was still awake and playing on his phone. I cleaned my face and brushed my teeth with a finger. Then I got dressed. Jay was already dressed.

After a few minutes, Vikram also got dressed. Around 7.00 am, he dropped us near the station. We got back home at around 8.30 in the morning. Then we slept at my house till noon.

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