Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-5

Induja Nair, Mrs. Nair’s sister-in-law, gave in to Prof Jayant’s advances and both of them made out in the penthouse while Mrs. Nair was in Baba Sadachari’s ashram. Aamir, the 18-year-old son of Junaid Khan, who had a crush on his teacher Induja, witnessed her in bed with Prof Jayant and was filled up with rage. Aamir was escorting Mrs. Nair home when it started to rain.


Mrs. Nair and Aamir were rushing to the penthouse of Sex Apartment while it rained and by the time they reached her floor, they were drenched. Mrs. Nair quickly opened the house door and both of them stepped in. Induja wasn’t at home. Aamir felt angry again as he realized that Induja had asked him to bring Mrs. Nair home only so that she and Prof Jayant could escape.

“Phew! Come here, let me dry you before you catch a cold.” said Mrs. Nair brought a towel from her room.

Mrs. Nair vigorously rubbed his hair with the towel, in the process her entire body was shaking including her mammoth boobs. Aamir, who was sitting on a chair while she dried his hair, had his face not only parallel to her boobs but also extremely close. He didn’t know whether Mrs. Nair was aware that her boobs were nearly visible under the wet blouse. Aamir could easily make out the size and color of her nipples. He smiled as he watched those tits bounce and shake right in front of his face for some more time and then Mrs. Nair asked him to remove his wet shirt.

“We don’t have any men’s clothes, so just wait for your clothes to dry dear,” she said with a smile.

Aamir smiled back and removed his shirt and pant too making Mrs. Nair turn away in embarrassment. She mumbled something about changing her clothes and walked towards her bedroom and Aamir’s eyes followed her curvy body under the wet saree. The swaying ass drove him crazy so as soon as she went into the room, he tiptoed to the bedroom door, knelt there and peeped into the room through the key hole. She had left the door ajar but the keyhole was safer to spy.

Mrs. Nair was undressing inside. She had taken the pallu off, revealing the round shapely boobs behind the wet blouse through which her boobs were clearly visible. Aamir’s hand subconsciously reached for his penis and he felt it harden as Mrs. Nair finally rolled and pulled off her entire saree. She was now only in the blouse and petticoat.

“C’mon Mrs. Nair, show me those massive mallu melons!” whispered Aamir.

It was as if Mrs. Nair had heard his plea. She looked down at her boobs, used both hands to unclasp the hooks in front and opened it wide, revealing her huge round breasts. She hadn’t worn a bra for the ashram visit which made him wonder what her intention had been. Then Mrs. Nair undid the knot of her petticoat which dropped to the floor revealing her meaty thighs and the black panty against the white skin.

She stepped out of the petticoat and finally bent forward to pull her panty down which made her breasts hang in front of her and they looked so perfect that Aamir finally became rock hard. He had been a fool, pursuing Induja ma’am while such a sex-bomb existed right under his nose.

“I’m going in! If I don’t fuck this mallu MILF tonight, I never will,” thought Aamir as he removed his own underwear and walked towards the mains. His plan was simple and he hoped the silly excuse would work.

He turned the power off and then there was a rumble of thunder, which made Mrs. Nair shriek inside the room.Aamir rushed into her room in the dark, his plan was to pretend he was afraid of the dark but her scream had made him improvise. It was pitch black inside but Aamir knew exactly where Mrs. Nair was standing. He slowly walked towards her with his hands outstretched like a blind man.

“Aunty are you alright?”

“Aamir? I’m sorry I was just shocked by the sudden darkness,” said Mrs. Nair and he followed her voice to reach her.

Aamir’s hands touched her boobs as he had intended.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Nair, It’s dark. I didn’t know you were naked,” apologized Aamir.

“It’s ok Aamir…” whispered Mrs. Nair. For a second when his cold hand had touched her large breast, she had felt a sudden thrill. Something that she had not felt in a long time, the touch of a man on her body. The boy reminded her of Rahul, the peeping tom she had caught and seduced. Aamir was younger, someone who had become an adult quite recently. And like other boys, he must have an affinity for MILFs. Mrs. Nair shook her head in disbelief.

“Baba has been teaching me self-control for so long, I can’t give in this easily,” she thought and stretched her arms out to touch Aamir and make him move out of the room.

The moment her hand touched his body, she realized he was naked. And before she could help it, her hand automatically went down to confirm if he had his underwear or not and inevitably touched his rock hard dick. The feeling of holding a fully erect dick in his small and soft hands sent a shiver across Mrs. Nair’s body. Aamir too couldn’t believe his luck, a MILF like Mrs. Nair holding his dick was a dream come true.

“Aamir, why are you naked?” she asked softly.

“My underwear was wet too aunty so I removed it,” explained Aamir. Her hand was still holding his hard dick. It was as if someone had glued it to her hand. “And I’m sorry, after touching you accidentally; I couldn’t help but be hard.”

Aamir moved closer. Mrs. Nair finally took her hand off his penis.

“I’m feeling too cold aunty, please help me,” he whispered and put his arms around her shoulders.

“Aamir…I’m not sure if this is the right way!”

“Don’t worry aunty, no one is here to judge us, we’re just helping each other,” he said and he hugged her. Her breasts crushed between them and his lips were on her neck. Mrs. Nair was finally feeling the warmth of the young boy’s body in the chilly atmosphere and hence, after months of being alone and reserved, even after learning self-control from Baba, Mrs. Nair felt all her defenses crash.

“Close the door, Aamir, we don’t want Induja to disturb us if she returns,” whispered Mrs. Nair and Aamir couldn’t believe his ears.

Rashmi, Gautam’s sister in law, was working late in her office. Most of the employees had gone home. Still seated at her desk, she was typing away furiously. The work she had been assigned wasn’t complete, it was not even done halfway and she was supposed to submit it a few hours earlier. The make-out sessions with her Jiju at her home always distracted and tired her out so she could never work at home.

Rashmi was wearing a white shirt, which failed to hide the color (black) and shape of her bra and a black skirt that hardly covered her thighs. Top two buttons of her shirt were open which enticed men in the office with a view of her cleavage. She continued to type on the laptop when she heard her phone ring. It was Mr. Dutt, her boss. It was to him she was supposed to submit the assignment and her hands trembled as she picked up the phone.

“In my office. Now!” said Mr. Dutt in a cold voice.

Rashmi flinched at his command and miserably got up. She didn’t know that the boss was in the office too. He had been probably watching her all day through the CCTV. As she exited the elevator on the boss’ floor, she had a slight stumble but she moved and slowly reached his office. Even before she could knock, he said:

“Come in!”

Rashmi walked in nervous. Her head was down in shame and fear as she faced him. Mr. Dutt was seated behind his desk in the large office. He was in formal attire, suit, and pants. He had long brown hair, a thick beard, and large square glasses. He looked too damn intimidating as he watched her with his hands together on the desk.

“Well Rashmi, where is the assignment?” he asked in the same cold but calm voice.

“Sir..I-I…it’s not yet done,” she managed to say.

Mr. Dutt looked at her silently for two full minutes. The pressure and anxiousness that built up inside her were something she could not describe.

“You’re fired!” he said simply without any emotion.

“Please sir give me another chance,” pleaded Rashmi and she walked towards his chair. She stood behind the desk with him, inches away from him. Mr. Dutt was for a moment distracted by her cleavage when she bent with her hands together, begging him not to fire her. His penis twitched in his pants.

“Miss Rashmi, do you remember how long you had to wait before we gave you a chance?” he asked. He was still seated on the chair with his legs crossed and fingers together near his chin.

“Six months sir,” replied Rashmi.

“Yes, you waited because no one else was giving you a job,” continued Mr. Dutt. “Then I decided to give you a chance and let you work in the most reputed company in the city. And what do I get for that? Violated deadlines, incomplete work and distracting employees with your slutty fashion sense.”

He added the last line by pointing his finger at her cleavage. Rashmi looked down and looked back at him.

“If I fire you now, do you know what happens?” asked Mr. Dutt.

“I will not get a job anywhere else,” replied Rashmi. It was true, no one would hire her after being fired only after working few weeks in the office.

“How desperate are you for this job?”

“I can do anything, sir, anything to make up for my mistakes,” she said.

“Be careful what you say Miss Rashmi,” warned Mr. Dutt, “‘anything’ is a strong word.”

“I mean it, sir,” replied Rashmi.

“Ok then, here’s what you’re gonna do,” began Mr. Dutt as he turned his chair sideways and spread his legs. “You’re gonna give me the best blowjob of my life.”

Mrs. Nair and Aamir were lying on the bed hugging each other against the cold. Mrs. Nair was rubbing her hand against Aamir’s skin and he was doing the same against her back. His hand touched her all the way down to her ass and it sent a chill down Mrs. Nair’s spine. In the dark, her nipples were erect and her vagina was moist.

“You’re too beautiful aunty,” confessed Aamir.

“Oh you’re just saying that…,” said Mrs. Nair as she blushed and smiled.

“No, from the moment I saw you. I fell in love. I always wanted to touch you, kiss you,” he said. “I just can’t believe this is really happening.”

“Is that why you’re afraid to take things forward? She asked with a smile. Aamir and Mrs. Nair had been lying facing each other on bed but he hadn’t done anything but run his hands on her back. He was definitely not sure whether he should proceed. Mrs. Nair understood that she had to put him at ease, which meant that she had to take the first step.

Aamir was awestruck. He couldn’t believe his luck. Lying naked with a sexy MILF was something he could have only dreamt. Now the dream had come true. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness and he could see her clearly due to the little light coming from the windows. He shaped large boobs were out on display, beckoning him to grab them and squeeze, the dark nipples calling for him to suck and bite.

Her perfect and curvy body was ready to be taken but he didn’t know why he was shivering with fear.

“Come close.” Whispered Mrs. Nair and moved her head closer on the pillow towards his. Her face was only inches from his now and he froze. His heart was pounding as he felt her hot breath on his lips before she placed them on it. Their eyes closed as they kissed for the first time and Mrs. Nair applied gentle pressure from her lips and sucked it. The sweet and tiny sound made by the kiss turned out to be the icebreaker for Aamir as he felt the adrenaline pump inside him.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” laughed Mrs. Nair as she felt his muscly arms go all around her and turn her swiftly on the bed.She was locked in his arms and his entire body was on top of her.

Aamir’s head moved enthusiastically as he kissed her, not passionately, but wildly. Like a hungry beast feasting on meat. Mrs. Nair’s mouth was completely inside his mouth and she lay under him motionless, letting him do what he wanted. Her lips shaped into an O and Aamir kept sucking them on and on, consuming all the lipstick and saliva.

Aamir’s hands too came to life and while he continued kissing, his hands reached for her breasts and grabbed one.He squeezed it hard, feeling the tenderness of her large melons and then used his thumb and index finger to pinch her nipple.

“Ahhh….” Moaned Mrs. Nair when he broke the kiss and pinched her nipples harder.

“You like that aunty?” asked Aamir.

“Yes dear”, she said with a smile so enticing that he couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss her few more times, loudly. Aamir poked his tongue out and their tongues played with each other for some time before he licked his way from her neck to the breasts. He held her breasts from either side and gave a strong squeeze, which made Mrs. Nair squeal.

“Not so hard dear, they need a gentle touch,” she said.

Aamir smiled and held them in the same squeezed-up position and licked. She smiled back as she felt his saliva make her skin cold. He placed his body directly above and started sucking her melons hard. Aamir held one breast in his mouth and sucked on and on watching her as he did so, he breasts bounced as he switched from one to another. After sucking, he held it close and put her erect nipple between his teeth. Mrs. Nair laughed and playfully hit him to let her nipple go. He rose and just played with the breasts, making them bounce under his fingers.

“Put it in darling,” requested Mrs. Nair pointing at Aamir’s rock hard penis, which had been poking her navel for some time. Aamir looked at her with uncertainty. This was it; there would be no going back from this so he was afraid. He looked down at his erect penis and held its base. He wanted it, he wanted to fuck a MILF all his life. Now was his chance so he decided to do it. With a wet sound, his penis slipped into her pussy.

Rashmi was kneeling in front of Mr. Dutt, holding the base of his penis. Both of them were dressed, only his erect penis was out of his zip. She was staring at it for some time, this was the difference between her getting fired and retaining her job: a penis she needed to suck.

“Go on Rashmi, we don’t have all day,” said Mr. Dutt.

Rashmi gulped, closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and took his penis completely inside her mouth. She took it only halfway in, her tongue touched his penis inside her mouth and his penis head was hitting the roof of her mouth. She slowly started the up and down motion, feeling his rock hard penis scrape against her soft inner mouth. She let it out of her mouth and it was covered completely in her saliva. She tilted her head sideways, let her tongue out completely and licked from base to top.

“Good girl! You do know how to give a good blowjob unlike your silly colleagues,” said Mr. Dutt who was leaning back in his chair enjoying every bit of it.

Rashmi tilted her head to the other side and did the same bottom to top slow lick. Then she opened her mouth wide and once again took his penis in. She took it halfway in but before she could pull back Mr. Dutt grabbed her hair and forced her to take it completely in.

“Hmph Hmph,” cried out Rashmi through her nose as she did the deep throat and when he let her take it out she was short of breath.

“Not used to deep throat honey?” he asked.

Rashmi shook her head.

“Just imagine it’s jiju and finish this off Rashmi,” she thought and plunged his penis right back into her mouth.

This time Mr. Dutt didn’t have to do anything, Rashmi took it deep herself. Her nose was touching his pubic hair as she did the deep throat again. It was slightly smelly there but in a way, it was arousing for her. Her tongue rolled over his penis inside her mouth for some time and she pulled out.

Rashmi stroked his penis for some more time and started giving a fast blowjob. Her head moving up and down in great pace. Mr. Dutt. had expected her to be another naive girl who hated giving blowjobs but this one was something else. She was sucking him off like a porn star. He felt himself reaching the peak when she looked directly into his eyes while sucking his balls, playing with them in her mouth.

Mr. Dutt didn’t know what came over him after seeing her like that. He stood up, grabbed her face and literally started fucking her mouth. Rashmi’s eyes were wide open as she felt his penis go in and out of her mouth with such great force and pace. Finally, Mr. Dutt held her head against his crotch, her face pressing against his lower belly and unloaded all his semen down her throat.

“Congratulations Rashmi, you not only saved your job but also earned yourself a promotion,” said a cheerful Mr. Dutt as he wiped his penis with tissues. Rashmi was clearing her throat where she could feel his sticky semen.

“You’ll be my personal secretary from now on,” said Mr. Dutt and he smooched her.

Mrs. Nair and Aamir were fucking in missionary style as it was his first time and that felt basic. Her breasts were crushed between their bodies and her hands were on his back, scratching him as she felt pleasure like this after a very long time.

Aamir’s lower body was rising and slamming against her lower body with loud sounds. Initially, it had been difficult for him as he was inexperienced and his penis kept slipping out. However, some soothing words from Mrs. Nair, a kiss or two of encouragement and some slow fucking helped him calm down and steady his movement.

As he fucked her as hard as possible, over Mrs. Nair’s loud moans, the sound of his thighs slamming against hers, which sounded something like FUT-FUT-FUT kept growing louder.

“Ahhhhh Aamir! Fuck me! Fuck me harder dear,” cried out Mrs. Nair. “Fuck me like no one ever has, Ohhhhhhh…..I missed this so much.”

Aamir clamped his mouth on hers and her moans were muffled. Her boobs were bouncing upwards each time his penis went inside her pussy and he couldn’t help but grab and squeeze them while continued fucking her.

Soon he could feel his balls raging; it was too soon, he wanted to fuck her for hours more.

“Aunty I’m cumming…”

“It’s alright dear, fill my pussy. It’s the first week of my period cycle so it won’t be a problem,” assured Mrs. Nair.

Mrs. Nair’s smile slowly was replaced by a grimace as his pace increased greatly. The bed under them creaked and shook dangerously as her heavy body moved under his powerful thrusts. Aamir felt hot semen rise and before he could control it, everything was sprayed inside her pussy. Mrs. Nair gasped as she felt warm seed fill up inside her pussy. A feeling she had long forgotten.

Mrs. Nair smiled at Aamir, kissed him a couple of times and both of them got off the bed. Outside their bedroom door, Induja Nair smirked and hid as she watched Aamir walk out of Mrs. Nair’s room. She didn’t have to worry about Mrs. Nair anymore because she too had a leverage now.

Gautam was pissed. He had waited all day in Rashmi’s room for her to return and make out with him but she had not. It had been a half day for him too so he was hoping to fuck her while his wife was busy tending to Mr. Khan. When she failed to show up, he decided to leave and on his way, passed the Khan family’s floor. It was quiet in there, what was his wife up to? Was she in bed with Junaid already? Were they in bed all day, laughing at her useless husband? In his mind, he saw Juanid unloading all his semen on her beautiful face, smearing the sindoor as it did so.

Gautam walked away in anger, sub-consciously adjusting his crotch that felt tight all of a sudden.

To be continued.


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