Best Birthday Gift

My family consists of my divorced mom and me, we lived in our 2 BHK house. My mom’s name is Banumathi and she is 48 years old now. She works as a teacher in a private school near our house. She is one of the beautiful women in the world.

She is a little dusky in color. She is kind to everyone and everyone loves her for her kindness. She normally wears sarees and occasionally churidars and mostly nightie in the house. I admired my mom since my childhood. But I don’t know when it turned into lust or love.

During the last stage of my teenage (I was 19 years old then), I started to like my mom differently. I mean, I started to think of her as my girlfriend. That was usual for mom and son. But soon after, I got the knowledge of masturbation. I started to masturbate thinking her, and then I found I had a lust for my mother.

Though I masturbate thinking other girls from my college and professors or random aunties, I never enjoyed like when I masturbate thinking my mom. This tempted me to fuck my mom in real at least once. I started to plan, but I was afraid to execute what I planned.

4 years have passed and still. I was planning to fuck her and masturbating, thinking her. It was my 23rd birthday, my mom has prepared my favorite dishes. I enjoyed my birthday with my mom, I laid on her laps and she was feeding me, sweets. I asked my mom,

Me: Where is my birthday gift, mom?

She presented me with a watch. I told her

Me: I don’t want this gift.

Mom: Then what do you want.

With some fear, I said, “I want you, mom.” She laughed and said, “I am always your mom.” Again I said, “Not like that mom, I want you in my bed.” She was shocked and slapped me hard.

Mom: How dare you to talk like this? Are you mad? Are you not ashamed to ask your mom like this?

Me: I don’t know how this started. But I am masturbating thinking of you. Daily I fuck you in my dreams. I want that to happen in real.

She was shocked and was beating me like hell and was crying after hearing this. I tried to touch her. But she got up and went to her room and closed the door. That night, she came to my room, she told me.

Mom: I can understand you, Rahul. This may happen with boys of your age. But it is wrong and it is a sin. Please forget everything and be a good son to me. I will forgive all your mistakes.

She advised me like this. But, my mind had only one thing, I have to fuck her in real.

Me: Ok, mom, I will leave everything, but on a condition. Today is my birthday and I need a special gift from you and that is you. Just only one time, I will forget and leave everything and will be your good son forever.

We had a heated argument. Finally, she said, “Do whatever you want,” in anger.

Me: Ok, mom, I will take this as a green signal.

She just nodded her head and I can see tears on her eyes. I know if she enjoys this session, she will be happy and will allow me to fuck her after that. I moved closer to her, hugged her tight. I placed my lips on her soft juicy lips. She turned her face and our kiss broke and her tears wear rolling down.

I turned her face and caught it with my hands. I kissed and sucked her lips for 15 minutes. She didn’t respond, but I never cared. I pressed her left boobs, she slapped me hard and pushed me. I pulled her toward me and pressed her both boobs.

I pulled down her golden color saree. I can see her boobs were packed inside a golden color blouse. I kissed her cleavage and pressed her boobs and started to unbutton her blouse. She was crying to leave her.

“But just one time as accepted,” I told her. She then, at last, switched off the light. I switched off the lights and pushed her on the bed and raised her saree and petticoat above her knee. I touched her thighs, she shivered. Now I unbuttoned her blouse and she had her black bra.

I pulled her petticoat along with her saree and took off her bra. I too became nude. But due to darkness, I was not able to see her nude body. But that’s ok. I sucked her boobs one by one and crushed her other boobs while sucking. She was moaning heavily.

I pressed her hips and massaged it along with her boobs. Licked her navel and she had a shock was passed to her body, and finally, the reached her pussy, I can feel her dense pubic hairs and she is wet down there. I touched her pussy, she shivered.

I spread her legs apart and started to insert my fingers inside her pussy. She was moaning with a loud sound and was enjoying it. I licked her pussy juice and pussy walls, and tongue fucked her. Then I rubbed my hard dick on her pussy lips and inserted it into her pussy.

I fucked her for 30 minutes and ejaculated into her pussy. After 30 minutes, I made her sit on my dick and made her fuck me. I was pressing her boobs and her hands were resting on my chest.

We fucked for 40 minutes, and I ejaculated into her pussy. She fell on my chest and kissed me, and laid beside me facing the ceiling.

Me: I think you too enjoyed this, mom.

Mom: Yeah, kind of, I had sex after 23 years. I never had sex after you formed in my uterus.

I touched her pussy now, she turned towards me.

Mom: Still, my son is not satisfied?

Me: Yeah, are you ready?

Mom: Hmmm, ok.

Again we started to fuck and I don’t know when we slept. The next morning when I wake up we were nude and she was sleeping hugging me. When she woke up, she found she was nude and covered herself with the blanket. She took her pink color petticoat and tied it till her boobs.

Me: Take it, mom, I want to see you.

Mom: No, I can’t. I feel shy.

She moved towards the bathroom and I followed her hugged from her back,

Mom: Leave me, Rahul, I want to pee.

Me: Even I want to pee, just do it on me

Mom: What?

Me: Pee on me

Mom: Chee! Yuck!

I made her pee on me. I took a shower on her urine and drank some of it and I peed on her. I again fucked her in the bathtub. And we enjoy sex every day. She shifted her room to my room and we sleep on the same bed and take a bath together.

We fucked in open forest and open terrace many times. I made her pregnant 6 times in 2 years and I married her. Finally, we have a son now and we all settled in the US.

I hope you liked the best birthday gift that I received.

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