Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-4

A certain Baba Sadachari has come to help people cleanse their body and souls off sexual desires and impurity; invited by Mrs. Nair, he lived in a neighbouring society. Meanwhile, the other residents of Sex Apartment were busy copulating, like Gautam who was continuing an affair with his own sister in law Rashmi, his wife Kiran making out with an elderly Mr. Khan, and two lovebirds Seema and Irfan too had lost their virginities. Mrs. Nair’s sister-in- law, Induja Nair (whose husband was in Gulf) had had a date and felt so connected to Prof Jayant that she had invited him into her home.


“Chechi?” called out Induja as she entered the penthouse with Prof Jayant.

Mrs. Nair did not respond which meant that she was probably at Baba Sadachari’s Ashram in the other society. Induja closed the door behind them and dropped her handbag on the table. She turned to talk to Prof Jayant who seemed to be in some sort of hurry. He put his arms around her and gave her a tight hug and a kiss on her neck.

“Chechi is not at home, just stay quiet during your stay in my bedroom and we’ll manage to enjoy without disturbance. We don’t want her to catch her brother’s wife in bed with another man,” whispered Induja into his ear and they parted slightly to look at each other. Induja could not help but smile at his excited expression and her smile made Prof Jayant lean forward and plant a wet kiss on her lips.

Induja’s smile vanished and the feelings of joy inside here were replaced with that of lust and passion. Her body had not had a man since her husband had departed. As Prof Jayant’s thin and dark lips touched her red ones, her heart rate increased, breathing became heavy. It started with several small pecks on the lips, then a long and loud smooch and after that, she started kissing back ferociously. Like a starved person who wolfs away all the food, she was eating away Prof Jayant’s mouth.

Prof Jayant could not believe his luck. The hottest teacher of his college was making out with him with such passion. During the kiss, every time she pulled back to relax or breathe, he leaned forward and sucked at her lips before she could start dominating again. They were going wild in the hallway, kissing intensely and loudly. Soon Prof Jayant felt his back smack against a wall as Induja pushed him, held his hands against the wall and kissed him even more intensely.

This continued for some time and then she took him inside her bedroom and ripped his shirt open. Prof Jayant watched in awe, the nice, shy and sometimes strict mathematics teacher Induja was a wild animal in bed, who could have thought. She pulled his shirt away and started kissing his neck and chest. Prof Jayant threw her pallu out of the way and unhooked the blouse. He pulled her blouse off and the sight of her boobs, under the black bra made him go crazy.

“Induja, you have such lovely pair,” he said.

Her breasts were of the perfect size, neither too huge nor too small, perfectly round, in shape and enticing. Prof Jayant cupped them both with his hands and squeezed them hard making Induja pause the kissing and gasp. His hands squeezed them more and then went around the back. He unhooked the straps and slowly took off her bra and fell in love with those perfect boobs. The colour of her nipple was attractively dark against the fair skin.

“Don’t squeeze too hard sir…” said Induja as he pinched and squeezed her ample bosom.

Prof Jayant pinned her against the wall and held her hands with his as he started sucking her awesome boobs. He licked around the nipple, circling his tongue, which made the nipple erect and Induja gasp. After circling it her sucked it hard and then moved to the other breast to do the same. Induja was enjoying every second of this as she missed the feeling of a man eating away her melons.

“Always wanted to feast on these beauties….mmmm….” said Prof Jayant as he took her hands off hers and squeezed both the breasts together. The nipples were now close and he licked them enthusiastically.

“So you had you dirty eyes on me ever since I joined eh?” she asked with a smile.

Prof Jayant bit her nipples making her cry aloud.

“Yes, and now you’re mine!”

Saying that Prof Jayant rolled the saree off her and there she stood naked. It was bright in the room and Induja felt slightly ashamed. Her hand subconsciously tried to hide her pussy but he would not have it. Prof Jayant was looking at her in amazement; she looked like a painting that had come alive. He pushed her and she fell back on the bed with her boobs bouncing as she did. The sight of the sexy naked mallu woman made him hop in like a hungry beast.

Mrs. Nair was sitting on a mat with other people in Baba Sadachari’s ashram. He was about to finish talking about the ill results of giving in to your temptations.

“…when you surrender to lust, you not only corrupt and defile yourselves, you also destroy the lives of another you loves you, your children, who get influenced by you and the rest who follow you. At the cost of what? Few hours, weeks or months of pleasure? “

Most elders sitting there nodded and agreed with him, while the young men and women who had either come to just accompany their parents or to get treatment for some physical ailment, simply scoffed in their minds or ignored him.

“If you do not believe me, I request you to talk to Mr. Naidu here,” said Baba gesturing at a man next to him, “he once gave into temptation and had an affair. He thought he would have some fun and it would be over. Then his wife found out and she committed suicide, the children had to grow up without their mothers. There is another example of Mrs. Joshi, who started the practise of wife swapping in her society. Jealousy replaced lust soon enough and her husband threw her out. Both of them and many others sought shelter with us and now they’ve all learned self-control.”

“So think and decide for yourself, whether you want temporary pleasures or a lifetime of peace and happiness. That’s all for today my brothers and sisters,” said Baba as he rose to his feet. “People, who need ayurvedic treatment or simple yoga, please go to your right and consult my friend Kishorilal, and those who want to work on spirituality and self-control follow me.”

Mrs. Nair immediately followed him to the back of the ashram where some others joined her. She had been attending these meeting ever since the Baba had started this ashram here had felt peaceful with the meditations Baba had taught her. She was no longer felt tempted by temptations of life, now she thought she could spend the rest of her life in purity and with peace.

In Mrs. Nair’s penthouse, Prof Jayant was on top of Induja Nair. He was feasting on her breasts while her hands were on his head, her fingers pulling his hair whenever he excited her too much by licking or biting her nipples. His penis was touching her vagina but it was not inside yet.

The phone on the bedside table started ringing.

“Who is it?” asked Prof Jayant.

“Ajay, my husband…” said Induja.

“Don’t answer,” suggested Prof Jayant.

“No,” said Induja as she raised a finger to answer the call. “I want this, just fuck me as hard as you can while we talk alright?”

Saying that she held his penis and inserted it inside her vagina. They were in missionary position.

“Are you crazy?” he asked but Induja had picked the call already.

“Hello Ajayetta, how are you?” she said pleasantly.

“I’m fine, what happened? You sound too happy,” Ajay asked over the phone.

“Something happened… (heavy breathing) ah!,” moaned Induja.

Prof Jayant had just given a powerful push, her boobs bounced under him and he started sucking them. He now understood her intentions. She wanted to punish her husband indirectly by fucking another man while she talked to him. It was too exciting for him, watching Induja play with her husband while he drilled her sweet pussy.

“What was that? What happened?” he asked with a hint of worry in his tone. Induja was enjoying it.

“(Heavy breathing)….it’s…hmm…secret… (heavy breathing),” she said with a smile.

Prof Jayant’s face was only a few centimetres away from her lips as she spoke to her husband. The phone itself was so close he was surprised Ajay could not hear his own heavy breathing as he fucked Induja. He then chose the moment to lock lips with her. Induja was taken back but she recovered and kissed back.

“Please tell me, darling….Indu? You there?”

Prof Jayant was not letting go off her lips and Induja was playfully hitting him to let her go. His lips were glued to hers and even when she moved her head left and right his head followed her and didn’t let her talk back to her husband.

“Indu? What happened?” her husband asked anxiously.

With a loud sound, Induja broke the kiss and hurriedly replied.

“Sorry, the network is weak, why don’t you call later tonight?” she said as Prof Jayant giggled silently.

“Hmm…fine,” said Ajay and he ended the call. Hundreds of miles away in his home, he frowned and wondered whether the sound he had heard before the call ended was that of a kiss.

“Are you mad?” laughed Induja as she again hit him gently and playfully.

Prof Jayant was kneeling now on the bed, and as he prepared to reply, he made her turn around and show her ass to him. She was flat on her stomach and Prof Jayant right above her. He held the base of his penis and was about to enter when he replied.

“Admit it, you enjoyed that!” he said and shoved his penis right in.

“Ow!” cried Induja. She felt his penis struggle to go in, as her legs were straight and together making the vagina tighter. It was a bit of a squeeze but it only increased the fun.

“Yes, I loved it,” she admitted as the penis went completely in and started the back and forth motion. The journey of his penis in and out of her vagina was not smooth. And surprisingly for both of them, this was a boon as Prof Jayant enjoyed a tighter pussy and Induja felt every nerve in her stimulate. Soon he picked up the pace and his groin slammed against her soft well-sized ass.

“Ahhhhh…. slow down sir…. it’s getting painful,” said Induja.

“No way! This is the best feeling I’ve had in years,” he replied and bent over her. His pace increased slightly.

Induja could not bear the mixed feeling of pleasure and pain; she bit the pillow under her face and screamed into it. This went on for some time until someone rang the doorbell and Induja’s heart skipped a beat. She immediately jumped off the bed, grabbed the nearest pyjama she could find and covered her top with a cloth she found lying around. She closed the door behind her to hide Prof Jayant from Mrs. Nair in case it was her to had come knocking. She opened the door to find someone else.

“Hello Induja ma’am!”

Aamir said that and then froze, Induja was only in a pyjama and a cloth covering her top, he could see most of the naked skin on top except where it mattered: her breasts were completely covered. As soon as she realised it was him, she hid her body behind the door.

“Sorry! Bad time?” asked Aamir.

“Not at all, how can I help you?”

“I err…you know how bad I’m in maths, I was hoping you could help me by giving me tuitions,” said Aamir.

“Erma…can this talk wait? Are you free later?

“No, Dad is taking me out. I decided to finish this now.”

“OK, I need some time, something going on here. Can you do me a favour in the meantime? Mrs. Nair is in Baba Sadachari’s Ashram. Can you please ask her to come home?” asked Induja.

“Sure, I’ll be right back,” said Aamir.

Induja closed the door and Aamir took a deep breath. He could not believe his eyes, Induja ma’am naked and so close yet he could not do anything. Her image was still in his mind, the fair exposed skin was asking for a touch, he wanted to see more so he knelt outside the door and peeped through the keyhole and what he saw made his jaw drop.

Inside, Induja ma’am opened another door of a bedroom where he could see none other than his own Professor Jayant lying on the bed. She just walked into the room, the cloth she had used to cover herself when she talked to Aamir dropped on the floor and for a fraction of a second, and he caught a glimpse of her naked ass (when she bent down and removed her pyjama) before Induja closed the bedroom door too.

“We need to finish this quick, Mrs. Nair will be here in less than fifteen minutes with that boy,” said Induja as she climbed into the bed again.

“More than enough time for us baby,” replied Prof Jayant and the two resumed their lovemaking.

Aamir swore loudly and regretted it. He ran away before Induja could come out and investigate the source of the noise. As he crossed the gate of Sex Apartment, he kicked away a large stone on the road in frustration, instantly regretting that too as a sharp pain rose in his toe.

“Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Fucking that asshole Jayant when I was always available for her! Screamed Aamir as he crossed the road towards the other society. “I’m so gonna screw that bastard for fucking my Induja. This is the worst day of my life!”

Aamir fumed for some more time as the atmosphere turned darker under the heavy storm clouds and he entered the ashram. A slight drizzle followed which cooled him down and he started looking for Mrs. Nair.

In the penthouse, Induja was in woman on top position over Prof Jayant. Her hands resting on his fat belly and sometimes rubbing his hairy chest.

“Finish it fast, he’ll be back with chechi soon,” said Induja as she moved her body up and down with her eyes closed.

Induja’s boobs were bouncing as she continued riding him. Prof Jayant raised his hands and grabbed them both. He squeezed it hard and Induja’s hands went straight up to her hair. She grabbed her head, as she could not control the feeling that was generating from the fuck. The sight of this beauty riding him was making his balls tremble. He was not great in sex and was worried that he would cum too soon and never get a chance with her again.

Induja was not slowing down though. With each passing minute, not only her pace but also her breathing speed increased. With one hand, she pushed her tit and started licking it and with another, she started rubbing her clit. All of this along with riding Prof Jayant at a good pace. The sight was too much for him and he felt his balls lose control.

“Come here Indu!”

Prof Jayant pulled her down and hugged her tight. His lower body was slamming upwards with great force and Induja felt she was close to an orgasm. His pace was unbelievably fast and her moans were muffled when she buried her lips into his mouth. Next moment she felt warm semen being sprayed inside her vagina.

“Oh…..” sighed Prof Jayant.

He had ejaculated and lost all his strength. He let go of Induja who felt his limp and wet penis pop out of her vagina and she got off his fat body. She was disappointed.

Aamir found Mrs. Nair soon enough, she was sitting really close to Baba Sadachari in a meditating pose. Her eyes were as she uttered some words while meditating. The baba’s eyes were on her lips and occasionally travelled to her breasts.

“Tharki Baba! I knew it,” said Aamir to himself, walked to Mrs. Nair, and informed her about Induja’s request.

“Surely she can wait for few minutes?” asked the Baba.

“It’s ok Baba, I’ll come back tomorrow,” said Mrs. Nair and she stood up.

Prof Jayant stood at Induja’s door and kissed her goodbye. He said it was one of the best fuck of his life and departed. Induja said the same half-heartedly. As much as she loved the sex, she really wanted to have an orgasm.Prof Jayant had cum too soon; maybe it was because she had asked him to hurry…maybe next time she’d get her orgasm.

When Mrs. Nair and Aamir stepped out of the ashram, the drizzle had turned into light rain. Sex Apartment was only a few yards away, so they decided to go anyway. Halfway through the journey, the rain became heavy, as the two ran across the streets towards Sex Apartment, Aamir could not help but look at Mrs. Nair’s massive boobs, which bounced as they ran. Adding to that, the rain had made most of her upper body wet, and the saree was sticking to her body revealing her entire curvy structure.

He did not know it, but soon the worst day of his life was going to become the best.


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To be continued..

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