My Niece gives Heavenly Pleasure

So it all started way back when I was in college and used to visit my cousin brother in Mumbai during my vacations. He lives there with his wife and two of the most amazing daughters (my nieces).

As usual, once for my vacation, I went to my cousin’s place and got to know he was away on a business trip. So there were just the three of us in the house; myself, bhabhi and my elder niece (19 years old).

I was just minding my business and watching TV in the hall when my niece came and sat next to me. We always have a playful kind of relationship which didn’t stop even after she turned 18. She usually is so chirpy and always likes to tease me and have fun.

So my niece playfully ‘attacking’ me and pulling my hair and stuff. I responded with equal fun. I love my niece very much and had never thought about her in a sexual way ever, or at least before that day. This was because she was my niece.

Anyways, while I and my niece were playing on the sofa in the hall, my bhabhi came out from the kitchen and said that she was going to her friend’s house for some time and would be back in 2-3 hours. We nodded.

Once bhabhi left, my niece (let’s call her Pari) got more notorious and was aggressive. After a while, I was a bit tired so I asked her to take some rest and promised that we would play later. I was lying on the sofa. My niece didn’t stop and while trying to pull me up, she accidentally slipped and sat on my face!

I pushed her away but she sat on my tummy and started jumping mildly to wake me up. I didn’t know why she was doing it but she seemed to like it and the next time her ass accidentally touched my face, I smelled that beautiful virgin 19 year old pussy and the juices within and my mind went nuts!

My cock started getting hard and I pushed her away and asked her to freshen up. I couldn’t believe my niece made me hard! I pushed those thoughts away and we both had lunch.

Meanwhile bhabhi had returned and she asked me to take rest because of the previous day’s journey. I was also tired so I went to the guest room and crashed on the bed.

After a while, I opened my eyes to find my niece sleeping just beside me in the bed. She usually sleeps with me. Her hand was resting on my chest and she was deep in sleep. I placed her hand aside and immediately felt how soft and smooth it was! I couldn’t control myself and my carnal thoughts returned.

I was having an erection just because I touched my niece’s hand! I turned over to face her. I checked that as the AC was on, the room’s door was closed. It wasn’t locked but it was closed. Bhabhi must’ve turned on the AC for us to rest. She’s very caring and loving.

Anyways, I turned towards Pari and saw she was sound asleep. I thought of giving myself an opportunity to check once again whether touching Pari made me hard. So I placed my hand on hers and started caressing it! Oh how smooth and soft her hand was and to my surprise, I was hard again!

I thought of taking this further and immediately brought her nice hand close to my mouth. I kissed her and caressed it with my lips and later licked it! Pari was delicious!!

My cock was throbbing and I wanted to do something more but then as the door wasn’t locked, I thought I might get caught. So I stopped my act and went off to sleep with the thought to complete it next time.

So evening passed and my niece mingled with me actively. I enjoyed her company a lot now more than ever before.

After having our dinner, I went to the guest room to sleep. Pari then asked bhabhi if she could sleep with me and bhabhi (unsuspecting of my emotions and feelings for Pari) allowed her.

So my niece came to my room to sleep and I locked the door after turning on the AC. I wasn’t feeling sleepy with her beside me so I asked if she wanted to play some games. She agreed and we started having fun as usual.

Because of our laughter and noise, bhabhi knocked on the door and I opened it. She asked what was going on to which I said that we were playing.

She then asked Pari not to make a lot of noise and asked me to lock the door so that the noise doesn’t come out. She then went to her bedroom to sleep and I heard her room’s door locked.

She playfully climbed on me and again, sat on my face this time intentionally. I was waiting for this and immediately grabbed her thighs and made her sit there longer!

The aroma of her untouched pussy was making me nuts. I was hard. She didn’t seem to mind sitting on my face and so I went ahead and kissed her at the place where she was sitting. She went crazy and let out a giggle.

She got up and immediately sat back again as she liked it and wanted me to do more. This time I went a step ahead and poked my tongue at her youth! She let out a soft breath and lied down beside me.

Her expressions had changed. She wasn’t the Pari she used to be anymore. All her chirpiness calmed down and she was now acting more like of her age.

I went towards her and asked if I could massage her, to which she just nodded. I started massaging her and caressed her smooth soft creamy thighs and legs!

I couldn’t control myself and kissed her milky thighs. My niece liked it as she brought her leg closer to my mouth. I at once started kissing her legs and thighs and licked them! She was my little ice-cream now! So sweet!!

I then brought her closer in my arms and asked her if she liked what I was doing! To which she said, “Yes” in a breathy soft tone! Her consent made me harder and I kissed her pink lips and explored her mouth with my tongue.

I then started kissing on her cheeks and bit them lightly. She had surrendered herself to the pleasure and occasionally let out soft breaths and tiny little moans! My niece was having sex with me!!

I removed my knickers and her chuddies and again kissed her. This time, I was simultaneously rubbing my hard rod on her smooth soft thighs! My precum was on her thighs!

I then kissed her on the neck and shoulders and sucked on her soft shoulders! My niece was a calm sex goddess now allowing me to devour her like an animal! I removed her t-shirt and while rubbing my cock on her thighs and legs, I kissed and sucked on her nipples and licked her all over her tummy!!

While I was eating her lower tummy like an ice-cream, I was caressing her thighs and she let out the loudest moan with a short breath! She was about to have her orgasm!! I continued doing what I was doing and stopped just above her delicious pussy! Oh, it was so pink, smooth without any hair, and untouched!!

As I breathed on her pussy, she started getting restless. She brought her hands to my head and directed it downwards. And my lips had reached their ultimate destination. I kissed her pussy and she let out another moan and got up a little. She asked me to do it once more and I never stopped at one.

I licked that pussy and while I was doing so, my niece burst out all of her fresh love juices into my mouth with a loud breath and moan!! I drank it all! Then I lied down on her and kissed her lips while rubbing my cock on her pussy! She was enjoying it like anything and I was in heaven!

I cummed all over her body. My carnal animal wasn’t asleep though! It wanted more! So I turned Pari over and made her lie down on her tummy. I then lied down on her body and kissed her back! I licked it like it was the best ice-cream in the world, so smooth and soft!

I then positioned my cock between her soft butt cheeks and started rubbing! While rubbing my rod between her buttocks, I lied down on her body and caressed her soft smooth creamy arms with my lips!

I bit her softly on her arms and cummed again! I was now satisfied! She too was!

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