Losing Virginity Part-2

The college began, and I got extremely busy tackling and experiencing all the new things it threw at me. I still thought of Dipti aunty nearly every single day. I jerked off an uncountable number of times, thinking back to how I lost my virginity to her. I was still so infatuated with her so many months later.

I reached out to her over text once after leaving for college, asking her how she was doing and telling her how much I missed her. She responded sweetly, wishing me all the best. But also said we shouldn’t be in touch as it would be difficult for either of us to explain why we were talking if we were caught.

I was pretty heartbroken about that but respected her need to be as safe as possible. These were very high stakes. I honestly didn’t have time for any girls at college during my first semester. Settling in and getting used to a new routine was too hectic.

I tried my best to maintain a strong academic record. Looking back, however, it was probably my teenage obsession with the lady who took my virginity that held me back from becoming involved with college girls.

I visited Bombay once during my first semester for Diwali. Upon arriving, however, I learned that Dipti aunty and her family had traveled to Delhi to spend time with her parents. The heartbreak continued.

In the meantime, I continued to let my imagination run wild. I returned to college and finished up my semester. Quite frankly, I might have forgotten about her at this point because I was so caught up with end-sem exams and papers.

But as soon as I got on to the flight back to Mumbai for my mid-semester break, there was only one person on my mind. Several days passed, and finally, my mom told me about a family friend party happening one weekend at another couple’s house. I asked her who will be coming.

She listed our name after name that sounded like white noise to me until I heard her say, “Dipti aunty’s family.” This was it. I was finally going to get to see her. My heart rate shot up. I only had another week left in Mumbai before I had to return to Delhi. If I had to make something happen, it had to be now.

The day finally arrived, and I was decked up and ready to see her. We arrived at the party pretty late. I wasn’t sure whether Dipti aunty and her family had arrived yet. I entered the house and began greeting all the aunties and uncles one at a time, but constantly looked around to catch a glimpse of my lover.

There she was. I saw her standing at the bar with a glass of wine in her hand. She looked even better than she did when I last saw her. Her fair skin glowed beautifully under the dim evening lights. Her flat stomach peeped from underneath a black sari.

Herl shapely breasts sat snug in her blouse, and her perfect ass noticeably stood out. My jaw nearly dropped. Her hair was tied in a bun as usual, which was just so fucking hot. How did I ever get to cum inside this goddess?

I nervously approached the bar to say hello. She was accompanied by a few others, and my heart started racing again. “Hello, aunty,” I timidly said. She turned towards me, and a big smile appeared on her face.

“Hi Dhruv beta, finally, we get to see you! Look how sharp this college boy is looking,” she said to me and others in the group. As always, she leaned in for a hug. I reached around her with both my arms and nearly melted when we finally touched. So many memories rushed back.

The feeling of her boobs on my chest, coupled with her scent, nearly gave me a hard-on. The hug didn’t last too long since we were surrounded by other people. I made some small talk with her and the group until I went to look for the other college kids who were at the party.

The rest of the night was uneventful for a while. I was in one of the bedrooms playing Fifa with some other kids and quite frustrated that I wouldn’t be able to get some alone time with Dipti aunty.

At some point, I headed to the kitchen to find some spare alcohol to pour into my coke. The kitchen was empty, and all the adults were mingling in the living room.

“Hi Dhruv,” I heard someone say. I looked over my shoulder, and there she was. She slowly walked up to me and stood very close, with only a few inches between our faces. “So tell me, beta, how have you been?” she asked me. I wanted to kiss her right then.

But I collected myself and responded, “I’ve been well aunty, but honestly, I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” A small smile appeared on her face. “Oh, so no young college hotties then?” she followed up. “None at all. I honestly haven’t been able to think of anyone but you.” I quickly replied.

A period of silence followed as we looked at each other deep in the eyes. Our heads slowly moved closer to each other. We both knew what was going to happen. I slowly placed my lips on hers. So many months of waiting and I finally got to kiss her.

Soon, I slipped my tongue in her mouth, and we started panting heavily. I put one hand on her naked waist and another on the side of her face. I was in seventh heaven. I pulled her in closer to me, and we continued kissing. I squeezed her waist lightly when she broke the kiss and stepped back.

We heard footsteps. I quickly acted like I was pouring myself a drink while she straightened out her saari and dashed out of the kitchen. I was extremely disappointed at this stage. That was probably the closest I’d get to get during my visit, and it ended prematurely.

The party ended soon after that. Dipti aunty and I caught glances of each other’s eyes as our families bid goodbyes.

On the way home, I got a text on my phone. It was from Dipti aunty. My heart raced yet again. I was going to get a stroke at this rate. The text simply read: “Dipti here. I’m going to text you later at night. Don’t respond or text me until I message you first.”

I got home, said goodnight to my parents, and patiently waited. 1 AM. 2 AM. 3 AM. I was getting restless now when finally, at 3:30, my phone lit up with a text from her.

“Sorry for the delay, beta. Are you awake? Can I call? Make sure no one is around you.” I rushed to my washroom and immediately responded, “There’s no way I wouldn’t be awake, aunty. Yes, I can speak now.”

The phone rang, and I answered faster than I’ve answered a call in my life. “Hi, beta,” she whispered. My cock instantly started getting hard. The social norms I was breaking by having a fling with this married 35-year old mother was just too much of a turn on by itself.

“I don’t have much time, but I’ll quickly tell you what I have in mind. I’m calling in sick to work on Monday. Can you come over at 10 AM? Uncle would have left to work then, and the kid will be at tuitions,” she quickly mumbled. I could hear the nervousness in her voice.

If her husband heard her, it would likely be the end of her life in Indian public society. “Of course I’ll be there, aunty. I can’t wait,” I replied. “Achha, remember, no calls or texts, just be here at 10. Goodnight, beta.”

I didn’t sleep that night. Or Saturday night. Or Sunday night. Every single waking moment was spent thinking about burying my cock deep inside her as I sucked on her tongue. Monday morning came. I was up early, which surprised my parents, who were just leaving for work.

As soon as they left, I showered, changed, booked an Uber, and was off to her house. I hastily made my way up to her flat and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and there she was, as gorgeous as ever. She was wearing a loose blue t-shirt and sweat pants.

The outline of her perfect breasts was visible through the baggy t-shirt. I got a quick glimpse of a nipple, which meant she wasn’t wearing a bra. Finally, finally, I’m going to have her. I stepped in, and she instantly hugged me. I hugged back hard. There was nothing sexual about this hug.

It was simply two people who have been longing for each other, finally being able to meet in privacy. “Come in, beta, sit down,” she said. “You’re right on time. I’m so glad this worked out. Aarav only returns from tuitions in 2 hours, so we have plenty of time.” she continued.

She was finishing off some work on her laptop and asked me to give her a few minutes before she finally shut the laptop lid and said, “All done. Should we head to the bedroom?” with a smile on her face. She held my hand and led me to the master bedroom.

Holy shit. I was going to fuck her in the same bed she shares with her husband. This was so insane. We entered the large master bedroom, and she latched the door behind us before drawing all the curtains. She then walked towards me and rested her arms on my shoulders.

“Finally,” she whispered as she smiled. “Finally,” I whispered back.

She reached in for a kiss and then we were at it. It started slowly with just the lips. I lost every worry in the world. I was in absolute bliss. Soon, our tongues tussled against each other’s as we exchanged copious amounts of saliva. My hands were running up and down the sides of her body while her bra-less boobs pushed into my chest.

She slowly started pulling me back towards the bed as we kissed, and we laid down on the bed. My mouth was inseparable from hers. I slipped my hand under her shirt and finally felt her soft stomach. It was the softest thing I’d felt in the world.

“I missed you so much, aunty,” I murmured while kissing her. “Me too, beta. I just want you so bad,” she replied. She then broke the kiss and took my T-shirt off, and started placing kisses on my torso. I grabbed her shirt and also lifted it off her body.

There they were in all their glory— a perfect set of boobs with beautiful pink nipples. I instantly pounced one them and began sucking them. She was now in my arms and ran her hands through my hair as I licked, sucked, and nibbled at her boobs.

She then unbuckled my belt and asked me to slip my jeans and boxers off. I obliged, and she simultaneously slipped her pants off. No panties. Her pussy glimmered under a ray of sunlight that made its way through the window. It was just as I remembered it.

It was covered in short, neatly trimmed hair. I just wanted to slip my dick inside and start pounding her that very second. We then lay down beside each other, and she began making her way down my body, kissing my neck, chest, and stomach.

She placed a final kiss on the head of my penis before swallowing it whole. I shuddered. I could do nothing but look down as she bobbed her head up and down on my dick and ran her tongue in the most arousing patterns. Before I knew it, I was close. I pulled her up and placed her on her back.

My dick was literally dripping wet. As much as I wanted to fuck her, I also wanted to get a taste of my first pussy. I made my way down her pussy. There it was up close. I could see both the folds of her vagina and her tight asshole. The scent of her genitals had me intoxicated.

It was like nothing I had smelled before. I slowly began lapping her already wet pussy. I went up and down, then side to side, and then in circles. It was absolutely delicious. I just couldn’t get enough. She was panting heavily now. She pulled my head up and planted an extremely deep kiss on my lips.

“That’s enough, beta. Just put it inside now,” she sighed. I positioned myself over her. I was finally going to do it. I was going to fuck my Dipti aunty after all these months. I looked deep into her eyes as I positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

The fact that this pussy had given birth to a child still blew my mind. She grabbed my dick and slowly pushed it in. We both sighed as I pushed all the way in. It was so incredibly wet. I could’ve come right then. I slowly began stroking in and out of her.

The sound of her pussy queefing filled the silent air. I began kissing her as I pushed in and out. We were getting pretty wild with our kissing. We were sweating. Her pussy and my dick were soaked. And our saliva passed too and fro as we sucked on each other tongues.

I picked up the pace and really started plowing her. I was in disbelief about how her pussy was still tight despite giving birth to a child and being fucked for so many years. I got extremely close to cumming and decided to stop thrusting. I pushed all the way in and rested there.

Dipti Aunty and I looked into each other’s eyes and I swear to you, it was love. Some form of love. “Want to try it from behind?” she asked me. I pulled out and she turned onto her stomach. I positioned myself at the entrance of her pussy lips. She reached back from underneath and pushed my dick in.

This was a beautiful view. I could clearly see my dick slip in and out of her and could also see her tight asshole. If you remember from the previous story, I have a thing for assholes. Rather, I think when a woman lets you enter her asshole, it’s something special.

The fact that she allows you to do that to her is a massive turn on. I ran my finger on her asshole. I pounded her. “Can I?” I asked her. She laughed and responded, “Go for it, beta. I’m all yours.” That was all I needed. I licked my finger and slowly pushed it into her asshole. She groaned softly.

It was unbelievably tight. I began stroking it in and out, which loosened up her asshole a little. She was panting extremely heavily at this point. She left out soft squirms each time I pushed my finger in. “Do you want to get on top? I’m really close to cumming.”

“Me too, aunty. I want to kiss you as I cum,” I responded. I pulled my dick out of her, and it was coated in her cream. It was almost like foam. The whole thing was just so wet. She got on her back, and I quickly entered her and began pounding her rapidly.

I grabbed the skin on her neck between my lips and lightly nibbled at them. The air was filled with the sound of her wet pussy, our thighs slapping against each other’s, and our deep breaths. She began whispering, “Cum with me, beta,” and placed several pecks on my cheeks. I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” she breathlessly whispered shortly after that. I instantly began feeling her pussy walls clamp down on me as she grabbed my face and began kissing me. I was done for. I gave her one final push before I exploded inside her. My ears were ringing again.

I briefly opened my eyes to see Dipti aunty kissing me as I unloaded a bucket’s worth of cum inside her. I couldn’t help myself from groaning. I stroked a little more to get every last bit of cum out before I collapsed on her. We were speechless. I think we were both probably in a state of euphoria.

I rested inside her until my cock softened and slipped out. I then laid down next to her and saw the massive puddle of cum that had dropped out of her 35-year old pussy. No words were exchanged. I spooned her and began caressing every inch of her body – her neck, breasts, stomach, navel, thighs, and pussy.

She purred at every touch. At that very moment, I just wanted to tell her to elope with me. Somewhere far away, where we could live like a normal couple. Where we could fuck every day. And lose ourselves in each other every moment. But my better sense prevailed, and I kept mum.

I didn’t want to freak her out. Instead, I simply said, “I love you, Dipti aunty.” She turned around to look at me with a cute smile and said, “Awwww, I love you too, baccha,” before placing a peck on my lips.

We were both extremely exhausted, and soon unknowingly passed out. I woke up an hour or so later to her soft voice. “Beta, wake up, it’s time to go. Aarav will be here any minute,” she whispered. We had to part again. But I knew this was coming and was well-prepared to deal with it.

I got up and got dressed, as did she. We made our way to the main door. She gave me a hug – a long one. The hug soon morphed into a slow passionate kiss. We couldn’t let go of each other. I never wanted to let go of her. Ever. We finally broke this kiss, and I was on my way.

The last thing she said to me was, “Don’t forget old Dipti aunty.”

“How could I ever,” I responded.

This was the second time I fucked Dipti aunty. At the time, I was definitely in love with her. I wanted no one but her. Over the next year, we fucked a few more times. I had and continue to have so much respect for her. She showed me the way in the world of sex.

She was so loving. So hard-working. A wonderful parent. And a beautiful person. I don’t know if she’ll ever truly know the happiness my hot sexy aunty brought me.

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