Uninvited Guest

I had my first ever experience around a month ago with an old black colleague, Scott, and I shared it with the community here. I received hundreds of emails as a response to the story. I usually never reply to any of them apart from a small thank you note, but one guy had tricked me into exchanging a bunch of emails.

In a couple of days, I busted his tricks, and when confronted, he apologized and pleaded me to continue to talk to him. Although I was totally mad at him, I continued to talk to him because I liked him being sorry and pleading to me. In a few days, we started having casual conversations.

Cheater is into business in India. Btw, I call him Cheater because he, first, tricked me into getting to talk to him. He helps his father in their mining factory. He planned a trip to Europe, and he wanted to visit me during his trip. I did not want to meet him, and so I never shared my address or any details with him.

After I rejected his requests for like a hundred times, he finally gave up the idea of meeting me. During his trip to Europe, I suggested him places that I visited. We had more conversations than ever before. Every night, after he visited places, he used to text me about them.

The more our conversations go longer, the more they used to get hotter. One evening they got little overboard. He wanted to listen to my first experience a little more in detail because he was never with a girl. He does not know how it feels, making love.

In the discussion, he asked me if I can tell him my bra size. He’s been polite and a gentleman since the beginning. He always asks me if I am okay before he talks anything uncanny. I, playfully, said that he could come and measure it by himself. I bid him goodbye, saying I have to cook my dinner.

I threw my mobile on my bed and left for the kitchen. I heard a knock on my door. I walked to get the door, and I cracked open the door a little to peep who it is. A stranger with a huge smile said, “Hi.” I wondered who this guy is. I am sure I knew him because he is an Indian guy.

I seem to remember this face before, but I couldn’t totally recollect. In a splash of time, I recognized he is Cheater. I was shocked to see him there. I opened the door, but I stood there in astonishment. I didn’t know how to react. This is not a text message that I can simply ignore and lock my phone off.

I had a half-smile and said, “Hi.” He invited himself into my apartment. “Can I come in?” I heard a loud ‘No’ in my head and also a soft “Yes” from my mouth. He came in. He, apparently, didn’t hear the ‘No’ in my head. I have seen his picture, but he is taller than his pictures.

He had to bend his head when he stepped through the door. His shoulders are wide, and he has wavy hair. I escorted him into my apartment. I was lost in thoughts. I was wondering how long does he want to stay? Would he stay for the night? I can’t let him be in my apartment for the night.

I was comfortable talking to him over text messages, but I am feeling awkward when he is around. He is only a chat buddy. While these thoughts are already killing me from inside, I could sense him checking me out from behind. He seemed very delighted looking at me.

He never saw me before, not even in pictures. I could see the flare in his eyes, realizing how hot a chick he bagged. The geometry of my body is so good that I usually draw the attention of all men around me. With a milky white skin tone, long black hair – sharp nose, and pouted lips, I have very attractive features.

My eyes are big, and they speak volumes of my emotions. Kajal around them makes any man get crazy for them. My bosoms are round and ample. My waist convex out well to my hips, and my legs have enough fat to make them look awesome.

He knew I look hot, but he definitely, did not expect me to be such a beauty. I am sure his stomach is filled with butterflies picturing all the deeds he planned to perform on me. I was wearing shorts. They revealed my legs all the way up to my back. I turned back to him to check if he was ogling at them.

Yes, I was right. He was checking me out. I caught him and, to my surprise, yet he didn’t give up. I could feel his vision pierce through my robes and hit my skin – bad time to not wear a bra. I could see the amusement on his face. He could see the curves shaping up my tee-shirt. I felt embarrassed.

I broke the awkwardness with a question, “What are you doing here?” He replied, “I knew your name and your city. It took some time, but I could find the only Saanvi in this city.” Arghh, I cursed myself, still in shock.

As he talks to me, he is still looking at the tips of my tees. I wonder why men don’t recognize that women’s eyes are a little north. He asked for a washroom. He said he would take a bath and went in. I have trembled even more. He is settling himself here for this night.

I was a talkative and sexually charged girl over texts. But I am a meek and shy girl in person. He went in, and I recollected the conversations we had earlier today. I am a stupid and dumb girl. He might be planning on how to trick me into sleeping with him. Sure, he would come up with a cunning plan.

I will have to act clever, but no ideas pan my mind. I was occupied with these thoughts, and he is back. He freshened up, slipped into comfortable pants and tees, and back into the living room, with a big smile. He knew he is on the verge of getting a mega jackpot tonight. He is very happy about that.

The room filled up with my awkwardness. I escaped into the kitchen and picked up the half-cut onion. I heard his voice behind me. “Well, you said that I can come and measure your bra by myself, so I am here.” He is straight to the point. I wanted to kill myself for saying that.

I couldn’t speak anything but looked at him with a forced smile. He pulled out something from his pocket. It’s my bra. He picked it up from the bathroom, which I had hung on the shower stand. I wanted to hide my head deep inside the ground. I hate that bra.

He went on, “But I couldn’t measure it using this. I want a more accurate number.” Saying so, he wrapped my waist with his hand and pulled me towards him. He wasted no time beating around the bush. In less than 20 minutes, he started to reap the cues I left him earlier today.

His arm was strong and long enough to pin me to him. My chest was squeezed. I am struggling to get away, but he was too strong for me. I yelled, “No, please leave me.” But those words did not actually come out of my mouth. I might have squealed a couple of times, and that’s the most resistance I could offer.

He loosened the grip a little. His other hand pawed onto my breasts, fondling over my tees. My senses activated the bonfire in me. I gave up the inhibition and let him annex me. He sensed that I am letting him raid me. There’s no going back anymore.

He released his grip, pulled my tees up, and removed it in a split second, and turned me towards him. Since I am not even wearing a bra, I am exposed all at once. I wrapped myself with my arms in an attempt to save my modesty. I dug my head down, looking at the ground.

I knew that my hands could only try to hide my treasures. He held my wrists and let my arms away from guarding my body. I could feel cool air breeze over my bare chest. He said, “There are your melons.” The word ‘melons’ turned me on a little more.

He bent down a little and slipped my bosom in his mouth and gripped the other with his palm. It’s been more than a month, my senses first felt such warm wet mouth raging them. I never had another one after that. This one is enchanting. I let out some sounds, and he got wilder in response.

He went a little rough on my softies and bit me. It was painful but arousing. He knew I am ready now. He stood up, put his hands on my bottom, cupped the chubby cheeks, and pulled me up. I hugged him tightly, bracing his wide chest with my bare one.

He lifted me holding my cheeks. I could hardly reach as high as his shoulder even after being lifted up. I clasped him tight as he took me straight to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I had a crash landing on the bed. He is handling me roughly. He is not as gentle as he sounds over the phone.

He removed his tees and pounced on me. He kissed me all over my belly area. It tickled a lot. He kissed me on my neck, gave my bosoms a well-crafted treatment, again, and grazed his wet lips all over my body. I could feel wet in my panties. I am totally ready to take him now, but he is not.

He has different plans. He unbuttoned my shorts and is working on it. I so wanted to get rid of them. I wanted nothing in between us now. He dragged down my shorts and threw them away. He kissed me over my underwear. I loved the sensation.

He held my panties and dragged it all the way down. The final guard of honor had been defeated. He held my legs and separated them apart. I anticipated him to set up a tent between my legs and work on it to charge me up. But he did not. He is staring at it, holding my legs apart, admiring it. I felt so shy and ashamed.

I felt like someone is singing ‘puppy shame’ at my naked body. I used both my palms to hide it and uttered a word after a long time, “Please don’t see like that,” while the word ‘that’ had actually escaped into my silence. He gave a cunning laugh, left me alone, and went out of the room.

I relaxed a bit and looked at the objects in the room. I saw myself in the huge mirror opposite to my bed. I saw my naked body and thought that this beautiful figure would be feasted on in a moment. I admired my ‘melons’, as he termed. They are round and are a handful for his huge palms.

The crowns decorated my melons are in the size of a euro coin. They are attractively brown over my fair skin. There is a love bite on one of them. It looked like the mark of victory of the enemy over my territory. I held my hands closer to me to cover up my private parts.

I twisted my legs to hide my humility. I knew that enough damage has already been done. There is no point in hiding my assets, but he is still a stranger to me. I met him around a half-hour ago, and there he is, exploring my territory. I couldn’t help but wrap myself.

I heard the refrigerator door shut from the kitchen, and he is here in a moment. My heart started to race back again. He is carrying a plate, and I am unable to comprehend his movements. He came on to the bed, kept the plate aside, picked up an ice cube.

Before I could get my skin prepared for the new form of attack, he slid the cool ice cube over my navel. He is sliding his wet lips too. Sensational. He separated out legs, and the ice cube continued its snowboarding between my legs. I couldn’t bear it.

I held the pillow cover tight, left my twitching body to his feasting eyes. His ruthlessness did not end there. He shoved the half-melted ice cube into the opening there and sealed it with his mouth. I let out moans out of pleasure. He twirled the cubes around with his tongue, making me more pleasured.

I fluttered around, unable to handle too much pleasure. I held his head with my hands in an attempt to release myself from the unbearable pleasure. He finally released me from the painful pleasure. But by now, I am totally high. He asked me, “How was it?”

I am totally wet, and my loins are burning with all the fire inside me. I want him to plug his hose inside me and cool the fire down. I didn’t answer his question, but I replied, “Get inside me, can’t wait anymore.” I heard myself as I said this. I sounded like a nympho. I am begging a man, I barely met, to screw me.

He did not release me from the deadly pleasure. He threw a wicked smile, stood up, looked around. Then he grabbed my pashmina. He tied both my hands with it. I felt so dominated. I, being a very independent girl, hate being dominated, but this one is raging my fire more.

On the one hand, my brain is agitating for its freedom, self-respect, and dignity. While, on the other hand, my body is enjoying being oppressed and craving to surrender to the mighty power that is treating me. With my hands tied, he got back to his business again. He showed me his fingers and smirked.

I puzzled for a moment and then remembered a past conversation. Earlier, I told Scott’s finger was too huge for me. Cheater is jealous of Scott for obvious reasons. He boasted about his huge palm and fingers, but I had mocked him. He is up for the revenge now.

He slipped his middle finger into me, all the way deep and played inside me. Doing so, he hit the right spot. With my hands chained, I fluttered like a chicken, while his intruder ransacked my fortress. As the pleasure reached the peak, I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I exploded my fluids out.

He eased out, and I relaxed. I lay there on the bed, realizing that it’s still not over. He needs to release out his pressure too. He asked me, “Am I better than Scott?” This dude is so jealous of Scott even though he too could conquer the territories that Scott did. But Cheater has a point, though.

Scott was the first one to conquer. He got the opportunity to break open the seal for the first time. Cheater is conquering a fortress whose walls have already been broken by his predecessor. I am too tired to reply. He said, “Come on, it’s still not over. Are you ready for another round?” I am not ready for another one.

I said, “No, please, I am done.” He said, “Come on, it’s not over. Help me get there. Let’s come together this time.” I declined his offer again, but he insisted. I had to agree. He put his lips on mine. Our first kiss. He did well for a first time kisser, at least he claims so.

He played it well, and it charged me up again. He broke the kiss and asked me if he can use a word if I permit. I said that he doesn’t need to ask. I, anyway, knew I am humiliated and ravaged by his deeds. What more can his words do? Well, I was wrong. He said, “You are my bitch.” I was taken aback.

I wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone for uttering such a word at me. This is the next level of humiliation for me. However, I found it hot too. The word got back the fire in me. I charged up, was able to release my hands from the already loosened pashmina, and pounced on him.

I sat on the bed in front of him doing so. He was lit up, seeing my energy. He said, “Ah, bitch, you are mine. Your perfectly shaped boobs are mine.” Another gross word, that too commenting on my body. Hearing the words, I started to feel wet down again.

He continued, “No Scott, anymore.” I like the fact that he is jealous of him. I wanted to spur him more. I replied, “Scott’s is a big man. Are you as big as him?” And my comments worked him up. He asked, “Do you want to see?” Saying so, he stood up on the bed and removed his night pants.

He is not wearing any inner. His manhood immediately sprung up right in front of me. It’s decent. Not as long as Scott’s but has the girth. I felt the tingle down there, imagining the width of his bone piercing into me. In the excitement, I held his hard bone gently.

My little fingers could hardly encompass the width of the meat. It’s hot, and I could feel pumping the blood of excitement into it. While I was perplexed on how to handle the hot torch. He came up to help me but in his own way. He held it with his hand and got it closer to my face.

I don’t want to take it inside my mouth. I hate its smell, it’s taste, and the very idea of it being in my mouth. I showed my reluctance and turned my face away. He has no idea of giving it up. He reached back to the pashmina and tied my hands again. He is treating me like his slave.

He stood up again, got his meat back to my face. I shut my mouth right. He is a little flaccid by now. He is probably disappointed with all the drama that I am staging here. He held it with his hand and started to beat it on my cheek. He is waking it up by hitting it on my face.

I felt like a round tube, filled with hot lava, slapping me. My cheeks turned red by the time he is up again. He used his thumb and index finger to close my nose. In a reaction to catch the breath, I opened my mouth. This dude seized the opportunity to shove his smelly organ into my mouth.

It’s weird, tasted salty and smelly. He didn’t even give me time to adjust to it. He collected all my hair and held it as a grip to my head. With another hand, he clutched my head and thrashed himself deep into my throat. I almost choked. I could neither handle its length nor its girth in my mouth.

He spared no mercy on me. He ruthlessly stroke it in my mouth. His balls hit my chin, and I could hear the splashes of sound as it hit hard in my saliva. Some saliva leaked out of my mouth on to my juggling melons. Finally, he released me of it.

The only good thing that happened was he didn’t release any of his smelly stuff in my throat. He said, “Are you ready for the final assault?” I just nodded. I couldn’t talk anymore with all the rampage that occurred in my mouth. Before I realized, he held my legs and pulled me hard, making me lay on my back.

He positioned himself between my legs and used his arm to drag me closer to him. He is showing off his power on me. He doesn’t move forward to get closer to me. He, instead, drags me towards him. At 130 pounds, I am a weightless piece to his muscular arm.

Here it comes. I’ve been longing for this for ages now. He teased me well to make me long for this. Well played. He said to me, “Spread your legs for me, bitch.” I behaved like one and obeyed his order. I would kill myself tomorrow for doing all this. He smirked at my submission to him.

He said, “I waited 25 years for this moment, and I am getting the best fruit in the market.” I recollected that he is a virgin. The thought that I am housing a newbie and giving him his first experience welcomed him into me. He held his meat and started to beat it around my entrance.

He is waking his little brother up again. It sounds like a hitting rubber, and it is hitting hard. Once the brother is up and ready, he brushed along the line of the entrance, and he jerked into me. I split open enough for him to make way into me. I groaned in pain. He waited for a brief moment and jerked again.

I am well lubricated by all the pre-game till now, and he could easily slide well into me. He went all the way inside me in 2 thrusts. He bent forward, sealed my lips with his’, and thrust back and forth, fighting the fire inside me. His fireman is big, powerful, and is capable enough to rock my world.

I could feel every tissue of the body swing up and down. He released my lips, got to a comfortable position, and throttled his engines to full thrust. He made thumping sounds as his body hit mine. His brave fireman dived deep inside me to fight the flames. I was loud and moaned my lungs out.

As my melons swung harder, he gripped them, used his might, and rammed into me like a jackhammer. I built up high, and I exploded for the second time that night. Seeing me so, he reached the peak of his hardness. I saw him coming to the end of the action.

I wanted to tell him to be out of me for the releasing events. But my vocals are too busy making noises in response to the pleasure my body is experiencing. He knew that I enjoyed Scott exploding himself while inside me. So, he took that as a baseline.

At the moment of his hardest jerk into me, he flooded my entire fortress with his fluids. He groaned as he did that, and I finally got the fire inside me fumed. The brave firefighter cooled down and slipped out of my loins. What a brave fight!

Indeed. Some of his victorious fluids dripped out of me, while others might be in their journey to seize my womanhood.

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