Truth or Dare Part – 2

Seeing Ananya’s armpits so close and the thought that I licked her armpit was driving me crazy. I now knew she is trying to seduce me. Even I was in the mood and just wanted to jump on her and eat her completely. But I remembered Ayeesha (my lover) at that moment and I didn’t want to cheat on her.

I really was in a terrible situation – Ananya’s juicy armpits before my eyes and Ayeesha’s thoughts in my mind. I was just frozen there. Seeing my situation, Ananya spoke.

Ananya: Looks like someone is lost in something.

Saying this, she looked at my eyes and back at her armpit.

Me: No. It’s just that… I was thinking. Your armpits…

I was literally struggling for words.

Ananya: You lost this round, loser. You failed to identify the body part. It’s your turn now to ask me truth or dare.

Me: (still shocked) Okay. Ananya. Truth or dare?

Ananya: This time, I choose to dare.

Now my brain wanted to use this opportunity and give her the shock that she has been giving me. But I was still thinking of Ayeesha in my heart. Finally, my brain won over the heart.

Me: I dare you to remove a piece of my clothing without using your hands.

Ananya was now shocked. She didn’t expect me to dare her like that. But still, she started coming towards me. My dick was already at its full length in my pants, and it was making a huge tent. She came to me very seductively in her hands like a cat. She came close to my lips but just stayed a few inches back.

Ananya: To do my dare, I need you to stand up.

Following her words, my body automatically stood up. She stood very close to me. She bent over and caught the lowest button in my shirt with her teeth and tried to remove it with her mouth. She was bent before me, and her shawl was in my hands from the previous rounds. So I could clearly see her cleavage.

Also, she slowly moved upwards, unbuttoning my shirt from the bottom. While doing it, she pressed her boobs towards my body. When she was mouthing the 3rd button in my shirt, her boobs were directly pressing my dicks above the pants. Her soft boobs on my dick was a heavenly feeling.

I closed my eyes involuntarily by the pleasure. She continued unbuttoning my shirt, and she was almost finished. After she removed the last button in my shirt, she rubbed her face in my naked chest, trying to remove the shirt. My hands were trembling, my eyes closed. I was just enjoying what she was doing to me.

Though she was trying to remove my shirt fully with her mouth, she purposely rubbed her face in my naked chest and shoulder. I started getting goosebumps. Now she went behind me, and she caught my shirt in the mouth and pulled it completely.

Now while doing so, she was rubbing her boobs in my back and ass. I was getting restless, and she sensed it. She took my shirt in her mouth completely and came in front of me. My shirt was hanging in her mouth, and I was now naked top.

She then let my shirt fall to the ground and saw my body from top to bottom. She always has loved my body cause I go to the gym regularly and maintaining a fit body. She was feasting my body with her eyes.

Ananya: Dare complete! Now it’s your turn. Truth or dare?

I was totally lost in the moment, and my mood was at its peak. My mind wanted to say dare, but my mouth was not in my control, and it uttered, “Truth.”

Ananya: Seriously? Now? Truth? No way. You are going to do a dare. (she thought for a few seconds) I dare you to kiss me where I haven’t been kissed before in my life.

As I said earlier, she hasn’t been with any guys, and she is a virgin. So I know for a fact that she won’t have been kissed in any place. So my choices were open. But I just couldn’t take my eyes off her lips the whole time. Those lips looked like a small piece of strawberry that was dipped in honey.

So the moment she gave her dare, I just rushed towards her and placed my lips on hers and started kissing her lips like there is no tomorrow. Even she reciprocated like she was waiting for it. I kept sucking her upper lip and lower lips back and forth.

We just lost track of time, and I had been kissing her for nearly 15 minutes in her lips alone. We both needed oxygen, and so we broke the kiss for some air. We both were panting.

Ananya: You lost your dare again, loser.

Me: What? (surprised)

Ananya: I said you to kiss me where I haven’t been kissed before in my life. But you kissed my lips. So you are a loser.

I was shocked to hell. I knew everything about her. But she was kissed in her lips before, and I didn’t know that? I couldn’t believe that.

Me: But who?

Before I could complete my questions, her lips locked to mine. She started sucking my lips, and her hands were roaming all over my back. I caught hold of her hips and was rhythmically pressing her hips to our kiss. For each pressing in her hips, she started to let out a moan.

Her moan in her cute, gorgeous voice was like a melody to my ears. My mood was at its peak. I broke our kiss and took off her chudi tops in one go. Then I removed her leggings. I took a step back to admire her beauty completely. There she was standing before me in dark pink bra and pink panties.

Her smooth, flawless, milky white Mallu skin with the dark pink inners was a feast to my eyes. At that moment, she was like a vanilla ice-cream with strawberry slices in it. She was like a goddess. I just knelt before her a few feet away and raised my arms to either side, asking her to come into my embrace.

Seeing my reaction, she blushed and came to me and hugged me while she was standing, and I am kneeling. Her hands were around my head, and my face was directly in her navel. I hugged her around. Her smooth flat tummy with no fat was just killing me.

So I started kissing and sucking her stomach and navel. She was twitching in pleasure. I then let my tongue into her navel and was trying to lick it completely. She started moaning my name. Unable to withstand the pleasure, she caught my head and lifted me up.

Ananya: Harish, I can’t wait for even a second more. Please take me completely. I am all yours. I wanted to be loved by you. Each cell of me wants your love. Please take me.

Those words were like a boost to my dick. I just lifted her in my arms and started moving towards the bedroom. While walking, she was kissing and sucking my biceps and chest. She even started licking and giving it small bites. It was so pleasurable and driving me nuts.

I placed her in the bed and hurriedly removed my pants and jumped into the bed with her.

We started hugging and rolling over each other, kissing every part that our lips met. We were like mad lovers. I was kissing and licking her face completely, and she did the same to me. Within 5 minutes, our faces were drenched with our saliva. We both seemed to enjoy it too.

I caught hold of her boobs and pressed them. She was trembling in pleasure, and hurriedly she removed her bra in a go. I dived my face into her boobs and was sucking them. She put her head back and rolled her eyes over in pleasure. From left boobs to right boobs, I was kissing and sucking every inch of them.

Her perfect sized boobs were a simply heaven. I took both her nipples in my mouth and started to suck them both. She was now starting to moan loudly. Then I caught hold of her panties and removed them. She too removed mine, and my 7 inch dick was at its full glory.

She pushed me over to the bed and climbed on me. She took her mouth to my dick and gave her pussy to my mouth. We were in 69 position. Her pussy was so clean without a single trace of pubic hair. Even I used to shave my dick area and keep it clean.

Her pussy smelled wonderful. As I said earlier, she always smelled like vanilla. That was her natural aroma. Her pussy was even more fruitful. I just kept inhaling her pussy aroma while she was busy licking my dick. She sucked every inch of my dick, and my dick was bathed in her saliva.

Now without wasting a second, I started licking her pussy. I wanted to tease her. So without licking her pussy opening, I kept licking completely around it. She was becoming mad by my actions. She asked me to lick inside her pussy. But I just kept teasing her and was licking around.

Unable to bear my teasing, she started to bite my dick slowly. I was getting mixed pain and pleasure. I wanted to return her the favor. So I dug my tongue deep into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. This gave her an unexpected pleasure, and she attained her orgasm.

She gave a loud moan and started squirting her juices in my face. Without wasting a single drop of her pussy, I just kept drinking her juice and, at the same time, kept tongue fucking her.

After releasing her juice fully, she got up. She lay back on the bed and started kissing me. Even though my mouth was filled with her cum juices, she never bothered and continued licking all over my face. Now my dick my rubbing her pussy, and she was becoming restless.

So I positioned my dick in her pussy and gave a light push. My tip had entered her, and it was too tight. She started experiencing pain. I gave an even more hard push, and my dick half entered her pussy. She was in pain, and tears were rolling out of her eyes.

I stopped pushing inside so she could adjust to my dick. In the meantime, I was kissing her eyes and licking her tears away. She looked at me and told me to enter fully and not to stop. I asked if she was sure. She just kissed my lips hard, and she started to push her hips forward.

I pushed my dick in, and now my dick fully entered her pussy. She was bleeding as she was a virgin. I slowly started to increase the speed. Her pussy was like a hot oven, and it was very warm. As she had already orgasmed, her pussy was well lubricated. So now I started ramming her pussy.

She, too, now adjusted to my dick completely and was moving her hips rhythmically. After 5 minutes, I changed her to doggy position and banged her from behind while crushing her boobs and also her lovely cute ass.

My dick and hands were doing magic in her. I also occasionally fingered her ass hole. She was now crying and moaning in pleasure. I was nearing my orgasm. So I turned her over to missionary again and started ramming her. Her legs were on my shoulder, and I kept kissing her thighs and toes and crushing her boobs.

Ananya: Harish. I am going to cum again. Please don’t stop. Oh god. Yes, Harish. Yes. Just tear my pussy. Yes. I am going to cum.

Me: I am also going to cum Ananya. Where do you want me to cum? Face or body?

Ananya: Do it inside, Harish. I don’t care. This is so fucking awesome. Tear your bestie’s pussy – cum inside me. Whatever you do, please don’t stop. Oh my god. Harish. I am cumming.

Her words made me so horny. Her pussy contracted and grabbed my dick tight. It was a tremendous pleasure. She cried out my name loud, and I could feel her pussy juices flowing on my dick. I cummed deep inside her. We both collapsed after our orgasm, and I fell on her.

We both were panting for air, and I lay on her boobs. It was so heavenly. My dick became limp, and it was still inside her pussy. She hugged me tight to her breast, and it was so relaxing.

After a few minutes, I drew my dick out and slept beside her, cuddling her. Our eyes met, and we were very satisfied. There was no guilt between us. Our lips met, and we shared a passionate kiss. She placed her head on my chest and was relaxing. I let her hair flow on my face.

5 minutes must have passed by. We both haven’t spoken a word since, but we were smiling. We were cuddling and hugging and just enjoying the present. My dick again started to rise, and it poked her thighs. She looked at it and turned towards me, facing me from lying in my chest and smiled.

I, too, smiled at her, and she started kissing my chest and rubbing my dick with her knees. Suddenly…

Nikitha: oh my god. What the hell, guys?

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