Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-3

While Gautam and Rashmi were busy making out behind Kiran’s back, Kiran too had found a new fuck friend. An elderly man called Mr. Khan. Irfan was waiting for a chance to take Seema’s virginity after their intimate moment in Sex Apartment and a colleague Prof Jayant had asked Induja Nair for a lunch date.


Induja Nair, Mrs. Nair’s newly married sister-in-law, was walking towards the bus stand when she heard a bike stop next to her. She turned and smiled. It was Aamir, her neighbour Junaid’s 18-year-old son who was studying in her college. Aamir had had a crush on Induja ever since he lay eyes on her. That day as she smiled at him, he was awestruck by her beauty; she was wearing a red and white saree tied under the inviting navel. Her cleavage was prominently visible and he struggled to keep his eyes away from those round melons.

“Hi Aamir.”

“Hi Induja ma’am, you’re headed to the college right?” he asked.


“Me too! You can come with me, I’ll drop you,” he asked with a nervous smile.

“No thanks, Aamir. I’ve already paid for the bus pass,” she politely refused and walked away.

Aamir watched her back for a while feeling let down by the refusal. He had hoped to take her all the way to the college on his bike, feeling her breasts touch his bike due to intentional sudden breaks. He watched that swaying mallu ass as she walked further away and sped away in his bike when she disappeared.

It was nearly 9 A.M and students were rushing to their classes while Seema, the 18-year-old village beauty, and Irfan, Junaid’s 20-year-old son, were busy kissing under a tree in the campus. Lovers in the college generally used the spot to get naughty and sure enough, there were several couples doing the same around them.

However, these two stood out amongst them because they looked like the most unlikely couple. While Irfan was a college stud with a well-built body and good looks, Seema was a cute nerd with glasses. People expected a girl like Seema concentrate on studies and stay single and a person like Irfan to date college sluts but that was not the case here. All the boys were jealous of Irfan and the girls, of Seema.

At that moment, Seema was holding Irfan’s lower lip between her teeth. Irfan grimaced for a second and then poked his tongue out to lick her lips while she held onto his lower lips and let his saliva flow into her mouth. All the lipstick she had applied was gone and some smeared on Irfan’s face where she had showered him with kisses.

Her glasses were askew but she did not care, ever since Seema and Irfan had professed their desire for each other, they had been inseparable. Snogging was compulsory whenever they could get the chance but the two had not yet done anything more. Irfan was eager but Seema reluctant.

“How about we bunk classes today and book a room?” asked Irfan taking a break from licking her lips.

“I can’t. Induja ma’am is taking class today. She knows I’ve no reason to bunk since she stays in our complex. She even accompanied me to college today,” said Seema.

“Don’t you like me? Don’t you want to take this relationship forward?” asked an irate Irfan.

“I do Irfan. I love you. I just…I need some time.”

“Well, you’re not attending the first hour at least,” he declared and pushed her onto the grassy floor. As she lay on her back, he bent over her upper body and started sucking her lips while his hands explored the shirt she was wearing. He kept her so engrossed in the kissing that she did not notice him unbuttoning two buttons and slipping his hand inside. It was when he squeezed her breasts that she showed signs of protests. However, he kept her pinned to the ground, kissing her hard and continued squeezing her boobs while voyeurs in the bushes close to them watched and jerked off.

“You know what?” said Seema after few minutes, “I’ve changed my mind, let’s get a room.” Irfan’s heart leapt and together the two of them ran out of college.

Since it was a Saturday, the classes got over by noon and most teachers left as well. Aamir was waiting for Induja ma’am to come out of the staffroom but she was nowhere in sight. He did not see her again so he decided to meet in Sex Apartment. Induja, on the other hand, was at a restaurant with Prof Jayant, having a heavy meal for lunch.

“…I know it sounds like I’m trying to use you in the absence of your husband,” said Prof Jayant. “But all I’m looking for in you is a friend.”

“It’s fine sir. Especially after hearing how your wife treats you, I pity you and I feel connected,” confessed Induja.

Prof Jayant had just lied a lot about his marriage. How his wife dominated and mistreated him and how she had affairs with other men behind his back. He was such a good actor that his false tears fooled Induja. Compared to what he was going through, she felt that her situation was far better. She wanted to console him, make him feel better.

“Have you considered divorce?” she asked.

“I don’t want to spoil my children’s future,” he replied and then added with a smile, “even though many women keep falling for my handsome face.”

Induja laughed out and their conversation went on for another hour. She liked him by each passing minute, and before she knew it, she was imagining making out with that man.

Irfan and Seema were on a bed in a hotel room booked through a hotel-booking app. Both of them were nervous even though they had done so much together, with each other. Seema had admitted that she was a virgin but Irfan had lied. He had told her that he was not, just to sound cool but the truth was that he had never gone beyond kissing with any girl in his life.

“I wanna use the bathroom,” said Seema and she stood up.

The outline of her body was visible through her clothes, especially the large ass. Looking at this Irfan was getting a semi-hard on. As she strode into the restroom, Irfan started to imagine her beautiful curves fantasizing about her. It took a while for Seema to get out and by the time she was out, Irfan was completely erect. Seema walked out of the restroom and Irfan automatically tried to hide his boner by quickly pulling out a pillow and placing it over to cover, which Seema noticed, but she pretended that she was not aware of this.

“Why is he acting like a beginner?” she wondered.

Seema sat close to him again and the two of them looked at each other nervously again. Seema finally sighed with relief when Irfan went back to his old self and took the initiative. He leaned forward and held both her cheeks with his hands that made her lips squeeze out to him.

“Your lips look like fresh strawberries. I can kiss you all day”, he said and Seema blushed. Her eyes locked into Irfan’s. He breathed sharply and was less than inches away from kissing those red-hot lips. Seema too leaned towards him and started to kiss Irfan. There was an urgency in them as if they wanted to make most of the few hours they had stolen away. The kisses started to get sloppy and the saliva was starting to drip. Irfan started to squeeze Seema’s tits while kissing.

Irfan pulled her top off her and kissed her bare skin. Then he removed her bra and cupped the small round tits she had. He squeezed them hard and bent to suck her dark and hard nipples. She sensed things would get intense so she started to remove her specs.

“No don’t! Keep your glasses on, I like it this way,” said Irfan.

She agreed and Irfan’s hands slithered down all the way over her sexy navel (where he paused for a few seconds to insert his finger) through Seema’s skirt, then the panties towards her clitoris while his other hand was gently squeezing Seema’s erected pointy nipples. Circling it with his fingers made her a lot hornier than she was, and she started to moan.

“Ahh, it feels sooo good…don’t stop it baby”, moaned Seema as he sucked her other nipple hard. After about five minutes of kissing, rubbing and squeezing, Irfan moved down along the surface of Seema’s pretty body very slowly and tenderly on his way inhaling and exhaling sharply. He reached her thin waist and started to kiss her abdomen and navel. He poked his tongue out and inserted it deep into her navel. Seema raised her lower body and had a sharp intake of air. Irfan continued the good work and circled the area around her navel.

Seema enjoyed the navel licking a lot but soon the cold effect wore off and as Irfan noticed she was not enjoying it too much, he went all the way her legs. He held her feet and started kissing them as if he was a worshipper. He started gradually moving upwards and reached her thighs under the skirt, kissing them made Seema giggle out and she desperately wanted him to reach the destination: her pussy.

When he did reach it he used his finger to pull the skirt and panty down, all the way down through her milky limbs, and had a look at a virgin pussy. She was not shaved which didn’t bother him. She was inexperienced he could teach her later. He was about to insert his finger inside when he remembered that her hymen must be intact.

“If anything breaks that seal, it’s gonna be my dick. I wanna feel with my dick what it feels like to break someone’s hymen,” thought Irfan.

Therefore, instead of fingering, he started to kiss Seema’s pussy while Seema reached her left hand out to Irfan’s head pulling him towards her, started to run her fingers through, and played with his hair and with her right hand playing with her right tit. Irfan did use the finger to bring out her clit to rub and lick it.

Irfan pulled her towards him and her legs went over his shoulders and rested on his back. His head buried in her inner thigh as he started to eat her pussy. By then, Seema’s pink pussy lips had gotten sensitive and wet and gradually she started moaning loudly. Irfan’s tongue started working so fast that Seema, despite herself, was not able to control her own throat and started moaning so loud that she knew it would be audible outside.

“Ahhhhhh….. Irfan….. I love it, lick it more, lick it faster,” she cried out.

Irfan obeyed and vigorously rubbed that sweet pussy, running his tongue between the two folds of labia and then poking the clit. Fortunately, the pubic hair was over and around so nothing interrupted his enthusiastic licking.Although, the musk around her pussy was probably because of the pubic hair which only made him hornier than ever. Soon, Seema started breathing heavily, clutched her head, closed her eyes, raised her lower body (Irfan’s head followed as he continued non-stop licking) and she literally let out a scream.

“AAAhhhhhhhh…. huh…. huh…,” moaned out Seema.

“Whoa! Was that an orgasm?” asked Irfan as he sat up. Seema too sat up and kissed him.

“Yes, thank you,” she kissed and smiled.

“My turn then,” he said and placed Seema’s hand on his pant.

Seema helped Irfan unhook the pant and pulled it off along with his underwear. Irfan removed the shirt by himself.Irfan’s hard, erected, circumcised shaft sprang its way out towards her face. Seema held his dick with a gentle and soft grip.

“C’mon baby, use that sweet mouth of yours,” urged Irfan.

Seema obeyed and started to kiss his penis-head first and then all the way from his dickhead up to the end of his shaft. She let her entire tongue out and gave a huge lick all over his penis. She licked each side from bottom to top, circled her tongue around his penis head with a smile and always maintained an eye contact with Irfan as she did so.

“Wow! Where did you learn this?”

“We used to secretly watch porn in a rich friend’s home back in my village,” she replied with a grin.

Seema took his six-inch penis deep into her throat and gagged, she spat on it to lubricate his penis and starts to stroke him gently looking into his eyes with eternal lust. After giving a handjob for few minutes she again went back to suck his penis and this time she swallowed it whole, created some sort of vacuum pressure and sucked all the way to the top maintaining the pressure. This made Irfan go crazy with pleasure and he used his hands to push her head down and make her do it several times more.

Soon. both Seema and Irfan got into 69 position, where at one end Seema was giving a blowjob and playing with his ballsack and on the other Irfan was eating her pussy, simultaneously rubbing her clit. Each of them took breaks in between when the other did some awesome licking or rubbing. Sometimes it was so intense that Irfan was literally fucking her mouth.

“Let me get a little bit more comfortable,” suggested Irfan and he made her lie on her back.

Irfan lay on top of her and just admired her beauty for some time. She was still wearing her glasses, which made her look cuter than ever. He caressed her cheeks and kissed her several times, complimenting her beauty, which made her blush and smile while she kissed him back.

After a short while of kissing Irfan raised his body above her, held the base of his penis right above her virgin pussy, against her clitoris, and did a circular motion. His penis too was sending bolts of excitement up his body as if it sensed that it was going to fuck a pussy for the first time, that too a virgin pussy.

“Stop it Irfan, please do it. I can’t wait,” complained Seema with a smile. All her life she had waited for this moment.Irfan did not wait much longer. He tenderly inserted his penis inside her wet pussy and slipped out.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Nothings, just relax…,” replied Irfan.

“He is a virgin,” thought Seema with a smile as she watched him struggle.

Irfan held his penis this time while entering her pussy and Seema’s smile vanished. Her expression conveyed anxiousness and then pain. She frowned and closed her eyes as sharp pain took over. She instantly regretted agreeing to have sex.

“No no, pull it out!” cried Seema as he started slowly entering her pussy.

Irfan did not want to stop. He loved every moment of this slow insert. Her vagina was unbelievably tight, like a small hole that could not accommodate the thickness but he knew it would expand to do so. That did not happen for some time and he was not able to go any further, he needed to calm the tensed girl.

“Relax baby, you love me right?” he asked as he spat of his fingers and first lubricated his own penis then applied some on her pussy and clit.

“Yess…,” she started breathing heavily and he knew she was getting relaxed. However, he knew it was not enough.He rubbed her clit for some time, generated as much lubrication as possible and made a decision.

“Sorry babe!” he said and with all his force shoved his penis right it. It did not take effort; her pussy was waiting to be torn. He had avoided doing so because he knew it would pain her but she had not relaxed and given him any choice.It was sharp and slightly painful for him too and soon he felt something warm and having a smell of iron coat his penis. Her hymen had ruptured so she was bleeding.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH”, cried out Seema.

“Shh…calm down!”

Seema was gasping and her nails dug deep in his back. He could feel a burning sensation and knew she had scratched too hard when he finally broke his seal. He paused and kissed her. He talked to her and said nice things while kissing; this was to wait for her to adjust to the pain and the bleeding to stop. When it did happen, he slowly stated moving his penis in and out. Seema gasped and moaned each time his penis dug in.

“Oh….please…gently…oh,” moaned Seema.

“Do you like it cutie?” he asked as he continued slow thrusts.

“Ah….huh….ah… I have never had such a feeling before baby. I….I love it,” she replied.

As time passed his pace increased. Irfan was riding her very hard and with one hand pinching her nipple. Both their eyes locked into each other followed by small intervals of kisses. They had spent a long time in that room and now were seating. Seema especially looked too cute with her glasses askew and her long hair sticking to her face.

Seema had gotten very sensitive and was about to explode and mumbled

“I’m…I’m gonna…cum” and with a little louder voice moans, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum AHHHHHHH” cried out Seema much louder than last time and Irfan wondered if the entire hotel heard her.

Seema was trembling and shivering as the aftershock lasted. She had an intense orgasm and when she finally found her voice, she said:

“Thank you so much Irfan, I’ll never forget this,” she said and she realised Irfan wasn’t done yet.

Seema knelt down on the floor as he sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed Irfan’s cock and started to give him a blowjob. The strokes got harder and harder and Irfan acknowledged by moaning loud. She let his shaft out and started sucking on his balls, simultaneously giving a hand job.

“Seema… (heavy breathing)… huh…. it’s coming…. huh…. keep stroking,” he squealed.

Irfan’s legs started to quiver, he was about to reach his climax too. He grabbed her face and said:

“I want you to swallow it baby!”

Seem had no choice as his strong arms held her head and his penis trapped inside her mouth. All of a sudden, he exploded. Most of it went down her throat and she pulled his penis out of her mouth some threads settled on her face. Irfan fell back into the bed, Seema climbed into the bed, looking at all the mess the blood and the fluids had made, she felt lazy and fell asleep next to him.

Induja and Prof Jayant were in the car right outside Sex Apartment. They were both nervous about how to say goodbye. They had spent a long time on lunch and talked a lot during the slow drive home. Induja had loved sharing her feelings with him and now felt attracted to him too. She turned to face him in the car and he smiled at her.

“Um…Goodbye sir. Thanks for lunch,” she said.

Induja did not want to leave; she wanted to do something but did not have the courage. Fortunately, Prof Jayant found his voice and stopped her. He held her hands and pulled her close.

“I love you Indu,” he said and kissed her lips. It was a small peck but Induja loved it. Her heart beat faster as she thought over few things and made a quick decision.

“Would you like to join me for some hot coffee Prof Jayant?” she asked and he smiled.


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To be continued.

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