Quarantine Sex Part – 2

As it is an immediate continuation, reading the first part may make this more exciting.

Happy Reading!

Three hours passed since the freakish incident with my sister-in-law, and fortunately for me, everything remained normal.

A lot was said, and a lot was indicated, but I did not take any of it seriously. I thought that was how I had to deal with this. I felt it was best if I tried to convince myself the weird set of events never really took place.

But, still, I made sure I stayed inside my room and came out to check on Manisha Bhabhi only once. I just did not want to encourage any further lustful confrontations. I knew I had to be smart here.

She was in the living room and asked me what I needed for dinner. Honestly, I was still a little startled and was not at all hungry.

“But you have to eat something!” she said when I told her I am skipping dinner for the night.

“Fine. I cannot force you. But remember you have to sleep with me… Okay?! You cannot give that a miss.” my elder brother’s wife really had no issues with me saying no to food. She was certainly more worried about me not being her bed-mate.

I was wearing a blue colored t-shirt and white boxers, and I did not know if I should change my clothes or not. I was a bit concerned if putting on something new would give her the feeling that I have come ready to impress her.

“I have made the bed. So, you can move in now. Haha!” Manisha Bhabhi announced, in a very excited tone, as she walked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen.

I did ask her if we could sleep in separate rooms like always, or if she could at least let me sleep on the couch by the side of her bed.

“Impossible!” was all that she replied.

And, to make sure I had no way out, she made my elder brother, Kamlesh, message me, asking me to give her company and not leave her alone. He even went on to specify that I had to sleep with her.

He definitely meant no evil, but his texts really seemed twisted. Or, maybe, the scenario caused by the threat of the Virus demanded these vulnerabilities. This was a very strange situation for me – one that could turn really bad if I was not careful.

I had to listen to my parents and my brother, and I had to take care of Manisha Bhabhi. But, I also had to make sure I do not let her take advantage of me. I entered her room, hoping to fall asleep immediately. I made myself comfortable on the bed, even before she came back inside.

She used the washroom and got on the bed, a few minutes later, ready to sleep back to back with me, wearing the same pair of clothes she had on her all this while.

Manisha Bhabhi did cry a lot, that day, and sure was very tired. She quickly covered herself with a blanket and remained very silent.

I was relieved things were fine, and was about to fall asleep when she started talking.

Manisha: Are you awake, Kapil?

Kapil: Err… Yes, Bhabhi.

Manisha: Are you not sleepy?

Kapil: I am, Bhabhi. I was about to doze off.

Manisha: Did you like it?

Kapil: What?!

Manisha: Did you like what you did to me in the evening?

Kapil: Bhabhi!

Manisha: Did you like it when you had me on top of you, Kapil?

Kapil: Bhabhi. Listen! I don’t think I need to play the fool here. But it was a mistake. You know it too! I genuinely fell…

Manisha: I know that, Kapil. I fully trust you. But what I am asking is if you liked it?

Kapil: Come on, Bhabhi.

Manisha: You can call me Nisha. It’s fine.

Kapil: But, only Kamlesh Bhaiyya calls you that.

Manisha: It is okay. You, too, can call me that. You both are the same to me.

Kapil: Bhabhi… I know you are very upset about Bhaiyya not being here. And I know it is difficult for you. You are worried about him, and, understandably, you are doing all this out of pain. Just relax, okay?! He will be back soon. You don’t have to feel so broken.

Manisha: I know, Kapil.

Kapil: Yeah. So, it’s just that. You just need to stay calm, Bhabhi.

Manisha: But.

Kapil: But, what?

Manisha: I was just thinking. Kamlesh hugs me tight when sleeping. You should be hugging me, Kapil. You should be making me feel better. You should not let me miss him!

Kapil: Bhabhi. Please!

Manisha: Just hug me, Kapil.

Kapil: That is so unnecessary, Bhabhi.

Manisha: Why? How is that unnecessary? Aren’t you the substitute for your brother tonight? You better hug me.

Kapil: Bhabhi. Hahaha! Okay. I am sorry… I am sorry, I laughed. I was not making fun of you. But, I am no substitute, my dear Manisha Bhabhi. Kamlesh is your husband. I am just his younger brother trying to make sure you are alright. I am just here to console you.

Manisha: Now, who told you that is all that is wanted of you?

Kapil: What do you mean?

Manisha: You are supposed to do everything your Bhaiyya does. You are supposed to do everything your elder brother does for me. You are supposed to do everything Kamlesh does to me.

Kapil: What the…

Manisha: Yes! Exactly! And, that includes keeping me satisfied. Tonight, and for the rest of the nights, my husband is not here. I know you want it too, Kapil. I know you are enjoying this time with me.

“Bhabhi!” I screamed in shock. This was scandalous.

“What do you want, Bhabhi?” I asked her in a very concerned tone. I really did not know what she wanted from me. I could surely guess. But, it was too corrupted to be true!

“Well, To begin with…You can turn around. Come closer to me… And, just hug me from the back.” she said softly.

“Haha… Yes. Like that… I can feel you moving towards me. Come a little more closer,” she sounded very delighted.

I really wasn’t sure about this. I just did not want another sexually charged moment with her. But, I did not have a lot of options, either. She was adamant. And, the only way I could bring this to a conclusion was if I let her have her way with me.

It was a risk I could take, I felt. It was going to be okay as long as I kept my emotions in check. I closed my eyes and continued to slowly bring myself nearer to her.

“Perfect!” she said, very thrilled. I knew my body was very close to hers now.

“What are you waiting for, Kapil? Hug Me!” she almost ordered, in her sweet yet teasing voice, demanding all my attention.

And the moment I opened my eyes, I had the biggest shock of my life. I felt like I was hit on the head. I was just not able to believe what I was seeing, and I felt completely lost.

The blanket that covered her was missing! But, more importantly, her black leggings were missing. It had disappeared! My elder sister-in-law had nothing over her lusty legs.

“When did she remove it?” I asked myself in a state of horror and disbelief.

“Was I sleeping when she got on the bed? No! Did she come prepared?! No! She did have her leggings on when she came out of the washroom. I was sure she had it on her. It was too good a detail to miss.” I had all these thoughts playing in my mind, even as I continued to lay motionless.

“Where are your leggings?!” I desperately wanted to ask her, but I just could not have the words out of my mouth. I was very convinced that I had to question her action, but only until I noticed her thick curves.

Her perfectly shaped body was displayed in its full glory, exclusively for me. The high slit on the sides of her kurti revealed a lavish amount of her creamy flesh.

Her irresistible milky thighs begged to be groped, and even though the light inside the room was dim, I could see the side-wings of her thin black panties.

As much as I was astonished, I was also feeling all the wrongful sensations, a sane man was required to feel in such erotic circumstances.

I was slowly starting to lose myself in a world of fantasies when I felt the touch of her palm.

She very casually grabbed my arm, guided it towards her belly, and had it wrapped around her body. She placed my hand just below her bust, almost causing my fingers to brush against her well-hung lower boobs.

I was now just inches away from her, and she reduced the gap further by bringing herself very very close to me. A few millimeters were all that was left in between us.

I was lying facing her back in a position so intimate, one could say I was all set to start spooning her.

Manisha Bhabhi was very chubby. I never thought that was the case, until a few hours ago. She had a lot of desirable meat in her body, and my hand felt great on her soft skin, even though she still was wearing her red top.

I was forced to repeatedly wonder how well she had been hiding her assets all these years. I would have never imagined her to a voluptuous busty woman if today had never happened.

And, even as I thought about all this, I also had a very stiff erection. I mean, my already throbbing cock was turning even harder. Saying I did not feel any of the incestual vibes would have been a lie.

My tool stood out, with so much pride, it actually made my boxers seem non-existent.

Manisha: Stop pushing your fingers against my back!

Kapil: Huh?!

Manisha: Stop it, Kapil!

Kapil: What?! Stop what, Bhabhi?

Manisha: You cannot try to push your fingers inside your Bhabhi like that… I mean, you cannot have your hand on my ass. That is just not right!

Kapil: Bhabhi… No! Please.. I am not.

Manisha: What is poking into me, then?

It was my penis! She knew it, too. There was no doubt about that. It was impossible she was that naive. She was clearly playing with me. But, she also wanted to do an innocent act. She wanted to push me to my limits. She was definitely messing with me.

“Manisha Bhabhi, this is not right. We need to stop!” I said, very seriously. There was no way I could let this go any further. I was losing the power I had over myself.

“Ohh… Come on, Kapil… Maybe… Maybe, I am just feeling things… You know how nights like these can be…” she restarted the conversation in a very diluted pitch.

She was certain I was going to back out, right there. And, she could not let that happen. She just had to resume this.

“I miss him, you know. But, it is okay. This feels good. And I am glad you are here. In fact, this feels so much better,” she completed the sentence, winning the improper duel. She knew I was going to stay. She knew she could manipulate me.

I had no idea what to reply. I was just too confused, bothered, and worried. At the same time, I was also extremely aroused, just how she wanted me to be. She was making her intentions very obvious. She undoubtedly was trying to seduce me.

But, there was no way I could let her control me. There was no way I could let my brother down. There was no way I could destroy our family. I never wanted anything sensual from her. I never wanted any kind of physical intimacy with my elder brother’s wife.

And, though I was not the more interested participant here, I was the one who had to hold myself back. Because that is how provocatively she was letting her wants to be known.

Manisha: Right, Kapil? This feels so good, doesn’t it?

Kapil: I don’t know, Bhabhi.

Manisha: Say it, Kapil. Say Yes!

Kapil: No.

Manisha: Say yes, Kapil!

Kapil: Hmmm.. Yes.

Manisha: Hug me like this. Okay? Throughout the night… Every night…

Kapil: Bhabhi!

Manisha: You have to, Kapil… You should listen to me. Do you want me to ask Kamlesh to send you another text? You do understand that he is stranded, right?! Don’t you think you are unfair by forcing him to repeatedly request you for this small favor?

Kapil: Okay! Fine… I will hug you.

Manisha: Haha… Good night, Kapil…

Kapil: Good night.

Manisha: Why do you sound so unhappy?

Kapil: No, I am alright. Good night, Manisha Bhabhi.

Manisha: Manisha Bhabhi?!

Kapil: Good night, Nisha Bhabhi.

Manisha: Nisha Bhabhi? Bhabhi?!

Kapil: Okay… I mean… Good night, Nisha!

Manisha: Hahaha! Great.

I could hear my sister-in-law giggle, like a young teenage lass, who was flirting with her boyfriend, even minutes after we stopped talking. She was dominating me, and I was easily submitting myself to her. And, she knew it.

And, as if the damage she had already done was not enough, she pushed her butt back, so much, my hard prick could now very well be considered as in between her thick ass cheeks.

I had no idea when I fell asleep. But I was sure things were never going to be the same when I wake up.

To Be Continued.

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