Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-2

“A caretaker? That’s just a polite way of referring to a common maid!” blustered Gautam.

Gautam and Kiran Chatterjee were having breakfast in the kitchen when Kiran broke the news about Junaid’s offer.The widower in his late forties wanted someone to take care of his 75-year-old father Mr. Khan. Junaid had his hands full with business and two grown up kids Aamir and Irfan. He was willing to pay a very high salary to Kiran for looking after his father from morning to evening while no one else was at home.

“What’s wrong with it? I just have to feed him and do simple tasks for few hours just like I do for my kid here,” retorted Kiran. “Besides, what better work do I have at home?”

“That house doesn’t have a woman…,” said Gautam feebly. He was hoping Kiran would understand the obvious with making things awkward.


Gautam sighed. “So, that man Junaid must be craving for a woman for too long and his kids are adults now, hormones raging etc…”

Kiran raised her eyebrows and Gautam smiled, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry sweetheart; I’m not raising doubts about you. I just don’t trust those men there,” explained Gautam by holding her hand.

“I can take care of myself Gautam. You do not have to worry. I’ll keep my distance,” replied Kiran and stormed out of the kitchen. Gautam slowly got to his feet and left for work.

Later that morning…

“Thanks for coming Kiran, it means a lot,” Junaid said with a smile as he welcomed Kiran into his house.

She was wearing a green saree with a blouse of darker shade. She had worn the saree casually with her cleavage was in display and a mangalsutra right over it. The saree was worn so low that not only the navel but also some part of her pubic hair was almost visible. The sindoor on her head, the red bindi and lipstick made her look even sexier.They sat in the drawing room and Junaid explained everything about his father’s condition to her and told her about her duties. He left soon enough leaving only her and the old man in the house.

“Time for your bath Mr.Khan,” said a cheerful Kiran and she helped him walk to the bathroom. The left part of Mr.Khan’s body was weak, although not paralyzed. He was better these days according to Junaid but Kiran had to help him with everything. Mr.Khan, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy touching her whenever he got the chance. As she helped him walk to the bathroom, she felt his hand slowly reaching for the side of her breasts. Before it could touch her boobs, she reached the bathroom and asked him to enter.

“Alright Kiran, act like a professional,” she told herself as she started to undress Mr. Khan. She pulled his t-shirt off revealing a white, saggy upper body covered with gray hair. She tried to push his shorts down but it wasn’t budging so she knelt in front of his crotch and pulled the shorts down from both side. What happened next was something she had not anticipated.

He was stark naked in the bathroom with her and Kiran’s attention was diverted to his penis. As soon as she had pulled his shorts down, it popped out, erect and pointing at her nose. Kiran was not only shocked but also mesmerized by the beauty of that thing. It was a long white monster, perfectly healthy for a man supposed to be suffering from all sorts of illness. Naively her hand reached out to it and before she could stop, she was holding it.

Mr. Khan looked at her in surprise; the sight was unbelievable for him. A beautiful Indian housewife kneeling in front of him, holding his cock was capable of making him cum without effort but before that could happen Kiran came back to her senses.

“Stop acting like you’ve never seen a cock before Kiran and concentrate on the job,” she scolded herself in her mind.

She bathed him even though she knew he was strong enough to do it himself. Soon she applied soap on his penis and started stroking the area. Mr. Khan closed his eyes and smiled and Kiran smiled too. She felt good about pleasing him and kept stroking it and his balls for some time. The penis that had gone flaccid when she bathed other parts of his body was slowly getting hard again.

Kiran took her time to stroke his penis as she felt his penis harden. Mr. Khan too couldn’t believe his luck as he felt his soft and small hands go all the way from tip to base and occasionally on the balls. But before it could be completely erect, she poured water over it and finished the bath. She did not want to get carried away. She wiped him clean and let him enjoy another moment of pleasure when she wiped his penis and balls and then gave him a lungi to cover himself.

Induja Nair, Mrs. Nair’s sister in law, had just walked into the staff room of her college after finishing an hour of lecture. That particular hour had been exhausting since she had struggled to explain a complex mathematics topic to her students.

“Such dimwits!” fumed Induja as she reached her seat and dropped her books on the table. Prof. Jayant, a colleague, noticed her and immediately walked up to her. Jayant Sharma was a man in late forties and was always into women other than his wife. However, he never had any luck with women in the staff room no matter how hard he tried. Everyone else was loyal to their husbands, but when he found out that the new Asst. Prof Induja was newly married and her husband worked in Gulf, he knew he had a chance. In no time, he was acquainted with her and hoped to make the move soon. It was like a wolf had cornered a lone sheep.

“Something wrong Induja ma’am?” asked Jayant pleasantly.

“The usual Prof. Jayant. My subject is the most hated and no matter how hard I try, the kids refuse to listen. It’s a challenge making them understand the beauty of maths,” confessed Induja.

“I can understand your problem,” said Jayant with a smile. “How are things in your new home?”

“I love it there, the penthouse is always empty if you ignore my boring sister-in-law,” said Induja cheering up a little.

“Must be hard, living alone like that. With your husband so far away,” said Prof. Jayant trying to graze the topic without making his intentions clear.

“Yes, but…nothing I can do about it,” replied Induja sitting down. Prof. Jayant didn’t know it but he had just upset her more. Last night Induja had received a phone call from her husband. From what she could gather, he was happy living there but when she enquired about when she would be able to join him, he just brushed the topic aside. It made her angry; her husband did not seem to care about her needs.

“How about lunch this weekend? I know an awesome Chinese restaurant nearby,” said Prof. Jayant with his fingers crossed inside his pockets.

Induja looked up with a smile. She considered the offer, the man was old sure, but there was no one else trying to woo her, either because they did not like her or because they were not bold enough. Prof. Jayant wasn’t bad either if you ignore the pot belly or the graying beard. Maybe it was the anger she had for her husband or the desperation of feeling loved that she felt ever since her husband moved out, which made her say it.


“Crap!” cursed Kiran in the Khan family’s kitchen. The electricity had gone right when the food she prepared for Mr. Khan was ready. It was her fault since she had planned to prepare a low-fat salad for his lunch, she did not bother to get it done early and had wasted most of the morning watching TV after the bath. Since he could not chew, she needed the mixer-grinder to make it fine so that he could swallow easily but without electricity, it was useless.

“Great! No other tools that do not use electricity. This kitchen is so useless.”

It was lunchtime already and for a man like Mr. Khan, the food was supposed to be on time. She could not risk finding out what happens if he misses his lunch. She decided to wait anyway and miserably watched the wall clock for another hour but there was no sign of power. Mr. Khan was feebly calling out her name for his food and Kiran was feeling extremely anxious. She had no experience in dealing with old, ailing people. She just knew that without food, his sugar levels could go up.

“What should I do? A blunder on my very first day…. Should I feed him like I used to feed my kid? Will Mr. Khan approve?”

Kiran picked up the salad bowl and walked inside Mr. Khan’s room. He was sitting on his bed and she was shocked to find him in his lungi only. The strength he showed made he believe he could change clothes on his own but he had not done so. She did not bother to question him as she had more pressing matters.

“I’m sorry Mr. Khan but there is no power. I could not grind the salad for you.”

“Whh…aat will…I eat….?” He mumbled. Like the left part of his body, some part of his face and jaw was slow or unresponsive so it took an effort to talk, naturally neither could he chew food properly.

“There is a way. However, I will do it only if you want to. I can chew the food for you and feed you with my mouth….I know it sounds disgusting but-”


Kiran could have sworn that for a fraction of a second he looked excited with a glint in his eyes and end of his lips twitching as if to smile. She shrugged away the thought and transferred two spoonfuls of salad into her mouth.

As she chewed it, Mr. Khan’s eyes followed her lips movements and suddenly Kiran felt uncomfortable with the whole idea. Soon she felt that the food in her mouth was broken down enough and she leaned over Mr. Khan’s face and let food slide into his mouth. She was trying to keep distance between her lips and his but to avoid spilling she was extremely close which sometimes made the tip of her tongue touch his tongue.

Mr. Khan swallowed slowly and Kiran stood still until all the food had gone but before she could go back, he raised his head a little higher and sucked her lips with the side of his lips that was still functional. Kiran was taken aback but she stood her ground and let him suck away the small pieces of food on her lips. His dark thin lips kept sucking her pouty red ones hard and Kiran unwillingly felt all her nerves get excited. Finally, he licked the corner of her lips and relaxed.

“Umm…Mr. Khan that was unnecessary,” said Kiran with raised eyebrows.

Mr. Khan just smiled and gave a throaty laugh for a reply. Kiran realized that he didn’t care and that he would continue to do so. Kiran took two more spoonfuls and this time Mr. Khan was watching her with a smile. His expressions were that of an anxious boy who could not wait to have what was to come.

Kiran finished chewing and again bent over to feed him and this time didn’t bother to keep the distance between their lips. As he finished chewing his right hand, rose and he held her cheek while he resumed sucking her lips. This time, apart from consuming all the food and saliva, he was literally kissing Kiran. The kisses were loud and echoing throughout the room. He finished with small kisses or pecks on her lips and allowed her to go back to chew again.

It went on like this several times, each time Mr. Khan improvised and kissed her as much as possible. He was enjoying kissing and sucking her lips more than the food. Sometimes he made her poke her tongue out and sucked on it for few seconds, drinking all the saliva that flowed down. Soon a tent formed down under.

“Oh my goodness!”

His penis was completely erect and Kiran could not help but be awed by the sheer monstrosity. Mr. Khan was looking into her eyes, begging her to help him.

“Pleassee….” He moaned.

Kiran felt pity for the old man. How many years has it been since he masturbated, let alone felt the touch of a woman? A part of her was telling her not to go any further while another part was pleading her to. Ever since the playboy Reddy had shown her the pleasures of infidelity, all the men had she dated had used her and left her when they had had enough of her. However, this would not be the case with Mr. Khan since he had no one else. She could help the poor man by pleasing him and quench her thirst for sex outside marriage.

Mr. Khan was looking into her eyes while she was thinking. He was hopeful that she would agree, as all those nurses had done so earlier, after taking pity on him. He was not such a helpless old man after all. Kiran smiled and uncovered his thighs and crotch by parting the lungi. Mr. Khan smiled and lay on his back and felt her cold hand travel from his thighs to his penis, sending shivers all over his wrinkled skin.

“Wow…his cock is probably the best I’ve seen in a long time,” thought Kiran as she stroked it. He had no foreskin so she wet her hands with her own saliva and stroked his penis. Her fists moved up and down his penis swiftly making her bangles jingle. The pace of her hand increased gradually and in no time, she was giving him a handjob in full speed. Mr. Khan had his mouth open and eyes closed as he enjoyed it.

Mr. Khan raised his right hand and touched her boobs.

“What are you doing?” asked Kiran.

“…please…” he mumbled again and Kiran wondered if he was acting. Either way, she decided it would only speed up the process of him ejaculating so she allowed him to do it. First, he just gently touched her breasts over the saree and traced the shape with his finger. Then he started squeezing her breast, which increased Kiran’s heart rate as she enjoyed being touched like that. Soon he started pinching her nipples over the saree and Kiran could not help but breathe heavily and let out a gasp.

He pulled her pallu away which revealed her cleavage and blouse. He smiled at her like a kid when he slid one finger in the gap between her melons and fingered her there. Kiran smiled back at his playfulness, soon removed her blouse, and unclasped her bra, which made her boobs pop out in full view.

The sight sent some sort of adrenaline rush into the old man and he raised himself a little and hugged her tight, digging his face into her tits in the process. Kiran breathed heavily and slowly as she felt the old man eat away her breasts. Her entire chest area was covered in his saliva when he was done. At last, he slipped his hand into the lower part of her saree, touching her pubic hair and reaching for the vagina as he looked pleadingly into her eyes. His request was clear.

“Fine! We’ve come this far already,” sighed Kiran and she undressed completely in front of the old man. He held her hands as she dug her knees into the mattress and climbed on the bed, placing her sexy naked body right over his.

Kiran squatted over him, taking care not to sit on him and bring down all her weight on him. Her ass hovered over his penis for some time before she held the base of his penis and started to insert it into her hungry vagina.

“Ooooh….” Moaned Kiran as she rubbed his penis head over her vagina and circled her clitoris. Finally, she held his hard cock firmly and slowly slid her ass down. She gasped and moaned out again as his long and thick penis stretched her vagina. It had been such a long time since she felt a cock spread her pussy like that. She realized how much she missed big cocks as his penis finally got engulfed completely inside her.

“Aaah-aaah-aaah-,” she moaned. She could not help it. Every time she rose and brought her ass down, his penis expanded the insides of her vagina. As it did so, she felt it rub against her g-spot. Adding to that she licked her fingers and started fingering her clitoris. Circling her fingers over it as she experienced the pleasure that she had not felt in a long time. As she fucked him in the cowgirl position, her boobs bounced up and down and the mangalsutra too bounced along, exciting Mr. Khan as it did so.

Mr. Khan raised his right hand and squeezed her boobs as she continued the up-down movement. His left hand was weak so he was not able to use it to touch her other breast so she herself bent forward bring her boobs close to his face. With her hand, she held the base of her tits and placed it over his mouth. She felt a cold sensation on her nipple as he opened his mouth and started sucking her tit like a baby.

“Oh Mr. Khan, the medical issue couldn’t take away the magic of your cock, could it?” moaned Kiran as she felt Mr. Khan moving his lower body up and down as well to match the fucking. Each time her large ass touched his groin it created a strange arousing noise.

If she had any doubt that Mr. Khan was only pretending to be too weak, it was all gone by what he did next. He held her hands and made her lie under him. Then slowly placed his body on top of her and entered inside her in the missionary position. While he fucked her with slow, powerless thrusts, his mouth was all over Kiran’s face. He still wasn’t using his left hand and most of the movement of his body was from the right side but it was enough to make Kiran moan like a virgin.

“Harder dear, ah-yes like that…ah-ah try doing…it harder,” gasped Kiran. The old man wasn’t able to do it as she wanted but his monstrous cock made up for it. Every time she moaned, he dug it deeper into her. It was slow, he didn’t have enough strength but the way his large penis rubbed all the right places made her cry out in pleasure.

Soon she reached climax and let out a loud moan that reverberated in the entire house. Mr. Khan was spent too, he did not shoot semen inside her but she felt his flaccid and wet penis wriggle out of her and he lay beside her naked on the bed.

“Wow! As much as I loved that, I hate the idea of giving him another bath…,” thought Kiran with a smile and she rolled off the bed.

Meanwhile in his office, Gautam wasn’t able to concentrate on work at all. He was still dwelling over the offer Junaid made to Kiran. He was not a fool, he had seen the way Junaid was looking at Kiran during the meeting the other day and knew his intentions weren’t right.

Every time he tried doing something, images of Junaid and his wife flashed across his mind. His mind played a reel of all the possible things his wife and Junaid could be doing behind his back. Getting intimate, kissing and licking each other, Junaid feasting on her large breasts and finally an image of their asses on bed… Junaid’s penis digging deep inside her in the missionary position. Both of them laughing at her loser husband while Junaid’s groin slammed over her ass.

Angrily Gautam looked down and adjusted his crotch as he felt a twitch in his pants…


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To be continued.

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