Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-1

The air was chilly and the atmosphere dreamy, as it rained incessantly outside. Monsoon had arrived on time and the residents of Sex Apartment did nothing but stay indoors and enjoy the feeling of togetherness. It had been far too long since the unfortunate events of Sowmya’s party had unfolded. The residents who remained in Sex Apartment had in time, overcome broken hearts, trusts and above all the shock of their deepest secrets being exposed and now lived in harmony among their new neighbors.

Mrs. Nair, a 40-year-old widow (who hardly looked the age) and the owner of Sex Apartment, was sipping hot tea as she sat near the window overlooking the city in darkness with occasional flashes of lightning. She now lived alone in her penthouse as her daughters were in different cities, pursuing their goals. Aarushi had started working while Sowmya was still into modeling but they took vacations occasionally and visited their mother.

Mrs. Nair was a true Mallu beauty whose curvy figure even in this age could turn on any man. The boobs so large that one could not help but fantasize about feasting on them. Her beauty was best whenever she wore Kerala sarees, which barely managed to cover her navel and side of her boobs, not to mention the ample amount of cleavage she displayed. The thick and long hair with “Gajra” over it that left a mesmerizing scent in her wake made heads turn, heads of mostly boys who considered her the perfect mallu MILF.

However, the most desired MILF in town was not interested in relationships anywhere. Not after the fiasco with Rahul and Aarushi. The memory of Aarushi walking-in on her and Rahul right when the boy was unloading his semen all over her face, made her tremble and shy away from suitors to this very day. She wanted someone, she was desperate for sex, her body was starving for it but she felt it would only lead to disaster. She continued sipping the hot tea as she waited for the arrival of someone who could solve her problem.

The Chattergees were the only other residents who had stayed in Sex Apartment after that unfortunate evening. The husband Gautam was a Bengali while the wife Kiran was a Punjabi. Gautam and Kiran, who had seen ups and downs in their marriage with each cheating on the other, had decided to give their marriage another chance. With countless counseling sessions and their love for each other, they had finally achieved what they wanted. However, some habits never change and although it took time, both of them had started cheating on each other again.

Kiran was a promiscuous sex bomb, to say the least. She was a true Punjaban with milky skin, tall, stuffed with flesh in all the right places. Her boobs that had grown during her pregnancy had fortunately decided to stay that way. Kiran was initially a loyal wife to a husband who didn’t deserve it. However, acquaintance to a playboy called Reddy and some persuasion from a sexy psychologist had propelled her into the world of unlimited pleasures. At the moment, Kiran wasn’t involved with anyone; the last man she dated had gotten cold feet (after enjoying Kiran’s body to heart’s content). Even she was having second thoughts about cheating again, especially when her husband was satisfying her every night. Last night was no exception except for a tiny slip by Gautam.

With a child in the house, it was becoming increasingly difficult to fuck regularly without disturbance so whenever they fucked, they did it with desperation and last night had not been any different. Kiran and Gautam were fucking in doggy style with Kiran kneeling on the bed while Gautam stood near the bed. His groin was slamming against her ass, which was making loud sounds over the creaking of their bed underneath. Kiran, who was kneeling on all fours, felt his hand touch her large tits and moaned out as his fingers pinched her nipples. He cupped her boobs and bent over her back while his thrusts became stronger.

“Ahhhh Gautam…what’s gotten into you today?” moaned Kiran. “You’ve never fucked me better.”

“Oh darling I was just getting started…” said Gautam as he climbed on the bed. He stood right above her and stooped a little to dig his penis right into her ass. Kiran felt her insides being torn apart accompanied by the feeling of utmost pleasure and she bit the pillow to muffle her screams.

“Ufff Gautam…slow down!” cried out Kiran as Gautam brutally slammed his entire body on top of her as his penis tried going deeper into her butthole.

“No mercy tonight for you Rashmi…” said Gautam before he realized his mistake and bit his tongue.

“What?” asked a bewildered Kiran as she looked back at Gautam who was still on top of her.

“Sorry darling, the fuck is so amazing that my mind is fuzzy…he-he,” he explained hurriedly with an awkward smile.Then he noticed his wife’s sexy lips forming another question and before she could voice her thoughts, he started kissing her.

While Gautam literally ate her mouth during the doggy fuck, Kiran frowned as she wondered why Gautam had taken Rashmi’s name. The doubts only lingered for a few moments that night as she reached her orgasm and fell asleep.

Rashmi was Kiran’s sister, Gautam’s sister in law. Even before Kiran had started cheating on him, Gautam had developed an illicit affair in his wife’s house. Rashmi was the spitting image of Kiran he had fallen in love with. The younger, thinner, fitter and much beautiful version of his wife. Adding to that, the way she made love with him drove him crazy. Every time they had sex, they did it like there was no tomorrow and hence no matter how hard he tried; he could never have enough of her. Rashmi was now living in Sex Apartment. Although she used to live in the Chatterjee’s flat, she decided to move into the other floor with another girl named Seema after securing a job for herself.

Seema was an 18 year old from a village. She had run away from her home as her mother was dead and her father wanted to marry her off to the village sarpanch, a 50-year-old man. Seema had come into the city with great hopes but she had no money to finance her dreams so she applied for a scholarship to take care of her college fees and worked in a hotel restaurant to earn her daily bread. She had started attending college along with two other boys of Sex Apartment but the scholarship wasn’t approved yet so she was constantly looking for some backup.

Seema was a good-looking north Indian girl with a thin figure like any other teen. She had a heart shaped face with thin pointed nose over which large glasses rested. Her thin pink lips when stretched by a smile formed lovely dimples on her cheeks. Her breasts were round and a handful while her ass was the largest asset she had. One look at her and anyone would want to the bed this cute nerd but she had not allowed that yet or rather her family had always kept a watchful eye on her so she could not allow any boy to come near her. Now that she was in this modern city with no relative judging and controlling her, she was harboring a desire of getting laid.

Under Rashmi and Seema’s flat lived The Khans. The eldest Khan was a seventy-five-year-old man whom people simply referred to as Mr. Khan. He had a medical issue so was constantly seen moving around in his wheelchair. He had a son named Junaid who was in his late forties and a widower. His late wife had borne him two sons Aamir and Irfan who were 18 and 20 years old respectively and studied in Seema’s college. Since there was no woman in this family, there were always on the edge with disagreements and tantrums. While Mr. Khan needed constant care, Junaid was struggling to find a caretaker for him. The nurses were costly; he wanted some maid for this job.

While the residents of Sex Apartment were busy enjoying the chilly evening, Induja Nair, Mrs. Nair’s sister in law, had arrived alongside a man dressed in orange robes. Induja was an Asst.Professor in Seema’s college and until now was living alone while her husband (Mrs. Nair’s brother, Ajay) was working in a Gulf country, but now she had come to live with Mrs. Nair since there was no one except her in the penthouse. Induja and Ajay were newly married so she looked every bit fresh and young as a bride. She preferred wearing red sarees with red sindoor and mangalsutra (thali in Kerala) which complimenting her beauty. Her figure was curvy as well, neither too big nor too small: in right proportion that could make any man mad for her.

“Mrs. Nair! Open up, it’s Induja,” called out Induja outside Mrs. Nair’s door after knocking the door. Behind her stood the man in orange robes.

“Oh Indu mol! So good to see you!” said Mrs. Nair as she hugged Induja.

“Good to see you too chechi!” replied Induja. Then she turned and gestured at the man. “This is Baba Sadachari, the guru I told you about!”

Mrs. Nair smiled at him and welcomed him inside along with Induja and together they planned about the meeting that night. Mrs. Nair had already sent invitations to all residents to attend Baba Sadachari’s meeting that night and was hoping that others would join her too in search for mental and spiritual peace.

The rain receded and as the evening wore on, the residents of Sex Apartment gathered on the lawn where Baba was going to address them. While they were waiting, the residents talked among themselves and tried being acquainted with people they had not talked to until now. Irfan and Seema were eyeing each other for a long time while Rashmi was sitting next to Gautam, trying to convince him to sneak away with her. Gautam was reluctant since Kiran would notice their absence and he was even more worried since the slip last night. Sneaking away would only increase her suspicions.

“Hi I’m Irfan,” said Irfan as he sat down next to Seema who was taken aback by Irfan’s sudden bold appearance.

“I’m Seema. I’ve seen you in my college,” said Seema who had not just seen Irfan before but had also followed him with her eyes whenever she spotted him. She had noticed that he was always around girls but she was sure that he was single, or was at least hoping that he was.

“Are you seriously interested in this Baba’s speech?” asked Irfan with a wry smile.

“Honestly, I’m not. I just don’t want to offend Mrs. Nair who’s rented that room for such a low price for me,” admitted Seema. It was true. Mrs. Nair had taken pity on the girl when she heard her story and had helped her in every way possible.

“C’mon, it’s not like she’ll kick you out for not attend this boring meeting. Let’s go on a walk, I’m sure you’ll like my company,” offered Irfan confidently with his winning smile. Seema blushed and then walked out hand in hand with him.

Like son, the father too didn’t miss a chance with the ladies. Junaid had been ogling at Kiran for some time now and couldn’t help but reach out to her.

“You must be the Chattergees! I’m Junaid!” he said addressing Rashmi, Gautam and Kiran but his gaze was mostly on Kiran or on her large tits anyway.

Kiran got into a conversation with Junaid and Gautam could no longer resist Rashmi’s advances so he excused himself and walked to her room. Rashmi too quietly slipped away leaving Kiran with Junaid who never felt hungrier for a woman before. His eyes were constantly lingering over her cleavage as she talked and Kiran noticed it too. She couldn’t help but smile and blush as he charmed her with his deep voice and humor. Soon the topic moved on to Junaid’s father and despite not wanting to spend too much on his ailing father, he gave her an unbelievable offer.

Baba Sadachari arrived alongside Mrs. Nair and all stopped talking. Residents of Sex Apartment, as well as some from neighboring societies, listened intently. Aamir, who was sitting with his grandad, was awestruck by Mrs. Nair and started fantasizing about things he could do with her. Ever since puberty, he had always been attracted to MILFs.

“I’m Baba Sadachari, not a godman or a priest. I do not serve any deities or religion. I am a man of the nature. I serve the forces of nature so people of different cultures and religion (his eyes lingered over Junaid, Aamir and Mr. Khan) need not worry about anything,” he said grimly.

While the Baba was introducing himself. Gautam and Rashmi were kissing and undressing each other like hungry beasts in Rashmi’s room. It had been quite some time since they had had each other so they wanted to make most of it. Once both of them were naked, Gautam made her lie on the bed and started kissing her body. He kissed her forehead, nose, and lips and traveled all the way down to her pussy.

“Jiju, there’s no hurry,” teased Rashmi at his swiftness, “you can stay all night if you want.”

“If I had my way, I’d stay forever,” joked Gautam and bent over her vagina.

Rashmi smiled as she felt his warm lips and cold tongue touch the most sensitive part of her body. He kissed the area first and then parted her labia with his fingers. The pink insides were exposed and Gautam inserted his finger inside the hole. Rashmi’s lower body rose as she felt spasms of pleasure reverberate all over her body as his rough finger made contact with not only the sensitive vaginal walls but also the g-spot. Gautam, who had been fucking her for so long, knew exactly what pleased her and where her sensitive spots were.

“Huhhhh…don’t stop Jiju…ummm…,” moaned Rashmi clutching her own breasts and biting her lips.

Using both the thumbs, he pushed back the upper skin of her vagina and brought as much of the clit out as possible.Then he started playing with it with the tip of his tongue, moving and rubbing it rapidly with her clitoris. It was rough but Rashmi’s body jerking and her loud moans only motivated him to do it even faster. His tongue was working like that of a dog licking up water. He occasionally stopped licking and the whole area hard or just circled the skin around it.

“Oh jijaji, your tongue alone puts many cocks to shame,” remarked Rashmi. She grabbed the pillow under her head and closed her eyes as the amount of pleasure the licking of her clitoris generated, was getting the better of her. Rashmi’s lower body kept rising and falling as waves of pleasure continued overwhelming her.

BABA: “I deal in meditation, yoga and ayurvedic medication apart from serving the natural forces. I’ve never performed miracles as others claim to do; I’ve healed every sick person who ever came to me. For some, it took just a day while some took years to get better. I’m not here to just heal your physical ailments…”

Irfan and Seema were now in a dark corner of Sex Apartment. They had walked and talked for some time and with each passing minute, Seema felt drawn to him. Seema wasn’t a fool, she knew exactly why Irfan had brought there and she was excited about it. She had never been in close proximity of strange boys let alone doing sexual things with them. She longed to experience the feeling of being loved, being desired. Maybe that was why she gave in so easily to Irfan’s advances.

It started with him pinning her to the wall. Seema’s chest heaved up and down as her blood rushed and heart beat faster in exhilaration. It all happened too fast, she was so thrilled that she hardly registered one or two words of whatever he said next. All she did was a nod and say yes when he asked her if she liked him. Irfan had gotten his green signal so he leaned closer and planted a gentle and soft kiss on her lips.

She didn’t know what exactly did it, was it the feeling of several nerves getting excited as his lips touched her? Was it the gentle pressure of him sucking with his soft lips? Was it the sound generated when he pulled out that sent a sensation right from the top all the way down to her vagina? She felt it moisten and her eyes closed, waiting for more. Irfan didn’t need urging, he leaned closer again and this time kissed her hard.

After that, there was no stopping those two. They started kissing, sucking, licking, biting and doing every possible thing with their lips and tongue. Seema poked her tongue out, Irfan moved his lips up and down, sucking down every bit of her saliva, and then he made her do the same thing. It wasn’t his first kiss but the way she responded made him feel like a novice.

Meanwhile, in Rashmi’s room, Gautam was resting on his back while Rashmi sat next to his lap.

“Make your Jiju hard enough darling so that I can tear that pussy apart,” smiled Gautam watching Rashmi who was tying her hair. With her arms raised, her breasts looked rounder and much more delicious. A sight so sexy that Gautam wondered why he wasn’t hard enough already.

Rashmi bent down and held the base of his penis. She kissed the tip of his penis and smiled at him as she always did while giving him a blowjob. The girl liked to keep checking if what she was doing was good enough for her Jiju and Gautam loved her for that. She kissed all around the tip for some time and then poked her tongue out. She circled the tip of her tongue around the tip of his penis, which made Gautam’s penis twitch in excitement.

“Stop it Rashmi, you know I don’t like waiting…” complained Gautam and tried to grab her head and make her take his penis inside her mouth but Rashmi dodged him.

“Ha-ha, not so soon Jiju…” she laughed and started licking the base of his penis and licked all the way up to the tip. After few minutes of teasing, she finally swallowed his penis whole. Gautam let out a sigh and placed his hand on her head making her take it whole every time her head went down. Her head moved up and down at a steady rate, his penis going in and out completely. Every time the tip of his penis hit the roof of her mouth, he smiled and gasped.

BABA: “…I know about this society’s history. I know many have fallen prey to their bodily desires. Cravings that wrecked marriages and families apart. I’m here to teach you how to control your desires. I’m here to help you get back on the right path.”

Gautam made her stop sucking when he felt his lions shiver. He made her lie under him and started sucking her ample bosom. Rashmi kept grinning while he sucked her nipples and ran her fingers through his hair. Gautam pushed her boobs from either side and made the nipples go high and close to each other. He sucked and licked them hard making Rashmi feel the jitters.

“I always say this, didi is lucky to have you as her husband,” said Rashmi and Gautam bit her nipple.

“Ow! What was that for?” she asked pretending to be hurt but her smile told him that she had liked it. The real reason he had bit her was that when she mentioned Kiran, he remembered the night he had discovered her partially naked in a room with another man with her mangalsutra on her. It made him angry and the reaction was spontaneous.

“You like it don’t you?” asked Gautam as he playfully bit her erect and pointy nipple again.

Gautam raised his upper body and looked down at his erect penis. He placed it right over Rashmi’s clit and rubbed the area.

“Stop teasing me Jiju! My pussy wants that cock in now!”

“As you wish,” smiled Gautam and with one shove, slid his penis in. Rashmi cried out as she felt her vaginal walls stretch and his penis tip rubbing her g-spot. He began slowly and Rashmi could feel the build up inside her resulting into gasps and deep breaths. She was anticipating a sudden burst of speed and sure enough, Gautam started literally ramming his body onto hers as his penis drilled her insides.

“Ohhhhh Jiju, slow down!”

“You’ll be singing a different tune soon baby!” laughed Gautam as he maintained the pace.

BABA: “…to teach adults how to stay true to your spouses, how to resist temptations of adultery and cheating.”

“Oh Rashmi, I can never love Kiran the way I love you!”

“Oh Jiju I love you too! Ahhhh do it faster Jiju…”

Rashmi was looking up at the fan, which spun slowly while gasping and biting her lips every time Gautam thrust his penis inside her. He was on top of her, his face dug deep into the pillow next to her face while his hands were holding hers. Rashmi locked her legs around his waist and turned sideways to kiss his cheek. After few kisses, he too turned to her and kissed her lips.

Rashmi broke the kiss as she felt a chill on the tip of her fingers and toes while goose bumps erupted all over her skin. She cried out loud without a care in the world as every pleasure nerve in her body felt stimulated. Her muscles contracted and relaxed for a brief moment and she lay still, lost in the bliss. Gautam realized that she had an orgasm and decided to finish it off. He started slamming into her harder and faster and soon sprayed a spoonful of semen inside her.

Rashmi grabbed his face and showered it with countless kisses before getting off the bed and rushing to the bathroom. Gautam wiped himself cleaned and walked out without a word.

BABA: “….to teach the young adults against fornication and how to stay pure before marriage.”

“Tell me, are you a virgin?” asked Irfan taking a break from loving Seema’s lips.

“I am here to give everyone a new beginning,” concluded the Baba and he dispersed the meeting.


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To be continued.

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