Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-57

Everyone in Sex Apartment was getting ready for the party that evening in celebration of Sowmya’s modelling success. Although they didn’t know what exactly she was doing, but everyone, including her mother and sister, were happy for her. While people were getting ready for the party, Gautam was hurrying out of his house.

“Urgent work”, he explained to his wife, “Client seems to have attempted suicide, I’ll be back before midnight at least but don’t expect me for hours, the place is too far.”

Kiran displayed a worrisome expression as he walked out but inwardly smiled at the prospect of meeting Reddy earlier than their usual midnight schedule. She watched her husband drive away and walked over to her phone to call Reddy and inform him about the new development.

Aarushi was in college, on her way to meet Professor Agnihotri when she heard a commotion. Everyone was hurrying to his office and with anxiety even she hurried in. Two men were carrying Agnihotri out of his office and he seemed unconscious. She asked them what happened.

“He had a cardiac arrest, we’re taking him to the hospital”, one of them said. Aarushi watched them for some time and then walked out of the college feeling relieved that she would be able to attend the party tonight.

In Sex Apartment the party had already begun and everyone was talking to each other exchanging gossips and wild stories as food and drinks were being served. A cool breeze was flowing inside the gates which made the atmosphere even better and prepared them for what was coming. Mrs. Nair was looking particularly beautiful in her purple silk saree and sleeveless blouse. As she thanked people for compliments and helped them enjoy the party she searched for Rahul or Borah. Borah wasn’t in sight but Rahul was seen drinking beer with his friends at a corner.

“Hey Rahul”, Mrs. Nair greeted him cheerfully.

“Hey Mrs. Nair, you look stunning!!”

“Want to come with me?” she asked innocently. “I want help with the guests.”

The way his friends smiled and pushed him forward to go told her that their relationship wasn’t exactly a secret. Rahul had either told them or they suspected something. To her surprise, she felt delighted at the prospect of being desired by such young men. With a smile, she took Rahul away from them and they strolled towards her house.

“Now?” he asked,

“Yes, now”, she replied. “Aarushi and Sowmya are both busy we’ll have hours of time.”

Reddy and Kiran had just shown their faces for a brief moment and had slipped away from the party to his room. He double checked to see if anyone had noticed them entering and then closed the door behind him. He turned to find her gone into the bedroom already and walked in himself. There she was lying on the bed in that red saree and an expression of lust that made him lose his mind. He threw his pant and shirt away in a hurry and climbed over her.

“Today you look like a perfect desi Bhabhi”, he said and kissed her. She did look like that with her red saree, red lipstick, bangles, ear-rings and sindoor on her forehead.

“I forgot to leave my mangalsutra at home,” replied Kiran.

“Doesn’t matter”, said Reddy, “it makes you look sexier and I’ll fuck you tonight with you still wearing it.” He lowered his head and his lips touched hers. It began with several light kisses and soon turned into passionate French kisses. Her tongue moved in and out of his mouth as his lips tried to trap it and suck all the saliva she had. They rolled over the bed and now Kiran was above him, her hair covered one side of his face and her pulled her down by the neck to continue kissing her.

In Mrs. Nair’s hall, her pallu was in Rahul’s hand.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a smile.

Rahul didn’t answer and just pulled it like Dushaasan had pulled Draupadi’s saree. She laughed and spun in her position as the saree rolled off her body. Finally, it came off completely and now she stood only in the sleeveless blouse and a petticoat.

Rahul threw her saree on the floor and walked towards her. He hugged her and kissed her on her lips with passion. Mrs. Nair too was feeling her insides craving for this young man whose passion was unmatched to any man’s she had slept with. When he let go her blouse fell off, he had been removing it while kissing her and it was done so lovingly that she had not felt him doing anything. This revealed her black bra underneath covering her awesome big breasts which he cupped and smiled.

“Let’s go to the bedroom”, said Mrs. Nair who couldn’t control anymore.

“No, let’s go to shower first” They walked hand in hand towards the bathroom forgetting the discarded clothes of Mrs. Nair.

In Reddy’s room Kiran was now kissing her way towards his penis. She licked and kissed his chest and abs and poked her tongue into her navel which tickled and pleasured him at the same time. Then her gentle fingers pulled the underwear off him and threw it away.

“Are you this hard all the time?” she teased.

“No, baby,” confessed Reddy, “It’s always like that when you are around, not just when you come for sex, even when we meet outside casually, that junior remembers your magic touch and how well your mouth treats him and how good the insides of your pussy feels.”

Kiran laughed and licked it once making him shudder in excitement.

Smiling, she held the base and started stroking the penis before poking her tongue out and circling the tip of his penis which made him go mad and he gripped the bed sheet in excitement. “Go easy sweetheart, I don’t want you to cum before me” she said. Reddy smiled and watched as she let a thick thread of saliva flow out of her rounded lips and fall on his penis. She spread it with her small, gentle and smooth palm and in one shove swallowed it whole.

“Oh baby, I love it” gasped Reddy.

Kiran’s head bobbed up and down in good speed as her wet and warm mouth pleasured his cold and hard penis. She could feel his throbbing vein inside her mouth where her tongue was touching the penis skin. She sucked like that continuously for some time and whenever her cheeks felt the pressure she would let them rest while she took his penis out and just licked it.

Mrs. Nair too was indulged in some oral sex in the bathroom of her house. Although there it was the other way around. While the pipe showered down water on them, Rahul was kneeling under her with his tongue and finger out doing some hard work.

Both of them were naked and drenched in cold water. Mrs. Nair’s hair was sticking to her breasts, a sight which made Rahul wonder again whether this was a dream. While his tongue perfectly stimulated her throbbing clitoris, his finger moved in and out of her pussy grinding the famed g-spot as it did so. Her hands were busy too with one rubbing her own nipples while the other pushing his head into her pussy.

“oh-ah-ah-ah-rahul-ah-yes-you’re doing –ah perfectly,“ moaned Mrs. Nair with her eyes closed and a cold feeling inside her chest as his licking and fingering sent tremors up her body. Soon she felt her vaginal muscles tighten and her clitoris pumping as she orgasmed. She was lost in the bliss for some time before she pulled him up and kneeled down to start blowing him. The sight of a milf squatting over the wet bathroom door blowing your cock is unmatched to anything else.

Reddy couldn’t control himself as Kiran was giving him the best blowjob of his life, adding to that was her attire which gave her the “suhaagraat ki dulhan” look. Before he could warn her, his dick sent several shots of semen up on her face and some inside her mouth. His muscles relaxed and his eyes opened to find Kiran licking away his semen. He felt a stir inside him.

Reddy caught her face and kissed her multiple times while he slowly removed her ornaments and wiped her sindoor over the forehead which left a red smudge all over making this look even more erotic.

Then she undressed completely leaving only the mangalsutra on, as requested by Reddy. She sat over his face as he started licking her.

Outside Borah was being led to his own house door by Sowmya. He couldn’t believe his luck, He had arrived late at the party and as soon as he entered he met her and she welcomed him with a kiss. She told him to take her to his room for some fun and now as they slowly approached the door she spotted Anita and Gautam standing nearby signalling a thumbs up. Immediately Sowmya started crying.

“Please, I can’t do this,” she said out loud. “Why are you blackmailing me?”

“Keep your voice down and what the devil are you saying?” he said in a hushed whisper. He didn’t want people to hear. That’s the problem with shy men, they couldn’t stand being humiliated. They would spend the rest of the days thinking about it over and over and getting mentally tortured.

“Please delete that video,” continued Sowmya. “I’ll pay you but I don’t want to warm your bed please.”

“Stop!” Came a shout and along with Anita and Gautam emerged a policeman and three accomplices. The two hawaldars grabbed Borah.

Mrs. Nair felt Rahul’s penis twitch a little and stopped sucking it. When he looked down at her she said she wanted to do the rest in her bedroom. She stood up and they lightly dried each other before walking out and entering her bedroom. She knelt on the bed and her huge ass and that hair on the opened pussy invited her to fuck her in doggy style.

He smiled and climbed the bed. He knelt on one leg while the other leg remained straight so that he could fuck her from rear at a good angle. Mrs. Nair let out a loud moan as he thrust in powerfully.

“AAAhhhh, fuck me like you’ve never done before Rahul”, cried out Mrs. Nair.

Reddy was licking like mad for several minutes before she came all over his face. She was a real squirter. But she wasn’t done. Even in the exhaustion of an orgasm. She moved back and squatted over his dick which had become hard during the break. She raised her ass a bit to guide it in and started the ass dance over it while Reddy pulled her down and sucked the milk out of her boobs.

The policeman had finished finding the alleged video and had the hawaldars send Borah into the jeep handcuffed while rest of the party attenders like Mr. Sharma and DIvya joined in to see what the fuss was all about. The hawaldars returned and Sowmya said: “There is one more accused and he’s inside his room, devouring the wife of my neighbour. A charge of adultery to add to his miserable life.”

Mrs. Nair was moaning out too loud as Rahul kept slamming his crotch as hard as he could against her mature ass. His dick had penetrated deeper than usual. He was now bent on her back and was clutching and pressing her boobs in support while she held on to the bed post for support. Reddy too was moaning along with Kiran who had gone all sweaty and her hair stuck to her face. He held her boobs while she moved up and down over her dick while the mangalsutra bounced over.

“Open up”, shouted the policeman as he banged his fist hard over Reddy’s door. Inside, frightened Kiran jumped off him and stood on a corner while he grabbed his pants and started to the door. Kiran looked for her clothes but as they were all scattered she found it difficult to wear them all in time.

“What’s the problem officer,” asked Reddy innocently as he opened his door and his eyes widened at the number of people behind. And his heart leapt in fright as he saw Gautam standing there as well who saw the sudden change in Reddy’s expression and understood that his wife must be inside.

“We are here to arrest you for blackmailing this girl and demanding sexual favours”, the policeman said.

“I didn’t do it”, lied Reddy now losing his nerve. “what proof do you have?”

“The proof lies in your laptop, Arjun (the tech guy with him) check his laptop and tell me what you find”, commanded the policeman. Arjun walked in and entered to find Kiran topless in the bed. His heart leapt and his dick rose but Kiran quickly started wrapping herself in her saree. When she was done she walked out the room she found herself face to face with Gautam.

“Having a nice time wifey?” he asked scathingly and Kiran dissolved to tears as he started shouting and hurling insults at her. Reddy felt sorry for her but then his eyes fell on Anita outside who had a smile on her face as she watched her rival getting humiliated. Rage filled his insides as he realised that she must have told Gautam and had made the plan of catching them in the act.

“Why so happy Anita?” asked Reddy. “Happy that now you can come back in my life once she’s gone?”

“Mind your tongue you bastard,” shouted Mr. Sharma, “one more word against my wife and- “

“Enough! Stupid old man,” replied Reddy, “Your wife warmed by bed so many times while you were busy getting older. I have proof as well and it would be good to keep quiet for your own dignity.”

But Mr. Sharma was bubbling with anger. He rounded up on Anita and asked if it was true. When she didn’t reply even he began hurling insults at her. While the two husbands were busy abusing their wives, inside Arjun was nearly close to finding proof and away from them Mrs. Nair’s house door was opened by Aarushi who wondered where everyone was. She could hear loud shouts and decided to investigate as soon as she changed.

As she stepped in and opened the door she found her mother’s saree and blouse lying on the floor. Confused she ventured deeper into the house and heard loud moans and gasps inside her mother’s bedroom.

Aarushi felt embarrassed and decided to leave her mother’s private life alone but then she heard a name. She heard her mother say “Rahul”

Inside Mrs. Nair had orgasmed and Rahul was at the verge of it. He pulled himself out of her and made her sit up on the bed. He stood on the bed and stroked his super excited penis at superfast speed over her wide open mouth. Just when the door opened and a shocked Aarushi stood there, he unloaded everything on Mrs. Nair’s face who licked it with a smile which vanished as soon as she followed Rahul’s gaze and looked at the door.

Outside Reddy’s apartment someone shouted at the two men to stop.

“Stop it”, shouted Divya. “Shame on you two, you’re treating your wives like cattle just because they sought pleasure outside marriage as if you two have been the best of husbands.”

Before Gautam or Mr. Sharma could stop her she revealed their secrets.

“Listen Anita and Kiran, your husbands have cheated on you as well, you don’t have to silently listen to their rants. The two of them have slept with me. Gautam met me in a train while coming back and has fucked me multiple times. And Mr. Sharma here fucked me some time back and when he found me again with Gautam he blackmailed Gautam to share me with him. I’m sorry (she addressed the two husbands who were now dead silent and had their heads down) but I couldn’t stand watching two women being punished for something you have done yourself.”

Just then everyone’s eyes turned towards a new source of commotion. Rahul was running out of Mrs. Nair’s home without his pant which he was trying to wear while being chased out of the house by Aarushi. They were followed by Mrs. Nair who, to everyone’s surprised, was only in bra and petticoat. No one needed to guess twice to know what had happened.

“Sir, I found the email which he used to blackmail her,” called Arjun. The hawaldars arrested Reddy as well and took him to the jeep while the policeman stood with the embarrassed and confused members of Sex Apartment.

“One heck of a society you have here”, he remarked. “I know I am an outsider but it feels like you all need some advice, so listen. Almost all of you are guilty of doing some wrong to your partner or your neighbour. No one is pure and you all are adults who made mistakes. That’s what makes you humans, we all make mistakes and hurt the ones we love. Now that you all know what you’ve done and you all are sensible adults. I advise you to go back to your house with your respective partners and think with cool minds for some time before reaching a decision. Let me not return here for anything as you settle your matters yourself. As for Borah and Reddy, law will do as it sees fit. Good night to you all”

He walked out and soon the residents of Sex Apartment quietly moved back to their own houses without speaking another word.

Two years later.

It took time but all became well again in Sex Apartment but it also came at a price. While Kiran and Gautam apologised to each other and slowly mended their marriage, Mr. Sharma and Rahul left the society while Anita stayed after slapping a divorce notice to her husband. Aarushi didn’t hold any bad feelings for her mother while Sowmya was planning to move to another city to pursue modelling. Reddy and Borah, out on bail, had packed their things and left.

Good news was that Sex Apartment had new residents now, most distinguishable out of them came knocking at Gautam’s door.

“Hi jiju” squealed an excited Rashmi who had come to stay with her sister and brother in law.

It was yet another day in Sex Apartment when morning dawned on them. Anita and Sowmya were lying naked in Anita’s house, asleep after a night full of passionate sex. Mrs. Nair was masturbating inside the bathroom wishing that someone would revive her sex life.

Aarushi was getting ready for college where professor Agnihotri was waiting for her.

Gautam, who had been in deep sleep was woken up by a cold sensation down under. He opened his eyes feebly and saw Rashmi sitting near his lap and having his cock inside her mouth. His head fell back as he smiled and enjoyed. Meanwhile Kiran, who was cooking in the kitchen received a text message. It read “Afternoon 3 o clock”. She smiled and felt her pussy moisten.

Some things never change. End of Season 1 of Sex Apartment.

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