Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-56

We saw in the previous episode how Anita found out about Kiran and Reddy’s renewed affair and how he and Borah were blackmailing Sowmya. How she helped Sowmya by revealing their actions and how the two of them found sexual solace in each other before planning to destroy the three villains of their life: Reddy, Borah and Kiran. What they didn’t know was their plan would somehow hurt more than these three. Read on to find out.

Morning dawned on the residents of Sex Apartment with everyone waking up without any worry or tension as they had no idea what was going to happen that evening. Soon everyone got called by Sowmya inviting them to the evening party that she was organising to celebrate her success in modelling career which came as a surprise to many.

Although what her real intentions were no one knew. Even Sowmya had no idea that in her attempt to take revenge or Borah and Reddy she would do a lot more damage in the society.

Gautam, who had just woken up, was having a bad headache for reason he could not fathom, this usually happened when he got drunk at the night before but yesterday he had been dry and that reminded him why. He was planning to fuck his wife but as soon as he walked into the bedroom a great lethargy had taken over him and he had opened his eyes just now. Funnily, he had not even worked so much that day to feel so exhausted. A minor doubt whether his wife had spiked his drink rose in his mind but he waved it away as a foolish thought.

Then he turned his head to find his wife in deep sleep, which was strange. Kiran usually woke before dawn either by habit or by the baby’s cries. Kneading his forehead, he sat up and saw something else. His wife’s panty was lying on the floor which made his heart race. Why did she have to remove it? Then again he scolded himself for doubting her and blamed himself. “I was so sleepy that my wife had to masturbate to please herself. No matter, I’ll make up with her now.”

He turned to her and climbed over her. Then he lifted her gown and touched her vagina and felt dried cum on it. “Must be her own lubrication from masturbating” he concluded and inserted his hard penis inside her which slowly stretched the dry-sticky insides of her vagina walls.

Kiran woke with a start and a smile spread across her face as she felt her husband’s thrust sending pleasure all over. Her large breasts bounced lightly under the gown and he bent over to kiss his beautiful wife good morning. The intensity with which he was fucking increased and Kiran’s eyes closed as well and an expression of ecstasy took over her beautiful Punjabi face.

Just then they heard a loud cry and Gautam paused. The pause made Kiran throw him of her as she hurried out of the bed with an apology and said that she needed to feed her baby. An irritated Gautam fell back on the bed and masturbated to relieve himself and another thought crossed over him. “She’s never done this, not even when the baby cried. Kiran always loved getting an orgasm before doing anything else. Is my dirty mind right in assuming that she’s hiding something?”

He picked up his phone and saw that there was a new message, he opened it and his eyes widened in shock and anger.

Reddy and Borah were having tea when Sowmya called to inform about the party. Reddy asked her what special was planned for after party and she replied “Something you never imagined”. Both of them laughed and went out to finish their daily works.

Aarushi was in college finishing a homework when Professor Agnihotri sent a message asking her to meet him for the obvious from 5 to 7, Aarushi sighed as she realized that she was going to miss the party. Just then Rahul burst in from nowhere and pulled her out.

“Rahul, what do you think you’re doing?” she cried out.

“Sorry Aarushi but I don’t want to miss the opportunity I have got today,” he explained briefly. “We have not fucked for so long.”

“Are you mad? We’re in college!!”

“Don’t worry, we are going only to the forest behind where couples from our college secretly make out, and today it is empty. I just checked.

Rahul led her little inside the forest and they reached a tiny clearing under a large banyan tree which overlooked a lake. The two of them lowered down on the ground and sat on the grassy forest floor.

“Who knows if someone catches us, what if there’re snakes around,” Aarushi started complaining.

“That’s what makes this even more exciting doesn’t it?” said Rahul gleefully.

Rahul held her in a tight embrace and started kissing her. Her beautiful face was under him as he devoured her juicy red lips. Aarushi was such a beauty that no matter how many times you kissed her or touched her, you’ll always crave for more. Even she got rid of her anxiety and now was fully enjoying kissing him in the open. Her lips tried to dominate his and he tried the same and the result was some erotic passionate smooching which was pretty loud in the forest that sounded dead silent except for the click of the creepy insects.

Rahul broke out of the kiss and got rid of his shirt, then he pulled Aarushi’s white top off her which revealed her white bra underneath. What a sight, he thought. His hands cupped her young natural breasts over the bra before he pulled them off as well and squeezed them hard. He made her lie on the grassy floor and was upon her breasts. His eyes were closed as his mouth literally ate her left breast while his one hand gently squeezed and played with the other.

“Ahh… hmmmm” said Aarushi now completely enjoying the pleasure generated by her nipples. Rahul switched between the two nipples sucking, pinching, licking and kissing them as he did so while Aarushi writhed in pleasure beneath him in ecstasy.

Rahul continued the act during which several times her boob popped out of his mouth due to the slippery effect created by his saliva that was now almost all over her breasts. Soon his hand went down her belly and travelled under the kammez to touch her panty. He rubbed it and felt her sticky lubrication that had penetrated her panty.

“Owww…” a tiny gasp escaped Aarushi as she felt all her nerves getting excited down under.

He left her breasts alone and raised himself close to her face, one hand gently caressed one side of her face and he bent down to steal a dozen more kisses.

“You made me wait too long Aarushi, you’re so beautiful that staying away from you is like torture”, he confessed which earned him another mesmerizing kiss from her.

Rahul sat up and got rid of his pant and underwear, then he pulled her kameez off to reveal her lean waist and the white panty. He smiled at her before pulling that off too.

Now both of them were naked in the forest.

“Hurry up, as much as I like this, I don’t want to be caught naked in forest”, urged Aarushi.

“Don’t worry, we’re all alone”

“Are you?” said a voice behind the bushes and soon a guy emerged from it carrying his cell phone that had recorded most of their act.

Gautam and Anita were sitting on the stairs of their apartment with Gautam listening to everything with anger and resentment.

“I agree, I am not a loyal wife either,” concluded Anita, “but what I did was to quench the thirst in me that my old husband couldn’t satisfy. I didn’t choose him but my parents forced me to marry him for money hence I chose to seek love outside. But when I found out that a woman like Kiran, who had a loving husband and all comforts of life was cheating on you, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for you and neither could I silently watch her take away my love from me. If I had a husband like you I would have spent my entire life in service of you.”

Gautam nodded.

“Thank you,” he finally managed to say.

“I know how you feel, I felt the same when I saw Reddy with her,” she continued “but I knew it would be good if you found it and caught her red handed instead of her one day walking out on you and leaving you broken hearted, I like you Gautam.”

With that she smiled at his incredulous expression.

“You like me…?” he whispered.

“Yes … I wish I was your wife instead of that Kiran” she replied and kept a hand over his back. “But fate is cruel, I am stuck with an old man and the only man I loved is a playboy…”

“I like you too Anita…” confessed Gautam. “It’s just that, I didn’t want to cheat any man by stealing his wife so I stayed away. But if you’re really interested…”

“I am” she replied with wet eyes that convinced Gautam that she was his from this day forth. Lying and flattering was in his DNA which he used to good effect on Anita who was now smiling at him. Anita on the other hand had successful seduced him. Ever since cancelling Reddy out of her life, she needed someone, especially after watching the passionate lovemaking between Reddy and Kiran. She had never been loved in life, her hubby treated her like sleeping pills while Reddy treated her like a bitchy prostitute. Although she had found Sowmya, her body craved for a cock. And the easiest available good cock was Gautam’s.

Meanwhile in the forest Aarushi and Rahul were pleading to the senior (studying Masters in same college) Babu who had caught them in the act. Babu wasn’t listening and threatening to take them to the principal or just to release the video online. Finally, after getting them dead scared he put forth his actual intention. He always had his eyes on this sexy junior.

“Of course, if she’s willing to do it with me, I’ll not do anything. I’ll just pretend this never happened.”

“What?” Aarushi exclaimed and looked at Rahul who was looking relieved. Aarushi spared him a look of disgust but he said “C’mon Aarushi, will it be worse than everyone watching your clips online?”

In Sex Apartment Gautam had Anita pinned to the wall as he ferociously kissed her. Anita too, was loving the way his mouth was eating away hers and she smiled and smooched him harder.

“If I knew you tasted so good,” said Gautam, “I would have eloped with you”

Anita laughed and continued kissing him as his hand now groped her breast and squeezed them hard over the salwar. Anita started moaning as his head lowered and kissed her neck, ears and chest.

Suddenly he turned her around and pinned her face-first over the wall with her back facing him.

“What are you doing”

“We don’t have time, I want to finish this here” he replied as he opened his zip to release his penis and lowered her pyjama to reveal the soft sexy naked ass. “So you came prepared didn’t you dear?

You wanted me to fuck you”

“Yes baby, I wanted you from the start and today was my hope, AAAAH,” she lied as he spanked her ass.

“Well, let us finish this soon”. With that he lowered himself a little bit under her ass and plunged his dick into her pussy and the began fucking in standing position. Her pussy was dripping wet and his penis was rock hard so the position was not causing too much problem.

“ah-ah…what if hmmm…. we get caught?” she asked though continuous moaning as he drilled her in incredible speed.

“We won’t, the moment I hear anything I’ll pull your pyjama up and close my zip before we walk away into opposite directions.”

At least he had a plan while the ones who didn’t were suffering in the forest. It took some time but she agreed. Babu immediately lowered his pant and sat on the platform around the banyan tree and asked her to come and give him a blowjob. Too used to this type of commands from Professor Agnihotri, she obliged and kneeled in front of him and tied her hair before holding the base of his dark penis and swallowing it whole.

Rahul couldn’t believe his eyes, Aarushi was blowing Babu, the dark repulsive senior like an experienced prostitute. Soft gulping sounds emerged wherever she released his penis out of her mouth and swallowed it again. Babu was completely enjoying himself with closed eyes as he leaned backwards, his arms supporting him while Rahul kept watch, not wanting another couple of men joining in to devour Aarushi.

Aarushi licked the sides slowly moving from bottom to top while looking directly into his eyes. She had learned how to make a man cum too soon and she was employing it on Babu so that her ordeal would end sooner.

She kissed his penis head and drooled over it before creating a huge vacuum pressure over and sucking it as it sent down tremors of pleasure. The bitch never gave such an awesome blowjob to me, thought an irked Rahul. But Babu was one step ahead of her, as he felt his lions gear up for a mammoth ejaculation, he caught her head and pulled her up into a tight smooch. Rahul watched wide-eyed as he sucked her juicy lips and finally let go with a loud sound.

“Always wanted to do that to you Aarushi,” said Babu now undressing himself. “In fact, dreamed every night about kissing you. Best way to sleep.”

Rahul was now aware of his unattended phone that lay in the discarded pant which he threw away as he got ready to fuck Aarushi. Babu lowered her to the ground and parted her legs to reveal the most beautiful thing he had laid his miserable eyes on. He bent to kiss her vagina which made her shudder and then lay above her in missionary position.

His hand guided his shaft to the entrance of the best hole in the world and he thrust it in.

“Aaahhhhh” gasped Aarushi.

“You liked that didn’t you Aarushi,” he said delightedly. “You beautiful girls never look twice at me as you don’t know how good I am.”

His thrusts were slow but powerful sending ripples across her body which made her young fair breasts bounce. He did those powerful thrusts for some time before increasing his speed and smoothly fucking the girl of his dreams. Aarushi on the other hand was enjoying herself despite the fact that she didn’t like Babu much. His face occasionally bent over and stole a smooch which added to the awesome pleasure she was getting. All worries forgotten she started enjoying it thoroughly.

Meanwhile Rahul sneaked behind their back and lowered himself to silently pick up Babu’s phone. He extracted it with great difficulty as Babu’s legs were over it moving up and down fractionally as he fucked Aarushi. Rahul clicked the phone on and found it protected by pattern lock. Damn!

Meanwhile Anita’s moans were getting louder and echoing in the stairs of Sex Apartment. Gautam couldn’t control himself either as he grunted in pleasure. Her pussy wasn’t loose like his wife’s who had a delivery few months back. She reminded him of his sister in law whom he fucked whenever he visited his wife’s home. Well, he was glad he had someone here from now on.

“Aaaaahhhh” shouted Anita as she orgasmed and soon Gautam let out a similar sound as he sprayed his cum inside her. The cum flowed down her thighs but fortunately inside her pyjama which concealed it. A shower at home would fix it.

She turned to face Gautam who held her face and gently kissed her. For the first time Anita felt loved. Why hadn’t she approached Gautam before? It would have saved all the trouble. Whereas Gautam felt elated at getting back at Mr. Sharma with him he had to share Divya. Now he didn’t care, he had a better woman in his life.

“See you tonight, do as I message you” she said and left.

In the forest Babu could no longer control himself and ejaculated inside her sending warmth and pleasure throughout her body. As he rolled away Aarushi rose, wiped herself with her clothes before wearing them. Rahul was already ready to leave and beckoned her to hurry. As they rushed to leave she heard Babu calling after her.

“Wait for my call Aarushi, this isn’t over”

“Oh my goodness, what a terrible situation I have gotten into”, she cried out in frustration. “I’ll have to please him as long as he has the clip.”

“No you won’t” replied Rahul.

She paused.

“I couldn’t delete the clip since his phone had pattern lock,” he began and Aarushi’s heart sank and the small hope vanished. “But I threw it in the lake which would do the job for us” He added with a smile.

“Oh Rahul!! Genius!!”, Aarushi nearly cried and kissed him hard, he was glad she didn’t put the blame on him.

“So attending the party tonight?”

“No, I err, have to attend extra classes”

“Okay, see you some other time then….”

With that the two walked away not knowing that tonight they’ll wish they had never met. Stay tuned for the finale of this sex story series.

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