Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-55

It was past midnight when a lady in a night dress could be seen sneaking off from her home to another. Anita tip-toed to the door of Reddy and Borah’s apartment knowing her husband wouldn’t wake up as they just had a quickie which generally was too much for the old man. She bent down and listened silently to make sure they weren’t present.

Then she slipped in her duplicate key (which she had made after stealing Reddy’s for a brief period) and entered the flat like a thief. The hall was dimly lit with a led light at the far end and she positioned herself on the opposite side to avoid being seen. She was planning to surprise Reddy again and she was dressed for that part.

Anita was wearing a red night robe and matching inners. She was planning to part the robe open to reveal her sexy partially naked body and seduce Reddy without even speaking a word. Ever since Kiran had returned, she had a nagging doubt that he would restart his affair with her that she had ended with her cunning. She didn’t want him to fall for Kiran again and she was doing all this to make sure he didn’t go astray.

She heard Reddy’s laugh outside and ducked behind the sofa to avoid being seen by Borah who was with him. They entered the room and thankfully didn’t turn other lights on.

“Don’t come out frightened later tonight, a girl will visit me. Just ignore us”, said Reddy.

“Oh man, it’s been so long since we both had Sowmya, do you reckon I should call her and enjoy alone with her?” asked Borah.

“No, no!” exclaimed Reddy. “If we call her again she’ll surely understand that it is us who’s blackmailing her with her video. Although of course the girl is too dim-witted to see it already, but I don’t want to push things.”

Anita’s mind was racing as she heard this, these two were blackmailing Sowmya and fucking her. Her mind bubbled with rage and she felt her attraction towards Reddy diminishing. How many girls does it require for him to be satisfied? Was he so desperate that he was blackmailing someone? Borah sighed and agreed. He wished Reddy good night and walked to his room to sleep. Reddy meanwhile waited in the hall under the dim light and Anita did the same only to find out who this new girl was. She didn’t have to wait long as they heard a knock on the door.

Reddy hurriedly opened the door and Anita peeped to have a look at the girl and her jaw dropped in shock. It was Kiran, dressed in a black night gown which prominently displayed her ample bosom. That bitch was here fucking her Reddy in late hours so that no one including Anita would know! Meanwhile Reddy was elated at seeing his biggest turn on at the door. He beckoned her in and looked outside once to check if anyone was watching. Then he closed the door and hugged Kiran.

“Oh, Kiran!”, he said kissing her hard on her lips. “I was worried that you would not show up. I miss your milk filled breasts almost every minute that I stay away from you”

“How could I not keep my promise dear?” she replied. “You alone make me happier than my husband has ever made me feel. My milk is for you only tonight and every night we meet from this day forth.”

“So, you gave those pills to your hubby?” he asked as-a-matter-of-factly.

“Yes, mixed in his dinner water”

“Clever girl, come give me a kiss”

Reddy caught her cheeks gently and kissed her again with passion. Kiran responded with enthusiasm and let her tongue out for him to devour. Her eyes closed and her fingers ran through his hair. Reddy’s kisses were slowly turning more passionate as he sucked deeper with each passing moment and Kiran could only stay still letting him do the work on her pouty lips. Finally, their lips parted making a loud erotic sound which excited them further and Reddy in his enthusiasm picked her up and Kiran laughed as he carried her to the bed and dropped her.

Anita couldn’t believe her eyes which blazed with tears of anger, she moved out of her hiding place towards the door of the room for reason she could not fathom. Was she actually feeling horny watching her rival win over her love? She had never been loved with this passion by Reddy, he always saw her as a task that needed to be accomplished quickly, as though she was his toy. But with Kiran it was a different matter, he was defiantly mad for her. The way he kissed her showed that he was in love and it only made her mad with jealousy. Anita wanted to see more so she peeped through the open doorway, the darkness concealing her for the moment.

Inside Reddy was whispering funny compliments to Kiran’s ear who was laughing and kissing him. Soon, Reddy kneeled over her and pulled her into sitting position. He then pulled the night gown off her and let her remove his t-shirt.

After another kiss he pulled of her bra making her large breasts pop out in a fashion that could turn on any man.

Reddy and Kiran lowered down into lying position again and he was all over her breasts. His mouth and hands worked like machines over her beautiful tits. He squeezed them from either side so that the nipples were touching each other. He bent over and after licking the erect nipples (which caused her to giggle out) he sucked the nipples making her gasp and moan as he desperately squeezed her boobs. He was feeling the insides of the soft and spongy breasts as he held them with both hands and alternatively bit, sucked and licked her nipples.

“AAH my dear oh you’re so good at it,” moaned Kiran. “ummm, yeah…”

Outside, unconsciously, Anita’s hand had reached her vagina though the parting in her robe and over the panty which was dripping. She didn’t bother removing it and just let her fingers in from the side of her panty and found her tiny clitoris. One touch made her moan out louder than she intended to and quickly hid in the shadows wondering if the duo had heard her. The moans and giggles of Kiran inside gave her relief and she peeped again with her fingers aggressively rubbing her clit.

Reddy now had his knees dug in the mattress on either side of her breasts and he penis was out of his pant. He had just opened the pant and had not even bothered to remove it. He presented it to the smiling lips of Kiran who held it with both her tiny hands and inserted it inside her mouth. The moment his penis made contact with her warm and wet mouth he let out an “ah” and his waist moved back and forth as he mouth fucked her with his balls caressing her balls.

Kiran expertly licked and sucked his tool, giving his maximum pleasure while maintaining eye contact with him which excited him further. Occasionally he pulled it out and circled the penis tip on her lips, a sight that almost made him cum in exhilaration. He inserted it back in her mouth and gently fucked it for some time before he pulled off and lay on his back beckoning her to climb over him.

“Ride me baby,” he requested as she squatted over his groin. Anita even though she was pleasuring herself outside, felt thorns pierce her heart with every sweet talk and kiss she heard from inside.

Kiran smiled as she pulled his pant and underwear together and give him a minute of handjob before guiding his shaft into hers and slowly moving up and down to gain the rhythm. Outside Anita was fingering herself at a great speed and controlling her voice from alerting them of her presence. Her robe was open and her other hand was over her breast circling the nipples with her four fingers in same motion as her fingers of other hand did over her vagina.

A splash kind of noise was generating from inside the bedroom as the squatting Kiran’s ass and wet pussy slammed onto his groin in rhythm. Reddy rested for some time letting her move up and down his shaft but soon his hands clasped either sides of her ass and his waist slammed up and down making Kiran moan out loud.

“Oh yaaaah baby… aaaaaaaaahhhh it’s so good. Do it faster baby aah-aah-aah”

Reddy, with all the stamina and power he had gained through his health club was now mustering all his power and could only grunt back in reply while his speed and power increased sending waves of pleasure into the body of Kiran whose breasts started bouncing like mad. Reddy grabbed them and infrequently raised his torso to lick and bite them. His hands were now holding on to her breasts for support while hers were dug in the pillow under him as she bent periodically to kiss him.

Anita couldn’t control it as she felt spasms down under. She slipped away and clasped her mouth shut as waves of orgasm generated from her vagina. Her clit was expanding and shrinking at the same time as she felt the greatest pleasure a woman can feel and all through her body she felt the pleasure and a feeling of relaxation go through. Inside Reddy had lifted Kiran and turned her down to lying position.

“Fuck me hard Reddy, I’m nearly there” she cried out.

Reddy smiled and inserted his penis back inside her warm and wet vagina as they got ready to fuck in missionary position. His hands gripped the bed’s end while Kiran’s were around his neck as he started moving in and out. Soon he was thrusting with all his might and shaking the bed too hard which made creaking noises that could be heard outside. Anita, who had had enough of it now started thinking about what she had heard with a clear mind. She knew a video of Sowmya was key to the blackmailing and there were only few places where men these days kept such stuff.

Reddy was nearing climax but he knew Kiran had not orgasmed yet. So he tried to distract his mind with other thoughts to calm his raging balls. But soon Kiran pulled him down by his neck and kissed and bit his lip really had as he felt current of her lubrication squirt out of her vagina dripping down onto his balls. His pace increased as she lay still mesmerized by the orgasm and with a shout he came in torrents inside her.

“AAAAAhhhhhhhh” he cried out before gasping and collapsing over her where her breasts cushioned his head. Both of them slept with a smile.

Anita being a village girl knew nothing about digital gadgets but she knew enough to know that whatever these two were blackmailing Sowmya with was inside their gadgets so she quietly stole Reddy’s laptop, his phone and Borah’s phone and she slipped out of the house while the inhabitants were snoring. She made a call to Sowmya and heard her sleepy voice.

“Whooos there?”

“Hello Sowmya,” Anita replied. “It’s me Anita, I have a very important and urgent news for you. Meet me at the terrace.”

Anita had to call her once again in fifteen minutes as Sowmya had clearly ignored this as a joke and fallen asleep. The second time though, she answered irritably and said if this was a prank or some useless news she’d kill Anita. She had to wait for some time before Sowmya showed up walking like a zombie. Anita made her sit down and explained everything in detail. With each passing sentence, Sowmya’s attention grew and the drowsiness faded. At last with shaking hands she switched on Reddy’s laptop.

“Thankfully it’s not password protected”, she sighed. “And the phones have swipe lock great.”

Anita watched as Sowmya took her time searching for her video. Once she did, she played it to check if it was hers and sure enough it was, at that moment she was kissing Pooja and Anita’s eyes widened in shock. Sowmya was a lesbian.

“Thanks Anita!” she said quickly to take her attention off. “I’ll delete the copy from Reddy’s laptop and phone but I’ll let it stay in Borah’s to trap him and also I’ll let the email stay in Reddy’s laptop so that he doesn’t go scot free. I can’t thank you enough.”

But Anita was looking at Sowmya in a new light, her eyes were scanning her lips and breasts, she could for the first time feel attracted towards a female.

“Err… you have kissed a woman” she asked awkwardly.

“Yes, I-err- did more than that”, Sowmya replied even more awkwardly.

“How does it feel?”

“Same as kissing a man, only, being unconventional, the excitement makes it even better”

Whether it was due to being ultra horny after watching a live sex session or because she was feeling excited at the prospect of being so close to Sowmya she didn’t know but Anita’s eyes were on Sowmya’s lips and for the first time Sowmya realized how close they were and also noticed how sexy she looked in that night robe. She was feeling a rush of gratitude towards Anita that she didn’t back out and looked directly into her eyes.

“You want to try…” she asked so quietly that Anita couldn’t believe her ears.

“Yes” she whispered and looking at those lips her head closed in on Sowmya’s. Their lips neared each other’s and as the fresh night breeze along with their own excitement sent shivers down their bodies and erected their nipples. They were only a centimetre away when Anita hesitated but Sowmya didn’t stop. She leaned forward and took her lower lips between her lips. Gently she kissed it and moved up to kiss her upper lip. Cold excitement ran through Anita’s body and she smiled. Why was she so hell bent on pursuing men when this felt so good?

“You’re so tasty and beautiful” she blurted out and both of them giggled. Sowmya then hugged her and they lowered down on to the terrace floor kissing each other with passion. Their kisses made loud sexy sounds and this only excited them to shower a dozen or so more on each other. Sowmya’s hand slowly reached Anita’s breasts and she opened the lace of her night robe to reveal her body covered only in inners. She held the bottom of her breast and made it bounce.

“You’re beautiful too Anita, you have a sexy body like a model”

Anita kissed her for reply and helped her remove the bra. Sowmya too pulled of her top and pyjama to reveal her naked body as she never wore inners at night. They spread their clothes over the terrace floor and comfortably caressed each other’s naked smooth body while passionately kissing.

“Get into 69 position”

Though she was from village and initially innocent towards sexual techniques, Anita had learnt a thing or two from Reddy which included positions so she lay on her back and let Sowmya climb over her. Her dripping vagina was right over her face and she shuddered as she felt Sowmya’s tongue swipe across hers. Anita without hesitation poked her tongue out and licked the pussy over her face, feeling Sowmya’s body shudder as well.

Both of them moaned before resuming the licking which resembled a dog licking and gulping down water. The aroma emitting from Sowmya’s vagina was making Anita even hornier and as they continued licking each other under the moonlight, time passed faster than it had ever done for the two of them. Soon they sat up facing each other and Sowmya helped Anita get into position for scissoring.

Sowmya being experienced began the rubbing scissoring technique and Anita just copied her making both of them rub each other’s vaginas together sending waves of pleasure throughout their body. They leaned forward several times to steal a kiss and moaned out silently as they felt approaching orgasms. It was Sowmya who got it first since it was her first time that day and Anita followed suit soon enough to gain her second orgasm that night.

“AAAAHHHHHH,” she cried out before letting it all out and gasped to catch her breath. The act was so pleasurable that she had not noticed how much her body had to work during it and now she was extremely exhausted. Before she knew it Sowmya was on her and they lowered down to the floor with Sowmya over her body sucking her nipples.

This continued for some time until even she felt exhausted and they lay resting on their sides facing each other. Smiling at each other and kissing while they talked.

They shared each other’s sorrows, anger and jealousy. Both of them had faced so much and sharing it to someone really made them happy. They were liking each other more and more now. They planned to punish Reddy and Borah. Soon, they went down the stairs and Sowmya and Anita kissed each other a dozen times before parting ways. While

Anita went to Reddy’s place to return the gadgets silently, Sowmya slipped into her house quietly smiling as she recounted the sex and the plan they made at the end.

All hell would break lose tomorrow.

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