Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-54

Kiran was back, and while the entire house was away at a picnic spot – celebrating the first anniversary, she messaged Reddy to meet her even before her husband could. Reddy too, not wanting to waste that opportunity had gone back immediately and the two had spent the day in each other’s arms.

And with no one else around, they made the most of the opportunity. They had been meeting after months, and both made sure that they got what they wanted so desperately. Reddy made the most of her milk-filled breasts – squeezing those, teasing those, and then drinking from those.

Kiran too had been longing for his huge dick, and she too made sure that she made good use of it – filling it in her cunt whenever she could. Taking advantage of no one else’s presence, both of them had fucked each other for four to five times. Each time, Kiran had experienced orgasms like never before. Reddy too had climaxed passionately every time.

And slowly the day gave away to the evening, and the rest of the residents of the Sex Apartment too were back on their way. Reddy too, after one last fulfilling fuck, slipped away so that nobody could guess the true reason of his coming back so early. And by the time, the rest of the residents returned, atleast two of them were in for a huge surprise.

Gautam and Anita were among the two who were completely shocked by Kiran’s sudden reappearance. While Gautam was overjoyed, Anita pondered suspiciously over Reddy’s mysterious disappearance from the Picnic. She was certain that Kiran’s coming back to the town had a definite link with Reddy’s hasty retreat from the picnic earlier. And so she was determined to find out.

The next day was mostly uneventful, apart from Gautam and Kiran having a nice and cozy reunion fuck. Ever since Kiran was back, Gautam had been reluctant to let her away from his arms. And the two had spent the entire night in each other’s arms and naked. Now that she was no longer haunted by the guilt of cheating on him, she started enjoying more with Gautam.

The two had sex in that night and again in the following morning. They continued until Kiran realized it was time to stop or Gautam would get delayed for his office otherwise. Only then Gautam could be separated from his sexy wife and sent away from home. After which Kiran had taken bath, got ready, and headed for Reddy’s gym.

At the gym, not only she worked out for an hour but later Reddy gave her a private massage too which ended up in yet another drenching session of careless love making. Now that Kiran was back, she was determined to make the most of what she had lost during her long absence.

Later, after a long yet pleasing day at work, Reddy returned back to his apartment. Borah was still in office and he was alone at the flat. He took off his shoes and then grabbed a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator. And then he sat on the couch, opening the bottle to help him with a long swig from it.

Reddy was sitting on a couch, taking off his shoes, and socks. “Long day?” asked Anita, Reddy was shocked to see her in his flat. Anita was wearing a black silk robe whose sides were pulled together and tied near her waist which allowed a good glimpse of her cleavage. Her legs looked waxed and smooth too. Reddy had never seen her like that before. Something was definitely going on, he thought.

“How did you get in?” he asked with a fiercely curious look. But something in Anita’s unusual appearance held his gaze on her. And Reddy continued looking at her – her long black hairs, smooth legs, and he immediately felt a certain urge to hold her in his arms. Such boldness, such appearances had always attracted him, and for a moment Reddy forgot about everything else but Anita.

Slowly Anita started walking towards Reddy and all the while she kept looking at his eyes. Anita desperately wanted to provoke and seduce him while Reddy continued staring at this pleasant change in her demeanor. And by the time Anita reached closer to him, he was still looking at her intently.

“What are you looking at?” she asked teasingly but Reddy was completely speechless. But none was required too as Anita started moving far closer to him. She slowly moved forward and climbed on his lap. And then she placed her knees at both sides of him and then facing towards him, sat on his lap. Reddy was clearly enjoying the slutty behaviour, and so he continued looking at her with a more pleased expression.

Anita then without any warning moved her head forward and put her lips on his lips. Reddy too put his hands around her waist in order to keep her balanced on his laps, and then leant his head backwards while Anita placed her lips on his. He then parted his lips a little, and pushing his tongue on to her lips. Her lips parted slightly too, and they started playing with their tongues.

Reddy sucked and licked her lips gently, and she too kissed and sucked his lips with care. But slowly the fire of passion started growing stronger and she held his face with her two hands and started kissing and sucking his lips more passionately. Reddy responded in the same manner too, and soon the room was filled with wet sound of kissing and smooching.

His hands were still at her waist, and as she lifted her up to reach to his lips, he grabbed her ass and started pressing them gently. Anita continued sucking his lips, and Reddy too marvelled at the softness of her lips and the firmness of her ass. But then, Anita suddenly drew herself back and climbed off his lap. Reddy too tried to follow her, but she pushed him back on the couch. A naughty smile was still playing on her face.

She then slowly started fondling with the belt of her gown. And Reddy embraced himself for the show. Anita then slowly untied the belt causing the two sides of the robe to move apart. She was wearing a set of black lingerie inside which gave her a perfectly horny look. Reddy looked at her and felt mesmerized.

She then held the two sides of the robe and held them further apart, which in turn revealed more of her sexy body. She was wearing a push-over bra which made her breasts appear bigger than they actually were. And it was complemented with a sensual bikini which barely covered her love hole. Reddy whistled lightly as he looked at her from head to toe.

Anita, however, didn’t take the robe off immediately. She started teasing Reddy. And after teasing him for some time, she turned around so that she no longer faced him. And only then she let the robe slip off her body. A two inches thick netted strap ran across her back, just beneath the shoulder blades, and which were held into place by two thin straps which ran parallel towards either side of her neck. Then there were just a couple of strings around her waist and one more which started at the center and then disappeared between the fleshy mounds of her buttocks. Her ass cheeks were completely bare and looked gorgeous. Reddy took a deep breath – he had not seen her like that ever before.

She rubbed her hands on her ass cheeks, slowly bringing them upwards and then turning around to face Reddy, and then she ran her hands on her breasts. She continued moving her hands all over her body, and also moving her body in an alluring manner – this time facing towards her target. She continued rubbing his hands on her breasts, pussy, and moving her body seductively.

The bra was secured by three hooks in the front – between the two breasts. And Anita slowly started undoing those one by one. And as Reddy looked on anxiously, she took it off, exposing her round and firm tits. The nipples were already hard and stood erect and once again she started moving her body rhythmically accompanied with her hands rubbing all over her body. This time, she often pressed her breasts together and shook them for additional effect.

Slowly she shifted her attention towards the last remaining piece of cloth. At first she was rubbing her hands over the panties. But soon she lifted the panties slightly and pushed one of her hand inside. Then she took it out immediately, but soon again she pushed it in. She kept teasing him like that for some more time. Then finally, she turned around once again and bent forward showing her ass to Reddy.

Reddy let go a deep sigh while Anita was not looking at him. And then Anita slowly started to pull her panties down. Quickly she took it off and then spread her ass cheeks and held them for a moment for him to gaze at. But then she quickly stood upright and stepped couple of steps back and slowly sat down on his lap, and then leant her body back on top of his body. Reddy too leant back on the couch, taking Anita’s body along with his.

And soon his hands were on her – rubbing and feeling her breasts, and other parts of the body. Her breasts were full and firm, and he was enjoying pressing them. Anita’s breasts were rising and falling rapidly as she was breathing faster in order to control her own state of arousal.

“I must admit, I have never seen something as beautiful as this” Reddy praised her while his hands reached between her legs. Anita automatically opened her legs and he rubbed his hands on the rugged, bushy hairs over her cunt. “How did you get in here?” he asked, curious to know how she managed to sneak into his flat.

Anita closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Already his hands were massaging her vagina, and she had to draw a deep breath in order to respond. “Aren’t you happy that I am here? Why is it important how?” she responded and then bit her lips as a spasm ran through her body, starting from her cunt.

“Oh yes, I couldn’t have been happier” he responded and then slowly helped her to turn around and face him. Anita turned around on his lap, facing him once again. And the two kissed each other again. Anita then slowly started lifting his t-shirt. After taking the t-shirt off, Reddy held her closer and hugged her tightly. And then he started kissing on her neck and shoulder, and ears in a mad frenzy.

He held her tightly in a hug for some time, and at the same time kissed all over her body, wherever possible. But soon after he put her off his lap and she stood up. Reddy too stood up, still looking at her naked form with an appreciative as well as astonished expression. Then he inclined his head towards the couch, and Anita understood that Reddy wanted her to get on it now. And she obeyed like a little bitch.

Anita lied open in front of her. She was completely naked and spread on the couch. One of her legs was lifted and on top of the back rest of the couch, and the other leg too was spread apart and on the ground. Her beautiful pussy was opened up like a budding flower, and Reddy couldn’t resist himself any more. He immediately pushed his pants off his body and got completely naked.

He then started kissing all over her body – her neck, her shoulders and then started kissing her lips. Anita too responded back by hugging him tightly and kissing him back. And then Reddy climbed on top of her and his cock rubbed against her crotch and she felt a sudden chill again. She then wrapped her legs around his butt and then continued kissing him intently. Both stayed locked like that and kissed and sucked each other’s lips for a long time.

Anita was completely horny and she was ready for an orgasm. She pulled her legs back and spread them again. And hence allowing Reddy to settle between her legs. Reddy started rubbing his cock on her vagina. His shaft was nicely placed over her labia and it was rubbing over it nicely. Her already wet cunt become wetter very quickly and she started longing for his cock.

Reddy lined up the head of his cock with her vaginal opening and then moved his waist to rub his cock all around her pussy. Slowly the cock head pushed against a soft, wet flesh. Reddy pushed a bit more and his cock rubbed her soft skin and dipped inside smoothly.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned in an initial pain as his cock started going inside slowly, while rubbing against the sensitive skin of her tight vagina. Reddy had a huge cock and so she felt a tremor of pain within her crotch. And she clinched at him and hugged him tightly. She moaned as his cock continued moving in until it fitted inside her completely.

Reddy paused once his cock was fully in. He had had his upper body raised, supported by his hands which were at either side of her. She kept clinched on to him while he probed his cock little further in her tight cunt. Finally when Reddy paused, she felt a little comfort but her eyes were closed, and she had beads of sweat on her forehead, and her face grimaced in the pain.

Reddy leant forward and kissed on her lips. Anita smiled as the initial pain slowly eased away and she readied herself for the imminent pleasure. Reddy stood poised, waiting for her to be comfortable. The look at her face eased and she smiled back at him. She was breathing heavily but managed to nod at him as a signal to go ahead.

Reddy too smiled as he slowly started pulling his cock out of her cunt. Anita grimaced once again, and then suddenly he pushed it back. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as the pain rushed back. She felt relieved whenever the cock was pulled outwards and was in pain again as he pushed it back Reddy continued this to and fro movement as she started moaning in a mix of pain and pleasure.

She hugged her tightly, with her arms wrapped around him. “Mmmmmmm… mmmmmm…. mmmmmm…. mmmmmm… mmmmmm…. mmmmmm…. mmmmm…” she moaned with each strokes. Reddy gradually increased the pace, and with it her moans increased too. And soon he was fucking her hard and fast.

Reddy continued like that for almost half an hour, and by the end of it she was squealing like a goat. She no longer moaned with each strokes but moaned in a continuous tone. “Annnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhnnnnnnn” she kept doing it without any pause as she neared her orgasm. Her lips and throats were getting dry and she was exhausted like hell.

Reddy too was getting high by the noises she was making. He continued kissing all around her face and body while his waist kept her at the edge. He continued fucking her hard as his cock too started building for the climax.

Anita stopped moaning and started grunting as she realised how close she was of exploding in her juices. She felt like the bowl of milk which was about to go over its rim. It had already blown up to its highest limit and was now about to burst. She wrapped her legs around her ass to keep him tightly in her cunt. Reddy simply continued thrusting hard.

He looked at her face and it said all. Her face was begging for the orgasm, he held her by her hairs and started grunting himself. He was terribly close to his climax. He closed his eyes and felt a trance as his cum slowly started to build up in his cock. Anita gritted her teeth as her control gave up. She wrapped her legs more tightly as juices started flowing down her cunt. It flooded her from inside and she was swept away in a magical feeling.

Reddy too felt her overwhelming juices. He felt his cock suddenly become wet with a warm stream of fluids. It was enough to set him off. And he too exploded in a wild orgasm of his own. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Anita moaned as she felt his thick load of cum filling her from inside and she lay back letting herself relax and enjoy the feel of his seeds spread within her body.

Reddy paused briefly until his cock spit out his entire load, and then he collapsed on top of her. Anita was breathing heavily. She looked at the collapsed form of Reddy and smiled. Ever since she had seen Kiran the previous day, she had been feeling insecure. But now she was a little assured that all hope was not lost. The battle over Reddy had just begun, and Anita was already made to pay for it.

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