Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-53

All the housemates had gone out for a picnic – all except Kiran. It was Mrs. Nair’s idea to mark the one year completion in the Sex Apartment by celebrating with a picnic. They had chosen a nice spot just outside the town, and Mrs. Nair had herself convinced everyone to attend.

And so, everyone had reached the resort booked for the event by 10 am in the morning. It was a lovely winter morning – the sun was shining at its full glory, and a gentle breeze swept past the nearby lake. Upon reaching the resort, the group finished having their breakfast and then got engaged in several games and entertaining activities.

Sowmya, Aarushi, Rahul, and Borah were enjoying themselves at the nice lawn of the resort – playing badminton. Gautam and Mr. Sharma were near the pool-side, keeping each other busy with a chessboard. They have become quite close to each other ever since Gautam helped Mr. Sharma to be involved with Divya. Though Gautam hated him for that, but he didn’t have any other choice or Mr. Sharma would expose his affair with Divya. Mr. Sharma, too, knew how he can use that little advantage for more, but that he wished to exploit in the future, if necessary.

While everyone was busy with games or entertainments, Mrs. Nair and Anita was busy supervising the preparations for lunch. However Anita was particularly sad. It was because of Reddy, though he had accompanied them in the morning, but then had to leave urgently after getting some messages in his phone. He barely had the time to finish breakfast, and then was immediately off in his bike. That left Anita both sad and worried. Sad since she was excited with the prospect of spending the whole day with him, and worried since she didn’t know what was so urgent that he had to leave like that.

But as the day started wearing on, the others stopped missing Reddy and became busy in making most of the lazy Sunday morning. Mrs. Nair and Anita were still inside the kitchen, overseeing the cooking arrangements when suddenly Sowmya and Aarushi burst inside the house.

“Where are you girls going in such a hurry” asked Mrs. Nair.

“Nothing, we just wanted to have a splash at the pool” replied Aarushi, in a hasty manner, “so getting our towels and stuffs”.

Soon after, the girls returned back after changing into something more soothing for the pool. It was a nice sunny day, and perfect for a splash at the pool. While the girls were changing inside, Rahul and Borah were still outside, playing badminton. But as soon as the girls returned, Rahul joined them in the pool without caring to change his clothes. Borah laughed at his anxiousness, and then quickly headed for the house to change into his trunks.

Mrs. Nair watched silently as Borah rushed inside the house and headed for the first floor room where his bag was kept. “Anita, can you manage here for a moment?” Mrs. Nair asked Anita, “I need to check upon something”.

“It’s Ok. Go on, I will keep an eye here” replied Anita, with a smile. She had lost interest from anything else since Reddy was gone. And thought it would not be a bad idea to keep herself busy and diverted with these chores. Mrs. Nair smiled back at her, and muttered a quick thanks before heading towards the first floor room where Borah had gone just a moment ago.

Borah had taken off his shirt, and changed into a comfortable trunk before wrapping the towel on his bare body. Quickly he peeped through the window to catch a glimpse of Rahul enjoying alone with the girls. And then quickly he turned to go and join them in a hurry. But as soon as he turned, he was astonished to see Mrs. Nair standing at the door. He didn’t even realize when the lady had crept inside the room and shut the door.

He stood motionless for some time, not understanding what to say. “What happened Borah?” Mrs. Nair was the first to break the chilling silence between the two, “No time for me now a days?” she asked in a teasing tone.

Borah’s face suddenly got colored at the sudden embarrassment of the question. “Nothing like that Mrs. Nair, just very busy with work” he made a desperate attempt to sound genuine. “Liar” Mrs. Nair said in a dismissive tone, “seems you have started avoiding me now a days” she said with a cheeky grin and started walking up to him.

Borah once again looked out at the playful forms of Rahul and the girls at the pool, and then back at the seductress at the door. He will have to do something. He didn’t want to let Rahul rob away all the fun. But whatever it was, he will have to do very quickly. But Mrs. Nair is not an easy customer by any means.

She was already upon him, “What happened, not satisfied with me now a days?” she asked, now just inches apart from Borah. Borah looked at her eyes and failed to find any words for reply. But then he felt her hands slowly rub over his trunks – feeling his cock. Once again Borah’s face colored as his cock slowly started erecting under the gentle probing of Mrs. Nair.

Mrs. Nair too had noticed the slowly forming bulge on his trunks, and a naughty smile was already playing on her lips. “Seems someone still remembers my touch” she said mockingly, indicating towards his erecting cock. Borah was completely embarrassed by then and decided best not to respond. Mrs. Nair smiled at his awkwardness, “Here, let me take care of it” she said and then slowly went down on her knees so that her mouth was at level with his cock.

Borah stood frozen and Mrs. Nair slowly pulled down his trunks, revealing his hard and anxious cock. She then grabbed it in her hands and started stroking it gleefully. Eyes closely watching his face, she bent forward and started kissing and feeling his cock at her face. She held it firmly and then started kissing at its side.

Borah took a deep breath as his desires started getting the better of him. And slowly he resigned to the growing need of pleasure encouraged by Mrs. Nair’s treatment of his cock. He then slowly took two steps back and sat at the edge of the nearest couch. Mrs. Nair too, followed him and settled between his legs. And then she held his cock firmly in her hands and started sucking it passionately.

Borah closed his eyes and let his mind slip into the obliviousness created by the passionate sucking of his cock. And slowly an overwhelming sense of pleasure flooded his mind. No longer he could keep himself calm any more, and then slowly started moaning out in utter pleasure.

“Owwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…” his moans were supplemented with heavy breathing and a rapid rise and fall of the chest. Such restless moaning and noises, further increased the intensity within Mrs. Nair, and she continues sucking with a renewed vigor and passion. “Oooohhhhhhhh… aaahhhhhhhhh… oooiiiii maaaaaa….” Borah was feeling the full impact of the sudden change in the intensity, and slowly he was reaching closer to an orgasm.

Mrs. Nair was sweating profusely, and even she felt the intent of the moment too. The more she sucked, the hornier she started feeling. The feel of the strong, fat cock in her mouth was always a great turn on for her. And being able to play or do whatever she liked with a cock had been an even bigger turn on. And right now, she had been doing exactly that – slowly sucking and milking her young tenant to the point where he gives up all control and come helplessly for her.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… I am going to come any moment now” announced Borah as his body stiffened at the silent anticipation of the moment of truth. Mrs. Nair afforded a little smile, but continued sucking him hard until she had made him come as much as she liked.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnn… nnnnnnnnnnnnnn…” Borah was moaning with gritted teeth, his body stiff and cock throbbing in her mouth, ready to explode any moment. Mrs. Nair continued sucking it, milking it till the ripe moment. She still had it in her mouth, and ready for his come to spill inside it.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Borah let out a loud moan as his body slackened for a moment. And Mrs. Nair closed her eyes as she swallowed the first load quite glee fully. Borah leant back and remained so, while Mrs. Nair continued pumping his cock and lapping up every precious drop of his semen. There was a strange glow of fulfillment on her face, and she was beaming from ear to ear.

In the meantime, Reddy had managed to reach back to the Sex Apartment in a great hurry. Throughout the journey, he had been reading and responding to the text messages with lots of excitement. At the beginning, he didn’t believe in what he was seeing. But then after the exchange of couple of texts, he decided to head back for the Sex Apartment. It wasn’t too difficult to excuse himself from the picnic, and now two hours later he was literally running towards the building, in excitement.

Reaching the building, he quickly headed for the door of the ground floor apartment. And after waiting as long as he needed to catch up his breath, he rang the doorbell. Without much delay, the door swung inwards and there she was – in flesh and blood, and in her full glory – Kiran. Hands on hips, and eyebrows meeting each other in a frown – irritated at the noise created by the bell – “I hope it doesn’t wakes up the baby” she said with a little show of concern.

Reddy forced himself inside, his mind filled with a thousand questions. And even before the door was properly shut, he had already started shooting those at Kiran. “Where have you been?”, “Why hadn’t you been in touch?”, “Why didn’t you return my phone calls and sms’?” – Reddy was asking a series of endless questions until Kiran put her finger on his lips to shut him. “Ssshhhh! I am here now, and that’s all that matter” she said, her fingers still on his lips.

So true! And then there was an uneasy silence between the two. Both stood there without moving or speaking another word. Both continued looking each other eyes, and there was a strange spark in both of their eyes. They didn’t move for some time, just kept looking at each other’s eyes. And then suddenly, Kiran grabbed his face with her both hands, and Reddy put his arm on her hips to pull her closer and the two started kissing each other.

Kiran lifted herself on her toes while Reddy held her tightly by her waist and the two continued kissing and sucking each other’s lips. “Ummmhhhhhh…” Kiran let out a sign of relief as she felt his arms holding her more tightly, pulling her even closer. And all the while both kissed each other freely and hungrily. Kiran put her right arm around his shoulders and the left hand at his waist as she balanced herself on her toes. Reddy too, held her securely with his left hand around her hips and the right hand moving freely on her ass feeling those soft mounds after so long.

Heavy and anxious breathing punctuated the mesmerizing spell of kissing and sucking each other’s lips. And in the meantime, Reddy pushed her towards the nearest wall and held her against it. No longer needing to support her, his hands were now free to move all over her body. And while his lips were still busy with hers, his arms played with her ass and breasts.

“Ummmmhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhh… spppchhhhhhhhhhhh… mmmmmmmm… pllccchhhhhhhhhhhh…” sounds of their moans mixed with the wet sound of kisses were floating in the air. And Kiran leant at the wall, enjoying the thorough groping of her body. After such a long gap, Reddy was impatient and kept groping and squeezing her breasts and ass at will.

Kiran’s hands were not free as well. She was already fumbling with the zipper of his jeans in a bid to touch his cock. And while Reddy moved his hands freely over her body, she managed to unzip his pants and retrieve his throbbing cock from it. Kiran then looked at the eight inches monster she had been craving for, and in an instant went down on her knees and started kissing it.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… yesssss..” Kiran moaned at the first glance of his cock, and she went down on her knees and took it in her mouth. “Ohhhohohoo… oh my god… ohhhhhhh” Reddy too moaned as Kiran started sucking it with a passion he never felt before. “Mmmmmm… ohhhhh… aaaahhhhhhhh… mmmmmm…” they both moaned in an impatient outlet of the pent up pleasure.

“Ohhhh… I missed it so muuuccchhhhhhh” said Kiran as she continued sucking and licking the shaft. “And do you want to know what I missed?” remarked a restless Reddy. And then interrupting her from sucking his cock, he raised her back on her legs and the two started walking towards the living room. Still kissing and cuddling they headed inside, burning in the fire of their pent up desires.

Kiran took him inside, and Reddy pushed her on the couch. Then pulling the straps of her gown, he pulled it off her upper body. Kiran smiled and closed her eyes in embarrassment, while Reddy looked at her perfect shaped breasts with equal astonishment as he did on the first day. Then suddenly some mad rage took over his mind, and he started squeezing her breasts hard.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…” protested Kiran, but didn’t stop him. She put her hand in a fist and kept lying with her eyes closed as Reddy continued squeezing and pressing her breasts harder and harder. He looked with anticipation, as slowly, tiny drops of white started appearing at the tip of her hard and black nipples. Reddy pressed even more, and continued doing so until the tiny drops started forming fairly big in size. And then more he squeezed more her milk started oozing out on his hand.

Reddy immediately replaced his hands with his mouth and started sucking at her milk-filled, firm breasts. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Kiran moaned as she felt a strange churning within her breasts. And Reddy continued milking her tits with his tongue. “Yeeeessssssssssssss… ohhhhh yeeessssssssssss…” she continued moaning in a senseless manner, while rubbing her fingers in his hairs.

Reddy swapped breasts and made sure he gave equal attention to both – and by the time he was satisfied, he had already had a mouthful of her milk. He just paused and looked up at Kiran. And she too opened her eyes and looked at him pleadingly – “Fuck me now… please fill me with your monstrous cock”. Reddy smiled at her and no more encouragement was required.

He quickly pulled the gown off the rest of her body, leaving her completely naked. And as soon as Reddy took off his pants too, Kiran spread her legs to let him slide in between.

“Ohhhh godddddddddddddddddddddddddd…” Kiran cursed as his eight inches cock ploughed straight inside her tight cunt. And without any wait, Reddy started stroking it in and out of her hole, at full length.

“Aaaahhhhhh… aaaahhhhhhhhhh… ahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ahahhhhhhhhhhhh… aaahahhhhhhh..” Kiran bit her lips and started moaning as Reddy continued ploughing her with his expert tool.

“Fuck… yeahhhhh… o yeahhhhh.. oooohhhhh fuckkkkkk… oooooo yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” Kiran continued moaning as she lied on her back, legs spread and hanging in the air. Reddy was between them, and thrusting his waists with a great effort, and in turn pushing his huge cock in and out of the equally horny Kiran. And the both made sure that they made the most of the wasted time during Kiran’s mysterious disappearance.

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