Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-52

The Recap

Mrs. Nair was a lonely and frustrated widow at the start of her journey at this place. She was the owner of the Sex Apartment, and all she had apart from it were two young and sexy daughters. And like any other aged widow she too was having a mundane life until she met Borah – one of her young and lonely tenants. Borah himself was very frustrated and insulted when the two met. And it didn’t take too long for Mrs. Nair to seduce him. Borah still a virgin then, gave up easily and the two soon started having a discreet affair.

For months after, Borah was happy yielding to Mrs. Nair’s desires. She would meet her whenever her daughters were away and he would happily play with her huge breasts and thirsty pussy. And she started enjoying the company of the guy almost half of her age. No longer she felt alone nor frustrated, and for months she basked in the discreet relationship with her young tenant.

And just when she started thinking she was being lucky, she got even luckier. One day while she was all alone at home, she caught a peeping tom watching her while she came out after bath. It was Rahul, the son of her 2nd floor tenant – the Sharmas. Rahul was caught hidden and watching while Mrs. Nair was naked in the room. Upon confronted he had offered anything in return for letting him go – an offer which Mrs. Nair had found too good to ignore.

Since that day, she had been having discreet relations with not one but two guys almost the age of her daughters. Though with time she had grown closer to Rahul, who too found himself fond of older women, yet she continued her relationship with Borah too. And whenever her daughters were away she would call either Rahul or Borah to her. And they would please her by sucking and playing with her breasts and cunts and letting her suck and fuck their young cocks. Even in the present she is pretty content with her relationship with Rahul and Borah, and she craved to meet atleast one of them daily to keep her desires calm and pleased.

Mrs. Nair’s elder daughter is the 22 year old Aarushi, a very charming and sexy girl in the final years of her college. When all of them moved into the Sex Apartment, she was already dating a guy from her college called Vikram. And she was very bold and had no reservations in having sex with her boyfriend, and neither in flirting with other charming guys – like Rahul.

She met Rahul during the party on the first day and the both had become good friends since then. They would often meet out for coffee or idle chats until one day when Rahul took her out for a long drive. And then at a delicate moment, the two fell for each other and had sex in Rahul’s car at a secluded spot on the highway. Aarushi was very thrilled at the prospect of having sex in a car and on the road, and she started meeting him often ever since. Soon the terrace of the Sex Apartment became their usual meeting point and they would meet under the darkness of the night every often.

But that too was not all, and her life too took a completely exciting turn. Soon she realized that the final exams were coming up and she was completely unprepared for them. With only a few months left, she didn’t have much time to study either. So she decided to strike a deal with her professor – Professor Agnihotri. In return of good marks, she had decided to give herself away to the professor. But little did he know then that she was slowly to become a slave of his desires.

Professor Agnihotri started abusing her regularly and making her spend hours in his cabin, daily after college. And during that time, he would make her strip, suck, and fuck her at will. But soon Aarushi started growing used to and addicted to that kind of treatment. Her body started craving to meet the professor and be abused every day. And to the present day, she was pretty content in having sensual relationships like that with Rahul at home, and with the professor at the college. She would meet the both almost daily to keep her sexual appetite under control.

Aarushi’s younger sister was the 20 year old Sowmya – an arrogant, yet sexy girl. Sowmya’s journey in the Sex Apartment had started with an epic mistake when she had mistaken the sheepish Borah for the more handsome Reddy. She was charmed by Reddy from the moment she had seen her, and later she was simply overwhelmed when she got the chance to meet him more intimately. Only it had been Borah and not Reddy which she didn’t realize in the darkness. Though she did realize her fault but by then it was too late and she had already done enough damage to Borah’s dignity when she ran away at the middle of their intimate meeting.

Ever since that day she became less interested in the boys of Sex Apartment, but more in following her dreams to become a successful glamour model. Driven by her ambition and blinded by her passion, she was ready to make any sacrifice to make her dream true. So much so that during one audition when the directors asked her to shed her clothes, not only she stripped but also allowed them to play with her naked body and make her come.

Soon they arranged her to meet a producer duo – Mr. Gupta and Mr. Shah, with the promise of a great career if she was able to please them. Sowmya made excuse of an educational tour to spend a weekend with Mr. Shah and Mr. Gupta, at a resort little far from the city. Mr. Gupta, Mr. Shah, and with another veteran model – Pooja, they used Sowmya for the entire night. Fucking her, toying with her, and using her numerous times in that single night. Not only Sowmya enjoyed the weekend, but she also thought of it to finger herself on several nights afterwards.

She reaped rich rewards from her compromises too, but not the kind she had desired for. And when she got the offer to model for an American condom company, she realized the kind of career she was about to make. Yet she found a strange pleasure during her first assignment, and was all wet and high at the end of it.

When she had just begun enjoying her alternate modelling career, something became a huge concern for her. Someone was blackmailing her. Someone had a video of hers with Mr. Gupta and Mr. Shah from her adventure at the resort. At first the blackmailer made her have sex with Borah, and then with Reddy too. Though she did enjoy the later but couldn’t so at the first case. Yet she had no other choice but to do as told. And so at present she was keeping busy in either pleasing her blackmailers or salvage pleasure from her alternate modelling career.

It was more than a mere coincidence that the blackmailer had ordered Sowmya to please Borah, especially since Borah had been waiting for long to get even with her. It all began from the first day itself when Sowmya mistook him for Reddy, and that had left him hurt and insulted. Looking for revenge he had allowed himself to be seduced by her mother – Mrs. Nair. And soon he got into a discreet relation with the mother. And he became so involved with her that at a point he even forgot about the insult brought by her daughter and found solace from his relation with Mrs. Nair.

But soon all of that changed. He found himself lucky when he spotted Sowmya in a compromising position with 2 strangers at a resort where he had gone for some team outing. Not only he had been able to find out what they were up to, but also managed to shoot the entire episode in her mobile camera. But he didn’t intend to use it until when he discovered that Mrs. Nair was having a similar affair with Rahul too.

Borah was quite content with his relation with the older Mrs. Nair. But when he discovered her affair with Rahul, he was completely astonished and decided to use the video to blackmail her daughter as a mean of revenge. By the end of it he was able to bring both mother and daughter within his grasp without letting them know that they both were sleeping with the same guy. And it had given Borah so much confidence that he had slowly started to spread his newly found charm on other women too.

A part of Borah’s newly found charm was because of his room-mate Reddy too, who helped him in planning the blackmailing of Sowmya. However Reddy had been a man with a play boy image from the start. On the very first day he had become the centre of attraction for the women of the Sex Apartment. And he was popular with any women who knew him. Almost every girl of his gym and spa had found herself in his bed for atleast once.

But at the Sex Apartment, for the first time, Reddy too was attracted towards someone. It was Kiran, though he liked Aarushi and Sowmya too, but felt completely charmed by the super sexy Kiran. And he was always on a look out for seducing her towards him. And within a few weeks of their acquaintance, fate itself had presented a nice opportunity for Reddy. Not only the situation brought the two together, but also made Kiran fall for the stud gym-owner.

And the two started meeting often, behind Gautam’s – Kiran’s husband – back. Reddy too started feeling deeply attracted towards this gorgeous Punjabi woman and made it a point to be with her, daily. However they couldn’t keep their affair completely discreet. Soon, Anita – Mr. Sharma’s second wife – who too eyed Reddy from day one came to know about Reddy and Kiran’s secret affair. Anita, who herself was not satisfied with her husband was desperately seeking Reddy’s attention. And upon knowing about Reddy and Kiran, she became jealous and started threatening Kiran of exposing her to her husband.

And once Kiran was afraid, it was easy for Anita to draw Reddy’s attention towards her. Though Reddy was too smart to fall for any trap, he allowed himself to be drawn towards Anita so that he can establish sexual affair with yet another woman of the same society. At one hand Reddy was puzzled with Kiran’s sudden reluctance but at the other hand he realized how desperate Anita was, for him. And while Kiran disappeared suddenly, Reddy decided to keep himself entertained at the cost of Anita.

But that was not all. Reddy was never satisfied with just one woman, and so he decided to help his friend Borah in the plot to blackmail Sowmya. The involvement was rewarding too, as he managed to persuade Sowmya in having sex with both Borah as well as himself. So even in Kiran’s absence Reddy was fully involved with Anita as well as Sowmya, and occasionally with other girls he knew, yet he often longed for Kiran and her body.

Kiran on the other hand – who had never slept with any other man but her husband – was bothered by a prang of guilt due to her illicit affair with Reddy. Neither could she stop herself from seeing Reddy, now she could help feeling guilty to her husband. And when Anita threatened her of exposing her secret, she had no other choice but secretly disappear – i.e. go to her mother’s place in Kolkata for some days.

But back at her mother’s place, life took a completely different turn for her. Kiran met a psychological counsellor who not only helped her out from the guilt, but also coaxed her in having a sexual affair with him too. And free from her guilt, Kiran too started feeling like a free bird. Not only she enjoyed the short affair with the doctor, but also managed to seduce her best friend’s husband. She no longer felt any wrong in cheating on her husband – Gautam. And was now ready to come back and claim what is hers.

Gautam on the other hand, didn’t deserve Kiran’s loyalty at the first place. While Kiran remained loyal to him until she had met Reddy, Gautam had been cheating on her from the beginning. Gautam loved Kiran, but he also enjoyed the company of other women. Be it with his sensual client in Delhi, or his sexy sister-in-law – Kiran’s own sister Rashmi. Gautam had been happily sleeping around wherever possible. Not only he had passing affairs with other ladies or his clients, he had a solid illicit affair with his own sister-in-law, at times, right under Kiran’s nose.

But when Gautam met Divya at the train, he didn’t know a bit about the trouble that is going to land him to. Taking advantage of his wife’s absence, he had started meeting Divya at her home and was not expecting the rude shock he got from Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma – owner of a popular garment store – not only happened to know Divya, but also had first-hand experience of her slutty nature.

Seeing her with Gautam, Mr. Sharma immediately knew that something was wrong. He then took advantage of his knowledge, and started persuading Gautam to share Divya between the two. And while his wife – Anita – continued sleeping with Reddy behind him, he hoped to spice his own sex life with the young Divya.

So at the turn of a year, the story had turned completely upside down – people who couldn’t stand each other in the beginning ended up in each other’s bed. And while loyalties flickered, lust ruled the roost. And so at the present, Mrs. Nair was happy with her secret affair with Rahul and also believed that Borah too was satisfied with her. Her elder daughter Aarushi had started enjoying the way her professors were exploiting her, and at the same time she continued her affection for Rahul as well.

Sowmya too had found satisfaction in comprising for her modelling dreams, as well as she had given up the thought of finding her blackmailers and was quite content with what she was been made to do. Though she didn’t like Borah, but didn’t have any complaint with Reddy. Borah and Reddy both were slowly becoming the hot property – Borah not only screwed both Mrs. Nair and her daughter Sowmya, but also found a strange confidence which helped him win over other girls.

Reddy too had all his fingers in the butter. He was never short of girls in his life. But the treatment he was getting from Sowmya or Anita was making him feel superb. Only he was still missing Kiran and was still baffled with her mysterious disappearance. And it was despite of Anita’s every attempt to keep Reddy satisfied with her only. She had been desperately trying to keep Reddy to her, yet Reddy’s growing interest in Kiran, Sowmya, or any other girl was failing her. Though she was getting physical pleasure from him, but she wanted to be treated specially.

And while Anita is busy wooing Reddy, her husband – Mr. Sharma, is quite content that Divya was back in his life. And he had no shame in sharing the woman with his neighbor Gautam. And Mr. Sharma’s son Rahul too had been very busy in effectively juggling the mother and the daughter, Mrs. Nair and Aarushi. Only Gautam and Kiran were separated. While Gautam was enjoying his wife’s absence with Divya, though shared with Mr. Sharma; Kiran on the other hand was preparing to burst back in the scene.

In the meantime, on the special occasion of completing a year, the entire house had gone out for a picnic. Not everyone, Kiran was still away at her mother’s place in Kolkata. And the rest of the party had booked a nice farm house at the outskirts of the city, determined to enjoy the day in each other’s company. Things were going on nicely with hints of spicing up here and there. And everyone is looking forward towards another promising and pleasing new year. But soon the peace was about to be shattered.

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