Lunch Invitation

‘All festivals are good. Celebrating with your loved ones is indeed a joy. But, are the special people we bring home, to share happiness with, really there for the happiness? Or are they inside our homes to feast on a lot more than we want them to have?!’

The plot focuses on a tense conversation with a clear sexual agenda. I have tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, also staying very realistic at the same time. I hope you like the attempt.

Happy Reading!

It had been a routine of sorts for Nazal to invite me home for a lavish meal, during the special month of Ramzan. I have known him since my school days, but it was only after we joined the same college that we really bonded. He has always been there for me and considers me his best friend.

Being from a conservative Muslim family, Nazal never really had a lot of fun. He always spent his time at home, with his big family comprising of his dad, his mom, his elder brother and wife, and his 3 sisters.

His dad was very orthodox and never really encouraged him or his brother to bring their friends home. I was among the very few boys who were allowed inside his house. They liked me, and always thought of me as a good young lad.

It was a week ago that I got a call from Nazal, asking me to come over for lunch, just like he did for the last three years. But this time, we were done with college, and it had been a few days since we met.

I was both surprised and happy that he wanted to continue his kind gesture, even as chances of us staying in touch were less. We were of-course going separate ways as soon as we started working. We were going to be a good thousand miles away.

While last time it was his mother that opened the door for me, and welcome me inside, this time, his mother and his sister-in-law greeted me together as I wished them back.

I was always amused to find his mother so pretty. Nadiya Aunty, as I called her, was 45, but still looked like in her early 30’s. One could never guess she was the mother of 5 grown-up children. Nothing seemed to have taken a toll on her body.

His elder brother’s wife, too, though a little chubby, had a very pleasing appearance and was extra sweet to me. Ayesha Bhabhi always had a smile on her face and was one of the very few women I knew who made you feel at home.

Lunch was quickly served and was great, as every-time. And, just like the last years, Nazal, his elder brother, and their dad went to their ancestral house after the meal.

I was going to be alone, but they would let me leave only after they treat me with the special high-tea. While the women in the house got back to the kitchen, I made myself comfortable in the guest bedroom.

I had been drinking the Mixed Fruit Juice, Nadiya Aunty made, ever since I stepped foot into the house. I felt I wanted to take a leak.

I was using the bathroom and had just started to pee, when I heard weird laughs, and giggles, from just outside the door. Somebody was in the bedroom.

I stopped urinating and tried listening to what was happening on the other side of the door. It was definitely the voice of a girl. Maybe, there was more than just one girl. And, they sounded very, very excited.

I very slowly opened the bathroom door and got myself out. I sure was curious to know what was happening. But I was still only hoping I do not stun them with my sudden entry. But, just that it was I who stood astonished!

3 young hijab-clad women sat on the bed, in different, and provocative postures, with the one in the middle having an iPad in her hands. It was his sisters. The 3 sisters of Nazal. And, they were all watching porn!

It was definitely the most vulnerable position I was ever going to have with them. But, more importantly, it was a scenario I had imagined so many times in my wildest dreams. It was a setting I had pictured, since the first time I saw them. Exploiting Nazal’s sisters had been a very pleasing fantasy of mine.

In-fact, I had fapped to his elder sister, Nyla, just yesterday. Pictures of his younger sisters, Noorin and Nazriya, had been even shared by me on adult groups. I have so many times stroked myself to orgasms, reading all the filthy comments that followed. Everybody unanimously believed the two sluts deserved to be gang-banged.

I decided to grab onto the opportunity. This was very well going to be my only chance with them. And I shocked them with my very first question. I was standing right behind them, on the other side of the bed. They had no idea about what I had in store for them.

Ron: Isn’t this taboo for you guys?

Noorin: What the hell!

Nazriya: Oh, Fuck! Shit!

Nyla: What are you doing in here?!

Ron: Well. I was using the bathroom. I was asked to be in the guest room until your dad and brothers came back.

Noorin: This is my room. I use this room now. The guest room is upstairs.

Ron: Nazal asked me to use this room. He never told me this was no longer the guest room.

Noorin: Nazal is so dumb. Bloody idiot!

Ron: I hope I did not disturb you. I know how irritating it can be to have someone demanding your attention, especially when you are in the middle of something important. Hehe.

Noorin: Oh, Please!

Nazriya: Just shut up. Okay! Stop being a creep, now. And, get out before we think about telling everybody that you have been hiding in here.

Ron: Hahaha.

Nazriya: What?

Ron: Nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe I have got this all wrong. I was just surprised to see you three watch something so unhealthy. And, that too at this time of the day. But, still. Before you decide to get me crucified, don’t you think you will have to tell your dad and brothers’ everything’ that happened in here? Do you really think I would be the one in trouble?

Nazriya: Yes, of-course. What we were doing was normal!

Noorin: Everybody does this.

Nazriya: Even your sister must be watching porn.

Noorin: Yes. This is nothing new.

Nazriya: And your mother, as well. She must be watching porn every day. And, she must be loving it too. I don’t see any other reason why she walks around in revealing tops and tight jeans at her age.

Ron: Whoaaa. Whoaaa. Just relax, okay. I asked you a very simple question. You don’t have to shame my mother or my sister for what has happened here.

Nyla: Just leave, Ron.

Ron: Yes, Nyla. I am sorry.

Nyla: It’s okay. Just leave. And, don’t tell Nazal anything about this.

Nazriya: Yeah. Get out now! Go teach your mother some manners, if you are so interested in giving a lecture. Crazy loser!

Ron: Hmm. Haha. Okay. No. No. I won’t say a word about this to Nazal.

Nazriya: Good. Get out!

Ron: But, Nyla.

Nyla: What?

Ron: You are getting married in two weeks. Right?

Nyla: Yeah. So, what?

Ron: No. No. I was just asking.

Nyla: What is it, Ron?

Nazriya: Will you stop talking to this fucked-up punk, Nyla? Just ask him to leave.

Ron: I know your fiance. Farhan. We go to the same gym. And we are good friends. He will believe me, you know.

Nyla: What are you trying to say, Ron?

Ron: I just wanted to know. I mean. Is it okay if I tell him?

Nyla: What?! Tell him what?

Ron: Tell him you are not the girl you have been telling him you are.

Nyla: Please. Ron. I am sorry if we were rude. But, please don’t do that. Don’t tell Farhan.

Ron: Haha. Why? But why? Isn’t this normal? Right Nazriya? Noorin?

Nyla: Ron, please. He won’t like it. He has already told me he does not like women satisfying themselves. He wanted a very obedient and conservative girl. The wedding will be called off if you tell him about this.

Ron: So, you know what you were doing was not right.

Nyla: Ron. See. It was a mistake. I mean. It had been a month since we had any kind of fun. I mean. We were all fasting for the last 4 weeks. We just wanted to…

Ron: I know. I get it. I understand. I know how it could be for you, girls.

Nyla: Please don’t make an issue out of this.

Ron: No. Never. I really won’t tell him about this. After all, you are all like my own sisters.

Nyla: Thank you so much, Ron. Thank you for understanding.

Ron: Oh, come on. But… Nyla…

Nyla: What is it, Ron?

Ron: Does Farhan know anything about Arjun? I mean. Does Farhan know about your ex-boyfriend?

Nyla: What? Shit! How do you know about Arjun?

Ron: Hahaha.

Nyla: Who told you about him? Nazal?!

Ron: Hahaha. That does not matter.

Nyla: What exactly do you want?

Ron: Listen, Nyla. I am sorry I have to tell you this in front of your sisters. But. I also know you are not a virgin. I know you are not the regular Muslim girl who has saved herself for her husband.

Nyla: Please… Stop it.

Ron: I know you have always been a very horny and a very naughty girl. And, if I tell anybody anything about any of your sexual deeds, it will affect your younger sisters, too.

Nyla: Stop! Just tell me what you want.

Ron: I don’t want anything extraordinary. You know I won’t ask you anything that would break you. I can, of course, even lie about what I made you do if shaming you was my intention. But I won’t do that. You know me.

Nyla: Tell me what you want.

Ron: And, I may just be seeing only glimpses of your tight cleavage in your uncomfortable stances. And, also, only the very delightful impressions of your lusty thick legs. But, I can say whatever I want, you know. I can tell everybody I saw you in a very, very compromising position. Something even more scandalous than this. But you know I won’t do that.

Nyla: Just tell me what you want me to do.

Rona: I told you already. I don’t want you to do anything remarkable for me. I only want you to continue what you were doing.

Nyla: What? Continue doing what?

Ron: I want you to watch that porn video, just like you had planned to. And please yourself in front of me. I want you to continue from the exact moment you stopped. And, since all three of you have a lot depending on my kindness, I think it is only fair I ask all of you to satisfy yourselves, as I watch.

Nyla: No way!

Noorin: We won’t!

Nazriya: We can’t!

Ron: But, why? Isn’t that normal? Just like you all said a few minutes ago?! And, just like you also said, isn’t that something so normal that my sister and even my mother would be doing it? Isn’t pleasing your wet pussies something very normal?

Nyla: Ron. No. Just go away. Please… Just leave…

Ron: Hahaha. Fine. Okay. Have it your way! I don’t want to force you.

Nazriya: Wait! Leave Nyla out of this. Please.

Ron: You did not sound so considerate a little while ago.

Nazriya: I am sorry. I am really sorry. But, leave her out of this. Please. If this marriage is canceled, she will kill himself. Please…And I don’t know what will happen to Dad. A lot rides on this alliance for him.

Ron: But, why would any of that make me want to reconsider? What am I going to get if I let your sister live a happily married life?!

Nazriya: I will do anything you want! I will do whatever you ask me to. Just stop threatening Nyla. And, just don’t say anything more!

Nyla: Shut up, Nazriya. You don’t have to do anything. There is nothing he can do to us.

Ron: Oh yeah? You think so, Nyla? Really?! Well. Then Nazriya. Listen. If you want your eldest sister to be left alone, I need not just you to be my obedient slave. I need you, and your other elder sister to do what I say!

Nazriya: Noorin. Say yes. Say you will do what he wants.

Nyla: Don’t…Don’t do this, Noorin… And Nazriya, stop listening to him.

Noorin: Err… Yes. I will… I will do what you want, Ron.

Ron: That was quick!

Nazriya: I am sorry, Nyla. It is my fault. I pissed him off. But, I just cannot let you pay for this.

Nyla: You do not have to do this. Noorin!

Noorin: I know. But… It’s okay… I also know I need to help you, Nyla.

Ron: Good. That is a good girl, right there!

Nazriya: What do you want us to do?

Ron: Stand up.

Nazriya: Okay.

Ron: Good. Very good.

Nazriya: Now?

Ron: Go stand near the wall. Good. Both of you. Yes. Closer. Yes. Just like that.

Nazriya: Now what?

Ron: And…

Nazriya: And what?

Ron: And… Strip!

Nazriya: What?!

Ron: Take your clothes off!

Noorin: No!

Nyla: Please. I am begging you. Don’t make them do it. Please.

Ron: That is the email address of your future husband, right?

Nyla: Why are you doing this? Why are you making this so bad? We watched porn. We should not have… It was a mistake from our side. We won’t do it again. If it is a lesson you are trying to teach us, you already have. Now, please leave us alone. Please, Ron.

Ron: Who said I was talking about your little porn addiction, anymore?

Nyla: What? What else are you trying to prove?!

Ron: I was just wondering if you want me to send him an email, that has a few of your forgotten vintage pictures with your ex-boyfriend attached. Especially the ones you two clicked during your secret trip to Goa!

Nyla: What?! How did you… Please. Why are you doing this?

Nazriya: I told you I will do anything you want. Didn’t I? Just don’t say anything more. We don’t want to know what you know!

Ron: Why are you so bothered about me talking?! Fine. I am tired of talking, too. Just start stripping girls.

Noorin: I won’t…

Ron: What is it, Noorin? You want to object? You don’t want to do it? Or is it that you think I won’t dare to really send him that email? Well. Maybe, I won’t. I think I should just call him right away! A video call would be perfect.

Noorin: Don’t… Please…

Ron: So… You will strip for me?

Noorin: I will… I will… I am already doing it.

Ron: No. No. Not your hijab, Noorin. Keep it. Just remove the rest of your clothes. I mean. Start unbuttoning your abaya. The blue color suits you very well. But, I am sure you would look better in the nude. So start. Do it. Only if you want this to end well. For Nyla.

Noorin: Okay. Okay. Fine. I am doing it.

Ron: And one more thing…

Noorin: What?

Ron: I will be recording it.

Noorin: Please…No. Ron.

Nyla: No way! Ron. Please. Look at me. I am down on your feet. I can’t go any lower. I am begging you. Please don’t make my sisters do this. Please don’t do this to them. Please don’t spoil their lives.

Ron: Oh, come on. You don’t trust me? This is nothing to worry about. The video will be safe on my phone. As safe as the view of your deep inviting cleavage, you just gifted me. I will forever have it in my mind!

Nyla: Ohhh.

Ron: Get back on your feet, Nyla. Or you may just end up tempting me to make you replace one of your sisters.

Noorin: Ron. Please. It’s not that we don’t trust you. We trust you. I trust you. I will do it for you. But, please don’t record it.

Ron: If you trust me, then why are you worried?

Noorin: It’s that. I haven’t worn anything underneath my abaya. I just cannot let you film me. Please. That would be too humiliating. I cannot afford to give you so much leverage over me. I cannot let you have that video.

Nyla: What?!

Ron: I cannot believe this! Hahaha. What is more shocking is that you hardly showed any real signs of reluctance all this while. You were ready to strip for me. You did not mind stripping for me if I was not recording it. Hahaha.

Nazriya: Is that how you presented yourself in front of Dad and our brothers, all this while, Noorin?!

Noorin: I am sorry.

Ron: You never knew, Nazriya? Noorin. You never told them about it? Well. Then. Why exactly aren’t you wearing anything underneath your dress, Noorin? Is this how all you girls are? Is that how you have been brought up? Is Nadiya Aunty also like you, Noorin?

Noorin: Stop it.

Ron: Oh, wait. I just remembered how clearly the straps of Nazriya’s red bra are visible. Thanks to her almost transparent white top, I can confirm at-least she has something over her bust. Haha.

Nyla: Enough of this. Please.

Ron: Are you wearing anything under your green kurti, Nyla?! Is there anybody in this house who has any kind of intimate wear in their wardrobe? The last time Ayesha Bhabhi wore a bra must have been on the day of her wedding. Hahaha!

Nyla: Please!

Ron: Hahaha. You do realize the kind of sluts you are. Don’t you? Just like how I always thought you were. I am glad I could arrange a good space for some self-evaluation. You should be happy. I am letting you three know everything about each other. Haha!

Nyla: Please stop this, Ron. This is embarrassing.

Ron: Really?! Well. As an elder sister, you should be ashamed of yourself. You never were a good example. So. Just get back to exposing yourself, you two. Make sure you look good, Noorin. I am recording this! Do it like you mean it, Nazriya. So, even if this clip leaks, you get yourself a lot of better opportunities. Hahaha!

Nyla: Don’t force them. I am begging you.

Ron: Hahaha. Fine. I won’t compel your sisters to strip, Nyla. Honestly, I don’t think it would make a lot of difference, anyway. Haha. So, Relax. Okay, Nyla?

Nyla: Thank you.

Ron: I won’t make them strip. Okay. I will leave your sisters free. For you. Okay.

Nyla: Thank you so much, Ron.

Ron: They will be fine.

Nyla: Okay…

Ron: But…

Nyla: But, what?

Ron: But… You should undress me.

Nyla: What?!

Ron: Get me naked, Nyla!

To Be Continued.

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