Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-51

Asst. Professor Joshi took Aarushi to his home. It was not too far away from the college, and Joshi was still heavily pumped up with the prospect of having Aarushi all alone at his home. At first he did not believed when his senior – professor Agnihotri – had told him about Aarushi. But after seeing Aarushi with his own eyes, he was quite thrilled and impatient at the same time.

He thought professor Agnihotri was very generous in sharing his booty with him too. He had never been with a girl before, and this was his first time. And he was thankful to Professor Agnihotri that he had let him bring Aarushi to his home. Or he couldn’t have been much free with her, in presence of his senior. But at his home, he was alone with Aarushi and very excited to be so.

It was a modest 1 bedroom flat, all what an assistant professor can afford within his modest salary. While Aarushi looked around the simple yet decent living room, Joshi headed for the bedroom alone. Aarushi looked around for some time, and then sat down on the sofa. She was not nervous but very anxious at that moment. When she had initially agreed to Professor Agnihotri’s demands she didn’t thought that he may trade her to his colleagues as well.

Asst. Professor Joshi wasn’t much good looking as well, and so the idea of being intimate with him was itself very revolting. But Aarushi was a prisoner of her own device and hence she had no choice but to be willingly intimate with whoever her professors chose. However she desperately prayed for the will to be able to please Joshi, and her ordeal may get over soon.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Joshi came out from the bedroom. He had changed into a more casual attire – a pair of shorts and an undershirt. “Do you want something to drink dear?” asked Joshi as he headed towards the kitchen.

“No s-sir, I am fine” replied Aarushi, wanting it to be over as soon as possible.

“Oh come on, you can have some cola atleast” replied Joshi while coming out of the kitchen with 2 glasses and a bottle of cold drink. He placed the glasses and the bottle on a table, and then went back in the bedroom to fetch a bottle of whisky too.

Aarushi looked at him, and instantly filled up with disgust. Yet she managed to force a smile on her face as she sat down on the lone sofa. Joshi too sat beside her. He was very nervous and didn’t know where to begin from. Back at the college, he was a mere spectator while the rope was actually pulled by his senior – Professor Agnihotri. He thought the whisky might give him the required boldness. So he poured himself a large portion and some cola for Aarushi as well.

Finally he started feeling a little relaxed. Aarushi however was sitting at the edge of the sofa, slowly sipping at her glass and lost in some distant thoughts. “What happened? Are you nervous? Don’t worry, be relaxed” said Joshi, in order to start some conversation. Aarushi looked back at him and forced some fake smile on her face, and then sat back in a more relaxed manner.

“Good, that’s like it” said Joshi and then he put a hand on her thigh. Aarushi wanted to remove his hands immediately, but she also knew there was no point doing that so she allowed him do whatever he wanted. It gave Joshi more confidence as he slowly started to feel more relaxed and bold – “You know, this is my first time with any girl” he said with a smirk on his face.

Aarushi felt further disgusted in knowing that Joshi was a virgin, but all she could do was look at him and give him a tight lipped smile. Joshi smiled back too, “But you look very experienced”, he remarked “How long have you been with Professor Agnihotri?” he asked. Joshi didn’t know for how long Aarushi had this arrangement with Agnihotri, it was the first time that his senior had told him about it.

“Few months” Aarushi replied trying to keep her answers as much brief as possible. “Good” said Joshi, “And did he asked you to go with anybody else before this?” it seemed as if there was no end to Joshi’s curiosities. “No” replied Aarushi, and also praying that it was the last time he did so as well. Joshi nodded with a big grin on his face. He had already tucked her skirt a little and was rubbing his hand on her bare skin. The smooth, milky touch of her skin had already got him aroused but he was still unsure on how to proceed.

“What you did at the college today was really very good” finally Joshi found a topic which he thought he can use to get to the main point. Aarushi didn’t reply, she simply smiled while she took another sip from her glass. “Will you do it again for me now?” asked the impatient Joshi, his eyes were lust filled and twinkling.

Aarushi took a deep breath, and then immediately she put the glass back on the table and stood up. Then she walked up to the middle of the room and the turned around to face Joshi. But just as she was about to take her top off, she was stopped. “No Wait…” interrupted Joshi, “…not like that”. Aarushi looked at him with a frown while Joshi explained what he wanted – “I remember your performance at the last year college program” he said with a grin, “let me arrange some music” and then he went to play a CD.

Aarushi nodded her head and smiled at her condition. Joshi quickly played a raunchy Bollywood item number and came back at his place. Aarushi waited for a moment and then slowly started moving her body with the rhythm. At first she started shaking her waists to match the rhythm, and then lifted her hands up in the air and started moving her body. While Joshi watched with open mouth, Aarushi continued moving her body in sexy ways.

She lifted her top a little up and started moving her bare tummy. Joshi looked at her flawless skin and let out a loud sigh. Slowly Aarushi continued lifting her top until it was taken off her body and she threw it on the floor and continued dancing. Topless, she now started rubbing her body with her arm, caressing and pressing her own breasts. Joshi was getting so hot that he was not able to control himself any more. He slowly lowered his shorts and his cock was already erect like a monster. He held it and slowly started stroking it while Aarushi continued the show.

Aarushi saw how he was fiddling with his cock, and she smiled. Then she slowly stopped dancing and started walking up to him. Joshi watched her intently and his heart beats started racing more as she came closer to him. Aarushi walked right up to him and then bent forward and held his cock in her hand. She looked at his eyes and then smiled while she started stroking his cock. Joshi was breathing fast. And he too looked at Aarushi’s eyes and then leant forward. Aarushi didn’t move away and he reached her lips with his. And Aarushi closed her eyes as he started sucking and kissing her lips. She still held on to his cock and stroked it with her left hand.

Joshi continued kissing her, but extended his right hand between her legs and feeling the smooth bare skin under her skirt. Aarushi winced a little but didn’t stop kissing or stroking him, while Joshi started exploring between her legs, with his fingers.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmm” Joshi moaned as his fingers reached a wet and warm gash between her legs and he sucked her lips with more vigor. Aarushi too felt his cold and rough fingers on her cunt but didn’t stop stroking his throbbing dick. And the two continued like that. Joshi kept rubbing his fingers on her pussy, while Aarushi continued stroking his cock. “Ssssssssssssss… aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…” Joshi moaned as his cock was being perfectly massaged by Aarushi’s expert hands.

“Suck me girl” he said after a while, still hanging on to her lips. Aarushi then stepped a little back, a fake smile playing on her face as she went down on her knees. Joshi watched every move of her closely as she slowly bent forward and kissed on his cock first. Joshi smiled, looking at the girl worshipping his tool.

Aarushi held his cock with her hands, and then kissed on it. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked it lengthwise. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Joshi let out a moan of approval, and then Aarushi took it in her mouth and slowly started to suck it. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he moaned and closed his eyes in pleasure.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh.. mmmmmmmmmmm..mmmmmmmmmm…” Aarushi too moaned as she continued sucking his cock. It was hard and throbbing and Aarushi kept sucking at it madly. Joshi sat back, relaxed, his eyes closed and mouth slightly open – gasping in pleasure. And his hands were on Aarushi’s head as she kept sucking and licking and toying with his cock. “Yeaaaaaa… yeaaaaaaaaaa… ooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaa…” Joshi moaned in approval in between.

“Yeesssssssssss.. keep sucking girl…” he said while Aarushi switched between his cock and balls to keep him at the edge. “I like it… o yeaaaahhhhh… its so great…….” He was visibly pleased. A little more and he was almost on the verge of coming. “Yesssssssss… yessssssssss… I am gonna come” he announced amidst his frantic moans of pleasure.

Aarushi stopped at that point, hearing that he was going to come. But Joshi forced her back again. “Keep sucking girl” he announced while he shoved her head back on his cock roughly. Aarushi didn’t want to, but her head was forced so roughly that she didn’t have any other choice but to continue sucking. “Nnnnnnnnnnnn…” she tried to protest but Joshi was so much drawn to his own pleasure that he continued banging his cock in her mouth without any thought.

“Pppppllllllllsssssssssss…. Ssssrrrrrrrrrrrr… dddnnnnnnnnntttttt cmmmmmm n mmmhhhhh mmmmmtttthhhhh” Aarushi tried to plead with him so that he didn’t came in her mouth, but Joshi was as if deaf to her pleadings. He held her head tightly and kept banging his cock on and on and on. And slowly he was getting closer to his climax, and he kept fucking her mouth without any thought.

“NNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” Aarushi made a loud shrill noise, her eyes were wide and tears appeared in them as she went through the disgusting moment of truth. She felt a warm and disgustingly stinking load of cum in her mouth. Joshi still kept her head still and kept banging until Aarushi broke into a fit of cough.

“Pleassseeeeeee sir let me washhhhh” she said the moment she was able to free herself. Joshi too had calmed down a bit, given he had already disposed his full load in her mouth. “O yes, you can use the bathroom at that corner” said Joshi, still catching his breath. And as Aarushi rushed towards the bathroom with no delay, he sat back at the couch calming down his breathing.

It was all still like a dream for him, Joshi sat back at the sofa and thought. While leaving for the college in the morning, he didn’t have the slightest indication of how exciting his evening was going to be. He smiled and once again imagined the sexy Aarushi sucking his cock with such passion. The thought made him horny all over again, and he stood up to see what Aarushi was up to.

Aarushi was in the bathroom. She had rushed for it the moment she was released from his grip. Despite all her pleadings, Joshi had still come inside her mouth. At first she thought she would puke, but then she rushed to the bathroom and was able to wash her mouth to get rid of the feeling. She poured some water on her face too, and was just taking a piss before coming out when Joshi suddenly barged in.

In a hurry she had forgotten to lock the door, and Joshi wanting to see what was up to had caught her red faced while she was peeing. Aarushi was shocked to see him, but couldn’t stop herself. Joshi watched her in amusement, her skirt lifted up and the nice hairy mound between her legs with a steady stream of piss pouring out of it. Aarushi lowered her eyes in embarrassment as Joshi stood there to watch her pee.

And when she was done, he spoke – “Come, I want to fuck your lovely little hole now”. He had already become horny, and now watching her pee he was feeling completely charged up. They both stepped out of the bathroom and he guided her towards the bedroom. Aarushi removed her skirt on the way, and left it near the door as both of them entered the bedroom naked.

Joshi looked at her naked body from top to bottom and gave a devilish smile. Aarushi too tried to smile back in order to hide her discomfort. He then slowly made her sit at the edge of the bed and once again started kissing her lips. “Come now” he said and the both climbed further on the bed, until they reached the head rest.

Joshi made Aarushi lie down on her back, all naked and exposed for him, as he started kissing all over her body. It was his first experience with any girl and he didn’t want to miss out on anything. He kissed everywhere on her body from her forehead to her toes. He held her delicate legs and then kissed and sucked her toes. He then made a trail kissing all the way from her toes to her waist, licking at her milky white thighs on the way.

Slowly Aarushi too was getting aroused. Her entire body was being kissed, sucked, and licked. Soon her body was coated with his saliva wherever he has kissed and licked her – her legs, thighs, ass, tummy, navel, breasts, and nipples. Especially her nipples, they were hard and red and sore as he sucked them hard. Aarushi moaned and winced as he sucked her nipples and played with the other breast. Her pussy was completely wet and dripping by the time he placed himself between her legs.

For atleast 30 minutes he had sucked and licked her body, and now he was completely mad and wanted to fuck her hard. Aarushi opened her legs further so that he can ease into them. And then she slowly guided his cock towards the opening of her love hole. Joshi closed his eyes and exerted a gentle push – “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and he moaned as his cock slid right into her smooth cunt.

Aarushi too moaned as his cock ploughed all the way inside her, and slowly he started moving it in and out of her. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh… yeaaaahhhhhhhhh… oooohhhhhhhhhhhh… yeaahaahhhhhh….” And both of them started moaning in unison. Joshi bent forward and hugged her but continued moving his waist while Aarushi lifted her legs to wrap them around it. “Yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… ahahahhhhh… ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and it was difficult to distinguish between their voices from the moans they made.

It wasn’t long before Joshi climaxed again, but this time Aarushi too climaxed with him. While the two kept lying against each other, Joshi smiled to bid farewell to his virginity. He had never been with a girl before, but what happened to him that day was beyond his imaginations. And he was sure that it was just the start, and he also thanked his boss – Professor Agnihotri, for giving him this opportunity.

Later, he dropped Aarushi back to her home – the Sex Apartment, that is after she had taken a shower to clean herself, and given Joshi another quick good bye blow job. At the end, Joshi felt complete and satisfied like never before. And Aarushi too, even though he didn’t like Joshi, cannot refuse that she had a pretty fulfilling evening.

She reached home moments after her sister Sowmya, and both of them had the same pleasing looks on their faces which held the secret of a frantic and exciting evening.

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