Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-50

Sowmya was very horny when she reached Sex Apartment. Driven by that desperation she decided to visit Borah and Reddy’s flat, before going back to her own. Borah and Reddy too were totally surprised in seeing Sowmya standing outside their door. They had blackmailed her secretly before to have sex with them in turn. But yet they were not expecting her to drop by, just like that.

They were further awed when she quickly forced herself in, and then started stripping off her clothes all by herself.

Sowmya, burning in her own desires didn’t need much encouragement. She forced herself in their flat as soon as Borah opened the door. And before the two could realize, she started stripping off her clothes. One by one she took off all her clothes except the bra and panties. And stood almost naked infront of the two men who were looking at her with lusty eyes.

Sowmya smiled at their expressions. They were still not able to believe what was going on, and Sowmya slowly started walking towards them. “What, you don’t want me?” she asked in a teasing tone. And the two looked completely stupid by how they nodded their head. By then, lust had already taken over their surprise, and they made space for Sowmya to stand between them.

Sowmya walked up right between them, “It seems I have surprised you too?” she asked with a naughty grin, and at the same time she unstrapped her bra and dropped it on the ground. And the two watched in further awe as the girl exposed her nice and firm breasts. “I am so horny at the moment that I can do anything” she said in what looked like a trance.

Her hand automatically reached her cunt and she started massaging it over the panties. As soon as her cunt felt her hands rubbing it, once again it started getting wet. And a maddening effect took over Sowmya as she suddenly felt more hungry for cocks. “I need your cock boys. Your cocks” she said in a strange voice while squatting down to the level of their pants.

Borah and Reddy looked at each other. They were still very surprised and in awe. But the two knew how to take advantage of such a situation. Both immediately lowered their pants, offering a hard dick from each direction. Sowmya looked at the two erect lump of meat, and immediately grabbed them both. Her face was flushed with a grin and she started stroking the two cocks in her palms.

She then took Reddy’s cock in her mouth first, sucking it nicely before turning her attention to Borah. And the two stood there, grinning, with their cocks in her hand as she stroked, sucked, and toyed with it. Reddy ran his hands through her hairs, while Borah bent a little to grab her breasts and give it a nice little squeeze.

Reddy copied the action too, and while Sowmya gave their cocks equal attention, they continued pressing and squeezing her breasts. Sowmya too, started enjoying the treatment of her breasts. And in no time her breasts grew firmer and her nipples became rock solid. Borah held her nipple between his fingers, and rolled it to feel how hard it had become.

“Sssssssss… Awwwwwwwwwwwww…” Sowmya winced as Borah pinched her nipple hard and then laughed at her reaction. But it didn’t stop her from gorging on their cocks like a hungry bitch. She held both the cocks in her two hands and continued stroking one of them while she sucked on the other. She would suck one of the cocks for some ten to fifteen seconds and then turn her attention to the other. Reddy’s cock was long while Borah’s cock was fat, and she enjoyed sucking both of them.

And while the two toyed, squeezed, pinched, her breasts and nipples she didn’t stop sucking them. The treatment on her breasts further intoxicated her horny self and she started making some slutty grunting noise as she struggled to give equal attention to both. “Ummmmm… ummmmm… ummmm.. sllgggrrrgghhhhhhhhhh… sssslllgggrrrhrhhhhhhhhhhhh…” the gagging noise she made while sucking on the cocks showed how seriously she was sucking them both. “Woooahhhhhhhhhhh… ssssss…. Sslllrghhhhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….” In between she also moaned her approval as her cunt was getting wetter and wetter.

However Sowmya continued sucking them on and on until both of them too were squealing and moaning in pleasure. And soon it was getting difficult for the two to continue standing and enjoy at the same time. Sowmya managed to keep them both at their edge by skillfully swapping between their cocks. And Borah was the first to withdraw. He quickly disengaged himself, leaving Sowmya suck on Reddy’s cock.

Reddy then grabbed her head and started thrusting his cock viciously inside her mouth. Sowmya no longer moved. She stayed at one place with her mouth open so that Reddy could fuck her mouth hard. Borah waited behind her, watching the two and enjoying as much as they did – Reddy grabbing her by the head and fucking her mouth hard. Sowmya winced and moaned but didn’t protest. Moments ago she was in control, sucking the two in turn. And then suddenly she was being grabbed and fucked in her throat roughly.

Borah watched as Reddy enjoyed. He continued fucking her throat until he was right at the edge of climaxing. Then suddenly he stopped and withdrew his cock leaving her face in a complete mess of saliva and his pre-cum juices. Sowmya was breathing heavily, her breasts heaving up and down in fast motions. And before she could calm down, the two picked her up on their laps and started carrying her towards Borah’s bedroom.

They carried her to Borah’s bed and then dropped her on it. Sowmya quickly took comfortable position, her body heaving in excitement as the two men looked at her almost naked body with lust filled eyes. She knew that she was in for an exciting night. All her hunger will be satisfied.

And quickly Reddy grabbed her panties and pulled it off her body, leaving her completely naked and exposed. Sowmya didn’t protest, not even when Reddy spread her legs and dived between them. Her cunt was aching for attention and she winced when Reddy started rubbing his palm over vagina. “Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… ohhh yeaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she started moaning, but was immediately silenced as Borah started kissing her lips.

Reddy rubbed his hands on her cunt, and Borah sucked and kissed her lips. Sowmya lied in the middle enjoying and letting them do whatever they wished with her body. Reddy then carefully spread her cunt lips, exposing her clitoris. Her vagina opened up nicely for Reddy as he then slowly started teasing her clits with his tongue. Sowmya spread her legs further allowing him to open her cunt even wider, and then sucking and licking her pussy.

She winced and shivered as a pleasing chill ran down her body. She closed her eyes and started moaning, “Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm… Yesssssssssssssss… ahhhhhhhhhh…” and for a moment she felt finally her body will be satisfied. Since morning she had been brought to the edge for several times and then left high and dry, but then all’s well that ends well. And finally she was sure to get the pleasure she desired for so much.

Borah was watching them silently so far. But not able to stay out of the act, he too climbed on the bed and took position. “Open your eyes bitch” he snapped harshly, and in response, Sowmya opened her eyes immediately. Borah was almost on top of her, his balls hanging close to her mouth. He saw her open her eyes and then he smiled, “Good, now suck my balls while my mate licks your cunt” Borah said lowering his balls a little further. And Sowmya immediately started sucking and licking his balls.

“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Borah moaned with the wonderful feeling of her tongue and the warmth of her mouth around her balls. In the meantime, Reddy savored the nice taste and smell of her vagina. He continued sucking and teasing her vagina with his tongue and fingers, while Borah got her balls sucked and licked by her. “Ummmmmmmmmmmm…. Ohhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmmmm…” Sowmya could only moan and lick and suck while the two men did whatever they wished with her.

They continued doing that to her for what seemed like a long time. But in reality it had only been a few minutes and already Sowmya was ready to come. She had been waiting for this for the entire day, and her entire body was craving for the feeling. Both Borah and Reddy realized her condition from the excitement they saw in her. And Borah quickly sat aside watching her wince and tremble. Reddy too stopped licking her but continued fucking her with his fingers.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh… .yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh… yeaaaahhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhh… aaaahhhhhhh” Sowmya was moaning hard, wanting the orgasm more than anything, and Reddy continued keeping her at the edge by fucking her hard and fast with his fingers. “Yeaaaaa… yeasssss… yeaaaaa… yeaaaaa…” Sowmya’s moans were getting harder and faster. “I aaammm gonnnnaaaa cummmmmm ohhhhh… yeaaaaaa… ammmmmm goinnnnnn tooo coooommmmmmmmm” she was moaning like a bitch on heat when suddenly all hell broke loose and she started squirting like a leaking cauldron.

Both Borah and Reddy watched in amazement as she continued squirting her juices in great amount. She had been left dry for the entire day, and finally when she got to come she was not able to control it. It seemed as if she was pissing, but it was all her juices, squirting like they had seen never before. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…” and Sowmya continued moaning hard as she struggled to stop herself from coming any more.

She came and came and came until her cunt was dry and yet she was hungry for more. Borah and Reddy looked at her as she lied naked and exhausted, yet wanting to go on, and hungry for their cocks. And both of them smiled at each other. Borah climbed up on the bed again and lied down. His cock still very hard and erect, he looked at Sowmya and winked at her.

Sowmya immediately sat up and then getting closer to Borah, she climbed on top of him. Borah held his cock firmly for her and she lowered herself on it, guiding his cock in her cunt. “Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as the cock went smoothly up her moist pussy. Borah too closed his eyes and his face changed in expression as he felt the warmth of her hot pussy around his cock.

Sowmya waited for a moment and then slowly started moving up and down on his cock. Her breasts were jumping along with the motion and Borah reached out to grab them and press. Sowmya continued moving up and down, and fucking herself in that cowgirl position. Borah too played with her breasts, and enjoying while she fucked herself on his cock but not for long.

Reddy was watching them closely. He was stroking his cock and getting ready to join them. Soon he too climbed on the bed, and then pushed Sowmya forward towards Borah. Sowmya who was still riding on Borah’s cock, bent forward as Borah hugged her pulling her closer to his torso. Reddy knelt behind her with his cock hard and erect. He stroked his cock further before starting to rub it around her cunt where Borah’s cock was already inside.

“nooooooo… nohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… “ Sowmya cried in confusion as she felt Reddy’s cock too poking at the same point. But before she could stop him or brace herself, Reddy pushed his cock steadily. “Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Sowmya let out a loud moan as she got penetrated by two cocks at the same time. She nodded her head in a mix of pain as well as pleasure, but the two continued banging her at the same time.

Slowly the initial pain was getting substituted by a maddening pleasure. And soon Sowmya again started moaning like the bitch she was. With two cocks in her, she was feeling a pleasure she had felt never before. Her cunt was stretched heavily and both banged her at the same time. She lied naked, sandwiched between Borah and Reddy who pounded her pussy mercilessly.

“Yeaaaaaaa… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….” But Sowmya was beginning to like that. She had already come twice in that position, and her entire body was getting sloppy with sweat. She had never known how it felt to be double penetrated, and now that she had experienced it, she loved it a lot. It was a little painful to begin with, but once both the cocks were inside her they were driving her mad.

Both of them went on banging her, wanting to come inside her at the same time. Sowmya too continued moaning and coming as the two fucked her at will. “Yesssss… Yesssss.. Yeeeessssssssss….” Both of them were moaning by the end of it, signaling how close they too were of climaxing. And as Sowmya prepared herself to be drowned in their cums, they carried on.

She had been waiting for the moment for the entire day. Throughout the shoot she was brought to a situation where she wanted to come desperately. But she wasn’t allowed to do so during any of those moments. That left the desperation alive in her, and led her in Reddy and Borah’s flat. But then what happened there was something she would never forget or regret her decision to give herself away to them.

At first she stripped herself, and seduced them and had sucked their cock. But since then they had been dominating her – fucking her cunt, mouth, making her squirt like a leaking pitcher. And then both of them penetrating her cunt and fucking her and coming in her at the same time. By the end of it, she lied naked and exhausted on Borah’s bed – her cunt filled with both of their come and leaking too. But she was so exhausted that she wanted to close her eyes and pass on to a deep, satisfying sleep.

Borah and Reddy had washed themselves and smiled as they looked at the naked and exhausted body of the girl they so dearly wanted to see broken. Her body by then had become a sticky mess of sweat and come, and her breasts rose and fall as she still struggled to calm her breathing. Both of them smiled again and gave each other a high five.

In the meantime, while Sowmya was busy having a threesome at the Sex Apartment, a little further away her sister Aarushi too had just reached Asst. Professor Joshi’s house. It was an evening the two sisters will never forget.

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