Goa Vacation

I am 22 years old from Pune, pursuing B.Tech from a reputed organization. This incident happened to me 3 months back. I was vacationing in Goa as the semester holidays were going on. I was invited by my aunt for this trip.

It was my aunt Ritu (46), uncle (48), my cousin Suraj (19), and me. Talking about her, she is a fair and healthy bombshell with stats 36-30-34 and a very friendly woman. Anybody would enjoy talking to her. She really looks attractive and hot.

Oh man, she is really voluptuous, and I just enjoy watching her. We didn’t share a relationship of aunty and nephew. We were more like friends.

Our trip was a short trip of 3 days. When we were in the car, we were sitting like my uncle and cousin in front and me and my aunt at the back. It happened such that I was doing a sex chat with one of my female friends due to which I had a boner.

As I was wearing shorts, it was clearly visible. I didn’t know that my aunt had noticed it as she was sitting beside me and was engaged in her mobile. We had eye contact, and she gave me a naughty smile.

We reached Goa by around 7 pm. We had our stay in Arambol. We checked in our hotel and got fresh. As I was an enthusiastic one between all of us, I planned the destination for the first night. I decided to visit Cafe Mambos. We reached there, and we started partying.

We were sitting on the table, having our drinks, and were chit-chatting. My uncle and I were having Scotch. My cousin was having a beer and my aunt, vodka. My uncle was busy having his drinks, and my cousin was checking out girls dancing over there.

Normal talking was going on between my aunt and me. I went to the washroom and came back. While talking, my aunt suddenly asked me who Kiya is. I blushed a bit and answered she is my friend.

She asked me, “Is she just a friend or something else? You have a message from her. She wants to have a video call right now, and it seems she is horny too.”

Actually, I had left my phone on the table while going to the washroom. In between, Kiya messaged that she is horny and wants to have a dry sex video call.

I took my phone from my aunt and message Kiya that will have it later. I noticed a slight change in the behavior of my aunt. She was now too open and was freely talking with me.

Aunt: Is Kiya your girlfriend?

Me: No, she is not. We are just good friends.

She just placed her hand on my lap, but it was not just properly on my lap. It was touching my penis.

Aunt: Good friends don’t have sex chat between them.

Me: (shocked) No aunty, we didn’t have any.

Aunt: (caressing my lap) Don’t lie. We are in Goa. What happens in Goa stays in Goa. I am like your friend. Speak up. This will only be between the two of us.

Me: (taking a sip of my drink I opened up) Kiya is my classmate. And we both have an attraction towards each other. We both don’t want to be in a relationship. We are ok with what we are doing.

Aunt: Show me her photo.

I showed her. We had some more talks. Then I took her to the dance floor. We started dancing. I went to the bar counter and brought some tequila shots for us. After having shots, we were in the mood. We were dancing, and suddenly my aunt pulled me towards her and started dancing.

I was getting turned on by her dance. She was dancing as if I was a pole, and she was doing a pole dance. She was pressing her ass on my penis. I had a boner which she knew and was teasing me. I, too, responded and placed both my hands across her body and pulled her towards me.

We were too close to each other. We were enjoying ourselves out there. She was wearing a black one-piece which was short to her thighs only. She was looking so hot similar to Tisca Chopra. She placed my hands around her waist and put hers on my shoulder.

She was looking in my eyes, so was I, and we were fondling each other. Her melons were crushing on my chest. I was turned on. I gathered some courage and took her face in my hand and kissed her in the middle of her lips and cheek. I got into my senses and moved aside from her.

She gave me a naughty smile and told me to chill. Now we again started dancing as if we were a couple. We were just into each other. The party came to an end after some time. I cursed it cause I was having such a pleasant and adorable time with Ritu.

Then we headed towards our resort. Our rooms were just beside each other. When I was entering my room, she just gave me spank on my butt. I just turned towards her, she gave me a wink and a flying kiss. I was on cloud 9.

I went into the washroom and jerked off twice – thinking about Ritu and things which happened between us. I just came out of the bathroom and saw that my cousin was in a deep sleep. I thought I would have a beer with him and chit chat with him for some time. I couldn’t sleep that night.

This was the first time all such things were happening to me. After a while, I just came out of my room. I was restless. It was at 3 am that I messaged Ritu, “Good night, cutie-pie.” I was waiting for her reply. But she didn’t reply soon. I thought she must have slept.

I went to my bedroom and was on bed, browsing my social media and was about to sleep. Suddenly I got a message back from her. It was like, “I am waiting near the pool.” I quickly got up and went near the pool. She was in her red nighty. I just went over there and just gave a hug from the back.

She turned around. Her boobs were slightly visible as her nighty had a deep neck. It was tight, showing off her perfect curves. She seems a bit sad. I asked her what the matter was. Why was she sad? She wasn’t opening up. I made her sit beside the pool and sat next to her. I forced her to tell me what it was.

Suddenly a tear fall from her right eye. She told me that her married life was not going well. Uncle wasn’t giving her time. He only had work in his head. There was nothing spicy in it. Her sex life was also not going well. I took this as an opportunity.

I just went to my room and brought 2 beers. I gave one to her. But she was not willing to have it. I didn’t force her. I just took her in my arms and gave her a side hug. She rested her head on my shoulder. I just took my phone out and played a romantic song by Emran Hashmi.

Ritu was relaxed. The whole atmosphere over there was turned into a romantic one. After a couple of minutes, she too started sharing my beer. She thanked me for being with her and listening to her. She gave me a kiss on my right cheek. I didn’t know what just happened.

Coincidentally, ‘Bheege hont’ from ‘Murder’ movie started to play. I just didn’t want to miss that moment. I gather some courage and just lip locked her. To my surprise, Ritu also started to respond smoothly. We both were so indulged in the kiss that it lasted up to almost 8 to 10 minutes.

I was thinking further to go ahead and lose my virginity with her at that time. But thought not to hurry and ruin this moment. I made a promise to myself that I would definitely lose my virginity to her on this Goa vacation.

We got up from there, hugged each other, and I gave a kiss on her forehead. She just blushed, and then we left for our rooms.

The next day, it was almost 12 when we woke up. My cousin was ready, and he went out on the beach as it was within walking distance. I was sleeping when I heard someone was at the door. I opened it, and my sweetheart was standing over there.

She greeted me, “Good morning, baby.” I greeted her too. She told me to get ready and decide on a happening place to have lunch. I decided to have lunch at Fat-Fish. We got ready and went there. There we had a delicious lunch. Over there, I only concentrated on two things 1st was the lunch and 2nd Ritu.

We were sitting opposite each other and just were in eye contact (staring). We came back to our resort. Uncle and my cousin went to take rest, and they both slept. Naughty plans were hitting me. This was the best time to get cozy with my sweetheart Ritu. I planned to get on the beach and have fun in the water.

I told her to get ready. She said she’ll be there in some time. I went on the beach, checked out some chicks, and got into the water. After some time I saw a beautiful lady standing near the shack. She removed the dress material which she was wearing.

Now the lady was in her red bikini. She was looking hot. She started coming towards me. When she was a meter ahead of me, I came to know that she was Ritu. She came to me and gave me a hug. Oh, fuck! That hug was so precious.

Her boobs just crushed on my chest. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and complimented her that she was looking like a mermaid in that red bikini. She just blushed away. I just took 2 steps back and started to splash water on her. She was fully wet now.

Her boobs curve and her nipples were visible. I was enjoying that view. My eyes were just stuck on her boobs. She noticed it and didn’t say anything. I took her a few steps inside the sea, and we were enjoying the waves. I was standing just behind her, and we were close to each other.

I had a boner as her voluptuous ass was crushing me. She noticed it and gave me a wink. I took this as a green signal and was taking advantage of it. I left no chance to touch her body. I crushed her ass and touched her boobs. I used to deliberately fall on her. She was enjoying it.

At the back of my mind, I was eagerly waiting for the night. I had made a firm decision to have sex with her that night. I had the best moments of my life at that time in the sea. I told her too. She said, “Raat abhi jawan hai.” After hearing this, I was convinced that she was too going to cross her limits tonight.

While leaving for the resort, on the way, I lifted her in my arms. People were looking at us as if we were a couple. Before the resort, I just put her down and made a move and kissed on her lips. I didn’t know where I had got so much courage. I think this was due to the excitement of losing my virginity.

We got ready, and I decided to have that night at a club. We had a fabulous time there. Everyone enjoyed it. We all had drinks and were high too. Ritu and I were getting too cozy while dancing at the party. A couple approached us. They started dancing with us and later gave an offer of swapping partners.

We two were shocked. But Ritu firmly told them that this handsome (me) is mine tonight. I just looked at her. She lip locked me. What a kiss it was. Our tongues were roaming each other’s mouths. I was excited for the night. Throughout the way, I just imagined how it would be.

We reached our resort. My cousin went straight to our room and slept. He is just a nuisance. He gets high in a nip of whiskey. I was changing my clothes.

Meanwhile, my uncle came to my room with beers. Uncle and I were chit-chatting. Ritu came after a couple of minutes. I was cursing my uncle in my mind that this oldy shit should leave. He is wasting my time. It was almost 4 am.

Ritu could see the lust in my eyes. She was teasing me by biting her lips. After a few minutes, don’t know how this happened, but my uncle just slept on my bed. He was too drunk to walk. I was on cloud 9. All my stars were with me. I took my darling Ritu in my arms and headed towards her room to have my first sex.

As soon as we reached her room, I just placed her on the bed and went to lock the door. She laid on the bed and was calling me by making sexual signs. I deliberately played ‘Bheege hont’ tere song and jumped on the bed. I took her face in my hand and started kissing her.

It was a sensuous one. The kiss lasted for almost half an hour. Our tongues were rolling in each other’s mouths. I started to rotate my hand all over her body. I first squeezed her ass and later spanked it. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing all over my body. She made me lay on the bed and came upon me.

She stretched my hands with her and started kissing from my ear lobes. She gave a small bite over there. Then she kissed my neck and then came kissing me all over the body. She was literally licking me. She had gone wild. I, too, was on fire now.

I remembered that I had some chocolates in my room. I had and lusty idea. I told her to control her lust for two minutes. I’ll be back. I went to my room, took those chocolates, and came back. I took half of the Cadbury in my mouth and left the other half for her. She started eating it from the other end.

We both started eating it, and finally a wild smooch took place. I was now a lusty leopard. I removed her nighty. She was in sexy black lingerie. She had bought it for this trip to have some ‘me’ time with her husband. I started kissing her ears. I gave a small bit on her ear lobe.

She just moaned a little. Then I came to her neck. I was kissing her wild over there. My tongue was tickling her. She was going crazy. Just came down, kissing her body. There were her voluptuous boobs making a way to come out of her lingerie. I took the left one out.

At this age, also she had maintained herself. They were firm with a lite brown nipple. I wasted no time and took it in my mouth. She just left out a moan. She closed her eyes and was saying, “Suck it, suck it, baby. Bite my nipple hard. They have not been sucked for a long time.”

She was pressing my head on her boob. I took both of them in my hands and started pressing them. I was playing with them as if I was a kid. Turn by turn, I sucked them. For the first time, I was having such kind of fun. I was teasing her by pinching her nipples and making them hard. She was turned on.

She was wet between her thighs. She ordered me to move downward. I started licking her stomach portion. It was a flat one. I placed a small piece of Cadbury on her navel and started licking it. She was enjoying it. She put her hand in my hair and pulled me towards her and kissed me.

She parted her legs. There was my heaven. Her soft water was dripping pussy with pink lips. She had shaved it clean. I was dumbstruck, looking at it. She took my head and placed it in between her thighs and pressed it. The fragrance of her pussy drove me crazy. I started licking it madly.

As soon as my tongue touched her vagina, she left a big moan, and there was no looking back. I started playing there with my tongue. She was too horny at that time. She was pressing my head deep on her pussy. She was literally shouting, “I am all yours tonight, you lust leopard. Eat my clitoris, honey.”

After hearing it, I increased my pace. She told me to lick slightly up. It was her clitoris. As soon as my tongue touched it, her body just shivered a bit, and she left out a big moan. She just pressed my head deep there. Watching porn had gained me enough knowledge when it came to licking a woman’s pussy.

I licked her for almost 40 minutes. Her juices were all over my face. I made her lick her own juices over my face. She kissed me and bit my lower lip. I push my middle finger in her vagina. I increased my pace. I was enjoying it. Her facial expression was sexy. She was biting her lips.

I inserted my index finger too. It was making her more uncontrollable. She just made me stand up and pushed me on the bed. She came over me and started removing my shorts. I was naked in front of her. She bit her lower lip and was looking at my crotch.

Looking into her eyes, I could make out that she is going to suck me wild. She took my crotch in her hand and started stoking it. This passed a current through my spine as it was for the first time any woman was touching it. She came near it and placed her tongue on the tip.

Oh, fuck! I just closed my eyes. She took my whole crotch in her mouth in a single move. I just could not control my emotions. Her tongue was so warm. Guys, that feeling could not be expressed in words. She started giving me a blowjob.

I took her head and just pressed my whole penis in her mouth such that my tip touched her throat. I started mouth fucking her. With a few minutes, I busted my load of cum in her mouth. I couldn’t sustain it as it was my first time. When I took out my penis, a few drops of cum fell near her lips.

She just took her tongue out and lick that few drops and swallowed it. My penis came to normal size. She started stroking it again. Within no time, it was rock hard again. She took it in her mouth and was blowing me. I was enjoying it to the fullest.

And here comes the climax of the whole picture. Suddenly the door started banging. It was uncle outside calling out aunty’s name to open the door. Ritu and I just froze for a minute. We thought that we had been caught. We didn’t know what to do. We both were panic.

Uncle was banging the door hard. I just told Ritu not to worry. Just clean up your face and wear your nighty and open the door and see what’s the matter. She did what I said. Till then, I put on my shorts and t-shirt quickly and acted as if I was asleep.

Ritu adjusted herself and opened the door. Uncle rushed into the room. He was a bit tensed. Ritu asked him what the problem was? Why were you banging the door so hard? Is everything alright?

I was watching everything through my half-opened left eye. He just told her that his mom passed away and hugged Ritu, and some tears roll out of his eyes. Ritu was too shocked to hear that news. She asked him how this happened. He said it was a heart attack and we need to leave as soon a possible.

Ritu came near me and started waking me up. I acted as I was in a deep sleep. When I woke up, she told me the thing. I just reacted as this news shocked me. They two started to pack their bags. I rushed to my room where my cousin had already packed my bag too.

I just got freshened up, and we checked out and left for their native place. All the way, I was upset as I missed the chance to lose my virginity to my sweetheart Ritu. I wish this tragedy would not have happened, and the picture would be something else.

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