Truth or Dare

Ananya. Age 23. Malayali-Hindu. She is a Malayali Goddess. Very cute Eyes. Awesome lips. Bombshell figure. 5.4 feet tall. Her stats are 36-24-34. Boobs are her huge a center of attraction. She resembles South Actress Iswarya Menon.

She was my college mate, but from another department. As it was the beginning of the 1st semester, initially, I was more focused on studies as it was a new experience after school. After a week I met Ananya accidentally in the canteen. As I said earlier, she looked both cute and sexy at the same time.

So I couldn’t take my eyes off her. But as I was already committed to Ayeesha (my lover)

I wasn’t sure to approach Ananya. But still, whenever I saw her, I just used to admire her body a lot. A few times, even she noticed my staring.

I used to go to the canteen at lunch breaks just to see her every day, and this continued for weeks. Once I went to the canteen as usual to see Ananya, but she was missing. I tried to find her, but she wasn’t there. I thought to myself that she must be absent that day.

So disappointedly, I turned back to go back to my class. She was standing right behind me, with her hands folded and was looking at me with an angry face.

Ananya: Looks like you were searching for someone very seriously?
I didn’t expect her to talk with me all of a sudden. So I was scared a little and started to stumble in my words.

Me: Yes… No. I wasn’t searching for you. I mean…. Yes, I was searching for my friends. They asked to meet me up here, but I couldn’t find them.

Ananya: Oh, really? That’s strange. For the past 4 weeks at exactly this time, you come here searching for your friends, and you still couldn’t find them ah?
Just then, I noticed a group of girls who were her friends was standing behind her and giggling, seeing us.

Me: No. I came here just today as they asked me to come. I don’t know what you are talking about.
Ananya: There is no point in lying. Are you gonna tell the truth now, or shall I complain about you to the staff?

By now her friends came near to her and together everyone was staring at me, waiting for my reply. I was scared shitless at that moment but started replying to her.

Me: Ok, fine. I will tell you the truth. I come here every day to see you. I just saw you once here in the canteen, and you were so gorgeous. I couldn’t stop admiring you. I tried to stop coming here daily to see you, but I really can’t help it.

Me: It was just nothing in a bad intention. I really love the way you dress and present yourself. Also, your eyes, they look so beautiful that I could just stare at them a whole day. I really don’t mean to stalk you or disturb you. But I am sorry.

Words flowed through my mouth, but I really didn’t hear a single word I said. It was like my mind uttered those words without my permission. Hearing my words, her friends started to laugh and hit her sarcastically. Ananya was looking at me with a small smile on her face.

Ananya: I accept that I told you to tell the truth. But don’t you think it was a little too honest?

She started laughing along with her friends. Only by seeing her laugh, I became normal again, and my brain started working and processing what just happened. I was embarrassed by what I told and also by the laughter from the girls’ group. So I just wanted to go away from there.

Me: I am sorry. I really didn’t expect you to talk with me suddenly and I wasn’t prepared for what I should talk to you. I am sorry again. Bye.

Saying this, I started walking away from them. But she called me again.
Ananya: Oye. Wait. I know you feel embarrassed. Actually, I am sorry too. I noted you looking at me the 2nd day itself. I thought you will get the courage and come talk to me, but its 4 weeks now, and yet you just keep seeing me.

Me: What? Did you know? But I was very careful.

Ananya: Not only me. Even my friends knew you are seeing me always. It was that very obvious from the 1st day. But you were looking too cute, trying to secretly admire me, without others knowing.

Ananya: So only me and my friends tried to scare you today and planned to stay behind you and catch you in the act. And just as we planned, we did. But your ultimate honesty was so unexpected.

Saying this, she again started to laugh. I was totally embarrassed to know all these things, and I covered my face in embarrassment.

Ananya: What is your name, Mr. Honest?
Me: I am Harish. 1st-year Mechanical department.
Ananya: I am Ananya. 1st-year Computer Science. Nice to meet you.

She offered me her hands. I was dumbstruck. I slowly shook her hands. They were so soft and smooth. Her warmth spread from her palms to mine. I was looking at her speechless.

Ananya: Ok, Harish. Now that we are friends, there is no need for you to look at me from a distance. You can always come and talk to me. Ok?

Me: Ok, Ananya. I am happy and sorry once again for the episode back in the canteen.

Ananya: (with a gorgeous smile in her face) Actually I love that episode. It was so funny, and I will never forget that in my life. Ok bye. See you.

Saying these, she joined her friends and went. I was still standing there, unable to believe what just happened. Soon we met at various places in our college accidentally, and we started talking. She used to tease me as Mr. Honest always and laugh.

Soon we both became good and close friends. Also, I said the reason for not talking to her directly was that I was committed already to Ayeesha. It didn’t feel right to approach her. She was ok with that and again appreciated my honesty.

We soon exchanged numbers and started chatting and talking on mobile. She used to share her daily activities and secrets with me. I will say all about mine. Also, I introduced Ayeesha to Ananya. They, too, began to mingle with each other easily. I was happy about that.

1 year passed by. Ananya and I went to the second year. In this 1 year, we became very close and always used to be together except for class hours. We became so close that I began sharing details about my sexual life with Ayeesha to Ananya.

Ayeesha and I continued to have a very strong and healthy sexual life. Ananya used to share her intimate details like trimming her pussy hair, periods, innerwear size, etc. with me.

Slowly the intimate details sharing between Ananya and me came to private pictures. Once, she saw my intimate pics and videos with Ayeesha on my mobile (Ayeesha was naked, and I was in my underwear in those). I shared those with her mobile without me knowing.

She started teasing me, showing those pics and videos when we were alone. She always enjoyed teasing me. I let her do that as I love seeing her tease me. Some days we used to bunk the class together and go to her friend’s room. Her best friend, Nikita’s room, was outside the college campus.

I spend the time they’re watching TV and playing games. Normally Nikita used to be with us in her room, and we used to have a good time bunking classes. Once Ananya called me in college hours.

Ananya: Harish. Nikita bunked the class today. It’s boring for me in class without her. I am going to her room. You also come with me. Let’s watch some movies there. Ananya and I were huge movie fans and see every movie released together.

I agreed to her, and we both went to Nikita’s room. Ananya always had a spare key with her. So we opened the door and went inside. But Nikita was not in her room. So Ananya called Nikita’s mobile, and she informed me that she has gone out to purchase some dress and will be back in a couple of hours.

Ananya was disappointed that she left her and went. So she came and sat with me. We started the tv and watched movies. Nothing was interesting, and we became bored soon. So we decide to play a game, and she suggested ‘Truth or Dare’.

I said Truth or Dare with just 2 persons will be boring and play something else. But she wanted to play that (we had played it many times before with Nikita with us). As I didn’t want to disappoint her more, I agreed, and we started. Starting a few rounds were just normal truth questions and dare activities.

As I imagined, it was boring, and Ananya found it in my expression. She said she knew how to make it interesting. She asked me, ‘Truth or Dare.’ I said, ‘Dare.’

Ananya: Which is your favorite place to kiss Ayeesha? Kiss me in that place.
I was shocked to hear that. Boredom suddenly changed into a thrilling moment. I really love to kiss every inch of Ayeesha’s body. But when Ananya suddenly asked, I was confused about what to do.

Then I made up my mind and went close to Ananya. Seeing me approach, Ananya, with a small smile in her lips, closed her eyes. I went close to Ananya and kissed her neck. Ananya’s body shivered with my kiss. With a surprising reaction, she opened her eyes.

Ananya: Really? The neck? You really do know how to make a girl go weak in her knees.

Me: You know everything about my sexual life, idiot. I love kissing every part of her. But while kissing the neck, it just makes me feel heavenly. Also, I can feel the aroma completely, and I love it.

Ananya: So, did you get my ‘Body Aroma’ while kissing my neck?
Me: This is a question for truth. But I already completed my dare. Now it is your turn. Truth or Dare?
Ananya: Truth.

Me: According to you, which move is your favorite in sex and which tempts you a lot? (I asked this to tease her because I knew she is a virgin and has never been with a guy before.)

Ananya: (With a teasing smile) My favorite move is when someone pushes me to the wall, grabs my ass from the front, and squeezes it while kissing my lips. And the move that tempts me more is when I get licked in my armpits (winking at me).

I was shocked to hear her answers.
Me: Hey. You are a virgin and never been with a man before. Then how come you are exactly describing these as if you have done it?

Ananya: As you said before, this is a question for truth. But I already answered your question. So my turn is over. Now it’s your turn. Truth or Dare?

Me: (Still shocked with her previous response) Dare again.
Ananya: Close your eyes with a blindfold. Then you must correctly identify my body part without touching.

I was confused and shocked at the same time. I knew where this was leading. But I didn’t want to stop the flow. I actually enjoyed these. So I accepted. The next thing I knew is Ananya removed her shawl and tied my eyes fully. It was pitch dark now.

Let me describe our dressings there. Ananya wore sleeveless dark pink chudi that day, and I was in my formal half hand shirt and jeans. After making sure my eyes are tied well, she came close to me. I can sense it.

Ananya: Ok. Now find what body part is it.
Me: How? You said not to use hands. How can I find what part it is without touching in hands?

Ananya: Idiot. I said, no hands only. I said no tongue. You can use that.

I was shocked to hear it. My heart started racing, and my dick started to rise. She very well knew that the licking body is my favorite thing in sex. She was now teasing me like hell. But I made up my mind to go ahead. I let my tongue out. She came even closer to me.

I could now feel her body heat and also her mesmerizing body fragrance. My tongue touched her skin. She let a low moan. I was getting her scent a lot. It was making me horny and mad. She smelled like strawberry and vanilla (as usual), but it was more intense.

I rolled my tongue in her skin for a few minutes. I had no idea what part of her body it was. But it was so smooth and silky. She was moaning as I rolled my tongue over her skin. I began to feel her body taste. I began losing myself for her and was into her completely. I was brought back to sense by her voice.

Ananya: Found what part it is?
Me: No. I couldn’t.
Ananya: Ok. Open the blindfold and see for yourself, loser.

I hurriedly opened my blindfold and was shell shocked. Ananya was very close to my face with her left arm raised in the air and her clean, neat, and lovely armpit in the show. I was dumbstruck. Her armpits were glistening in wetness. I realized I was licking her armpit!

I could see the lust in her eyes and a small seducing smile in her lips. It was too tempting.

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