Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-49

Aarushi stood frozen at the same point for what seemed like ages. The two men, Professor Agnihotri and Asst. Professor Joshi, were waiting impatiently for her to start stripping. “Why are you taking so much time?” asked Professor Agnihotri angrily. And his voice as if brought some life back in Aarushi. She stopped thinking any longer, and decided to follow whatever her professor ordered.

It was too late as well. She herself had put her in that situation. And there was no point in thinking at that moment. If she chose to refuse, she would lose everything. So she decided to follow whatever her professors wanted her to do, silently. And then Aarushi took a deep breath to calm her senses and slowly started to strip off her clothes.

Her top was loose, since she had been asked not to wear any under garments she didn’t chose a tighter top too. Or anybody looking at her would have made out that she was not wearing any bra. It didn’t take much time to remove the top and Asst. Professor Joshi looked in awe.

Asst. Professor Joshi was in his early thirties, and had never seen a naked girl before. He was unmarried and also not too attractive to have had a girlfriend ever before. On the other hand, Aarushi was beautiful, just in her twenties, and was one of the most attractive girls in the college. There were boys who would have killed each other to catch a glimpse of her. And yet she was stripping naked in the presence of the two elderly professors.

Asst. Professor Joshi gaped at Aarushi’s top less body with visible awe and lust. Her smooth body, with sensual pair of breasts – soft and firm, with nipples grown hard from the attention, made both Joshi and Agnihotri to share a wolfish smile. But both of them still didn’t move, instead they leant back relaxingly at their chair waiting for Aarushi to get completely naked.

Aarushi had removed the top and dropped it on the floor, and then she was fiddling with the hook of her skirt. It didn’t take long, as soon as the hook was undone; all she needed was to leave the skirt to drop on its own. And she stood completely naked, eyes lowered, and hands at the sides, not wanting to hide her nakedness. Apart from the unkempt bush of hairs on her cunt, her body was completely smooth. And both Joshi and Agnihotri felt proud at the sight of her.

“Good” said Agnihotri, “Now come close to us and stand where we can touch you” – he ordered Aarushi to come and stand closer to them.

Aarushi’s heart was beating nervously, yet she slowly walked a few paces ahead and stopped at the distance where Joshi could have easily touched her.

“Good… Now spread your legs, as much as you can” – said Professor Agnihotri. And to Joshi’s amusement, Aarushi followed him instantly. She spread her legs as much as she could so that she can still stand in a proper balance. Both Joshi and Agnihotri were looking at her naked and exposed body lecherously. And their eyes were shining brightly, yet they didn’t make any attempt to touch her.

“Now use your fingers and make yourself cum for us” – ordered Agnihotri. Both of them were enjoying the humiliation they were bringing upon Aarushi. But if she wants to get through the exams without hard work, this atleast she needs to bear – and both of them grinned at the girl who was standing naked in front of them.

Aarushi stood in the same stretched position, and reaching down with her hands to touch her cunt. As soon as she touched her pussy lips, a chill ran down her body and she shivered a little. And both Agnihotri and Joshi laughed at the way she shivered on touching her own cunt.

Aarushi continued rubbing her fingers on her vagina, and slowly her vagina too was responding by turning wet. She continued rubbing, feeling her cunt grow moist with it. And after she felt that her pussy was nicely moist, she pushed a finger inside. “Oooommmmmmphhhhhhhhhh” she was not able to suppress the moan as her finger slowly went inside and she continued tickling her vagina with it.

Slowly it was getting difficult for her to keep standing like that. Her feet were trembling as she continued rubbing her vagina with the finger inside. “Come on, you can take more”, said Agnihotri, “Put one more finger in” – he ordered.

And Aarushi slowly pushed one more finger inside. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she closed her eyes and moaned slightly as one more finger joined the other one inside. And she continued rubbing them hard in order to make herself come as soon as possible. Both Agnihotri and Joshi looked on with interest as Aarushi continued rubbing herself with the two fingers inside her vagina.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” she was moaning too, no longer wary of suppressing her noise. It was also very difficult to keep standing at that position, but somehow she managed. All in all, she provided a very amusing sight for the two professors – Naked and exposed, and made to finger herself until she came.

Aarushi continued rubbing herself hard and with it her moans increased too. “Good…” commented Agnihotri, “Keep fingering yourself, but don’t come without our permission” he ordered to add on to her humiliation.

“Yesss…. Siiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..” Aarushi responded as her brain was focused towards the growing sense of delirium. She was getting closer to that orgasm. She was already very horny, and all that humiliation, and touching helped her reach that stage very quickly.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… ooohhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss…” she continued moaning as she inched closer to that moment. Both the men watch with a devilish grin. Aarushi continued rubbing her fingers inside her cunt. Her entire body trembled and shook at the impact. Her waist swayed back and forth, and her legs shook heavily as she struggled to maintain balance. Her eyes were closed and mouth continued making incessant noises.

“Oooooo yessssssssssssssss…. Oooo yeessssssssssssssssssss” she continued moaning as she reached nearer to that moment. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….” Her voice reflected a moan of satisfaction as she happily continued rubbing her self. Both the men nodded as they waited for her to finish.

“Siiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…” Aarushi started with a trembling voice, and then she took a deep breath, “Can I commmmmmmmmmmmm sirrrrrrrrrrrr” she said once again breathing short and shallow. And when there was still no response from the men, she looked up at them and asked again. “Please sir, can I come please”, her voice a little more calm as she waited for them to nod at her.

But the two were unmoved, “Not enough effort” said Agnihotri, “Go down on your knees and beg for it”, he added with a vigor. And Aarushi immediately went down on her knees and started pleading with them – “Pleasssseee sirrrrrrrrrr… pleassssssssss let me commmeeeeee” she said, still at the edge. While the two looked on in pleasure, Aarushi was afraid that she might come any moment even if they don’t allow.

But to her relief, they finally allowed her. It was Joshi who took the pleasure – “Get up and come here” he said, signaling her to come up to him. And then Joshi extended his palm out, and asked her to come on it – “Rub your cunt on my hand while you come”, he said. And Aarushi slowly spread her legs again to let her hand slip between those, and she started rubbing her vagina against it.

This time however, she didn’t require much encouragement and within seconds she started coming on Joshi’s hand. While Joshi watched in amusement, Aarushi continued moaning like a bitch. “Aaahhhh… Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” – she kept moaning as long as her juices continued flowing out of her hole. Joshi too twitched his fingers in order to have a good feel of her wet and leaking cunt.

At the end, Joshi’s fingers were soaked with her juices. And when Aarushi stopped, he pulled his hands away and looked at it as it gleamed with the heavy coat of Aarushi’s juices. Aarushi had come herself dry, but that didn’t stop her humiliation whatsoever.

“Get down on your knees again” said Agnihotri. And while Joshi still inspected his hand, Agnihotri ordered her to clean Joshi’s hand by licking it – “Now clean Asst. Professor Joshi’s hand with your tongue”, he ordered. And while Aarushi went down on her knees once again, Joshi held his hand out for her to lick.

Aarushi closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out to lick her own juices. A strong stench made her twitch a bit, but still she continued until she had his hand and started sucking and licking it. Joshi enjoyed further as she watched the beautiful, naked girl suck off her own juices from his hand. He looked at Agnihotri and he smiled back in return.

Joshi wanted to take her home, and fuck her nicely there. He too was feeling a little embarrassed in presence of his senior, and Professor Agnihotri realized that too. He too would have felt embarrassed in his junior’s presence. And so he was ready to let Joshi take the slut home and have a good time with her. It would be a fitting reward for the young man’s hard work. By then Aarushi too had finished cleaning Joshi’s hand, and was waiting for her next order.

“Go… get dressed now”, said Professor Agnihotri. “I believe Asst. Professor Joshi would want to spend some time alone with you”, he said and smiled looking at Joshi. Joshi too looked back at him and returned a smile of gratitude. He had already planned to take her home, and give her a nice fuck. His cock was hard and was aching to get inside a cunt. Though he masturbates daily, he was still a virgin when it came to a woman.

While Aarushi started getting dressed, the two quickly exchanged some words and then Joshi was ready to leave. Aarushi too had put on her skirt and top by then, and waited silently for the next instruction. Professor Agnihotri walked up to her and then holding her breasts he ordered her to please the assistant professor the same way as she had done with him – “Remember, your marks depend on your performance this evening”, and he winked back at Joshi. “If he is happy, you will get the highest in the class”, and then both broke out in a laugh while Aarushi readied herself for what was to come.

While Aarushi was busy with her professors, her sister Sowmya was coming back home after finishing her first modeling assignment. She was completely exhausted by the end of it, yet she wasn’t fully satisfied. At first she found it a little awkward to do all those, but then she started enjoying herself. The entire act, the focus, her co-actor made her so much horny. And then just when she so desperately needed that attention, she was left high and dry.

After the shoot, she was given a car which will drop her at her door steps. And throughout the entire journey back home, she was plagued by her unsatisfying and growing need for pleasure. In the car, so often she felt the urge to touch herself so that she can relief herself off that burning desire, but wary of the driver she had barely managed to control her urges.

All she wanted then was to reach home as soon as possible, and then finger her aching cunt nice and for long. In truth, she wanted a nice cock inside her. Nothing feels like having a nice fat cock in one’s pussy. And she rued at her luck that she will have to do with her fingers instead.

The car dropped her outside her home around 9 pm. Sowmya looked around, and then convinced that no one has seen her coming off that vehicle, headed straight for the stairs. She climbed the first floor quickly, her mind still focusing at the need to soothe her desires. She was just about to cross the door to the first floor flat, when she suddenly stopped and turned and stared at the closed door.

She suddenly remembered that Reddy and Borah lived at that first floor flat, and her heart started beating faster. She had been already forced to fuck both of them by an unknown blackmailer. But at that point, her entire body was calling for some attention. A burning sense of desire so much alive within her, and her hands shook at the thought of surrendering herself to it.

She stood there, outside their door, fighting against a will which wanted her to knock and give herself away to the need for pleasure, whereas another part, a faint part, wanted not to. She stood there for what seemed like ages, torn away by the dilemma. But finally her desires within proved stronger than the will to ignore. Her body was hungry for a long time. Taken to the edge for several times in the day, and not once allowed to come. And her cunt wanted to feel a cock inside her. Something like that of Reddy’s – large and thick.

She shrugged off all his thoughts, and then knocked at the door. At first there was no response, and she had to knock again. Finally a surprised Borah opened the door, and looked at her as if he didn’t believe in his eyes. Sowmya quickly forced herself inside before anyone could see her, and she let Borah lock the door behind her.

Reddy came out from his room, and he too was equally surprised to see her there. Though they didn’t mind but they were not sure why she had chosen to visit them at that time of the day. Sowmya was breathing heavily, unsure of what to do next. She wanted to be fucked, but earlier she didn’t realize that both of them could be home, and how she will handle that.

It was too late for that by then, and she was already inside and her body was screaming for their touch. She decided not to say anything or explain why she was there. Instead she suddenly started taking her clothes off. Borah and Reddy still looked in awe, but finally they decided – whatever it is, it was a welcome opportunity. But they waited for Sowmya to finish.

Sowmya took off her clothes until she was standing only in her bra and panties, and then she slowly started walking towards them. Reddy and Borah stood like two hungry wolves with their cock already erect, while the almost naked lady walked between them to give herself away.

At the same time, Sowmya’s sister Aarushi too rode behind Joshi on his bike on the way to Joshi’s house. She sat tightly against him, giving him a nice feel of her soft and firm breasts. And Joshi smacked his lips at the prospect of fucking the beautiful and sexy girl. It was his first time, but he didn’t felt nervous at all.

And both the sisters were in for a tumultuous evening. Sowmya whose body was craving for pleasure had already given herself away to two horny men. And Aarushi was about to become the treat for her asst. professor who had made his mind to make his first, a memorable one.

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