Destination Wedding

This happened about 2 months ago at Jaipur at a best friend’s wedding. My friend Arjun invited me to his grand long-distance wedding at some palace-like hotel at Jaipur. He is supposed to be my college friend and we were meeting after a long time.

I took two days of leave to attend his wedding. I reached a day before his sangeet night and checked in at the hotel. It was evening. I met a few friends there, Arjun and his family. It was a classy hotel and the ambiance was so refreshing. I quickly freshened up and went for a drink at a bar.

So here I had a glance at my lady of the story. Babita was 35, unmarried, 34-30-34, and had a perfect hourglass figure. She was wearing a black mini one-piece dress which was a little above her knees and was shoulderless. Her body was milk-white and she was swaying in that dress.

She was dancing on some desi beats with a glass of red wine in her hand. I was staring at her for a long time from a bar area. I spotted Arjun there, called him, and asked him if she was from his side or the brides. He told me that she’s a marketing manager of his firm.

He has invited her as they’re working together in the same department. He could sense my intentions and asked me if he should introduce me to her. They’re on quite good terms and share personal talks, which I got to know later. I gave in. I took a glass of whiskey and moved with Arjun on the dance floor.

He danced with her and later I joined. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and played cool until Arjun started introducing me to her. We shook hands and all three moved together at the bar. Arjun insisted on a round of vodka for which we gave in.

After which Arjun moved from there leaving us both alone. He winked at me excusing us. I started a conversation with her-

Me- “So, Babita, how’s the party going?”

She (smilingly) – “Bebo. Call me, Bebo.”

Me- “Okay, so Bebo, how’s the party going? Are you enjoying it?”

She – “Yes, pretty good. I am enjoying it. What’s up with you?”

Me – “Me, too. So I suppose to be his friend from college. We did a party, drink, and girls together.”

She (exclaimed) – “Oh is it? Hope you both ain’t marrying the same girl!” she laughs.

Me – “Oh, no, never.” (we hit a high five)

Post this she had another drink and we danced together. Then she left after excusing me. I tried to find her in the club and in the corridors. But she was nowhere to find. I went back to my friends’ room and we did some drinks there again and dozed off.

The second day was the sangeet day. It was an afternoon we came down the open ground hall where the haldi ceremony was. I saw her there. She was wearing salwar and sleeveless kameez, but she didn’t notice me. I stood there only and didn’t initiate conversation as I didn’t want to be creepy and played it cool.

She noticed me when the ceremony was over and waved at me from a distance. I waved back. Me, Arjun, Bebo, and a male friend of mine had lunch together. Soon my friends joined in and she went from there leaving the boy’s gang alone.

Now, at the sangeet night where my dreams of fucking her took place in reality. I was late as I did drink a lot after lunch and it took time for getting me sober. It was about 9 in the evening. Everybody was there at the banquet hall dancing on some Bollywood beats.

The groom, his family, his cousins, and few friends performed the dance taught by choreographers. We enjoyed it there. I was looking for her. After some 10 minutes, she appeared from nowhere, asking me if I was looking for her. She wore a red one-piece dress which was revealing a lot of her cleavage and back.

Everyone seemed stunned looking at her. She stood by me and asked again in my ear as there was a lot of sound of the DJ. I told her that I was just looking around for my friends. She smiled naughtily and stood there shyly. We then went and danced with some people on the groom’s side.

She took my arm in her hand. She told me she’s going to get some fresh air as it was a little suffocating there and we were sweating. I said okay and we moved out of the hall. We then took a lift and reached to 8th floor at the terrace. The view was mesmerizing and nobody was there.

No sound, just her, me, and peace. We stood there for like 10 minutes and she asked me if I have some cigarettes. Fortunately, I had a pack and offered her one. We lit one and shared it. She was slaying in that dress under the light of the moon and her sweat was just making her glow more.

She caught me staring and asked me what my plans were. I told her, “Nothing, I’ll just attend the wedding tomorrow and leave by late evening,” to which she laughed. She said, “I am not asking about the wedding. I am asking about what you’re planning to do with me.”

I stood shyly and asked her what she meant by that. She asked me, “Don’t try to act. I am noticing you since yesterday and of course, Arjun told me everything, mister.” I was stunned, not knowing what to say. She went further and told in my ear, “Even I’m trying na hitting on you,” and laughed.

I was amazed and waiting to take the next step. She then moved a bit towards me, turned around, and wrapped her in my arms. She pushed me to the wall with the help of her back. Now I was facing her neck and her ass was just touching near my crotch area. I instantly got a hard-on. I asked her if she was drunk.

She said she’s sober and fully conscious of what she’s doing. After listening to this I grabbed her tight and moved my face towards her. We kissed. Her cranberry-like tasting lips with a mild taste of cigarettes were making me weak on my knees. She turned around and gave me a passionate one.

We kissed for like 10 minutes. I bit her lips and started inserting my tongue in her mouth. She was enjoying and started moaning. She then pulled my hairs and put my face on her shoulders and then to neck and asked me to tickle there with my tongue. I did so. I couldn’t think this was happening so fast.

I licked her neck and her shoulders and sucked all her sweat. She then hugged me and started kissing me again. Soon we heard some guys coming down the there and hence we left from there and went down.

It was 10.30 now. We were not hungry. All our hunger was for our bodies and we wanted to explore each other. Her room was on the 6th floor. She took me there and called me inside. I went in. She switched on the lights, asked me to make myself comfortable, and locked the door. I started undressing.

She took her phone and texted someone (I think it was for her female colleague who stayed with her). I was now in my boxers and socks. She came towards me and pushed me to the bed. She then removed her sandals and climbed over me. She sat on my lap and moved towards me and kissed my chest and neck.

She was sucking like a pro and then she kissed my chin, bite my ears, and played with my facial hairs. She said she likes to dominate and went on kissing and sucking. Till the time I was so hard that I came in my boxers and moaned as a sign of satisfaction.

She asked me what happened and I told her that she made me come already. She checked my boxers and laughed. She then took a tissue paper and cleaned me. Then she asked me to help her remove her dress from the back. I faced her back and her hands were up.

I moved my hands from her palms to her arms and then to pits. She felt ticklish; I licked her arms and pits and moved my hands at the back. I slowly open her dress from back and put my hands inside her dress. I moved her dress down her shoulders and soon she was in front of me in just panties.

I made her sit on my lap facing her back and kissed her shoulders and back. She had a milky white back. She started moaning as I bite her back skin and played with her lower back and waist. I then moved my hands towards her boobs and played with them. It was 34b perfect shaped mangoes.

I pressed them heavenly just to hear her moans and played with her nipples. Her light brown nipples were hard now and she took my hands and kept pressing them. She then moved towards me and thrown my face in her boobs and started shaking it. I kissed them and started sucking her nipples.

My face was just lost between her boobs. Then I moved to her navel hole and started licking there. It was a deep white navel, and I licked there for some time. She was now standing in her deep red panty. I looked at her and she looked like a sex goddess.

She asked me- “What are you looking at, my man?”

Me- “You look like a sex goddess, my lady”

She – “Don’t you want to impress your lady?”

I was now unstoppable. I pulled her by putting my finger in her panties and fetched her. My one hand was playing with her boobs and the other was playing with her panties. I kissed her thighs and moved her panties down. She pulled it down with her legs and now I could see her naked.

Her white little hairy pussy was mouth-watering. I played with her pussy for a while and started fingering her. She lay down her bed to give me full access to this. I fingered her and she kept moaning my name. She spread her legs and asked to enter. I was so hard by now and so I laid over her.

I quickly arranged a condom that was kept in a washroom by the hotel staff and rolled over my tool. She gave me a signal and hence I put it in. I could sense by the time she has been making out a lot. It gave me pleasure to fuck such a mature woman. I stroked in and after some time I came.

She moaned as a sign of satisfaction. I removed my condom and asked her if she can give me a blow to which she denied. She insisted on handjob and I asked her to go on. Using both her palms she made me go hard again. She stroked me by her hands by sitting on my chest.

I asked her to bend a little to let me play with her anal area. She did so. It was so ticklish that she used to laugh a lot. She was like – “Oh Akash, stop it, don’t do that.” I was hard again and asked her to turn over. She was now in her riding position. She sat my tool well inside her and started jumping.

Her hands were on my chest. I was holding her waist and boobs and stroking. (Trust me, this is the best ever position as well as tough than one’s imagination). As she was matured, it was quite easy for her to do a ride. I came outside. We did some cuddle for some time.

We were now tired and hungry. It was around 12.30 a.m. We cleaned up and bathed. I had some missed calls on my phone and so did she. We got ready and moved to the banquet hall. The dinner was over and there were some people having drinks.

I spotted Arjun and asked if there are some arrangements for food. He looked at us and looking at our condition, he got the idea and winked at me. We then moved to the kitchen and had some food and wine. We were tired for the day.

Everybody went to their rooms except the boys who wanted to do some drinks the whole night. Bebo took a leave from there asked me to meet the next day.

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