Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-48

Sowmya was still feeling very horny. She had been shooting her first modeling assignment with the campaign team of the pleasurexx condoms. And the first half of the first day of her modeling experience had turned out better than what she had expected. But after that, she had been craving for more. Joe, her co-star had made her experience a wonderful orgasm. But then it was all ruined by Louise, the director, who left Sowmya craving for more when she announced the lunch break.

It had left Sowmya high and dry. But she had been sincerely hoping that all her thirst gets quenched in the second half. During the lunch break, she was joined by Louise who wanted to brief her about the second half of the shoot

“Ok Sowmya, in the second half we are going to focus more on our product” Louise started briefing her, and continued telling her what she needs to do. The more she continued briefing her, the more Sowmya started getting further turned on. And by the end of the briefing, Sowmya was sweating and eager to be back and shooting.

Finally, after an hour’s lunch break, the shooting resumed. Louise was busy in explaining Andy what compositions she wanted. Joe was already waiting when Sowmya entered the room, covered in her robe. Both, Sowmya and Joe sat on the bed and waited patiently for Louise and Andy to finish the last minute settings.

“Ok then, we are good to go” announced Louise as she went back to her position. Andy too took his camera and positioned himself. “Joe, Sowmya, get to your positions. We will start rolling now”, and Joe and Sowmya started acting according to their brief. Joe immediately took off his clothes and lied down on the bed, naked. Sowmya too, removed her robe, and she was naked beneath it. She was feeling a little uncomfortable, but continued doing exactly what she was briefed to do.

The two were immediately naked. Joe was lying on the bed and Sowmya sat on top of him. “Good… and don’t forget your briefs” shouted Louise, “And action” she said in a firm voice. And immediately Sowmya and Joe got into the act. Sowmya, still sitting on top of Joe, slowly bent forward and then started kissing and sucking his lips. They were both naked.

Sowmya continued kissing and sucking Joe’s lips for enough for Andy to click quite a few photos. She then slowly started kissing his neck, and then continued trailing down towards his chest. No longer conscious about Andy or his camera, she was now fully focused on her part. She slowly climbed off from Joe, and continued kissing all over his body. Joe kept lying still and enjoying the treatment.

Joe’s cock was fully erect and throbbing. Sowmya looked at it with her lusty eyes. More she looked at the muscular and naked form of Joe, more she felt hornier. She held his rock solid cock in her hand and then slowly started stroking it with the warm and soft flesh of her palm. Joe could not help but let out a soft gasp. Sowmya’s warm and fleshy palms engulfed his cock as she stroked it up and down. Joe closed his eyes and hung his head backwards – a rising feeling of lust overwhelming him gradually.

Sowmya continued to stroke his cock. She had not seen such a magnificent and well-endowed cock before. Even at the first glance she felt a certain mouth-watering urge to hold it and suck it for a long time. But the script didn’t permit that. Louise had clearly told her what she needed to do, and sucking Joe’s cock, no matter how tempting it looked, wasn’t permitted.

Hence, Sowmya had to force her thoughts back to the script. Slowly she reached out for the tray which was lying at a corner of the bed. She picked up a condom from the few which were lying on the tray. Then lovingly tore the pack to get the rubber out. Andy too didn’t miss any opportunity to capture the beautiful lady endorsing their brand. He continued clicking as Sowmya slowly took the condom out and put it nicely on Joe’s cock.

Sowmya carefully and lovingly put the condom on Joe’s cock and then rolled it down its length. She then looked at him with her lust-filled eyes, craving to feel his cock inside her aching cunt. Fortunately the script didn’t rob her off that pleasure. Sowmya winced at the thought of being fucked by such a strong and well-endowed cock. She looked at Joe and found him looking at her with same eager expressions.

Joe’s cock was throbbing and he was dying to put it in Sowmya’s soft and wet pussy as much as Sowmya wanted to feel it up her tight cunt. So not wasting any further time, Sowmya went on as per the brief. Joe continued lying on his back. And Sowmya slowly climbed on top of him, positioning herself perfectly on top of his cock. Joe looked approvingly at the slender figure of Sowmya, adjusting to put herself perfectly over his cock.

Sowmya then turned her attention back to Joe, and then maintaining eye contact with Joe, she slowly started lowering herself on his cock. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” she let out a slight moan and bit her lips as the tip of Joe’s cock started parting through the tight flesh of her vagina. More she lowered herself, more it intruded further inside her warm and wet love-hole.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Sowmya exclaimed as she lowered herself fully. Joe’s cock was now completely inside her cunt. It was a heavenly feeling. She sat upright and then slowly threw her body backwards. Her slender back formed into a perfect arc, and then she held her breasts with her own hands feeling her horny nipples which had grown hard in excitement.

Joe then lifted himself slightly up and reached for the lady. He placed his hand on her waist and then slowly pulled her back towards himself. Sowmya allowed him to do so as she bent forward, putting her hands on his chest and then slowly started to move her waist up and down about his cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she licked her lips and continued moaning as Joe too had started rocking his waist in order to fuck her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhh… ohhhhhh… ohhhhh… ohhhhhhh…” Sowmya started moaning in excitement as the two continued moving their bodies in unison. Tiny droplets of sweat were starting to form on both their bodies. Joe lifted himself further up and then held her in his arms. Sowmya too let herself melt into his arms as she pushed herself on him. Joe hugged her tightly as both their bodies transformed into a single feature moving rhythmically in unison.

It was driving her mad, she started biting and nibbling at Joe’s shoulder. Joe too held her tightly in his arms and continued rocking his cock faster and faster. Both were rapidly getting closer towards the climax. Joe then held Sowmya tightly in his arms and then in a quick motion flipped her around on her back putting himself in control. And then he continued ramming his cock further and faster in her spread pussy.

Lying on her back now, Sowmya enjoyed more than she was doing while on top. Joe too was able to exert full force on her now. He picked up pace and was driving Sowmya crazy. She closed her eyes and kept moaning in a mad rush. “Ahhhhh… ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh… ohhhhhhh… ahhhhhh… ohhhhhhh…” Sowmya felt like a hungry bitch.

“yessss… o yessss… yessssss…” Joe too became vocal as he neared his climax. His grip on Sowmya become harder and his strokes become abrupt. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… Mmmmhhhhhhhhh….” And he let out one last groan before he reached his climax.

All across the room there was a gripping silence. The entire crew was watching the two actors in utter thrill and appreciation. Apart from Andy, no other soul moved. Then finally Louise’s loud voice cut through the silence. “CUT” she shouted to signal the end of the shoot, and almost instantly the crews started clapping in appreciation. Sowmya was startled, in excitement she had almost forgotten that she was amidst a shoot and not in her lover’s arm.

And just when she craved for the moment to continue, it came to an abrupt end. Joe immediately wrapped a robe around his body and headed back towards his room to wash. Sowmya kept lying there for a little longer before she was helped by her make up girl. Louise was the first to come up and congratulate her, followed by Andy.

Sowmya smiled at them and accepted their accolades, but she was far from satisfied. The abrupt end to the shoot left her on the edge as she felt the urge to come from all parts of her body. Her mind kept on racing back to those candid moments, wanting to relive those again, and for a little longer this time.

While Sowmya was having the time of her life, back at the Sex Apartment, her sister too was going through an unusual experience. The college had been closed for the final exams for some time now. All the professors were busy in finalizing the question papers. And hence Professor Agnihotri too didn’t have a chance to exploit his hot little student for some time now. And then suddenly the professor contacted Aarushi and asked her to meet him at his office.

Aarushi was thrilled at it. Firstly at the prospect of the thrill the encounters with her cruel professor bring. And secondly at the hope that the question papers must have been ready by then and that she might lay her hand on those finally. But Professor Agnihotri had also given her some instructions to follow, which made her feel more thrilled about the meeting.

So on the same day when Sowmya made the excuse of picnic for her shooting, she too made the excuse of group study to go and meet her professor. The exams were scheduled to start from next week, and the professors finally managed finishing the finalization of the papers. What was left now was to send those to the printers. Like others Professor Agnihotri too was very busy over the past few weeks in moderating the papers, and then finally when they had finished about it, he had decided to call upon his favorite student for some fun.

Aarushi reached the college on time. It was empty apart from the guards who were relaxing at their posts. Though the college was mostly empty, but no one challenged Aarushi as it was common for students to come seeking reference study materials from the library, or consulting the professors. So it was not hard for her to gain entry to the premises. And then she immediately headed for Professor Agnihotri’s room at the second floor.

The college was indeed empty as Aarushi didn’t have to encounter anyone else on her way to the Professor’s room. She thanked god for being able to make it there so discreetly. Her heart too was racing ahead at the prospect of meeting Professor Agnihotri after so long. She had started enjoying the rough and dominating treatment she got from him.

knockknock* Mr. Agnihotri looked up at the door at the sudden knock. He looked at his watch. It was about time when he had expected Aarushi. “Must be her” he said, and then asked in a slightly raised volume – “Who?”

“It’s me Sir” answered Aarushi from outside.

“Come in” ordered Professor Agnihotri, a broad grin spread on his face as he shifted anxiously on his chair.

Aarushi came in and then closed the door behind her. She turned around at her professor and then was completely surprised. Professor Agnihotri was not alone in the chamber. He was accompanied by another man who was seated right opposite to him. It was Asst. Professor Joshi, the junior member of the Economics Faculty. Aarushi stood frozen at her position, unable to understand why Professor Agnihotri had asked her to meet him in Professor Joshi’s presence. She hoped that he leaves sooner.

But soon her hope was quashed harshly as she slowly started realizing Professor Agnihotri’s intentions. “Well Joshi, you have met Aarushi, haven’t you?” asked Professor Agnihotri. Professor Joshi looked around towards her direction. He would be in his mid-thirties, a little short and smaller in frame. “No Sir, not much closely” he replied with a grin. “Well then, you will have all the opportunity you want for a little introduction” Professor Agnihotri said in reply.

He then turned towards Aarushi and told that it was Professor Joshi who had actually set the question papers for that year, though he was himself responsible for moderating it, but the actual hard work was done by his junior colleague. Aarushi had slowly started to realize what he was up to. And a sudden fear as well as thrill started gripping her.

“And so I thought it will be little unjust to leak his hard work without sharing some of the reward with the man” Professor Agnihotri finished his explanation, and then both laughed in unison. Aarushi understood that Professor Joshi already knew about her little arrangement with Professor Agnihotri, and that she might need to extend the favor to him as well. Whatever it is, she was already past the point of no return. And there was nothing she could gain by refusing at this point.

“By the way, have you followed the instructions I have given?” Professor Agnihotri asked, and Aarushi nodded her head in reply. “Very good” he expressed his pleasure, and then asked her to show it. Aarushi was still standing at the same spot where she stopped on seeing Professor Joshi. Professor Joshi shifted his chair to turn towards her. Aarushi stood as is for a moment and then took a deep breath which helped her in gathering some more courage.

And then finally she reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it. She lifted it until it had completely exposed her waist and below. Both Professor Agnihotri and Professor Joshi looked pleased to find that Aarushi has followed their instruction of not wearing any panties. She was completely naked beneath the skirt. And apart from the thick bush of hairs nothing else covered her nakedness.

Both smiled, “Good, now take it off, along with your top” ordered Professor Agnihotri. Aarushi’s heart started beating even faster. She was naked beneath the top too. Professor Agnihotri had instructed her to come without any under garments. At first it felt exciting, but she didn’t realize that Professor Agnihotri was not going to be alone. She stood idle for some time, and then finally decided to do as told. The possibilities of what the two could do to him made her afraid as well as excited at the same time.

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