Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-47

Borah and Reddy were enjoying their moment in life. They had suddenly become a hot property with the women around them, and they were enjoying all the attention they were getting. The women too weren’t far behind, especially the slutty sisters – Sowmya and Aarushi. Both were being blackmailed – Sowmya by Reddy and Borah, and Aarushi by her professor Agnihotri – and they had both started realizing how much fun being blackmailed can be too.

But for a moment Sowmya had a chance to forget about all that. Ever since her audition she had been waiting for her first assignment as a model. And more the wait more she was slowly getting frustrated. For a moment she had even thought that she was being blackmailed by one of her modeling contacts – Shah or Gupta. But later she herself discounted that possibility since she had anyway slept with Shah and Gupta many times.

But now, that moment was here for which she had been waiting for so long. Mr. Shah had finally contacted her regarding the photo-shoot with the American company he had told her about. Apparently the company had liked her profile, and wanted to cast her in their campaign. Sowmya then carefully took down all the details like how to reach for the shoot, contacts etc. And then finally Shah wished her good luck and reminded her to be as bold as she had been during her auditions.

The shoot was scheduled in the next morning itself and Sowmya had to make a few excuses to her mother in order to leave early and spend the day away from town. She told her mother that she wanted to go to a picnic with her friends and will be late coming back. Mrs. Nair who trusted her daughters, allowed her quite easily. So the next day, Sowmya woke up early, got ready and left for her destination.

She was supposed to reach a vantage point, from where a car would pick her up and take her to the resort which was booked for the shoot. The resort was slightly at the outskirts of the city, so that it will be less crowded on a weekday. Sowmya was waiting patiently near the town hall, when a black swift Dzire stopped in front of her. She realized that the car was meant for her and she hopped into it and they started moving towards the resort.

Sowmya had already started feeling like a model, VIP car, photo shoot, she just loved it. Within an hour she reached the resort and was quickly escorted by a crew member. Inside she was introduced to Louise, the director and Andy, the photographer. And somehow she felt a nice comfort in having a lady director. Both Louise and Andy, and most of the other crew were American, yet they behaved very gently and nicely with her.

Louise took Sowmya inside a small room adjacent to the shoot area, which was used like a green room. There Louise started explaining Sowmya about the shoot and what they were expecting from her. They were doing a campaign for a brand called Pleasurexxx which was introducing a new range of condoms in USA and Europe. The latest range of products was named – Indian Kamasutra, and hence they needed to cast an Indian girl. Louise also told her that she will be cast against an American male model.

Before going there, Sowmya didn’t know anything about the nature of the shoot. In madness of doing her first assignment, she didn’t enquire much about it before. And now she was at the point of no return. She had already taken advance, she had already reached the sets, and she was also afraid that if she chickens out now she might not be able to become a model ever. So whatever Louise said, Sowmya kept nodding at. Finally they made her sign some papers and told that her final payment will be done at the end of the day, before she returns.

Sowmya found some comfort at the mention of the payment, but she was still apprehensive about the rest of the thing. Soon Louise left her to get prepared and ready for the shoot. She was helped by an Indian girl this time, who worked in the crew as a make-up artist. She brought the costume which Sowmya was supposed to wear in the shoot – it was very gorgeous and hot looking lingerie.

It had a 2 piece bikini made of net and laces – Sowmya quickly started changing into it. At first she took off her own clothes and put on the transparent bikini top to cover her breasts. She then did the same with the bottom too, that is covered her pussy with the transparent bikini bottom. Then the lady quickly worked on her makeup and hair, and then finally within half an hour she was ready for the shoot.

“Wow, gorgeous” said Louise who had just came in and was watching Sowmya getting the final touch. Sowmya looked at her and then blushed in embarrassment. Louise too smiled, and then quickly brought out some pills – “Here, take 2 of these and it will help you a lot”. Sowmya took the pills but then looked at her suspiciously. Louise realized her dilemma and explained her that the pills will keep her body warm and help her feel sensuous during the shoot.

And after Sowmya took two of those pills, she was ready to walk into the shoot. Her make-up artist gave Sowmya a robe to wear on, and she walked out into the shooting floor along with Louise. It was basically one of the bedrooms which were converted into a shooting zone. Louise introduced her to the other crew members who were around, and they all cheered back at her. They checked her make-up, the lights and other set-up for the last time, and then finally Louise gave the go ahead to begin.

“Ok, Sowmya take off your robe, we will start with some solo stills of yours” directed Louise, and then Andy came forward with the camera, all the lights were on, and Sowmya suddenly started feeling a little more confident. The pills she had taken earlier too had some contribution towards her surging confidence, and Sowmya boldly removed her robe and stood there in her transparent costume.

“OK, I want you to lean against the bed post, pick one of your legs slightly up, and raise your hands over your head” directed Andy as he continued capturing her in various sensuous pose. “Now bent forward slightly so that we can see your cleavage baby” Andy said again for another shot. “Now spread your leg, and put one arm over your pussy, and the other fingers in your mouth” and it went on and on for at least one hour. Finally the photo-shoot came to a halt upon Louise’ direction.

“It is time for the real shoots now, call Joe” said Louise. And then from another adjacent room, a hunky looking American guy walked out. He just had a towel wrapped around his waist, exposing the rest of his muscular body. He was more than six feet tall, blonde hairs, just like any Hollywood hero. For a moment Sowmya couldn’t remove her eyes from him.

“So then, I want this all natural” said Louise, “Joe, Sowmya you guys be spontaneous, and Andy will keep at his best” and then she winked at Joe who was a veteran of such shoots. And then as soon as Joe and Sowmya had finished their little introduction, Louise gave the orders to start shooting.

Sowmya wasn’t clear what she had to do, no one was directing any poses either. But Joe, a veteran, was already at it – he pulled Sowmya into his arms and started kissing her. Andy, the cameraman, too had started capturing them in his camera. At first Sowmya didn’t realize what was going on and stood dumbfounded as Joe tried to coax her into action.

“Cut” shouted Louise. “What’s the matter Sowmya? You are just standing there and not reacting at all” Louise asked Sowmya. “I am sorry, I was slightly taken by surprise” Sowmya replied, as she realized what they were expecting. She took a deep breath, she could not chicken out at this point, and she had to go on. “I am ready, one more shot please” Sowmya requested. “And Action” said Lousie.

Joe once again pulled Sowmya in his arms and then started kissing her. Sowmya too responded back by wrapping her arms around Joe and kissing him back. She was feeling a bit embarrassed doing all that in-front of so many people, but who gets the opportunity to kiss such a handsome guy anyway. Plus the pills too were making her quite comfortable in his arms, and she just continued going on with the flow.

Joe held her in his arms and the both continued kissing each other’s lips passionately. Andy moved around them capturing their slender moment in his camera. Joe was quite taller than Sowmya and so had to naturally bend forward to reach her lips. But soon he picked her up on his lap. Sowmya quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulder and the two continued kissing and sucking each other’s lips. And the scene slowly started heating up.

With Sowmya on his lap, Joe slowly walked up to the bed. And then bend forward to put Sowmya on the bed. But he didn’t let go of her, he continued kissing and sucking his lips, ears, nose, neck, shoulders. Sowmya quickly adjusted herself on the bed and Joe climbed over her and continued kissing all over her body.

“Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhh…. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Sowmya had started moaning, she had already feeling very horny, courtesy the pills and Joe. Andy in the meantime, continued taking snaps of them while the rest of the crew watched on. Joe now slowly started removing her bikini top. He had already held her breast and pressed them until she moaned loudly. And now he removed the top completely and started sucking her nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Sowmya couldn’t control her moans as Joe switched between her breasts to give equal attention to both. Andy smiled at the quality of the pictures he was getting, and the rest of the crew too was feeling very hot. Joe continued sucking her nipples and pressing her breasts. He did it for at least 15 minutes, and Sowmya was all wet by the time he finished. Joe too realized how wet she was, and immediately pushed his hand inside the bikini bottom.

Sowmya closed her eyes in desperation as she felt his hand slowly massaging her cunt. “Yessssss…. Ohhhh yessssss…” she moaned in her desperation, and Joe went ahead and removed the bottom too. Sowmya was now completely naked, Joe stepped back a little letting Andy take a couple of shots of the naked girl. And then Joe got back to work again.

He spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Then spreading her cunt with his fingers, he started teasing her with his tongue. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… nooooooo.. ahhhhhhh” Sowmya started moaning uncontrollably while Joe continued sucking her clits and around with his tongue. “Pleassseeeee.. nooooo.. pleassssss.s…..” Sowmya was rapidly getting closer to an orgasm. And the more she moaned the more Joe played with her pussy.

Within just 5 minutes of it, Sowmya was all soaked up in sweat. She was very near to her orgasm and continued pleading with Joe to stop. Though she didn’t want him to stop, she had no control over her body. Joe continued licking and occasionally fingering her, trying to make her look hornier and come at her best. Andy was busy clicking, and it was turning out to be an awesome shoot.

“O yes… o yes… o yes…” Sowmya was moaning loudly and her body arched in excitement. She clutched the bedsheet tightly and prepared herself for a huge orgasm. Joe continued massaging her vagina with his fingers so that she does not lose the momentum. And then suddenly Sowmya let out a huge moan and her body got stiff immediately as Joe felt a strong surge of juices coming out of her cunt.

Sowmya had come, and come hard. Her entire body was shivering, tiny droplets of sweats forming all over her. Andy zoomed in to capture some of the best shots of the shoot. Sowmya was still breathing heavily, her breasts rising and dropping rapidly, but that mad feeling was no longer there. It was a drenching orgasm. She had felt something like that after a long time. Joe too was no longer playing with her cunt, in fact he had moved away and was standing beside the bed. She was alone on the bed, naked, allowing Andy to take a few more shots.

“Cut… Well done” said Louise. She too walked into the center and extended her arm towards Sowmya. She congratulated her for the splendid performance, and urged her to go and rest a while. “Okay everyone, we will break for lunch, and have one more shoot after lunch” Louise announced, and as Sowmya got up, she was quickly received by the other lady who immediately wrapped the robe around her.

Sowmya slowly walked back towards her make-up room, Louise’ words ringing in her ears – it was not over, they will have another shoot after a short break. Though Sowmya had a wonderful orgasm, yet she was not fully satisfied. Her body craved for a cock, she wanted to be fucked. Slowly she walked back to her make-up room knowing how hard she wanted a fuck.

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