Pandemic Love

She knew I was staring at her from the beginning. What a mesmerizing girl, I thought. My heart raced, eyes could not leave her small ass, her lingering perfume engulfed my senses.

If only our age gap wasn’t so big, I would definitely try to speak with her. Even the risk of imminent embarrassment disappeared in her wheatish glow, in the hope of love in the time of this pandemic.

When the pandemic started, I happened to be in Bangalore for a business meeting. This luxury apartment belonged to my colleague. He called me from Amsterdam to clean up and lock his flat.

Without realizing, I’d waited till the weekend, partying and sleeping till lockdown. So here I was with no return flight and no way to leave the property. Sitting at home was like a prison sentence.

I’d bumped into Urmi, literally, the first time, while exploring the building. As usual, I was typing out a message with both hands when the elevator opened, and I walked in, expecting an empty car. Not this time. I bumped into something soft and warm.

She first giggled then warned me in mock anger. I looked into her big dark eyes, unable to avert my gaze. Then somehow mumbled and apology. For the next two days, I was stalking her without realizing it. Riding the elevator multiple times a day and going to the lobby without reason.

Every time I could catch her, she was riding from a floor above me and always getting off on the second floor. One night, out of curiosity, I got off on the second floor and discovered the smoking lounge. Inside, some youngsters were not there to smoke at all. It was their place to chill.

For some of them to make out and others to have a beer without their parents creating a scene. Urmi, as I heard her name once, would sometimes talk to them and but mostly stick to her books. She had something in a water bottle that I suspected was ready-mix, i.e., pre-mixed alcohol.

I lit another smoke like that morning, smoking being my valid reason to be there. A bunch of college kids was found hanging about all the time. Some self-centered oldies came and left without so much as a greeting or a smile.

I was a stranger to everyone who saw me, engrossed in with the phone all the time. It became my favorite pastime to hang out in the lounge and watch the strange girl.

Finally, on the 3rd day, she walked in and directly addressed me, “I’m Urmi, you want a drink?” She asked, holding out her hand to shake. I took her soft hand in my big brawny hand, not wanting to squeeze hard and smiled at her.

She wasn’t short or tall, just of average height. Slim, with glowing brown color, her dark silky hair was in a blunt haircut grazing her shoulders. She was wearing darker lipstick to contrast her tempting pouty lips. Her sharp nose had a shining stone on the left side, drawing attention as she moved her head.

Her conical bra cups were doing an amazing job to show off a beautiful bust with the most erect boobs. She was wearing a black track jacket and a small miniskirt that showing off her shining waxed legs. I accepted, and she poured me a rum with coke in a plastic cup.

I was relieved that she only confronted me because of the drink. “You know booze is available for delivery if you pay a bit extra,” she said, laughing. Her smile made my heartache, and I downed my drink in one shot. Her perfect set of pearly whites was a turn on like none other.

I made small talk asking her if she’s into modeling. Once inside the lounge, it was normally ok to drink as long as no one noticed. All went well for a few days. I got to know she’s 20, a second-year medical student. I told her I’m a bachelor in this city (which isn’t technically a lie) and left it at that.

I didn’t want to reveal that I’m almost twice her age, scaring her off. We were getting to the point of flirting. One evening, a senior citizen caught my young friend with a bottle of rum, accusing her of spoiling other kids. Before the old lady could create a scene, Urmi skipped the scene.

The next day I waited for her for a long time and was ready to leave when she showed up. “Sorry, I don’t even have your number,” she said, smiling at me beautifully, sending a charge of electricity to my body. I gave a side hug, and we exchanged numbers.

Holding a ready mix coke bottle, she said, “If you’re ok to drink out of the bottle, we can share it.” We sat near a far-off window on high chairs, with my ashtray on the high counter. At first, when people started coming in, Urmi covered her head with her jacket hood and came closer to me, touching my elbow with hers.

Soon the old lady walked in, and Urmi slipped her arm inside my arm, saying, “Sandy, let’s finish and go.” Hearing my name casually, it felt like a girlfriend was talking to me after many years. No one had called me by my first name for ages.

I put my hand on her thigh to comfort her, asking her to relax or perhaps come up to my flat. She was wearing shorts that day, so my hand touched her smooth thigh. When she didn’t complain, I rubbed my hand in her soft skin, raising goosebumps on her leg.

She asked me who all are there at my place, and I replied that there’s no one. Urmi bit her lip, trying to decide, then said ok, and walked out to the elevators. Waiting for the elevator, we both knew something was going on between us.

I’ve aged gracefully as an athlete and cyclist. My fair skin had no sign of wrinkles, and hair had just a few strands of grey. That day I was in a paint-splattered t-shirt and torn jeans with a 3 days beard that made me look 10 years younger.

Gently I put my hands on her shoulders. She didn’t say anything, simply bending her silky head to the right side, pressing my hand. I moved closer, feeling the firm curves of her body and her soft ass on my hip. She stepped back into my chest.

The elevator doors opened. We got in, and she pressed 8 for my floor. “I’m on 11 but don’t come there, just call me,” she said quietly. I said, “It’s ok, babe, relax,” and cupped her boobs from behind, pressing my nose in her hair to smell her odor.

“Sandy behave,” she said sharply, holding my hands in a surprisingly strong grip. What a fierce girl, I thought to myself as I moved back and let her go. Another lady resident joined us on the 7th floor, wanting to go down but coming in for the ride.

I got off at 8 and waited. Urmi went to 11 and came back using stairs. She surprised me from behind, giving me a hug. I turned around and lifted her light body, carrying her into my apartment and dropped her on the sofa. We started kissing, and it felt like an eternity before she took a pause.

I opened her jacket and her bra, freeing her cleavage. She looked down at her reddish-brown tits, getting aroused by her own body. I buried my face in her bosom, licking and sucking like a boyfriend. She was enjoying every moment of our foreplay. She asked in a husky tone if I had condoms.

I knew she’s studying medicine, she wouldn’t take any chance. When I said no, she looked into my eyes and opened my jeans. Urmi took my already hard cock and started rubbing it. I held her hair and bent her head to my dick. At first, she licked it, checking the taste.

Then took the whole cock in her soft lips, exploring the foreskin with her tongue. After a while, she let it go and started zipping up her jacket. Not to be left high and dry, I held her soft shoulders and mounted her with her shorts on.

Her eyes burned in anger, but in the next second, she understood what I was up to. I dry-humped her for a few minutes till my ejaculation started building up. Then I got up and came on her tits, putting semen on her chest and face, then putting my drained cock to her lips.

Kissing it, she looked into my eyes once again, asking me passionately, “Sandy, do you love me?”

“I love you, Urmi,” I said, holding her close. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up after an hour. She didn’t mind my light snoring, and I hadn’t felt so relaxed as I felt resting on her fresh-smelling body.

Urmi left, and I was alone for the next few days. One evening, there was a knock on the door. I guessed it was Urmi and opened the door. She walked in and gave me a hug. I was overjoyed to see her. I asked, where’s her usual drink. She just laughed, brushing me aside, “Do we still need stupid excuses?”

She was right. We were quite comfortable with each other. She announced that she had passed her last exam of the year. We ordered pizza and sat on the sofa, watching a movie. She snuggled up to me and put her head on my shoulder. Her soft hair felt like velvet on my neck.

I was slowly getting aroused by the warmth of her body. She looked up into my eyes and gave me an air kiss. “Gawd! I’d marry you a hundred times,” I told her frankly and bent to kiss her sweet lips. “And then what?” she asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

“After you wed, you bed,” I replied. “Show me now,” she said, dropping a pack of free hospital condoms on the coffee table. I carried her to the bedroom, and both of us stripped. She sat on her knees and started teasing my cock. I buried my face and rubbed my rough stubble in her cleavage, making her moan with pleasure.

Then I took her tits mouth and rolled my tongue over them, making them erect. She held her erect nipples, continuing to play with them. I had a hard erection at 90 degrees. She tore a condom and rolled it nicely on my cock. I got on the bed and bent her, raising her legs over my shoulders.

She looked at her cunt with lust, watching my cock enter her pussy lips. She wanted to kiss, but I was not fully inside her. She put the finger on the hood of her pussy and rubbed it, pleasing herself. Sliding my hard cock in her wet cunt, I found there is some resistance in the end.

Not believing myself, I tried again slowly. It was still the same tightness. It was her first time! To confirm, I looked into her beautiful eyes, surely there would be hell if I stopped now. I took a deep breath, held her narrow waist with crossed hands. I gave a sharp push into the seal.

She yelled. It was done, her cherry was taken. I paused a second to let her breathe. Then she tried to move her pussy back and forth on my dick. I smiled and started pumping her, coming down in a missionary position on her slender body. Her skin was soft like a baby’s, and her hair was like silk.

I held her in a tight hug, pulling her hair. She liked the slight bondage, enjoying every bit with sexy moans, finally orgasming in record time. Her perfect curves were driving me crazy, and I came inside her uncontrollably.

I rolled to the side, and she rested her soft head on my shoulder, using it as a pillow. I hadn’t felt so much love in almost a decade. “You know it’s never gonna work,” I told her honestly about our relationship, it was heartbreaking but true.

“I’m a hopeless, impractical romantic,” she said in my ear. I felt a sudden wave of warmth, engulf my senses. My heart was aching like a teenager’s, pulling Urmi’s body over me, I said, “Let’s make love again.”

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