Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-46

Anita was on her fours, like an obedient but horny bitch. She was completely naked, but didn’t felt at all embarrassed. In fact she was ready to do anything to keep her lover – Reddy – pleased with herself. Reddy too was well aware of her desperation and possessiveness with him, and he had his evil mind racing in making a good use of it.

For the time being, they were in the empty ladies room, with Anita naked and surrendered herself. And Reddy, already very horny from a magical blowjob was pondering ways of screwing what was on offer. He looked at her prone figure carefully, her ass lifted up in the air and her body arching down as she put her head on the ground.

He then slowly touched her delicate ass cheeks and parted them slightly to expose the channel of her ass hole and pussy. Those were already very wet, and were just waiting for his touch. Reddy who was already very horny, didn’t wait long either. His cock was already throbbing as he started rubbing it gently at the middle of the cleavage of her ass.

Her soft bums providing a very spongy feel around his hard cock as Anita slowly started moaning “Mmmmmmmm….” She moaned as his cock brushed against her clitoris in process of rubbing around that channel. “Please don’t tease me like that” Anita pleaded to him, “Please let me feel your cock inside my pussy” she was desperate to be fucked by her lover.

Reddy had always enjoyed that kind of attention. Ever since shifting to the Sex Apartment, he had already screwed 3 out of the 5 ladies of that building. And Anita was the horniest among them, always eager to surrender to him. Though he enjoyed more with Kiran, and recently with Sowmya, but with Anita, he could treat her however he wished. And so he continued teasing the innocent village belle turned bitch. And as Anita continued moaning and pleading, he enjoyed every bit of her degradation.

He then slowly started rubbing his cock more at the opening of her cunt, in turn making her more wet and vocal. She couldn’t stop begging and pleading for more – “OO yeahhhh.. ooohhhh… aahhhhhh… please… fuck me… pleaseee….” She continued moaning and begging to be fucked, while Reddy continued tormenting her with the teasing action.

But it was too late before Reddy could resist himself any further. And after teasing Anita for some minutes, he decided it was time to give her a hard fuck. It was his eight inches monster against her tight but wet cunt. And his eight inches monster showed no mercy as it slid down her hole very comfortably. “Awwwwww…………..” Anita moaned and then held her breath, trying to adjust to the pain in her tight pussy.

‘Just a few moments of pain, and it will turn into the pleasure of a lifetime’ she repeated in her mind, but bit on her lips as Reddy continued fucking her tight hole with his eight inches monster. “Ohhh… ohhhh… ohhhh… ohhhh…” Reddy started moaning too.

Anita was still on her fours, like a bitch, while Reddy continued banging her from behind. Her open ass, her moans, her horniness was driving him all the more crazy. Just the other day he had screwed Sowmya in the same room, and now another lady of the same building – he was starting to feel like a sex god or something by then, still banging her hole hard with his monster tool.

And by then, Anita had already orgasmed a couple of times. Not able to hold on to her desires for long she had leaked her juices a couple of times already. Reddy too was reaching the point of his edge pretty quickly. And the more he drifted towards that direction, the harder and faster he started screwing her. And soon the room was filled with their moans, as they both approached the moment to come together.

While Reddy was busy at the gym, his roommate – Borah – had just returned from office. He was in a great mood, humming the tune of one of his favorite songs, he was having the time of his life. His days of virginity were long over, and he was now a fully experienced man – courtesy Mrs. Nair, her daughter Sowmya, and now his sensual colleague Juhi.

And ever since that moment in the deserted office, both Borah and Juhi started having fun whenever they could. Though those opportunities were rare, Borah had slowly turned into a highly confident man. His attitude and everything reflected a complete change, that day too he was humming to his favorite song and so busy opening the lock of his apartment, that he almost didn’t notice when Mrs. Nair had come and stood behind him.

“You seem to be so busy these days? Don’t have time for me anymore?” asked Mrs. Nair at the empty staircase. Borah was startled as he didn’t realize her presence, but then soon recovered back, courtesy his improved self confidence – “Where? You seem to be too busy with that kid Rahul” he said in a tone of sarcasm.

By then Borah had opened the door, and so turned around to face Mrs. Nair at the doorstep of his half opened apartment door. Mrs. Nair looked at him and felt a strange attraction for him, “Who says I am busy with him” she retorted, “Will you not invite me inside? This is not a safe place to discuss these” she added.

And soon the two went inside Borah’s apartment and then to his room. Borah sat on the bed, and Mrs. Nair sat close beside him. She kept very close to him, placed one of her hand on his thigh, slowly rubbing the hand on his thigh – “So what are you up to these days?” she asked while rubbing her hand on his thigh.

“Nothing, just a lot of work and stress at the office” Borah answered, of course he wouldn’t tell her about laying with her daughter by blackmailing her, or about Juhi. But he felt so nice and confident thinking all of that now. And his sudden change in attitude, and brimming self confidence was driving Mrs. Nair crazy. “Don’t worry, I know how to treat stress” she announced suddenly and then pushed him to make him lie down on the bed.

Borah too, didn’t protest and he lied down allowing Mrs. Nair to take control of the situation. There was a sudden change in dynamics between the two. Earlier Mrs. Nair used to be the dominant, using him to please herself. But this sudden change in him had prompted Mrs. Nair to submit to him with ease. She had pushed him down and then had unzipped his pants and taken his cock out.

And then she started stroking it to make it very hard before she could start sucking it. Borah had already started enjoying the treatment, and while Mrs. Nair started sucking his cock, he started breathing faster and moaning a little. “Uffffffffffffffff…” he moaned, all his exhaustion from the long day vanishing into thin air. Mrs. Nair held his cock tightly and continued sucking its head, and fondling his balls.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Mrs. Nair enjoyed sucking his cock too. She had been the dominant during all their previous meetings, but today something in Borah transpired her to pretend so slutty. She continued sucking his cock and playing with his balls. And the both moaned out of pleasure as they were slowly turning each other hornier.

After ten to fifteen minutes, Mrs. Nair stood up and started undressing herself. Borah however kept lying on the bed and watched as Mrs. Nair removed her clothes one by one. She first removed her saree, then the blouse, the petticoat, and then she removed her bra and panties as well. Mrs. Nair didn’t felt any shame in being naked in front of Borah, she had been so many times before as well.

Borah was still dressed, apart from his cock peeking out of his trouser. But Mrs. Nair started undressing Borah as well – she climbed on top of his prone body and then started removing his shirt. She kissed on his chest as she removed the shirt, and then gently did the same to his trousers. And soon, the two were completely naked.

Borah was much hornier too by then. His cock which was already caressed and fondled so much was already throbbing with so much attention. He looked at the naked Mrs. Nair and realized a sudden wild streak. He wanted to fuck her, lick her, eat her, and not leave her until they both had come several times. He remembered how he used to enjoy eating her pussy during their previous meetings, he was no longer under her direction this time but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy her sweet cunt.

“Come over here, I want to eat your cunt” Borah said, looking straight at Mrs. Nair’s eyes. Mrs. Nair, who had finished undressing Borah, was sitting on top of him. She looked back at Borah and smiled back at the mention of eating her cunt. She enjoyed her pussy being sucked and licked than anything else – She lifted herself up, and then squatted back over Borah’s face, placing her cunt just above his mouth.

Borah was so restless by then that he couldn’t wait for her to settle down but raised his head and started licking the sides of her cunt. “Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Mrs. Nair sizzled as she felt his wet tongue on her moist pussy. While he continued licking and stroking his tongue on her clits, Mrs. Nair continued moaning – “Annnhhhhh… ohhhhhhh… ohhhhh fuck… ohhhhh you do that so good…. Ohhhhhh… annhhhhhhh… annnhhhhhh” – she was being driven mad by him.

While sucking her, Borah realized how much he enjoyed sucking the matured pussy of his landlady. The feeling was a lot different than being with the young Sowmya or Juhi. He enjoyed with them too, but with the matured Mrs. Nair he didn’t felt the need of being in control, he felt more submissive to her whims than having his own. And he continued sucking her vagina which was now rapidly growing moist.

Mrs. Nair’s condition too was evident from her moaning – “Oooohhhh… yyyeaaahhhh… ahhhhh… ooohhhhh… ooohhh ahahhhhh..” – She was also rubbing her hand on the pussy mound and was rapidly heading towards her first orgasm. “Come in my mouth, please, I want to taste your juices” said Borah, realizing how quickly she was heading for that moment when she could release her sweet tasting juices in his mouth.

Mrs. Nair looked at his eyes with a devilish smile, and Borah continued pleading for her to come in his mouth, while he continued sucking her cunt to keep up the pressure. But it wasn’t too long before his request was fulfilled. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… Awwwwwwwwwwwww… I will come… I will come… I will come…” she started moaning, and then suddenly Borah realized a steady flow of hot, salty liquid discharged in his mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he closed his eyes and moaned as he enjoyed the feel of her juices. Mrs. Nair too was getting a little relaxed, but she kept herself right there for Borah to continue suck and lick her juices to the last drop. She loved how men enjoyed eating her matured pussy, and then her juices. She sat right on his face enjoying and feeling pleasure, but then her mind at Borah’s cock and she decided to finish it with a nice fuck which would give both of them even more pleasure.

Borah didn’t have to move, only Mrs. Nair changed position and instead of his mouth sat over his cock. His cock was throughout vey erect and throbbing with all the action going on, and so when Mrs. Nair placed her cunt over it, it didn’t need much encouragement to be ready to dive inside. Borah didn’t had to do too much either, Mrs. Nair held his cock and then guided it inside her cunt. Putting the head at the opening of her wet pussy, she lowered herself down on his waist and the cock went all the inside her – “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned in pleasure.

Mrs. Nair paused on top of him, with his cock inside her, for a moment. And then she started moving her waist up and down to stroke his cock with her cunt. “Ooohhhhhh… yeahhhhh… ahhhhhhh…” she also started moaning as she started fucking herself harder and faster. Borah kept his hands on her legs and watched her as she fucked herself desperately. “Ohhhhhh… yesssssss… that’s ittttt… ooo yessss…” Borah too was enjoying and moaning like an eager teenager.

“Ssssss…. Mmmmmm… ssssss…. Ohhhhhhh…” the two moaned and fucked each other hard. Mrs. Nair continued fucking herself harder and faster until she came on his cock. And then Borah sat up, and putting her down on the bed, continued fucking her in missionary position. Back on top, he fondled and sucked her huge jugs too. He had been watching those large breasts swing wildly while Mrs. Nair was being sucked or riding him, but back on top he had those in his grasp and pressed and sucked them at will.

The two continued moaning and fucking harder which took them inch by inch closer to that elusive moment. So was Reddy and Anita at the gym – they too were fucking each other hard and like animals. Both Reddy and Borah were enjoying their moments with the ladies of the building. Their lucks were definitely shining as both had been slowly becoming hot property for the women of the Sex Apartment.

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