Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-45

Kiran had completely cured her feel of guilt of cheating on her husband, was now back in a new bold avatar. In the last episode, she cheated on her best friend and seduced her husband, Arindam, to spend a night of sick fun. Now that she no longer felt like cheating, she was hungry for more pleasure, and also didn’t care any longer for her husband.

Gautam on the other hand, was not behind too. He too, was taking full advantage of Kiran’s absence from the city. And was secretly having fun with Divya, the lady he had met at the train while coming back from Kolkata. They had a nice time in the train, and after that she had also spend a night with Gautam at his flat.

It was a steamy night, both Gautam and Divya had enjoyed the night where they made love for more than one occasion. But later in the morning, when she was leaving, she had accidentally encountered Mr. Sharma, Gautam’s neighbor. Though Divya didn’t look much surprised, Mr. Sharma had immediately recognized her. She was still a girl when 2 years ago she had seduced Mr. Sharma at his own store. A slut in nature, he had immediately realized what she might have been doing with Gautam.

Ever since seeing Divya with Gautam, the old itch had returned to Mr. Sharma. That one incident with that slutty bitch was enough for him to remember her for the rest of his life. And now seeing her again, the same old itch just rejuvenated. At night he tried to satisfy some of that with Anita, his wife, but even then he saw Divya’s face whenever he looked at Anita. He was getting very restless, and had to do something very soon, and that is when all the problems begun for Gautam.

Immediately the next day, he had visited Gautam and confronted him for cheating behind his wife, Kiran. Gautam tried hard to defend himself, but it didn’t prove much futile as Mr. Sharma seemed to know Divya well. Finally he gave up and asked him what he wanted as a price for keeping quite? “He he, Not much, when you have fun, share some of it with me too” Mr. Sharma had replied sheepishly, and Gautam finally understood what he wanted.

Next night, he had once again invited Divya over to his house. Her husband was still not back from the Business trip and so she was still free to continue her slutty affairs freely. However Gautam had not mentioned to her anything about Mr. Sharma. He had decided to keep it a surprise, mostly on fear that she might back out. Close to 7 in the evening, Gautam picked her up from a place nearby to her house, and Mr. Sharma was with him in the car.

Divya however did not looked much surprised to see Mr. Sharma, or to that matter, another person with Gautam. “Divya, this is my neighbor, Mr. Sharma, I hope you know him?” asked Gautam, while driving for the Sex Apartment. Divya looked at Mr. Sharma inquisitively, but didn’t remember much. “Well yes you do” smiled Mr. Sharma, “two years ago, at the Sharma Garments” he mentioned to remind her the wonderful fitting session the two had.

Finally Divya too remembered the occasion, but still did not look much worried with his presence. Gautam’s initial fears that she might back out soon vanished, and he slowly found the courage to approach her for a threesome. “Do you mind, if Mr. Sharma joins us today?” asked a timid Gautam. He had no other option, but to allow Mr. Sharma join them, or he had threatened him to report about that incident to her wife – Kiran.

Divya thought for a moment, but then replied like the bitch she was – “Well if he is as good as two years ago, it should be fun” and then smiled a bitchy smile. And the car zoomed past the rest of the road and reached the Sex Apartment with an over enthusiast crew. Gautam parked the car, and the three went inside his flat – Mr. Sharma careful that no one sees him getting into Gautam’s flat with Divya.

Once inside, they wasted no time to get on with the real act. Mr. Sharma sat down on the sofa, and Divya too climbed on it on her fours, like a real bitch. While Gautam took off his coat, Mr. Sharma had already pulled her dress up and started rubbing his hand on her ass. He was then fumbling with his trousers to unzip his pants and bring his cock out, Gautam too was getting undressed quickly.

Divya looked at the eager expressions of both the guys, and a strange feel of lust filled her up. By then, Mr. Sharma was successful in putting his cock out and the gently guided her face on his cock. Divya immediately bent forward and started sucking it hungrily. She had been very horny and waiting to be laid ever since Gautam fixed this meeting. She was expecting one, but two was really a bonus for a slut like her.

Mr. Sharma’s cock had become real hard as she grabbed it and continued sucking, and Mr. Sharma felt a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement. Gautam had undressed himself fully by then. At first the idea of threesome didn’t appealed to him much, but then images of a girl getting fucked by two men at the same time made him feel horny and he agreed to allow Mr. Sharma to join them. The blackmailing too was a major reason.

But Gautam was now fully naked, and felt no shame of being so in presence of another male. What matter most, two of both of them, was the sexy, horny, piece of slut in between. Gautam grabbed her ass and then lifted it up, placing himself carefully behind her. Divya lifted her lower body on her knees, while her upper body was still bent on Mr. Sharma’s cock. She lifted her ass high and Gautam quickly pulled her panties down.

“Ummmmmmmm” she moaned as Gautam started poking around her pussy, with his cock. However she continued sucking Mr. Sharma’s cock, while after much rubbing Gautam finally succeeded in entering her. “Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Gautam let out a grunt of satisfaction, as he pushed his cock deep inside her. Divya too trembled in pleasure, but didn’t give up sucking on the other cock.

Soon Gautam started banging her in a steady rhythm, and she continued sucking the other cock with an escalated passion. And soon, all the three had started moaning. They continued like that for at least half an hour – Gautam fucking Divya from behind, and Divya sucking on Mr. Sharma’s cock. It was very difficult for Mr. Sharma’s age to hold on to the climax, yet he managed not to come in the first half an hour, and enjoyed the way Divya was sucking his cock.

But half an hour later, he pushed her up, making her let go of his cock. And then he roughly pulled down her clothes, exposing her large breasts. Gautam still managed to keep fucking her from behind, holding her tightly, while Mr. Sharma grabbed her breasts and started sucking and nipping those madly. “Ahhhhhh… uuhhh… uhhhh… Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh…” Divya continued moaning, clearly aroused by the way the two men handled her.

And she had already come once in the meantime. This was not the first time, Divya was being involved in a threesome, but she definitely liked being handled by more men than one. And that had made her aroused very quickly, resulting in some quick orgasms. In the meantime, Gautam too had reached close to the edge of his climax, and it was just a matter of few strokes before he would come too.

Mr. Sharma waited patiently for his turn, but continued pressing and sucking her large breasts like a mad and hungry wolf. While Gautam made the last few powerful strokes, and grunting loudly. “Ooo yesss… ooo yeesssss… oooo yeeessssssssss” he continued as he came closer and closer to that moment. And Divya too moaned hard, expecting to be filled up with his seeds any time. “Oohhhhhhh… Aaaahhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhhh..” she herself too wanted to come again.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Gautam grunted loudly as his cock exploded in a huge mass of load inside her. “Oooooooooo… Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” Divya too felt the impact of such a huge load filling her up, and she squeezed her pussy tightly to stop it from dripping out.

While Gautam was at the verge of ejaculation, Mr. Sharma had taken off his clothes, readying to go in next. And then Gautam had immediately taken his cock out off her cunt. Mr. Sharma had then roughly pulled Divya’s dress down too, taking it off from her body, and leaving her completely naked. And then he turned her around, putting her in a comfortable position so that he too can enjoy her tight cunt.

Gautam sat back at the corner of the couch, excited but exhausted. He put his arms up and then leant back to relax. While Divya put her head on Gautam’s lap, while Mr. Sharma pushed her further to make a gap between her legs. Her pussy was still oozing with Gautam’s come, yet it was tight enough to give enough pleasure to the 40 year old. He then lifted one of legs up, opening her pussy further, and then pushed his cock deep inside it and started banging hard.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh” Divya moaned as her cunt was once again invaded by another cock, but then she took hold of Gautam’s exhausted cock and started stroking it to make it hard again. And within a few moment she was back in business again – being fucked by Mr. Sharma from behind, and sucking and making Gautam’s cock hard again.

“Ahhhhhh.. uhhhhhh… uhhhhhh… ohhhhhhh… uhhhhhhh… iuuuuhhhh” she was completely surprised by the vigor in the older Mr. Sharma, and he made her squirm and scream like a goat. Gautam too started feeling aroused again. Divya had been successful in making his cock hard again. And he grabbed her head and started shoving it up and down with his cock in her mouth. “Aaaahhhhh… oooooo.. ooohhhh… aaahhhhh.. aaaahhhhh..” and she continued moaning like a bitch.

They continued like that for half an hour more, and in the meantime, Divya had come two more times, and Mr. Sharma was quietly at the verge of his orgasm too. Gautam, who had climaxed just sometimes ago, was still fucking her mouth vigorously. Divya was completely out of her mind by then, fucked and taken apart by a sex starved 40 years old, and a sex hungry 27+. Though she was been fucked out of her mind, she clearly enjoyed the treatment.

“Oooohhh yessss… fuck me… fuck meeee.. I am a whorreeee… fuck meeee…” she moaned often, encouraging them to be more harsh and feel more horny. The two didn’t disappointed her either, Mr. Sharma continued banging her cunt hard, while Gautam continued fucking her mouth harder. “mmmmmm… mmmmm… mmmmm…” often she would get muted by the impact of Gautam’s cock, and only managed to mumble.

And then after continuing fucking her like that, soon Mr. Sharma reached the moment of his climax. He grabbed her legs hard and started pushing his cock deeper and deeper, trying to reach as deep as possible. Divya too moaned hard, feeling his cock being pushed more inside her. And then suddenly she felt another pop inside, and then the sensational feeling of being filled up with male semen engrossed her. She closed her eyes and came herself too, while Mr. Sharma made some final strokes to squeeze the last of the drops inside her.

Finally, after two hours of mindless fucking, both Mr. Sharma and Gautam had been successful in coming inside Divya once. Though Divya herself had climaxed uncountable number of times, yet they looked hungry for more. But it was already 10 pm and Mr. Sharma had to leave for his own home, leaving Gautam alone with Divya. Mr. Sharma had already quenched the fire that had been burning in his loin ever since he had seen her again.

Gautam too was finally excited to get Divya all for himself. He remembered the wild night they had spent a few days earlier, and as Divya went to the bathroom to wash herself, he was readying himself for another round of never ending fuck fest, however between him and her this time. Gautam did not liked the idea of sharing his girl with anyone else, even though he had enjoyed the experience yet he was happy that Mr. Sharma was finally gone.

In the meantime, Mr. Sharma went back to his 2nd floor apartment, pretending to be back after a long day at work. Anita was busy at kitchen when he approached her from the back and hugged her tightly, partly consumed by his guilt of just being with another woman. He kissed at the nape of her neck, and turned her around. Anita looked at her husband with a smile, and then asked him how his day was.

“Very very exhausting” Mr. Sharma replied back with a satisfying grin, “And how was yours my queen?” he asked back to his wife Anita. And she too smiled at her and nodded her head, “nothing great, just as usual stuffs”. And then Mr. Sharma left for the bedroom, to get changed, and Anita remained back in the kitchen and still smiling, thinking about her usual day.

It wasn’t her husband alone who was hiding a secret from the day, she too had spent a nice time in his absence. Ever since Mr. Sharma had called her up and told her that he will be late, she had got a perfect excuse to see her lover – Reddy. And Reddy too didn’t mind getting so much attention from the ladies around him. Just the other day he had manipulated Sowmya to have sex with him at the same time at his gym, and then that day, Anita herself wanted to be screwed by him.

She too knew that Reddy’s gym is usually less crowded around the evening, and ever since she had heard that Mr. Sharma was going to be late, Anita had decided to make the most of that opportunity. Anita was frustrated too, recently she had not been getting to meet Reddy regularly. Off late, Reddy had been ignoring her, and she suspected that he might be fancying some other young girl.

And Anita waited for such opportunities to keep her lover interested in her. And Reddy didn’t mind cashing those opportunities either – he took Anita to the empty massage room and the two had some wonderful time. Anita took off her clothes eagerly and then surrendered herself like a true whore. She then helped Reddy to get naked and sucked his cock hard.

She was so frustrated that she was ready to do anything to get his interest back on her. She kept sucking his cock like a true bitch, taking his long cock deep in her mouth and giving him true pleasure. While Reddy leant back at the massage table, she rode on top of him and continued sucking his cock. Reddy lied down, enjoying the treatment of his cock, and Anita continued sucking his cock hard, and licking his balls in between.

“I can do anything for you… please… anything… just don’t keep me away from you please” she kept begging and sucking his cock like his bitch. Reddy enjoyed her devotion, and frustration – he was busy with Sowmya, and some other new girls at his gym, but had never imagined that it can have such an effect on Anita. But now that he had realized how desperate Anita was, he had started loving it.

Close to the verge of coming, Reddy decided to stop Anita. She was so effective in her desperation, that she almost made him come from her effective sucking. But he then asked her to stop, “Now get on the floor and get on your fours like a bitch” Reddy commanded. Anita stopped sucking, she took a moment to fathom his full command, and then like a faithful bitch, she obeyed.

Anita went down on the floor, on her fours, raising her naked ass up on the air, and producing herself like a bitch. She didn’t felt embarrassed or disgusted, all she cared was to keep her lover happy and satisfied with herself. Reddy looked at her exposed figure and smiled to himself. He touched his cock and stroked it – readying it to fuck his bitch.

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