College Senior

I am an engineering student from Pune. This story has happened with Priya who is my college senior.

I knew Priya through a college festival. We were working for the art team for the festival. But we knew each other only as teammates and never had a chance to move further to turn it into friendship. Neither I dared to get her WhatsApp number from the arts group.

So I was in the third year at that time, and she was in her final year. Priya was kinda tomboy, always wearing shirts like boys and full jeans. But with the tomboy attitude, she had a curvy ass that looked amazing through those jeans.

Also, her boobs were big enough to put a lot of pressure on the buttons of the shirt. Between the gaps of her buttons, I used to sneak in to see her light color bra. That view was always my reason for masturbation. And the ass always was in my dreams.

She had a little rough voice, but her face made it sound sexy rather than rough. Many seniors tried on her, but she was kinda, ‘I’ll punch you on your groin’ girl.

So after some months, she passed out of college and started working in a company. And my dreams of having fun with her stayed dreams. I was in my final year now. Placements started, and companies for job interviews started coming.

So this is where I got lucky. The company she was working for was about to visit our campus. So I took advantage of the situation and gathered the courage to message her and asked about how to prepare. She helped me nicely. (Though I didn’t get placed there).But now we were kinda friends.

I started following on her Instagram. One day, I noticed she liked a pic from the ‘Friends with Benefits’ movie. So I thought of making a move. I shared a similar pic in DM, and as soon as she read, I deleted it. (My move) She forced me to send it back, but I kept denying for a while just to sound innocent.

I resent it (which was a meme on friends with benefits). She laughed and asked if I had any. I replied, no. I asked if she had any, and she too denied. With this now, I gained confidence and started sharing more adult memes. We started chatting till late at night. And chatting at night times brings the naughtiness out of you.

And then, while chatting, she mentioned her favorite movie is ‘Friends with Benefits’. Though I had watched it, I told her I wanted to see it. She invited me to come and watch it with her at her place. She used to live in a rented flat. I happily agreed.

There comes the real action now. I visited her on Saturday afternoon as she told me her roommate is out. I was happy to hear this. She was wearing shorts and a tee. I could easily tell she was wearing a red bra as I can sneak easily in. That red color corrupted my mind, and I wanted her badly.

She started the movie on her laptop, and we were watching while sitting on her cot. And then some sexy scenes started. Then she took the movie back to the point where the actor and actress decided to be friends with benefit. And then Priya used the same words looking towards me, “Friends, who do this.”

I was stunned and afraid. But then said who would not want fuck a girl like you. Giving affirmative expressions, she told me to undress. I got excited and removed the t-shirt and waited. She, with angry eyes and her tomboy accent, ordered me to remove everything. I did but was afraid.

There I heard someone laughing, and to my surprise, it was Shivani. Shivani was holding her phone as if she was recording me getting undressed. Both started laughing, and I did not understand anything, trying to cover myself from Shivani.

Let me describe Shivani. Shivani was Priya’s best friend from college days and her roommate now. They both were so close to being called lesbians. Shivani is tall and healthy enough to get shit out of anyone. She got big boobs and an even bigger ass.

Her MMS had leaked during college days that showed her navel and boobs. Her navel is heaven-like. Simply, she is sexy. As I was looking towards Shivani, Priya kicked me, and I fell on Shivani’s legs. I was shivering. Shivani, with strong hands, clutched me by my neck.

She shouted, “We will make your video viral and make you a whore in the city.” I cried not to do that, and I told them I’ll give money as much as they wanted. Hearing this, Priya kicked my ass from behind and said, “ We don’t need your money.”

Then like a crying baby, I looked back towards Priya and asked what she wanted. She shouted, “We want to make you our sex slave, you moron.”

“Sex slave?” I asked. She kicked my balls as I shouted she pushed her hand in my mouth.

Priya: Yes, our slave. You will obey our orders, and we are your masters.

Me: But this is wrong.

Shivani: Okay, then we will upload this on social media and make it viral. It won’t take much longer to make you ridiculous.

Priya: Let’s teach this slave some lessons
Me: But Priya…
Shivani slaps me.
Shivani: Call her ‘boss’.

I almost cried and begged them to leave me. But every time I begged, Shivani would kick my balls. I sat in the corner, crying. Shivani went into the bedroom and got back with a stick. I was too afraid. She came near me, sat on a chair, and Priya started recording me hiding from Shivani.

Shivani: Will you be our slave?
Me: (crying)
Shivani: Turn around (shouting)

I turned around, and Priya recorded a good view of my ass.
Priya: He has a good ass. Look at his asshole. He is sure a bitch
Shivani moved the stick over my asshole. I was so afraid, I said, “Yes, I’ll be your sex slave. You both are my bosses.” They both grinned, looking at each other.

Shivani: look towards me.

I didn’t. She hit my ass with that stick. I immediately looked towards her with pain on my face. She took hold of my cheeks and slapped me, telling me to follow her orders in one go. Then I felt a hand over my not so hard right now dick. It was Priya.

Priya: Look at his dick. (caressing hand over it)

I felt so good. And suddenly, she slapped my dick. I fell on the floor. As I tried to look up in pain, I saw both of them kissing. I knew they were lesbians. The sight of them kissing made me hard. Shivani looked at me and said, “See, this bitch is hard.”

Priya ordered me to become a dog. I followed. Priya came from behind and started staring at my ass. Shivani came near my face and showed me a glance of her boobs. I was a happy sex slave now.

Shivani ordered me to lick her cleavage. I happily agreed. While doing it, I felt a finger near my asshole. It was Priya. I concentrated more on licking Shivani’s cleavage. Shivani herself undressed her top and bra giving me a clear sight of her huge melons that have the sexiest nipples. I started licking her boobs.

I gained confidence and started sucking those nipples, and Shivani slapped me. Shivani shouted, “You whore, I told you to lick. Don’t be over smart.”

Priya: I’ll punish this slave for his mistake.

Shivani ordered me to suck. I was happy and ignored Priya’s Punishment words. Then suddenly, Priya entered her finger in my asshole. I shouted as it was too sudden. Priya grinned and told me, “Bitch, this is your punishment.”

She was fucking my asshole with her finger. And as the path got easy, she inserted her second finger. As her speed increased, I increased my speed of sucking Shivani’s boobs. Somehow I started enjoying it and realized I am their slave.

I got tired and lay on the floor. Meanwhile, Shivani and Priya started their lesbian actions. Undressing each other, sucking each other’s boobs. They looked pro as if doing this for a long time. They both got nude. What a sight that was. Truly Priya has the curviest ass. And Shivani got a huge ass.

Priya’s nipples were big but sexier than Shivani’s. As I was lying on the floor, Shivani put a foot over my asshole. Priya told me to lick her feet. I did. The feeling of being a sex slave was amazing. They told me to sit between them and finger both at once. I happily agreed.

I put my finger on Shivani’s pussy, and it was very wet. Priya’s action must have got her wet. I started rubbing my finger over Shivani’s Pussy. Priya spat over me and shouted finger both of us. I fingered both of them. They both enjoyed it but took a lot of time to reach the climax.

As they both enjoyed it, they offered me a gift, and it was a blowjob. Priya licked my balls, and Shivani licked the tip. The feeling of being in heaven struck. Getting a blowjob from such sexy ladies was a dream come true. I climaxed. I was smiling.

And suddenly, Priya slapped me. “Don’t be so happy, you bitch.” Shivani got the camera and started recording. They had collected my cum and made me drink it as they recorded me do that. It was embarrassing, but fun.

Priya: We like you. You are our slave from now.

Shivani: We will call you any time to serve us. Don’t get a minute late else your dick has to suffer.
Priya: Now dress up and get us a coffee.
Shivani: Wait. Lie down.

I laid down. Shivani started pissing over me. It was disgusting, and I shouted back. Priya kicked my balls so hard I could not tell. I fell on the floor. Priya pissed on me, too, and made sure to piss on my face. I laid there in their piss. They both dressed up and told me to clean up and get them coffee.

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