Client Interfacing

Varsa is a top business development executive with a renowned company which deals in outsourcing and services. She is young, dynamic, and ruthless in her approach to work and also towards life. Even at 29 she had outgrown a lot of her senior colleagues with her ruthless and result oriented approach. The leadership of her company was extremely happy and satisfied with her work and the kind of results she achieved.

She had been rewarded equally too with attractive perks, promotions, and aspiring roles to lead. Her way of work may not be of the best of ethical or moral standards but were more than effective to be questioned, all what mattered at the end for the company were results and they loved her for providing the same of top standards at all engagements she associated with.

One of these days she was in charge of acquiring an outsourcing deal for a challenging European customer. The deal was wide open even after a series of conferences and presentations with the customer. She normally would have clinched the deal by now but a very unstable macroeconomic condition of the market was proving the proposition to be more than challenging for her team.

On top of that few of their competitors were breathing down her neck with an almost equivalent deal, even better at some cases, as informed by her sources. She was also on constant pressure from her management who had loads of expectations from her and was looking on to her to come out on top again.

Three weeks have passed since she had promised her management of clinching the deal under a week’s time and the pressure of failure started to be evident in her. The weeks had not been eventful either, there were presentations and long sessions with different stakeholders to convince on finalising the deal, but even after all that efforts chances looked open and less favourable.

The pressure was now evident with long working hours, sleepless nights, and lots of crushed paper mugs of coffees and loads of burnt out cigarette stubs. And after following up for weeks Varsa got one chance to meet the head of the services who was responsible to authorise the deal. She went through a hundred reviews of the slides she had prepared, thousand reviews of each and every details to make sure

The presentation was not only up to the mark but also the one which strikes the deal off. The meeting which was scheduled for an hour only was the final chance she had or they were off the deal. Varsa dressed in her best business suit on the day of the meeting, not only she wanted to look confident and bold but also a bit of sensual for the kind of effect it has on people.

She also has the figure to carve that effect quite effectively, at 5’7” she was slim but had a fuller figure without much flab. She had a nice and toned 34 breasts complemented with 26 hips and a nicely shaped 34 waist. She chose a nice straight pair of trousers which hugged to her figure tightly to complement her nicely toned legs and well shaped ass.

A chic white shirt which went well with the trouser and she left the top two buttons open intentionally to give the view some depth. Finally she chose a slightly longer heel to make her look a good few inches taller than she already was. She reached Shaun’s office a good 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting and had to wait. Once again she went over all the details and briefly in her mind about what she was going to say

Finally at the end of the 30 minutes she was guided by Shaun’s secretary in his room. Shaun was the head of Operations, a man in his early 40s and looked very calm, composed, and professional by nature after the initial meet and greet, she looked quite at ease when she started setting up her slides. It took her hardly 20 minutes to go through the slides and all the points she remembered to say to make a powerful impact but even at the end

She was not sure how to judge the show as nothing was evident from Shaun’s expressions. He looked the same calm, composed, but far more relaxed reclining on his chair having the slight swings when she asked him about what he makes of the deal. He told her that her points have a lot of merit and buying factor but what had been lacking still was that one factor which makes him clinch it. She looked up at him smiling in an unusual way asking whether they can explore that one factor together.

Shaun picked up at her hints at once and smiled back appreciatively before taking off from his chair. He came around the table and stood next to her chair and leaned back on the table to stand casually while looking down at her. I believe you will need some close client interfacing to grab this deal he said smiling. Varsa stood up and close to him with barely inches away from his face saying don’t worry we know how to keep our client’s happy.

She moved even forward killing the bare gap between them before their lip met and interlocked in a juicy kiss while kissing her he placed his hands on her breasts, squeezing them enough to feel the softness of the tender yet full breasts of her. She was sucking his lips greedily when suddenly felt his tongue coming through and playing with hers but soon they had to part away as still the entire day at office was left but Varsa had a broad smile.

A smile of achievement in her face as she took out a small parchment of paper where she noted down the name of her hotel and the room number. She folded it carefully before placing it in Shaun’s hand and asking him for dinner at her room that night. Shaun smiled as he let her kiss him once again before nodding in agreement. Varsa had to leave as Shaun had to join another meeting and once off she rushed straight back at her hotel to make necessary arrangements.

I told earlier she may not be a moral or ethically best suited for any job, but she knew how to derive results, she had her own ways and was damn effective at it. She spent the afternoon and early part of the evening making sure everything was in order close to 8 pm she received a call from the reception informing about Shaun’s arrival. She was all ready by then with everything perfectly placed and done and within fifteen minutes the bell rang.

Shaun was standing outside with a bouquet of exquisite flowers and a bottle of champagne, Varsa opened the door looking calm and composed. She was wearing a silk robe which hung from her shoulders up to the knees, and her legs were bare beyond that. The robe was secured with a knot at the middle around her belly and provided a good deep view of her cleavage. Shaun was taken off his feet almost instantly when he looked at this stunningly attractive lady.

He complemented her with the flowers and offered the champagne as a token of celebration for the deal, the job was done. She smiled as both of them entered her suite which was neatly decorated with flowers and candles especially for the occasion. Shaun held her by her waist and pulled her closer for an intimate kiss and he quickly dropped the flowers and the champagne on the couch to pull her closer in an embrace while both kept sucking at each other’s lips passionately.

His hands explored down her back feeling her ass by squeezing it and pulling her even closer. They were both locked in each other’s arms and lips for a long time before they parted. Both of them walked into the bedroom which was sparsely lit with scented candles and with a huge window looking out to the bay pouring enough moonlight to liven up the night.

Shaun pulled her closer once again, this time slowly, and slowly untying the knot of her robe he let it to be separated and hang loose. She was wearing a black transparent bra and panties inside which provided enough camouflage to hide as well as reveal her breasts and vagina beautifully. He pulled her even closer touching her bare skin while inserting her hands in the robe rubbing it around to her back and as they hugged each other.

He rubbed his hand along her back feeling her bare skin against his hands. Soon he pulled the robe off from her body and pulled her closer for another deep and passionate kiss along with enough rubbing and playing with his hands. Soon it was Varsa’s turn to return the favour as he pushed him on to the bed and then carefully pulled down his trousers to rub gently over his underwear and teasing him enough to make him moan.

She then pulled down his underwear letting his monstrous 7 inch cock plunge out. She immediately grabbed it in her palms and started stroking it gently enough to simulate his shaft. Shaun started moaning slightly with the pleasure of the hand job he was receiving from this attractive young lady. She kept stroking his cock extracting some precum juices making his cock slippery and wet before she licked its sides and wrapped it with her tongue to start sucking it deeply.

She clearly enjoyed sucking cocks and if they were so long and thick it made her go crazy over it, and her work was quite evident from the moaning of Shaun who found it quite difficult to keep his moans under check. He leaned back throwing himself on the bed and enjoying her between his legs and playing his most sensitive part of his body. She was also playing with his balls making him squeal even more as she kept sucking his cock very deeply and passionately.

Gradually Shaun was nearing a climax and since he didn’t want to be wasted so early he decided to withdraw and so he stood up and withdrew his cock from her mouth and pulled her up. Pushing her on the bed now it was his turn to get the best of the deal he has just cut. He held her breasts and started squeezing them to feel the tenderness of them, the nipples were already hard and poking out from all the sucking she had been doing and he simply bit them between his lips before starting to lick around them.

He started licking around the areola making the area wet and the nipples even harder, then occasionally he would tease her nipples with his tongues in between licking the area wet and when her restlessness was so very evident he took her nipples between her lips and simulated chewing actions to tease her even more and when she was completely restless he started sucking them in turn while also squeezing her breasts in turn.

Varsa soon started moaning as she felt her pussy already starting to get wet. Shaun realising this explored towards her cunt, his hand rubbing down her belly, across her hairy cunt mound to reach the lips of the juicy pussy while he kept his other hand busy at her breast where he was brewing a little storm with his tongue and her nipples.

Her pussy lips were already moist by all the attention her nipples were attracting and Shaun rubbed them even more making her entire body shiver in pleasure.

The juice already started to stick on her hands as more and more started pouring out gradually, he kept rubbing her pussy with his fingers gradually looking for the slit. Once he found the cunt slit he started rubbing it more vigorously making way for his fingers inside her wet vagina. He simulated his fingers more on the slit clearly enjoying her restlessness while his other hand kept her breasts busy by pressing them in turn.

Her vagina was wet enough to let his fingers disappear inside at the slightest of push and he started rubbing her cunt from inside now. Gradually exploring inside her cunt Shaun got hold of her g-spot and just one simulation made her shiver like crazy. Shaun enjoyed so much seeing her so vulnerable and shiver like a sixteen year old virgin that he kept rubbing at her g-spot making her all the more restless, and juicing like hell.

She held her palms in a fist, biting her own lips in attempt to withstand the heavy pleasure onslaught in her cunt but she couldn’t help shivering and squealing as Shaun kept teasing her continuously at her g-spot. She had already been moaning loudly providing music to his ears and as she neared her first climax her moans grew even louder. She started throwing her legs around as she neared her first climax and then launched in a loud moan before bursting in her wettest climax of her life.

Shaun withdrew his fingers out juices kept oozing out of her cunt hole. She lay wasted and restless still breathing heavy from all that attention. Shaun kissed her lips gently inviting her outside for a toast to celebrate the deal. He walked in the bathroom and came out wrapped with a robe and as Varsa went in to wash her he went to the living room and fetched two glasses for the champagne when Varsa came out to the living room.

She found Shaun on the couch with his feet up, reclining, and with the champagne in his hands. He signalled Varsa to join him in the same couch and she walked up to him and to join him in a cuddle. He kissed her shoulders, smelling her long black hairs, kissed her ears before picking up the champagne from the ice bucket. He popped the cork open and poured into 2 glasses both of them toasted to the deal and the nice fulfilling evening.

I just spent and yet to complete and started sipping the glasses snd between the sips they kissed each other’s lips, juicy and filled with champagne. Varsa was still naked and once again Shaun’s hand explored on her bare skin and pausing briefly at different parts to enjoy the area. He was pressing her breasts at will, feeling the soft, squeezable flesh of her round globes which proved to be a turn on for her as she started sizzling.

Shaun stood up after finishing his glass making Varsa lie down on the couch. He then picked up the champagne bottle and poured some on her breasts and started licking it from there. He poured some more on the nipple and started sucking it, making it hard and aroused once again. After playing with her breasts and nipples for long he then shifted his focus back to her cunt and after getting her vagina wet with some more champagne he went down to apply some tongue.

Carefully spreading her cunt he licked the cunt lips first which had a mix of champagne and her cunt juices. Slowly and skilfully he licked around her clit making her feel the restlessness again. Varsa started pressing her own breasts in that crazy restlessness. And as he felt her condition, he placed his tongue at the opening of the labia and pushed it gently. Varsa arched back with a stream of pleasure as his tongue slip in her vagina and created a sensational feeling.

For the next few moments he kept fucking her with his tongue, and kept licking her cunt juices mixed with the champagne. For Varsa it was growing intolerable as she breathed heavily as the streams of pleasure kept running down her spine like electric shocks. And after some moments, which seemed like a long time though, he withdrew and took off his robe. He was all naked inside and had a hard on ready to rip her apart.

He pulled one of her legs up on the backrest of the couch while the other hung freely at the other side exposing her pussy wide enough. Shaun rubbed his cock around her cunt mound, teasing her enough before gently pushing it at the labia. The moisture that was created with all that licking and rubbing sucked his cock in instantly. He kept pushing until he reached the deepest limit and while Varsa shivered in pain with the intrusion so deep.

Shaun started settling down in a gentle rhythm. He would withdraw his cock back to the opening of her cunt and then push further again to the deepest of her pussy each time, making Varsa go mad with each of those strokes. The fucking continued as Varsa felt her first orgasm, and within moments she was filled with wetness all within. Shaun still continued varying his pace as slowly yet steadily he neared his climax too.

The strokes remained long but became more frequent as his juices built up inside him to get released. He clinched on to her bare skin as his legs shivered with the heavy load. Varsa bit her own lips in anticipation as his grip on her tightened and he started moaning harder. The strokes grew shallow and rough as the bulge in his cock expanded and before anyone could spare any thought he sprayed his hot juices all around in her pussy.

Varsa threw her head back as she felt the liquid feel her up from inside. Shaun continued for few more strokes to drain the last of the drops and then withdrew and collapsed on the ground fetching the champagne to quench his dried throat. Varsa lay plump on the couch with her cunt oozing with a mixture of her own and Shaun’s juices and some champagne and neither of them could move, still exhausted from all the fucking later both of them washed each other together in the bathroom and spending some nice and cozy moments at the shower.

Later they headed for dinner in a nearby restaurant and much later in the night when Shaun came back to drop her back in her room, they still found some time for a quick cosy fuck. The deal was sealed long and with the night the clauses just got strengthened. The next morning was a morning to celebrate as the result of the contract was announced and it was applause all around for Varsa from her colleagues for all the hard work she had put in the presentations and on her convictions, while the evening remained a secret and down in memories of both the people for ever.

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