Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-43

It had been a wonderful start to the week for Borah, Aarushi, and Rahul, so far. But for Sowmya it was still filled with frustration – a lot of frustration. First of all, she was still not getting called for her first modeling assignment as promised by Mr. Shah, the casting agent. Even though she had received an advance, yet she was anxious to do her first modeling assignment.

And now this blackmailer – Sowmya had thought about Shah and Gupta, but then discounted them as they themselves are in the video, and why would they want her to have sex with others while she had no problem having it with them. She had thought a lot but no one came to her mind that could have known about that weekend and then could blackmail her.

In the meantime she had already received her next task. This time the blackmailer wanted her to seduce Reddy, and like the previous time wanted her to take a photo of her sucking his cock, as a proof. Sowmya took a deep breath she really had no other choice but to oblige until she could figure out who that wretched guy could be. But for now she read on her email as it had some other instructions too.

So in the evening, Sowmya did exactly what was suggested in the email. The gym was comparatively less crowded, and as she hoped there was not a single lady present in the gym. Reddy had chosen the time carefully – it was the same time of the day when Kiran used to come to the gym to utilize the empty ladies room with him. Sowmya however wasn’t aware of all these, but she was simply following instructions given to her.

Sowmya too used to visit the gym often, but not so regularly, and not at that time of the day. And even though Reddy was expecting her, he pretended to look surprised when she walked in. “hey, what brings you here today?” he asked her directly. Sowmya was quite anxious to get on with it and get done as soon as possible, however she was happy that she didn’t had to do with Borah again.

Reddy was handsome and she had fancied him always, so this was one task she didn’t mind. Even though she wanted to get to the bottom of it, but having sex with this hunk of a guy was something she would have done willingly too. “Well, yes I actually needed your help” she replied. And when Reddy was all ears she made up a story. She said that she had accidentally pulled a muscle at her waist, and that she was in a great pain constantly.

In his email, as the blackmailer, Reddy had suggested her the time she should chose to visit the gym. But he had not mentioned anything about what excuse she would make. And so he continued listening with amusement as Sowmya made up her story. On his face he put up a worried expression, while inside he was smiling and dying to bang this sweet and pretty girl. “I remembered that you once told me that you were great with massages and can cure any kind of muscle pains?” she asked, hoping that Reddy will then agree to give her a massage and she can utilize that opportunity to seduce him.

“Well yes, I mean yes I can massage you which will give you a relief. Tell me when you want to have one?” Reddy responded, once again pretending to be casual. “I thought if you can give me a massage now, if you are free that is” she responded, and Reddy agreed readily. “Let’s go to the ladies room. That will be empty at this point, so no one would disturb us” and then both headed to the empty ladies room.

“You know Sowmya, massages work better on bare skin, I am not sure if I can give you a proper massage with that salwar kameez you are wearing” Reddy pointed out once they were alone inside the ladies room. Sowmya had rehearsed her plan a lot of time before coming there, and she had intentionally put on the salwar kameez – “Shall I remove these then?” she asked.

“Well if you don’t mind, or you can go home and wear something else, like a tee and a track suit” replied Reddy. “That won’t be necessary, let me remove the salwar kameez” responded Sowmya, happy that her plot was progressing to the correct direction. She then took off the kameez and then the salwar, she was wearing a black bra and same colored panties. And Reddy ogled at her figure with an open jaw.

“Is it fine now?” she asked. “Oh yes, just lie down on that bench, on your stomach” Reddy replied back, pointing to a massaging bench. Sowmya was quick to climb on that and she lied down on her stomach. Reddy smiled looking at her smooth body as he picked up some hot oil to use on her. He then placed his hand on her back and asked – “So where did you say you were feeling the pain exactly?”

And then Sowmya guided his hand to her waist, dangerously close to her ass. Reddy pressed his palm on her skin and asked whether she felt any pain. “No, a little lower” she responded, guiding him even closer to her ass. Reddy chuckled as she guided her more towards her ass, and then he pressed his hand directly on one of her ass cheeks – “here?” And Sowmya nodded, feeling his firm press on her soft bum.

“But I will need to lower your panties a little, to massage that part” Reddy said, pretending some hesitation. Sowmya smiled, that was exactly what she had in mind. She then reached for her panties, and then without any warning, lowered those down, exposing her bare ass – “Is that Ok?” she asked. Reddy was amazed by her boldness, he wasn’t aware how she would chose to give herself away, but how she had done so far was amazing.

He looked at her nice and smooth bum cheeks, and smacked his lips in anticipation of what was to come. “Oh yes, let me take this off completely then” he said, now slowly trying to resume control over the situation. And then pulled the panties off her body completely, Sowmya just glanced back for a moment but did not protest at all. She was now completely naked except her breasts, but looked completely unmoved.

Reddy then took some of the hot oil, and poured it over her ass. “Ssssssssssssssss” Sowmya sizzled as she felt the drops of the oil hit her skin. And he then slowly started rubbing her ass with that oil. “Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned as he worked his hand expertly on her ass, pressing and rubbing her soft and smooth ass cheeks. He worked his hand from her thighs, rubbing them upwards through her ass cheeks and then on to her waist and back. And he continued doing that over and over.

Sowmya lay still, enjoying that, and also feeling aroused from her ass being fondled so finely. And soon Reddy started venturing more than just massaging her ass. He now moved his hand in such a way that it spread her ass every time he rubbed through them – exposing her pussy from behind. Sowmya smiled but continued lying unmoved, letting him do whatever he wished. And slowly Reddy started rubbing his hand all over her body.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked. “Mmmm… much better” Sowmya replied but didn’t move from her position. “In some more time, you will feel completely relaxed” Reddy assured her and then continued his work. He continued fondling her ass hard and occasionally venturing close to her pussy. Sowmya too sizzled and moaned as she was already aroused to a great height.

Suddenly Reddy unhooked the straps of her bra, and Sowmya was surprised. “What are you doing?” she asked, pretending to be shocked. But Reddy was unmoved, “Just taking my fees” he replied and then continued rubbing his hand on her bare back now. Sowmya’s heart started beating faster and she kept lying as naked now. Reddy too already had a hard erection, and wanted to get on with it.

“Why don’t you turn around, and I can give you a much better relief” he suggested, and to his surprise Sowmya obliged immediately. She didn’t think for a second, but simply turned around and lied completely naked and exposed to him. She had her eyes closed though, to hide her embarrassment. Reddy looked at her wonderful body and then smacked his lips once again. And then he picked up the oil and started pouring it all over her body.

Slowly he then started rubbing the oil on her body with his hands. And rubbing his hand all over her torso, over her soft breasts, delicate tummy, and neatly shaved pussy. Sowmya’s chest rose and fell rapidly as she felt a strong arousal within. She was no longer able to hold her back, “Is that all you gonna do with me?” she asked out of desperation, and then reached out with her hand to hold his cock, over his pants.

Reddy smiled and then bent forward and started kissing her lips. Sowmya, naked and completely exposed continued rubbing her hand over his cock. And Reddy too started kissing on her lips, neck, and shoulder. He placed one of his hands on her breasts, and then pressed it softly. And then slowly rubbed his hand down towards her pussy and started massaging it gently.

Sowmya immediately started rubbing her legs against each other, and Reddy continued kissing at her neck and massaging her cunt. “oooohhhhhh.. aaa yyyeaaaahhhhh” she moaned as he nibbled and bit at her neck, and massaged her pussy rapidly at the same time. “Mmmmmmmm… ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she continued moaning until Reddy stopped massaging her.

She then quickly turned around and got on her knees, while Reddy came closer to the massaging bench. His cock was still erect, forming a huge bulge on his pants. Sowmya bent further forward and took his cock out – his eight inches demon, and then immediately started sucking it. It was so large that she was not able to take it completely in her mouth, yet she continued sucking it hard to give him a complete pleasure.

She sucked his cock, licked his balls, and was so aroused by then that she could have done anything for him. And she continued sucking and licking his cock and balls like a complete whore. “ohhhh.. yeaaaa…” she moaned too, in excitement, in pleasure, the smell and the taste of his cock was making her so horny and wanting to be fucked. She was no more in control of her mind, and wanted to be fucked badly. And so she looked up at him, still holding and stroking his cock, “Fuck me please…” she demanded in a mean tone.

Reddy nodded his head and then pulled her ass at the edge of the bench, and then held her legs aloft in the air. Spreading them and exposing her cunt cleanly, he started rubbing his cock on her pussy. Sowmya closed her eyes, expecting it to invade her any moment now. She however kept her legs in the air, allowing him the ease to enter her deep. And soon Reddy put his cock at her hole and pressed at it gently.

“Aaaawwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned hard as she felt his thick cock push into her tight hole. More than the thickness, she was awed with its length, she had never been penetrated that deep before. And she gritted her teeth and moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as he started ploughing her hard. “Mmmmm… aaaaahhhhh… aahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh.. ohhhhffffffffff” she just continued moaning.

Reddy continued fucking her hard, deep and fast. He stroked his huge cock in and out of her soaking pussy rapidly, making her churn and moan like a bitch. “Annnnhhhhh.. annnhhhhh.. annhhhh.. hhhhhhhaaaaaa… oooohhhhhhhhh” she was completely out of breath by then while she squealed and moaned like a baby goat.

Already drenched in sweat, she just moaned and squealed while Reddy fucked her mercilessly. Reddy looked down at her smooth teenage body, and then suddenly remembered how he used to fuck that gorgeous Kiran at the same place. Ever since she had left the town, he hadn’t got anyone else like her. Though he continued meeting and fucking Anita, she was nowhere near Kiran.

He looked at Sowmya’s tiny breasts and remembered Kiran’s perfect jugs, in comparison. Still fucking her hard and fast, he bent forward and started pressing her breasts. They were soft, but Kiran’s were more firm and felt like real breasts. Yet he held Sowmya’s breasts and kept pressing them hard, making her yell in pain and pleasure while he continued banging deep into her.

“Nnnn….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… pleaaassseeee… Cum in me… pleeeaaassssss cum in meeeee..” Sowmya begged him to cum inside her. She had already come three times herself, and it was time for Reddy to come. He held her tightly and continued banging hard, and hard, and hard, until he came inside her, dripping his come completely inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” Sowmya felt herself filled up with his come, and she closed her eyes, allowing herself to soak into the moment as Reddy withdrew his cock, and then looked at her wasted naked body. He smiled – she had been wonderful, not like Kiran, but still good. It was a good bit of fortune that Borah was at the resort that day, or they wouldn’t have been able to get their cocks in that sweet teenage pussy.

Sowmya too left after successfully completing the second task she had been blackmailed into. But for once she wasn’t feeling so bad like the previous encounter. She had always fancied Reddy, and was not disappointed after getting this chance to screw with him. Reddy too, liked it a lot, even though he drifted in Kiran’s thoughts during some moments, but still he enjoyed fucking her a lot too.

Ever since getting close to Kiran, he had been comparing every other girl with her, at least once. But no one had been as good as Kiran, she was the best – he reckoned and then wished that she was back again soon, and that they can continued what they had started earlier.

Kiran too, at the same time, was slowly getting cured of her reservations, and the feeling of guilt – thanks to the doctor she had found. And now, she too was ready to come back. However she was still in Kolkata, her home town, and having fun with the last few days left before returning back to Sex Apartment.

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