Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-42

In our previous episode, Borah and Juhi were having fun at their deserted office. Borah who was working late to finish some urgent work was seduced by the beautiful Juhi. She, in the pretext of thanking Borah for helping her out in the past, took him to one of the deserted meeting rooms and then surrendered herself to him. Borah too, took full advantage of the situation – he made her come by eating her cunt nicely. And then he had fucked her at least twice before leaving.

In the meanwhile, back at the Sex Apartment, Aarushi had just returned back from the college. She was a little surprised to see no one home. Mrs. Nair, her mother, had gone out for shopping, and Sowmya, her sister, wasn’t still back home. Aarushi was already not in a very good mood, and thought she could come home and chat with her mother or sister.

It was not a very good day at college for her. The exams were just around the corner and she was already doing everything possible to get through it. That day too, after the classes were over, she had gone to professor Agnihotri’s cabin, just like any other day. The cabin was locked, but she had the spare key, using which she had entered inside. And then like any other day, she had stripped naked and then crawled under the professor’s desk, and sat waiting for him to return.

But today, Professor Agnihotri didn’t have the time to play with her, or fuck her. Though Aarushi continued waiting, naked and under his desk like the obedient slave, but the professor didn’t turn up in time. Aarushi waited for an hour at least but no one turned up. She had been in absolute love with those little sessions with her professor. Those had helped her explore her submissive side and had realized how she enjoyed being fucked so hard or spanked at the bottom. And she used to be really horny throughout the day, waiting for that half an hour of pleasure.

But today, that half an hour had already turned into an hour, yet there was no sign of the professor. However, after waiting for close to an hour and half, Aarushi received a text message on her phone. ‘Got stuck in a meeting with the principal, will be late, go home today was the short message from the professor, and ever since Aarushi had been in a foul mood.

She had no other choice, but had to dress up and leave unsatisfied. She wanted to touch herself for a relief, but didn’t want to take a chance in the professor’s room. So she got dressed and left for home. Horny and unsatisfied she had slowly developed a foul mood. Back at home, not finding anyone she was even further raged, but then slowly calmed down to think how she can use the situation to satisfy herself.

No one else was at home, and the rest of the building too was quite deserted. Gautam was at office, and Kiran was still in Kolkata. Reddy must still be at the gym, and Borah at office. Anita could be at home but busy at the kitchen, but Mr. Sharma should still be at the shop. Her mind stopped when she thought about Rahul. It had been a few weeks since she had met Rahul, and immediately she took out her phone and sent a message to Rahul.

Fortunately for her, Rahul was at home. He too was studying for his exams when he got the message from Aarushi. And eventually both decided to meet at the terrace. The terrace was still a very safe place. The others do not venture much at the terrace, so Aarushi and Rahul had been meeting there quite confidently. And that day too, they were sure that the terrace will be a safe place to meet, even at 8 pm.

Rahul climbed up the stairs quickly, and Aarushi had already reached the terrace. She was waiting for him at their regular corner. It was the small area behind the water tank, and completely safe. From there one can easily know if someone else had been in the terrace, without being seen himself. And Aarushi was already waiting for Rahul at that spot.

She smiled at him while he dodged the pipes to get behind the tank. Rahul too smiled back, his heart was already beating fast. “After weeks hey, you had been busy with your college?” asked Rahul. Aarushi nodded back, she didn’t want to tell him about her and her professor, he didn’t need to know. Rahul looked at her from top to bottom, and she was looking gorgeous.

Since returning from college, Aarushi had changed into a loose t-shirt and a skirt. She felt comfortable in those, but most importantly because those were easier to remove. Rahul already felt his cock getting erect and he could no longer stand away from her. Rahul immediately held her and pulled her closer, and then started kissing on her lips.

And he started kissing her greedily, “You are so busy with your college that you cannot find time to meet me” he said between kisses, “So let’s make the most of today before you again get busy” and then he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. And Aarushi too started playing with his tongue and kissed him back with the same passion.

They both were kissing and sucking each other’s lips quite passionately. Aarushi was already very horny, and Rahul too had got quite aroused with this sudden opportunity to bang her. It was Aarushi who made the next move – she went down on her knees and looked at his hard cock. Rahul was wearing a shorts and a t-shirt, and his cock was already hard and prominent under the shorts.

Aarushi didn’t waste much time and pulled his shorts down. She then gently stroked her palm couple of times on his cock, and then took it in her mouth. “mmmhhhhhhh… ssssssssss…” she moaned at the look of his hard cock, and then took it in her mouth delightfully. Rahul leant back at the wall, and lifted his t-shirt so that it didn’t obstruct her.

“uuuuhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhh… ssssssshhhhhhh…” Aarushi by then had started enjoying already. She had her hand at the base of his cock and continued sucking the head. “Mmmmmmm…. Mmmmm…. You like that?” she continued moaning and talking in between. “Oh yeassssss… yessssss…” Rahul too enjoyed how she started behaving like a slut.

She held his cock and continued sucking it, feeling its strong odour and the nice taste. “Mmmmmm… ohhhhhhh… so nice…. Ohhhhhh… ahhhhhhh…” she continued moaning while sucking his cock nicely in her mouth. Aarushi was already very horny, and by then her cunt had grown wetter. Rahul bent slightly forward and then grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, and then pulled it up at a go. Aarushi too cooperated so that the t-shirt can come off, leaving her topless.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Rahul remarked, looking at her breasts. Aarushi was not wearing any bra under that and hence was topless once Rahul took her t-shirt off. He then held her by the shoulder and pulled her up. Rahul pushed her against the wall and then started kissing her breasts. He held them in his hands and started pressing them too, and sucked the nipples in turn.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Aarushi moaned as he started sucking one of her nipples pretty hard. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… it feels so nice….” she moaned while Rahul continued sucking that nipple hard. Within moments she was wriggling in pleasure, unable to bear such a hard suck she started moaning harder. “Oh no… oh noooo… pleassssseeeee stoppppp… oh no….” soon her moans turned into shrills as she struggled to control herself.

Rahul however enjoyed the way she moaned, and continued sucking her nipple hard. But he explored other areas too. Soon he reached out for her cunt with his free hand, and immediately started rubbing his hand over her naked pussy. Aarushi wasn’t wearing any panties either, so it was easy for Rahul to lift her skirt and massage her cunt.

“Mmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Aarushi closed her eyes and continued moaning. She was already very wet, Rahul kept her at a constant edge by sucking her sensitive nipple, as well as by rubbing her cunt hard. “Mmmmmmmm…. Pleaasssssssss I cannnnttt controllllll… Plleaassssss I willlll commmmmmmmmm” she just shouted like a mad bitch. Aarushi knew how hard she wanted to come, and Rahul had already brought her to the edge, it was just a question of a second or two more.

“You want to come?” asked Rahul, “Come on my hands then” he added and then started rubbing her pussy even further. He had stopped sucking her nipples, but had started sucking her lips, while his fingers continued the work at her vagina. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Aarushi was just a moment away from that orgasm and she started nibbling back at Rahul’s lips.

She closed her eyes and kept still, Rahul in the meantime continued sucking her lips and playing around with his tongue in her mouth. He continued rubbing his hand too, but within seconds he felt a warm torrent of juices rush out of her cunt and wet his fingers. “O yeahhhhhhh” he shouted jubilantly and continued rubbing her cunt. The more he rubbed, the more she came, and the more he did it harder, the more she squirted her juice all around.

He continued rubbing her until she was completely done. He watched her expressions change from excitement to calmness, and realized that the first orgasm was over. She had a done a great job, and his hand was completely wet. Even at the windy terrace, Aarushi was sweating profusely, her body leant against the wall, and her eyes closed. She had wanted that for hours now, and then finally when it had occurred she felt very satisfied.

“Come on Baby it’s time for a fuck now” Rahul’s words suddenly interrupted her calmness. Aarushi opened her eyes, it was dark but she could see Rahul and his erect cock easily. She smiled and then swapped position. She had just come a lot, but she was still game for a nice fuck. And so voluntarily she leant against the grills, bending forward, and Rahul pulled her skirt up, revealing her wet and juicy cunt.

Aarushi spread her legs a little more, and that was all required to open up her pussy. She felt a nice pleasure being fucked from the behind. The professor always fucked her from behind. He used to get her bent against the table and then fuck from the behind, and Rahul too had her bent against the grills and opened her cunt up to enter her from the behind.

Aarushi drew a deep breath as she realized his cock probe against her pussy. And then suddenly she felt an excruciating pain of his cock enter through her tight pussy walls. She immediately grabbed the grills tightly, while Rahul continued pushing until his cock was in as much as possible. Rahul was a lot gentler that Professor Agnihotri. He used to cause a lot of pain whenever he entered her from behind. Rahul did it a lot gently and slowly, whereas Professor Agnihotri used to be quick and painful.

But somehow Aarushi missed the pain that Professor Agnihotri used to cause. For some reasons she had grown extremely fond of his unusual ways and the pain he used to cause often. But there was no pain at that moment, only pleasure as Rahul settled down in a soothing rhythm of stroking his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” and she moaned out her approval too. Rahul grabbed her waist and continued banging her in a fast pace, and Aarushi reacted back in moans and sounds. “Oooo…. Oooooohhhhhhhhh… yeaassssssssssss…. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she continued moaning as Rahul continued banging, and in the middle Aarushi came one more time.

She grabbed the grills tightly and moaned hard while her juices continued running. Rahul felt her cunt grow a bit more slippery but he continued the hard and fast strokes at the same pace. Aarushi kept on coming until all her juices were drained out, but Rahul didn’t gave up and continued fucking her and driving her towards the start of another orgasm cycle.

By the time Rahul reached the verge of his climax, Aarushi was visibly exhausted. Though she hadn’t come again but she was already wet and ready for her third orgasm. Rahul for a moment savored how he was getting her come again and again. He smiled as the thought of her mother, Mrs. Nair, flashed in his mind. It was a wonderful feeling, fucking both the mother and the daughter. He smiled even more as his lusty thoughts turned towards Sowmya, Aarushi’s slutty little sister. And almost immediately his passions renewed to a new height.

Rahul concentrated back to the bitch in the hand, and continued stroking his cock hard. Aarushi was no longer moaning so loudly, but had her voice suppressed as she neared her third orgasm. “Aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhh” Rahul gave out a loud moan as this time the two came together. Rahul spit out his full load inside her, and she too leaked juices like a wet bitch and their juices got mixed up together in a sticky gooey liquid.

Both of them were breathing hard, and exhausted as they lied down on the warm floor of the terrace. Stars twinkled at the sky over them and a sudden calmness swept over both of them. Rahul turned around and placed his arm on her breasts. And Aarushi didn’t protest as he pressed them gently, feeling how soft yet firm they were.

While Rahul and Aarushi were busy at the terrace, Gautam was busy dealing with an unwanted visitor at his ground floor apartment. He had no idea at all what Mr. Sharma had to say, when he welcomed him inside. He had just returned from office, and Mr. Sharma too looked like returned from the shop just then. He had never visited the Chatterjee’s before, so Gautam thought it must be very urgent.

But half an hour later he was not sure how to deal with him, or rather his demands. Mr. Sharma told Gautam everything about Divya and their last meeting, three years ago. He also told him that he knew why Divya could have been here the previous night, and threatened Gautam that he will complain about it to his wife.

Gautam was immediately alarmed. However bold he was with women, but from heart he was very afraid. He didn’t want to lose his wife and son, and so immediately repented for his actions. He begged for Mr. Sharms’s pardon and promised that he will never repeat that again. But making Gautam feel guilty wasn’t Mr. Sharma’s intention. He had other ideas in mind.

So finally the two came to a mutual understanding. Mr. Sharma will not speak a single word about Divya to Gautam’s wife, Kiran. And in return, Gautam will convince Divya for a night of fun with Mr. Sharma. Gautam had no other choice but to agree to help Mr. Sharma to revive his three year old memory with Divya. And finally he promised Mr. Sharma that he will convince Divya within that week, and bring her to him, himself.

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