Hot Aunt

It was 2007. September had started, and with September, winter was around the corner. I was busy studying as it was my second year in college. My neighborhood aunty was going to the USA to visit her son over there. So she had told my mom to let me sleep in their home, fearing any theft.

So for a week, I used to stay over there as it gave me a good place to study. I generally used to study on the terrace taking strolls. It was a two-storied house, and the next home to it also had the same level.

So now coming to the day when it started. I clearly remember it was 6 pm and the sun was about to set. I was sitting near the wall on the ground when I heard the door of the terrace opened up, and the hot aunty came into my life.

Maaya aunty walks in wearing tees and leggings. She was 40 and mother of one but still had the body of a young lady. I came to know how she had this body just after that. She started exercising, and I started watching her. That divine beauty was unaware of her admirer watching her.

I tried to gather the courage to talk to her, and I stood up and said, “Hi.”
Me: Hi, aunty. (Saying aunty made me feel sad. I wanted to say hi honey but can’t).

Maaya: Oh, hello, Nirav. What are you doing here?
Me: Hmmm, right now, just stealing your secret.
Maaya: My secret? (she asked confused)

I laughed and said
Me: The way you still look fit and beautiful.
Hearing this, she blushed and came near me. She pulled my cheeks and gave me a loving slap.

Maaya: You naughty boy. By the way, thank you.
She smiled, and I could sense she was a little happy with my comment. So I jumped over the other side and started talking with her. We kept talking on different topics, and the sun went down.

We forgot about the time. It was when my mom called for me on my cell we saw it was 8 pm. I told her I need to go. She said, ok.

I went home for dinner. After dinner, I came back to the empty bungalow. I was looking at Maaya’s home while opening the gate, thinking of getting a glance. But in vain. I wanted to talk with her, but how. I kept thinking and went inside.

I was missing her. So I thought let me go on the terrace and just try to relive those evening moments. As I opened the door, I saw her taking strolls on the terrace.

I was happy and also confused as I was there for quite a few days. But have not seen her on the terrace. I said to her.

Me: Hey, guess it’s my lucky day.
Maaya: How?
Me: I got the chance to see you again.

She giggled like a teenage girl. Again we kept chatting with each other. But now it was her daughter who called her. So she said to me, “I have to go.” I got sad, and she was able to catch my expressions.

Maaya: Aw, don’t be sad, we will meet soon.
Me: When? (I got excited and quickly asked)

She kept her hands on mine. I got shivers and thought about what she was going to do. But she took my cell phone from my hands and typed something. She gave me the phone back and went inside.

She stopped at the door and turned and said, “Good night, sweet boy.” I got goosebumps. I wanted her to say, “Good night, honey.” But that day was yet to come. I checked my phone, and she had saved her name on my phone as Maaya.

I started to think, was it a signal? Why she wrote only Maaya and not Maaya aunty. There was a debate in my mind going on when I sent her an SMS. My phone beeped in a few seconds.

Maaya: Wait, let me get free.
So I waited. She messaged me back in half an hour.
Maaya: Are you awake?
Me: Can’t sleep.

Maaya: Why?
Me: I’m still excited about getting a chance to talk with you.
Maaya: Lol.
Me: Are you all asleep?

Maaya: Yes.
Me: Can you come to the terrace?
Maaya: Why?
Me: I just want to make the moon jealous by showing you to him.

Maaya: Stop flirting.
Me: If you don’t like it, then I won’t.
Maaya: No comments.
Me: Ah, so you liked it.

Maaya: Go to sleep, you stupid boy.
Me: I want to dance with you
Maaya: What?

Me: Whenever there is a wedding in our community, I see you ball dancing with your husband. I always wanted to dance like this with you.
Maaya: Oh. But why me?
Me: Because I have a crush on you since I was a kid.

I told her and waited for her reply the message was delivered, but no reply came. I got anxious, and after a few minutes, I was scared. I thought, what if she was not feeling the same. What if she tells everyone about it. I again messaged her.

Me: I am sorry. I know you may be ashamed of my behavior, good night.

I tried to sleep but can’t, and no message came. I had to go to college the next day. So I slept. I woke up scared and tired as the sleep was not good. I got ready. My phone beeped.

Hurray, it was her message. She told me to go to aunty’s house and keep the gate open. I was getting late for college, but I was excited, so I did. I went into the home and kept the gate and the main door open. I heard her scooter getting started, and she left.

I was a little confused, but I waited. In two minutes, she drove inside the gate. She never used to wear a scarf on her face, but when she came back, she was wearing it. She quickly came inside and stood behind the door. She said, “Go close the gate and hide my scooter.”

I went and did it. I came back, and she was still wearing the scarf standing at the same place, breathing heavily. I stood close to her. I don’t know from where I got the courage I held her hand. She saw it and looked at me and said.

Maaya: Are you not getting too close too fast?
But by now, I had thought of going all through.
Me: my dream is in front of me, and I can’t let the moment go.

She stood over there, neither took her hand away nor spoke anything. She kept looking right in my eyes. Then she broke the silence.

Maaya: Are baba let me remove the scarf.
I let go of her. She removed her scarf, and I viewed her. She was wearing a red polka dot sari and maroon lipstick. With her boy cut hairstyle, she was looking class apart. She saw me gazing at her.

Maaya: What do you want?
Me: Nothing, you called me here.
Maaya: What was the message?
Me: I have told only truth, nothing else.

Maaya: Don’t you know I am married and way older than you?
Me: I know all the things, and I have no issues with it.
Maaya: Stop bullshitting.
Me: Ok, if you don’t want, I will leave.

I said that and turned around to go out of the door when she held my hand and stopped me.
Maaya: Hey, why do you get so angry. Did I tell you to leave? I have called you for your work only.
Me: What work?

Maaya: You said you want to dance with me.
Me: Yes, so?
She took out a cd and went to the tv and turned it on to play the CD. Soon music started playing.

Maaya: So can we dance?
I got too happy. I went near her, placed my hand in her hand, and kept the other on her waist, which was between sari and blouse.

That touch gave me an erection, and I saw her shiver when I touched it. She, too, placed her hand on my shoulder. We started slow dancing. I was moving my hand on her waist up and down. I even touched her ass. She kept seeing me, and I could feel her shyness. I got a little bold and pressed her ass.

Maaya: What are you doing?
I didn’t say anything and tried to slowly pull her towards me. She was not resisting very hard. She looked down. I lifted her chin with my one hand and brought my lips near to hers. She closed her eyes, and we kissed.

My both hands were on her waist, and she kept both her hands behind my shoulder, and we kept kissing. Her eyes were closed. I slowly made her stand on my feet. We didn’t break the kiss. After 5 minutes or so, we broke the kiss and looked at each other.

She laid her head on my chest and punched my chest slowly.
Maaya: You made me do this.
I hugged her tightly, and it pained her
Maaya: Ouch, not so tight.

I again guided my lips to her mouth, and we kept kissing. Now my hands were all over her back. I slid my hand under her blouse and opened her bra. She stopped kissing. I kept my hand in her boy-cut hair and brought her face near mine and kept kissing her.

The pallu was down, and I lifted her on my shoulders. When I lifted her, she laughed, and we went into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and rolled her over. When she rolled, her pallu was removed. I laid on top of her, and we kept kissing. She started scratching my back. I lifted her blouse.

I licked her titties and sucked them. She moaned. I pulled her hair back, and I kissed her hard. I slowly licked her neck to the cleavage. She started removing my shirt. I was busy with her boobs. I slid my hand under her petticoat my hand was in the glory hole. I slid my finger inside. It was wet.

She started moaning loudly. She closed her eyes. Her mouth opened up her head arched back. As my fingers moved inside her, she was moaning more and more, and her body froze. Then I took it out she gasped for breath. She sat and pushed me on the bed and opened my belt and removed my jeans.

Then she slept and pulled me on her and held my dick and guided it to the hole. I inserted inside, and she started saying, “Aah.” I was drilling her, and she kept her hands on my ass. She was slapping them and moaning. I pressed her boobs, kissed her, and was fucking her.

I lifted her up now she on sitting on my lap. We hugged and kissed while I was jumping, making her scream my name. I was about to cum, so I was going to remove it out. But she held me near and said, “Inside, I have been operated.”

It was ecstatic for me. It was going to be my first time inside. I released my load, and we fell on the bed, tired. Both of us were short of breath. She hugged me and laid her head on my chest and slept. I saw the watch, it was late for me to go to college. I said nothing. She woke a few minutes later.

Me: Don’t you have to go to work?
Maaya: I have already messaged in the morning that I won’t be going.
Me: So you were already prepared for all this?
Maaya: Maybe.

I got so excited hearing this that we started again. For 5 hours, I didn’t allow her to get down the bed. She was exhausted by the end.

When I asked for more, she said she can’t bear more but can help me. Saying this, she went on her knees, and I closed my eyes, and it happened. She was pro at it, and I released all over her face.

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